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  1. Bonding Travelling often with two boars
  2. General Online hay and guinea pig stuff?
  3. General To keep or not to keep?
  4. What breed? Is Petey an Abyssinian? Merino? Texel??!!
  5. Play Is this kind of toy good?
  6. Mounting Is my guinea pig pregnant?
  7. Puberty Boy pigs doing the dominance dance, are they teens already?
  8. Behavior Guinea pigs in the cold ??
  9. General Guinea pig pee colour is different
  10. General How to get rid of calcium deposits
  11. Weight Determining age by size
  12. In Heat Follow-up for Frenchfries
  13. Behavior New piggie issues
  14. Play Toy Suggestions?
  15. Nails/Nail Trimming Does anyone know what this is?
  16. Bonding Alternative way to transport to the vet
  17. Behavior Do ALL boy guinea pigs fight?
  18. Fighting We want to get our male skinny pig a cage mate
  19. General Bumblefoot?
  20. Behavior Normal after Introduction Behavior
  21. Behavior biting and scared
  22. Introductions How can I introduce two guinea pigs that know each other?
  23. Fighting Fighting Guinea pigs
  24. Behavior Guinea Pig Introductions: Frozen and Not Eating
  25. General Bringing your piggies out in public??
  26. Bonding Distancing herself?
  27. Introductions Introducing 3 Boars
  28. Bonding ideas for left over grids for playpen
  29. Introductions Strange, hacking during introductions
  30. Behavior Is guinea pig noisy?
  31. Bonding Some difficulties with lap time
  32. Fighting Repeated Biting
  33. General Advice for teacher who has been offered the chance to adopt two males
  34. General Burrowing sows and C&C cage?
  35. General Need Advice On Taking Professional Photos With Guinea Pig
  36. Behavior Guinea pig diet
  37. Behavior New pig scent marking or just smelly
  38. General Introducing the newest sow in the herd
  39. General What is my guinea pig breed? I have searched all over and can't figure it out!
  40. General Can my cavies eat strawberry leaves daily?
  41. General Excercising machine right next to cage - bad idea?
  42. Bonding Will two old friends get along well?
  43. General Floor time: how much room?
  44. Bonding Piggy wasn't handled before being rescued, now skiddish
  45. Dominance do dominance displays last forever?
  46. Behavior Is this a happy noise or whining?
  47. Behavior New piggy in the house
  48. Fighting Guinea pigs fighting all morning
  49. Behavior Guinea Pig Less Tame after Baby?
  50. How Many? Adding male GPigs to my pair?
  51. Chewing Male Guinea constantly hewing on cage
  52. General Floor time bedding
  53. Hiding Pig refuses to come out of pigloos - no matter what
  54. Introductions New pig won't eat? (And is very scared)
  55. Behavior Super social , nibbles sometimes
  56. Behavior Guinea pig twitches when stroked?
  57. Behavior Taking in another male piggie
  58. Fighting Sudden Fighting Piggies :/
  59. How Many? Adding a second boar
  60. Videos The herd eating
  61. Bonding Feeding cilantro
  62. Videos Adorable Video of my girls
  63. Bathing Newbie with Abyssinian
  64. Dominance Dominance/aggressive behavior
  65. General Scabs on Baby Pig??
  66. Bathing Bathing piggies
  67. Behavior Is my guinea pig having a seizure ?
  68. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Noise guinea pig
  69. Introductions Introduce
  70. General advice on skinny pigs
  71. Behavior Our guinea pig always pees on me or my things. Why is she doing this?
  72. General Catnip's new home and food update
  73. Nails/Nail Trimming Just had the easiest time trimming nails
  74. Behavior Bladder stone
  75. Weight Overweight piggies?
  76. Allergies Introducing a human baby
  77. Sexing Is my guinea a girl or a boy?
  78. Behavior two girls that don't get along
  79. Fighting Guinea pigs no longer getting along
  80. General How often feed per day and schedule
  81. Rumblestrutting One boar rumblestrutting all the time around other boar
  82. General Guinea Pig Gender....?
  83. General New Guinea Pig Not Eating Vegetables
  84. Introductions What would be the best companion for my Guinea Pig?
  85. Fur How long does it take for a short-haired guinea pig's fur to grow back?
  86. Behavior New Guinea pig acting really nervous
  87. General Ring Worm Treatment!
  88. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Weird squeaking noise coming from one of my cavies
  89. Play Are willow twigs safe for guinea pigs?
  90. Behavior New Piggy won't Eat
  91. Adopting Buying a Guinea Pig from Pet Store vs. Shelter
  92. Play Lafite Grass toys! It is ok?
  93. Behavior Making a noise and bullying
  94. Behavior Will neutering my piggy help?
  95. Play Is sissal safe?
  96. General Piggie ''juice'' sticked it on his own belly
  97. Weight Should I use this kitchen scale
  98. Behavior Potty Training / Peeing on Fleece
  99. General Using Humidifier... How Do I Clean It?
  100. Behavior Advise needed on newly single pig
  101. Bathing Various questions about bathing my pigs
  102. Fighting Guinea pigs separated but now one is doing better than the other?
  103. General How long should I keep the pigs away from an area that I used ant spray?
  104. General Position of Cage in Room
  105. Photos Another new pig and a surprise.
  106. Fighting 2 fighting guinea pigs
  107. Biting Bite Wound on Guinea Pig Care
  108. Play where to pet a guinea pig?
  109. General Changed pellets from alfalfa to adult and she doesn't eat!
  110. Loss Should I Get Him A Friend?
  111. Introductions Say Hello To Little Yoshi
  112. Fur what colour is my guinea pig
  113. Behavior I think Jasper is sick - Help
  114. General I'm a New Guinea pig owner, and I have some questions about his behavior.
  115. Behavior Piggy showing dominance over ME?! (rumble-strutting or something else?)
  116. Biting Guinea Pig Prefers to be Alone?
  117. General Adopted a guinea pig and i have questions!
  118. General Constipation
  119. Bonding How long should I wait before putting them together in the cage?
  120. How Many? What size cage?
  121. Bonding How Do I Bond With Her?
  122. Introductions Preparing for Introductions - 2nd boar
  123. Sexing 3 pups and don't know the gender
  124. General Breeding
  125. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Help me! My guinea pig sounds different!
  126. General Guinea pig friendly airlines
  127. Bathing How often?
  128. Quarantine Adopting another for grieving pig
  129. Adopting Possibility of mites??
  130. General Question about temporary travel carrier
  131. Dominance Is my cage layout contributing to domiance behaviours?
  132. Behavior I think my female guinea pig might be a male
  133. Bonding Bonding Guinea pigs
  134. General Pellets all the time.
  135. Adopting Friends For Snickers
  136. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Sick Noise? Chattering? Happy?
  137. What breed? American shorthair/Breed Question
  138. Bonding Bonding males?
  139. Fur Is Milton a rare Guinea?
  140. Dominance Sharing the strawberry home
  141. Bonding Considering another pig
  142. Dominance Need some help identifying these sounds
  143. General Proper handling for baby piggy?
  144. Behavior Elsa's Thread
  145. Media Color? Breed?
  146. Bonding What is the best way to introduce my Guinea pigs?
  147. Bonding Opposite Sex Pairing?
  148. Play Wanting to play outside
  149. General Moving 3,000 miles away - how to transport pigs
  150. General I need some tips and help
  151. Bonding Vet said to separate female guinea pigs?
  152. Bonding Need Some Tips on Introducing a New Guinea Pig
  153. General Finally set up and arriving tomorrow...what are the essentials I need?
  154. Fighting Bonding Piggies - Fur pulled and blood drawn
  155. Sad HELP! Bored or Depressed? Get another pig? How do I spend time with my guinea pig?
  156. Bonding New piggie
  157. Fighting My guinea pigs won't get along
  158. Fur Are my guinea pigs roan?
  159. Behavior Red and Oscar Housed Together
  160. How Many? Adding to a bonded pair
  161. Behavior Can someone help me make my piggy trust me
  162. Behavior Concerned about my piggy
  163. Behavior Bullying ?
  164. Introductions Introducing myself to my new piggy
  165. Behavior Just wondering about bedding
  166. Introductions Bonding Older Piggy to Younger Piggy
  167. General How can we help these gpigs?
  168. Behavior Poop in food and eating
  169. Behavior guinea pig acting strange, losing weight, quiet, withdrawn?
  170. Behavior biting and anxiety at separation
  171. Behavior Help - new owners
  172. General Photo of the Wheeks
  173. Chewing Guinea Pigs Ate Plastic Bag
  174. Behavior Getting my guinea pig to trust me
  175. Sad Is it selfish of me to want to get rid of my piggies for these reasons?
  176. General Overwhelmed prioritizing care for new quarantined piggies
  177. Photos Big pig, little pig
  178. Introductions Introducting 2 Males
  179. Behavior possible pregnancy
  180. Behavior Nipping
  181. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises My guinea pig is blowing out their nose.
  182. Behavior Guinea Pigs
  183. Behavior Breed of piggy/ color
  184. General Water Bottle Saga
  185. Hiding Fleece Burrowing!!!
  186. Dominance Bullying
  187. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Where do you adopt your piggies?
  188. Behavior New behaviors and questions
  189. Chewing Guinea pigs don't use chew sticks?
  190. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Working with rescues
  191. Introductions Introducing.... Punkin and Scooter!
  192. Behavior Bending the back..Pain or Pleasure? A Reaction to something?
  193. General About grass
  194. General Best way to adjust a Guinea Pig to a new cage?
  195. Sexing pregnancy i think looking advice
  196. Behavior Warning!?! Could she have known?
  197. Behavior Behavior problems
  198. Weight Question about new piggies
  199. Behavior Coughing or sneezing
  200. Grooming Very dirty brush, how to clean?
  201. Rehoming Please help!!!!
  202. Dominance Boar guineas
  203. General Question about floor and lap time routine
  204. Behavior New guinea pig owner
  205. Keeping Cool Summer is coming!!
  206. Bonding nothing brings piggies together like...fear
  207. Behavior Sleeping outside of her hiddy. Still bending her back.
  208. Bathing new young guinea pig is dirty and needs a shower?
  209. Bonding Bringing new baby home
  210. Introductions One boar, four sows???
  211. Behavior Urinating and pooping while petting?
  212. Bathing Belly covered in pee!
  213. Bonding Baby is here! Pic heavy
  214. Is my pig blind?
  215. Vision Red eyes
  216. General Taking the piggies outside while living in an apartment complex with dogs?
  217. Bonding Second level suggestions
  218. Keeping Cool Summer Time Heat
  219. Behavior Guinea Pig Barbering Other Guinea Pig While Waiting for Food!
  220. General Pregnant Guinea Pig Pending Birth
  221. Fur Bald spot appearing behind 1 ear?
  222. Aggression Sudden Food Aggression
  223. Behavior Uri infection
  224. General 5 Week Old Care Tips
  225. Behavior My piggy just passed away [emoji22]
  226. Introductions Introducing new baby (ies) to my trio...
  227. General Hay - explain seasonality to me?
  228. Vision Question about how well guinea pigs can see
  229. General Ramp Help!
  230. Bonding Mario still look so big next to Yoshi, but little Yoshi is gaining fast
  231. Fighting Had to separate boars, but they're supposed to share a run soon at kennel!
  232. Behavior When my piggies get 6 months
  233. Behavior Piggy with some bratty bitey problems!
  234. What breed? What breed are my Guinea Pigs?
  235. General New guinea pig with crusty scab between ear and eye and 1st time gp owner
  236. Mounting Different sex pigs together
  237. Dominance Aggressive Piggy
  238. Fur Rumbles (scratching issues)
  239. Behavior Need some advice
  240. Behavior Is she dead?
  241. General Recent loss - what to do about the remainding piggy
  242. Bonding I think Sugar is always going to be scared of me now
  243. Behavior My Guinea pig is stalking/making strange noises
  244. Behavior Scared piggy
  245. Dominance Random Boar Fight
  246. Behavior Why do piggies use the bathroom in their fleece tents?
  247. Bonding Do playdates work?
  248. Pigsitting Looking for Piggysitter in Metrowest Massachusetts
  249. Loss Worried about my pig after loss of her cagemate.
  250. Behavior help mother is not letting her babies feed