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  1. Sad Feeling a bit guilty
  2. Puberty housing baby males with just their dad?
  3. Adopting Boar Trio or Pair?
  4. Behavior Can I keep two pregnant GPs together?
  5. General Can guinea pigs get sick from people?
  6. How Many? Preggo Piggie question!
  7. Rehoming When and How to Rehome?
  8. General Bringing In a Baby
  9. General Rabbits & Guinea pigs cagemates?
  10. General Pregnant guinea pig how to tell when she's going to give birth
  11. How Many? Introducing a new Piggie
  12. Bonding Sows vs. Boar and Sow
  13. Joy Celebrating
  14. Pigsitting Anyone in central Los Angeles looking for a piggie/pet sitter?
  15. General Inquires Regarding New Guinea Pig
  16. Behavior Sleeps where he pees
  17. General It's a long story, and I'm completely ignorant of guinea pigs care. Please help!
  18. What breed? What Breed is He?
  19. Sad Possibe broken leg?
  20. Behavior Introducing piggies
  21. Adopting Younger or older pig?
  22. General A few questions about piggies
  23. Biting Guinea pig nips when I pick her up?
  24. Behavior 6 month old guinea pig nips
  25. Dominance OPINION: My two male guinea pigs fighting...
  26. Biting Guinea pig Chewing Wood Cage
  27. Adopting Should I adopt these guinea pigs?
  28. Dominance issues
  29. General suddenly smells BAD
  30. Frustrated My girls aren't girls :(. NOw what?!? Feeling over whelmed
  31. Behavior Baby Guineas constantly squeeking
  32. Behavior Piggy chewing on metal cage!
  33. General Electric Heat-Humidifier?
  34. Fur What is this on my guinea pig?
  35. Loss Beloved Piggie loss & unsure of cause; please help us!!!
  36. rip bumblebee
  37. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Ideas that I can propose to get another piggy sooner
  38. General Alfalfa v.s. Timothy
  39. General Air purifier recommendations
  40. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Confused Future Guinea Pig Owner
  41. Behavior 9 week old boar acting strange?
  42. Grooming Shaving vs. Trimming for Hygiene
  43. Want a Guinea Pig(s) should i trust my local pet store?
  44. Bonding New pig nerves
  45. General Two new guinea pigs, separate cages, one not eating/drinking
  46. Behavior overactive guinea pig; veggie introduction help
  47. General What breed is my guinea pig?
  48. Behavior Will she be okay?
  49. Fur New guinea pigs suspected allergy what should I do
  50. Bonding New Guinea Pig // Bonding? // Cage help?
  51. What breed? What's Lucky's breed?
  52. Videos Merry Everything from the girls
  53. General Newly Neutered boar not eating.
  54. Nails/Nail Trimming Nail trimming alternatives
  55. Frustrated No money for vet..What should I do? Please help
  56. Aggression Aggression or dominance? And how to change it?
  57. Introductions 1 Yr Old Meets the Babies
  58. Bonding Picking up my baby guinea pig?
  59. Behavior Baby and 4 year old together - Eating Problems
  60. Aggression Agressive or just needs time?
  61. Loss Cage Roomates
  62. Sad I dropped My guinea pig
  63. Sad I think today is my Piggie's last day
  64. General New 3-4 Month Old, Diet Help!
  65. Fur Can a crest come in later?
  66. Introductions New Cat-Introductions
  67. Sad How do I tell my friend that she is neglecting her guinea pigs?
  68. Bonding Maybe adopting a baby guniea pig!
  69. Allergies My new guinea pig is sneezing a lot, do I need to see a vet?
  70. Sexing Female or Male?
  71. Bullying New pigs injuring my older girl!
  72. Biting How do you get your guinea pig to stop biting you?
  73. Rescues Renaming a rescue?
  74. Behavior Guinea pig mouth opening?
  75. Dominance The baby is harassing the older one!
  76. Fur Bald spots behind ears
  77. General How long does hay stay fresh
  78. General Guinepig cant use her left leg
  79. Rehoming Can't find new homes for babies..
  80. Dominance Questions on normal levels of guinea pig dominance/hormones.
  81. Introductions Guinea pig just lost cage mate, how to know what's best
  82. Dominance Living together
  83. General The babies have arrived!!! ❤️
  84. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises What's this sound my guinea pig is making?
  85. General Babies too young & side effects?
  86. Behavior Guinea pig always licking
  87. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises What's this sound indicate?
  88. Behavior Scared piggie
  89. Sexing Only a day old, verify genders for me!
  90. Grooming Grooming a boar
  91. Behavior Sad piggie?
  92. General How/where do I report a backyard breeder?
  93. Pigsitting Going on vacation
  94. General Help!
  95. Fighting Can My Pigs Be ReIntroduced?
  96. Behavior Concerned About Biting
  97. Introductions Free gift card to the Guineapigcages store!
  98. General Our herd is about to grow....
  99. Adopting Petsupermarket employee complaints and questions
  100. Behavior I think my guinea pig hates me!
  101. General Orange poo??
  102. Behavior Does anyone know why piggies furiously nod their heads sometimes?
  103. General Arthritis
  104. Behavior Guinea Pig having fun or being mad :O
  105. General Small poops
  106. Weight Don't know the age of my little ladies
  107. Behavior does anyones guinea pig like to climb?
  108. Behavior Sitting in it's own waste
  109. Quarantine Just adopted a (possibly) pregnant gp
  110. Fighting Baby boar causing tension between old boars. How much is too much?
  111. General Is My Guinea Pig Hurt?
  112. General Question about alfalfa hay and pellets
  113. General Pregnant piggy
  114. Adopting Guinea pigs for adoption?
  115. General Mice in my piggies cage!!!!
  116. Chewing My guinea pig bites his nails?!
  117. General Shelters?
  118. Dominance female and male hierarchy
  119. Bullying Advice on Bullying and Where to Draw the Line
  120. General Pet-safe air freshener?
  121. General Taking them to college
  122. Behavior Boars fighting after being washed for the first time
  123. Joy First gotcha day
  124. Bonding Piggy Taming, Not Much Time, Advice Please?
  125. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Checklist for bringing home 2 guinea pigs
  126. Bathing Bathing Tips for a Jumpy Piggy?
  127. Bonding Kids wanting their first pet guinea pigs
  128. Adopting Adopting two female babies.
  129. Behavior Guinea pig weeks happily back at youtube guinea pigs noises. Is she lonely?
  130. Pigsitting A friend asked me to pigsit her loner boar for a week....
  131. Dominance I had to separate my pigs
  132. Bonding Can guinea pigs not like other guinea pigs full stop?
  133. General Multiple questions
  134. Behavior New Guinea Pig: Very Shy, Hiding, and Doesn't Eat or Drink Much!
  135. General My guinea pig is occasionally sneezing and sounds congested, should I be worried?
  136. Adopting Adding more guinea pigs to our pair
  137. Dominance after introductions, one pig just stays in the pouches
  138. Behavior My Guinea Pig Will Not Eat ANYTHING Hard!
  139. Hiding Why do my guinea pigs hide whenever I enter the room?
  140. Behavior The joys of boar glue.....NOT!!
  141. Introductions Should we separate them?
  142. Behavior Lots of questions...sorry.
  143. General How high can a guinea pig jump?
  144. Behavior Should I get my guinea pig a companion?
  145. Behavior Need some advice on my guinea pig
  146. General Combining oxbow natural science supplements
  147. General Urgent!!!! Runny, bulgy nose!!!
  148. Level of Effort required? How often to clean cage
  149. Behavior Big fall!
  150. How Many? Need convincing for a second pig? This is it!
  151. Introductions New pig adjusting okay?
  152. Adopting Need a friend for Flyn asap
  153. Play Suggested exercise?
  154. Behavior angry guinea pig?
  155. General Potty training with a Potty Trainer Corner Litter Toilet or a Pet Critter Litter
  156. Adopting 4 males as a herd?
  157. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Guinea pig behavior happy noises?
  158. Behavior What to do When One Boar Needs to Be Separated from the Other Two
  159. Frustrated Where to get guinea pigs
  160. Rumblestrutting Random Spurts of Dominance?
  161. General Worried about the possibility of an upper respiratory infection
  162. Adopting We adopted 2 baby cavys - Are we making good progress?
  163. Adopting Craigslist guinea pig with tag on ear
  164. Bonding pig very squeaky before being introduced
  165. Popcorning How often do your piggies popcorn?
  166. Sexing Determine sex of guinea pig
  167. Level of Effort required? Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets For Children?
  168. General How much grass can Guinea Pigs eat?
  169. General Guinea Pig Won't Eat Veg
  170. Behavior Hi All . Adopted 2 piggiess after Fuzzy passed away .
  171. Fur Source of Bald Spot on New Pig?
  172. Aggression Previously Bonded Pigs had a falling out. Re-bonding advise?
  173. General I think the pigs need to move.
  174. Behavior 2 month old sisters fighting....
  175. Behavior guinea pig and cat getting along better?
  176. Puberty I have a male and female...
  177. General New babies!
  178. Behavior Guinea Pig past 72 days being pregnant... Pups are here!
  179. Behavior Is it normal for my guinea pig to make these sounds?
  180. Dominance Re-bonding UPDATE!
  181. Bonding wondering about cage size for 4 boars
  182. Behavior Bonded boars just adopted constant chattering
  183. Weight Maybe I am over reacting?
  184. Bonding Bonding 3 boars
  185. Behavior Guineapig licking me?
  186. Aggression Aggressive between boars
  187. Sad How to cope with new guinea pigs?
  188. In Heat Adopted 2 females heat related questions
  189. Behavior Pig in recovery from bladder stone is chewing on everything, eating less.
  190. General Does my Piggy have Pink Eye?
  191. Introductions Introducing Guinea Pigs
  192. Fighting Blood Drawn Fight and Chattering
  193. Sexing Need help determining sex of new pups.
  194. General Feeling bad about something
  195. Behavior Bigger pig bullying smaller?
  196. Frustrated Cats will not stay away from Batman's cage
  197. Introductions Getting a new guinea pig on Sunday, anyone have advice?
  198. Chewing Playing/chewing
  199. Behavior Very shy piggie
  200. Fur Texel hair
  201. Introductions Introducing baby to older pig?
  202. Behavior Guinea pig eating feces?? (Video included)
  203. Bullying Separating Two Sows or Giving More Space?
  204. Grooming Help with Peruvian hair mats!!
  205. Bonding Safety
  206. Introductions HELP Introducing Guinea Pigs
  207. Shelters Free guinea pigs at animal control, what to do?
  208. General Any way to tell how old my guinea pigs are?
  209. Behavior Not drinking water like I think they should
  210. Bonding Will my guinea pigs ever stop running away?
  211. Dominance 2 sows mounting
  212. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises My piggies have become sneaky!
  213. Bathing Dawn for grease gland cleanings?
  214. Introductions 2 Boars - Guinea Pig Introduction
  215. General How much lap time do you give your gpigs?
  216. Bonding Itchy after handling our piggies
  217. Quarantine When can I introduce neutered male to his pups
  218. Aggression Can aggression be motivated by pregnancy or fear?
  219. General Different poops?
  220. General C&C cages
  221. Fighting Fighting boars
  222. Behavior Sad pig because we have a new baby
  223. Weight Digital Scale help?
  224. General Fleece blanket in cages
  225. General Can't tell the gender of my guinea pig?
  226. What breed? What breed is Rolo?
  227. Bathing Is this shampoo safe?
  228. General Is this the right cubes for c&c cage?
  229. Behavior Uhhh should i be concerned about all this humping?
  230. Bathing How do I clean guinea pigs poopy feet?
  231. Keeping Warm Skinny pig
  232. Bathing It is good Johnson's Small Animal Shampoo?
  233. Fur Severely Matted Fur on Newly Adopted Long Haired Piggie!
  234. General About to be a NEW guinea pig owner
  235. Sexing Male genital problems
  236. Behavior My Guinea Pig hasn't eaten or drank anything since I got her.
  237. Introductions Baby and Adult Introduction
  238. General Question about how much vegetables they should be getting
  239. Behavior I just adopted 2 guinea pigs! They are very scared!
  240. Behavior Confused why my piggies are 'arguing' and acting like this.
  241. Aggression Many tiny, very dry poops
  242. General New to piggies
  243. Bonding How to get guinea pigs to not be scared for you to handle them.
  244. Introductions New Pig! Name ideas?
  245. Dominance Butterscotch has a habit of trying to "bully" cocoa. Should I be concerned?
  246. What breed? Part Cuy?
  247. Sad In pain
  248. What breed? Is she an Abby?
  249. Joy Introducing you to my new babies!
  250. General White pee