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  1. Behavior Guinea pig flipped upside down and flailed??
  2. Rehoming Add a 3rd piggie?
  3. Dominance 2 Piggies?
  4. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises guinea pig, "clicking" teeth?
  5. Bonding How do I deal with many piggies?
  6. Dominance Introduction to new pig.
  7. Behavior I just have one...
  8. Behavior New cage buddy!
  9. Popcorning New Guinea Pig
  10. Behavior Drinking water weird?
  11. Weight Pregnant??
  12. Behavior Introducing new guinea pig question.
  13. Adopting How to choose
  14. Dominance My Bigger Male Piggie is Humping my Smaller Male Piggie...
  15. Frustrated One Lonely Piglet
  16. Behavior Standing still
  17. Weight Is Pappy fat?
  18. Sexing Is one of my Girls actually a Boy?!!
  19. Bonding Can I let the piggies meet?
  20. Adopting Another Female Piggy
  21. Aggression My adult females DO NOT get along!
  22. Chewing Chewing Everything But Chews
  23. Behavior EXTREMELY shy guinea pig?
  24. Behavior guinea pigs not getting along
  25. Dominance Dominance, or is it now bullying?
  26. General Brownish pee
  27. Chewing Not eating veggies/fruits? Taking small bites?
  28. General Guinea pig might develop neck problems....?
  29. Joy Piggy Easter Photos
  30. Exercise Parents don't like how I do floor time?
  31. General Basic guinea pig information
  32. Play Frankie's First Photo
  33. Sad Need Positivity for Bladder Stone Surgery
  34. Behavior Piggie doesn't wheek for food
  35. Hiding How to cut second hole in pigloo
  36. Dominance Can I add a neutered boar to my 2 girl band, so they stop dominance/bullying?
  37. Behavior Wheezing
  38. Pigsitting I m going out for two nights
  39. General Anything else I need?
  40. Behavior Is it possible for guinea pigs to become feral?
  41. Sexing Female, Right?
  42. Adopting Added a new member to the family
  43. Adopting Introducing Francine!
  44. General Overfeeding after surgery?
  45. Weight Tips for feeding multiple guinea pigs who are different weights?
  46. Helloo
  47. Adopting Should i get a guinea pig if I am out for 12 hours each day
  48. Keeping Cool Signs of heat exhaustion / heat stroke in piggies
  49. Keeping Cool New Guinea Pig Cages
  50. General Disinfectant sprays bad or not?
  51. Exercise For my girls
  52. Photos Just showing off
  53. Behavior Worried about piggy's behavior
  54. Behavior White milky urine.
  55. Behavior My female pig is bleeding like shes having period! HELP!
  56. Sad Hi all.. i need urgent help :(
  57. Dominance Wrestling piggies
  58. General Where can I get a new piggie?
  59. In Heat Pregnant Piggy. (Accidental!)
  60. Bathing Frequency of bum baths?
  61. Photos Any pigs on Instagram?!
  62. Behavior Piggie is hiding from others!
  63. Behavior Not herself since adding another guinea pig?
  64. Behavior Scaredy-pig: To cuddle or not to cuddle?
  65. Loss Someone please help me with this! MY pig died!
  66. Bathing Wipe that's safe for piggies?
  67. Fighting Should I introduce a new pig to a lone pig who has been separated due to fighting?
  68. Frustrated Is this bladder sludge?
  69. General guinea pig accecories in beijing
  70. General My spill-proof bowl
  71. Grooming Crusty eyes!
  72. Behavior Information needed
  73. Fur My Abyssinians don't like to be pet.
  74. Photos My 3 eyed guinea pig! LOL
  75. Allergies A question about kaytee bedding vs. Carefresh
  76. Behavior smart guinea pig escaping cage
  77. Puberty When do guinea pigs stop growing? Who will grow up bigger: male or female?
  78. Frustrated Naughty piggie peeing on hay
  79. Behavior ticklish or annoyed?
  80. General Is this normal?
  81. General Can't stand up and not eating
  82. Keeping Cool What's the best way to keep guinea pigs cool?
  83. General Eye buildup/infection of some sort?
  84. Behavior Sweet-natured Guinea Pig Trying to Bite me
  85. Behavior Sweet-natured Guinea Pig Trying to Bite me
  86. Behavior Male Guinea Pig Possibly Marking its Territory?
  87. Behavior guinea pig twitching ears
  88. Behavior Should I separate them? Barbering-related
  89. Dominance Young sows nipping
  90. General Sad yet excited at the same time!
  91. Photos New video
  92. General Piggy Cost List
  93. General Meet Babe
  94. Sexing Wanting to have a few more opinions on the sexing of my 2 guinea pigs
  95. How Many? Adopting a new piggie
  96. Bathing Bathing 2 boars
  97. Introductions Adopting two new piggies, advice?
  98. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises First time I've heard this noise, anyone else heard this?
  99. Behavior Can two female guinea pig pairs meet?
  100. Behavior Lonely guineapig?
  101. General Mite solution
  102. Introductions Meet my new guinea pig pair!
  103. Behavior Verry Scared
  104. Fur Guinea pig fur oily?
  105. Bonding Bonding with new Guinea pig
  106. Dominance Will my 2 pigs become friends?
  107. General Will they be ok?
  108. Play What do you use for a guinea pig play garden's base before the plants start growing?
  109. Exercise When to allow new guinea pigs floortime?
  110. Dominance Does Dominance Battle Ever End?
  111. Behavior We were happy before now.
  112. Behavior new pig suddenly fearful of her cagemate?
  113. General My new piggie
  114. Loss Apartment Dwellers: What do you do when your piggie dies?
  115. Fighting 2 males Not the best of friends !!
  116. Biting Do any of your piggies chew your C&C cages?
  117. Aggression Pho doesn't like the others
  118. Introductions Will they change my dog
  119. Behavior Cinnamon is skittish
  120. Keeping Cool A question about guinea pigs
  121. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Rumbling during lap time
  122. What breed? Can 2 different GP breeds be siblings?
  123. Quarantine Advice: TICKS!! Anyone find Ticks in Hay before? What to do about pigs and house??
  124. Bathing Questions about bathing guinea pigs?
  125. Bathing Do you bath short hair guinea pigs?
  126. Sexing Is Butterscotch a he or a she?!
  127. Biting Feeling Disconnected with my Little Guy
  128. Play More floor time for my lonely piggie?
  129. Joy Leftovers from guinea pigs and my garden
  130. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Want a Guinea pig and questions.
  131. Behavior Guinea pig noises
  132. Frustrated The Final Straw
  133. Behavior New Guinea pig I dont know much so all help needed please
  134. Introductions When to introduce baby piggies to older piggies?
  135. Behavior Victoria doesn't seem happy.
  136. Introductions Getting a 2nd piggie
  137. Behavior Nervous about introduction
  138. Biting Ed doesn't like to be picked up
  139. Behavior Little stinker likes his hay on the floor. Why?
  140. Behavior Hello & help!!
  141. Behavior So happy
  142. Rescues For those that run or work at a GP rescue-have questions
  143. Behavior Male guinea pig seems to be...gay..???
  144. Behavior My Guinea pig constantly makes noises! Why?
  145. Is this a boy or a girl?
  146. In Heat Can someone help me determine if my piggie is pregnant?
  147. Adopting Getting another piggy, after one died!?
  148. Fighting Two female pigs fighting during introduction
  149. Bonding Buddy Baths - any successes out there?
  150. Behavior Started potty training my piggies
  151. General Hay or fresh grass?
  152. General Taming Very Skittish Guinea Pigs
  153. Introductions Getting a new pig!
  154. Behavior Rescue pigs won't eat fresh veggies
  155. First time owner, looking for guinea pigs
  156. General Where To Buy Guinea Pig Supplies?
  157. Want a Guinea Pig(s) How many hours/miles is reasonable to drive to pick up 2 bonded sows?
  158. Introductions New Piggy.
  159. Biting randomly nibbling, sometimes HARD
  160. Behavior Butt Sniffing?
  161. Sad Concerned about the mommy after two stillborns
  162. Fur Any guesses on fur length for Princess Pea?
  163. Behavior Why do piggies poof up when eating veggies?
  164. Aggression Is it possible to reintroduce my dominant boar?
  165. Behavior Fighting boars
  166. Behavior Help with 2 new piggys
  167. Bathing Am i supposed to give my piggy a bath?
  168. General How do you travel with your pigs?
  169. Bonding Question about Bonding a new pig to two others.
  170. Behavior New babies and eating/water
  171. Behavior Guinea Pig Behaviors:Increased gnawing and drinking
  172. May someone help me?
  173. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Should I get a friend for our male piggie?
  174. Aggression Piggy Tiffs and Barbering
  175. Bonding I have a case of the piggie lovies right now
  176. General I got a new piggie! Welcome Biscuit!
  177. Loss Did my guinea pig die of shock from being squirted with water?
  178. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Piggy noises
  179. Nails/Nail Trimming Nail trimming time!
  180. General Remodeling with Guinea Pigs
  181. General Hair loss and biting
  182. General Bailey's rescue thread
  183. Behavior Please help - boars fought and now one is scared
  184. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises LOUD piggies!
  185. Mounting Humping eachothers heads!
  186. Behavior Two New Rescues, Need help
  187. General Litter Training Guinea Pigs...
  188. Behavior Adopted two one-year old females, and they are absolutely petrified of me.
  189. Bonding Several questions. (New guinea pig? And getting him neutered?)
  190. Behavior [ADVICES NEEDED] First-timer owner with 5-month old piggy
  191. General Neutered males question
  192. Exercise Lazy boy
  193. Rescues Are rescues really better?
  194. Play Did somebody say Ice Cream?
  195. Trying to find a friend for my pig
  196. Bonding Found 2 new friends
  197. Aggression Very aggressive boar
  198. General Is the bedding causing this sticky stuff in their fur?
  199. Adopting Thoughts on petco?
  200. General Soo..
  201. Dominance Help? Guinea Pig Dominance?
  202. Behavior Aversion to petting
  203. Photos We're back from forum hiatus! An update on the piggles.
  204. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Rumble strutting then....popcorning? What?
  205. Weight age, weight & sex - just curious
  206. Behavior Aggressive piggy?
  207. Behavior Piggy obsessed with cagemate
  208. Quarantine Guinea Pig missing others
  209. Behavior Just not friendly
  210. General He doesn't know how to drink water!
  211. Fighting Boars got into fight
  212. Aggression Separated boars chattering at each othr
  213. Play What do Piggies like to play with?
  214. Exercise Guinea pigs & water
  215. Behavior Spazzing out while sweeping cage?
  216. Introductions Introduction question? Is she okay?
  217. Behavior Girls aren't coming out much to play
  218. Grooming Guinea Pig Ear Wax
  219. General which room to put cage in?
  220. Behavior Is she relaxed?
  221. Dominance Dominant...once and for all?
  222. Nails/Nail Trimming New to guinea pigs and have some care questions....
  223. Behavior Need some help!
  224. Behavior Piggies only come out twice a day...normal?
  225. Behavior Need advice on food bowl and hay racks for 2 stubborn boys
  226. Weight Is 1129g considered overweight?
  227. Behavior My young guinea pigs biting... some questions..
  228. Nails/Nail Trimming Nail trimming overgrown scared rescue
  229. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Purr vs growl?
  230. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Should I get a third?
  231. Nails/Nail Trimming Nail trimming question that's different
  232. Bullying Strong dominant or mean bully?
  233. Bonding To hold or not to hold...
  234. General Guinea Pigs and the Park...?
  235. General Moving 800 miles with guinea pigs
  236. Behavior Do guinea pigs grieve?
  237. General Guinea pig with mange!!!
  238. General Draft free?
  239. Loss To get a new friend for my guinea pig left behind or not?
  240. Bonding Too risky?
  241. Keeping Cool Does Heat Stroke Always Happen Above 85*F?
  242. Hiding Gunky stuff on hideys-How to clean?
  243. Behavior One pig licking another's eye
  244. Introductions Second Guinea Pig
  245. Behavior Never active, always sleeping.
  246. Keeping Cool Guinea pig cage under air conditioner?
  247. Fighting Pulling hair and chattering teeth
  248. General Going on Vacation
  249. Keeping Cool Keeping guinea pig cool
  250. Keeping Cool No AC, will pigs be fine?