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  1. Introductions I put a divider in their cage--was it the right call?
  2. Rumblestrutting Female pigs recently introduced - lots of rumblestrutting
  3. Fighting Fighting
  4. What breed? Any Ideas!?
  5. Bonding How much lap time
  6. Bonding Too Cute <3
  7. Rehoming Considering rehoming... need advice on how to do it
  8. Sexing Boy or girl?
  9. Photos Pillow I made !!
  10. Joy Little pillow I made !
  11. Behavior Ease his mind
  12. Quarantine Quarantining a baby guinea pig
  13. Behavior Guinea pig being mean to her little sister?
  14. Sexing I need help determining the sex of my piggie.
  15. General Need information
  16. Joy He has me so well trained!
  17. General Needing advice for very young baby pigs
  18. Chewing Carl is chewing EVERYTHING
  19. General Vet Visits
  20. General Pointed poo?
  21. Behavior My Guinea pig is acting strange, does anyone know why? PLEASE HELP!!!
  22. Behavior My Guinea Pig is acting strange is she sick??
  23. General Local Colorado Springs
  24. How Many? Calling all HERD owners (3+ Piggies)...
  25. Loss sudden death?
  26. Bonding Bonding Boars
  27. Behavior I'm worry about my boys...
  28. Media Does Anyone Do Guinea Pig Edits/Cartoonizing?
  29. Frustrated Can guinea pigs survive without Timothy Hay?
  30. Behavior Normal Behavior vs. Abnormal
  31. Adopting Skinny Pig !
  32. Keeping Warm Plan to keep piggies warm if power goes out
  33. Adopting Just adopted 2 wonderful guinea pigs but am I allergic?
  34. Adopting Minccino's arrival!
  35. Behavior Guinea pig raising butt up and reaching down???
  36. Behavior Twitching when touched?
  37. Behavior Popcorning, Spazzing, Booty Bumping, and Jolting
  38. Grooming Long hair guinea pigs
  39. Introductions Live updates from the porch floor - Mr. Mustard & Oreo (2 pubescent boars)
  40. Biting Calico is biting - and broke skin on MY finger, now what?
  41. Bonding Bonding Father and Son
  42. Behavior Iv'e had my piggies for almost three days now. How long until they will let me pet th
  43. Introductions Finding a friend: my piggie is a bully
  44. Chewing Is crocheted / knit cozy areas safe for piggies?
  45. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Guinea Pig Noises: What Do They Mean?
  46. Behavior My guinea pig has changed personality!
  47. Exercise Zoomies.......up and down!
  48. Behavior New piggy ONLY eating hay!
  49. General It's been one month, no longer in quarantine! (Branson/Anthony)
  50. Quarantine Is quarantine necessary?
  51. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Good or bad noises?
  52. Adopting Should i get another guinea pig to my lone senior one?
  53. Frustrated Switching from carefresh bedding to cloth....?
  54. Frustrated Need help with sick piggie (First time poster)
  55. Weight help with my piggies weight
  56. Introductions Introducing my sow to a young baby
  57. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises dominance?
  58. Behavior Sydnosa's question thread
  59. Chewing chew toys?
  60. Quarantine quarintine questions!
  61. Dominance 3 month old brothers fighting?
  62. Nails/Nail Trimming Nail cutting too short!
  63. Behavior Babysitting a Friends Pigs
  64. Frustrated Is this a good bedding for pigs? Is it ok to use wood cafe for pigs?
  65. Fur There's hair everywhere
  66. Nails/Nail Trimming My guinea pig never stays still
  67. How Many? Dark very noticable nipples on my cavy
  68. Adopting Why is adopting from pet stores bad?
  69. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Lap Time Sounds
  70. Behavior Thinking of getting another pig
  71. Chewing Is mineral stone good for guinea pigs?
  72. Behavior Need some quick help on adopting if possible. Thanks
  73. How Many? Guinea pig tensing up?
  74. Exercise Advice for new guinea mammy
  75. Introductions Nugget's new friend!
  76. Sexing This isnt a boy is it?
  77. Dominance New cage is here and we are ready!!!
  78. Behavior All My Pigs In One Room
  79. How Many? Can two males get along?
  80. Media New blog!
  81. Behavior Guinea pig acting strange lately
  82. Behavior Two Opposite Sex Guinea Pigs?
  83. General Bye everyone!
  84. Adopting A possible new addition; The irritations of Craigslist
  85. Bonding bonding two days in...things don't look good?
  86. Bullying Is my dominant pig bullying he other one?
  87. Bonding Skittish piggy...cant pick him up to clean his cage! help me please!
  88. General New Guinea Pig Father, need advice.
  89. Introductions Introducing Maya to bonded pair, not going well!
  90. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Rumbling, purring, or shivering???
  91. General Pet sitters
  92. How Many? 10 grams in 2 days
  93. Exercise Best playpen for a guinea pig?
  94. General Best Guinea pig food?
  95. Popcorning Sounds in pain or upset?
  96. General Litter Training and Water bottles
  97. Keeping Cool Can I leave an ice pack in their cage?
  98. Sexing Two newest additions. Boy and girl? Help please!
  99. Joy Used to not be fond of PEW rodents in general
  100. Frustrated How to be friends with guinea pigs?
  101. Videos Cute Video
  102. Behavior Could my piggy be sick? :(
  103. Joy Piggy update
  104. General Bye everyone!
  105. Behavior Help! I need Guinea pig experts advice on my elders Guinea pig!
  106. Introductions Today is the big day!
  107. Sexing 2 Boys and 2 Girls?
  108. Biting New piggie is nipping at me
  109. Bonding With a pouch
  110. Behavior Laying Down in the Cage Awake?
  111. Adopting Help me name my new addition!
  112. Bonding A baby with an adult - A good idea or not?
  113. Frustrated Does guinea pig really need timothy hay?
  114. General Anyone bulk order hay from here?
  115. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Convincing Parents!!!
  116. Introductions First Day Introductions, Normal Behavior Between 2 Males?
  117. Quarantine Should I not quarantine a baby?
  118. Quarantine 4 weeks post-neutering
  119. Hiding Missing Pig Scare with a happy ending
  120. Behavior So I had a quick question to ask about my little guys
  121. Introductions Hello from Bernard the SkinnyPig!! [emoji177]
  122. Behavior Wheeking for Attention?
  123. General what to do when I bring home my new guinea pigs
  124. Frustrated Why whenever I touch my pigs' lower body back, they will make noise?
  125. Introductions Bringing the Guinea pigs closer
  126. Behavior Guinea pig paralyzed from the waist down?
  127. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Purring?
  128. Loss Grief suggestions?
  129. Frustrated Sick Pig at Market... what to do?
  130. Behavior How do I get my Guinea pigs to let me pick them up?
  131. Behavior Scared pig, all of the sudden!!!
  132. Joy Can I just say?
  133. Behavior Old guinea pigs are smelling new guinea pig's behind/urine
  134. Biting Tater Tot Bit, Not Normal
  135. Bonding They definitely like each other
  136. Photos Paw Print
  137. What breed? Is my pig a ROAN??
  138. Behavior Teeth grinding
  139. Adopting Is it possible
  140. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Pig is suddenly "chirping" loudly, for no apparent reason. Any ideas why?
  141. Rescues Our new rescue, Harriet
  142. Adopting Should I get one more pig?
  143. Introductions Just adopted a new piggie
  144. Aggression Guinea pig chasing and displaying agressive behavior
  145. Dominance Aggression with sows
  146. General Is this okay?
  147. Aggression New guinea pigs fighting.
  148. Photos My three girls
  149. How Many? Are piggies better in pairs or more than two?
  150. Biting New to pigs
  151. Fighting 2 Males Fighting, Can they be reintroduced?
  152. General Changing the items in cages of senior pigs.
  153. Behavior Unique Introduction Input needed!
  154. Bonding In urgent need of advice for grieving piggies...
  155. Biting One of my pigs bites
  156. Help! Don't want depressed Guinea pigs
  157. Frustrated My Guinea pig was fine until ..
  158. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises One of the Guinea Pigs rumbles/purrs alot
  159. Adopting Our newest addition: DJ!
  160. Bonding climbing
  161. Introductions What if the cage is bigger than the neutral space?
  162. Adopting Litleo, I choose you!
  163. Introductions Baby Boys Meet Adult Boar
  164. Frustrated My pig sneezes couple times a day, what should I do?
  165. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Is my Guinea pig in pain?
  166. Play When to do first floor/lap time?
  167. General Leaving pigs with my mom for college, does this sound like a good plan?
  168. Want a Guinea Pig(s) General Advice?
  169. Behavior Hi! I just got a piggy!!!
  170. Bathing Piggie Shampoos?
  171. Behavior Pig nibbling on her cagemate's back.
  172. Play Another quick question!
  173. General Possibly A swollen Behind
  174. Quarantine Adding Onto the Family: Special Circumstance, Need Advice!
  175. Play To play or not to play
  176. Dominance Rumblestrutting
  177. Chewing Coroplast kitchen edge chewer
  178. General Curious about something regarding guinea pig size
  179. General My piggy is not drinking...
  180. Joy Adorableness Factors in Piggies
  181. Introductions Adding new pigs to my pair - Another pair? Babies?
  182. Bonding The multi-boar deliema - Trio of young boars to an adult boar.
  183. Behavior Fidgety during lap time
  184. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Very vocal guinea pig, I think I know what he wants but...
  185. General what is my guinea pig breed
  186. Play Outside time?
  187. General Multiple piggies tips
  188. Introductions New baby guinea pig.... And a one year old guinea pig?
  189. Adopting Want to add a pig
  190. Allergies Sudden onset of allergies
  191. Bonding 8 week old guinea pig and 1 year old guinea pig .
  192. Joy I got to meet some baby piggies!
  193. Fighting Very aggressive female babies won't get along with anybody - is it puberty?
  194. Behavior Wheeking/Squeking guinea pig when being picked up
  195. Fighting Scuffling in New Herd
  196. Behavior Piggies won't drink from bottle?
  197. General Little Update 😊
  198. Aggression What do they do with aggressive GPigs?
  199. General Digestive Drama
  200. General Apartment Dilema ...
  201. Adopting Considering This Friend for Quinn
  202. Behavior Bickering Piggies
  203. Joy My Guinea Pigs Over the Years
  204. Introductions A few questions
  205. Frustrated What can I do if I'm out of town for 48hours?
  206. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Squeak confysion
  207. Behavior food my piggy likes...
  208. General Suddenly smelling bad?
  209. Loss 2 of my guinea pigs died suddenly
  210. Joy I found a Himi on Petfinder!
  211. How Many? How many boars in a 2x5?
  212. Joy Cute pics
  213. Keeping Warm 5 degrees cooler in my office
  214. Behavior Weird peeing behaviors?
  215. Media Illegal to Own Just One Guinea Pig in Switzerland
  216. Behavior Separating baby boy from mum
  217. Bonding Introduction Not Going Well - NEED ADVICE
  218. Joy Miss Poogy meets Farquaad
  219. What breed? New baby girl
  220. Behavior Newbie Questions: Guinea Pig Natural History
  221. Bonding Males still rumblestrutting after weeks together
  222. Exercise How to do floor time properly?
  223. Introductions Help please pregnant piggie
  224. Rehoming depressdd guinea
  225. General Am I contagious to my pigs?
  226. Behavior Let new pigs stay in hidey or force them to be brave?
  227. Introductions Presenting the newest member of the family!
  228. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Happy or Annoyed?
  229. Behavior Restless Pig: Need Advice!
  230. Behavior Is my Guinea pig lonely?
  231. Sad Give away or keep?
  232. Frustrated Is hay tunnel okay with guinea pigs?
  233. Hiding my guinea pigs hide all the time.
  234. Adopting Advices for adotping another guinea pig
  235. Level of Effort required? A friend for Henry? (question about a long haired breed and buying from Craigslist)
  236. Fur how much scratching is too much scratching?
  237. Aggression problem between adult guinea and babies
  238. General Weird looking poop
  239. Biting I have GP for 5 days and he bit me
  240. Sad Leaving for vacation
  241. General Wood Pellets and waste safe to compost for garden?
  242. Fur Dander
  243. Loss Three guinea pigs dead in 24 hours, help to save the other three!
  244. How Many? How much do i need to feed my gp?
  245. General Want to get my pig a baby sister
  246. Bonding What Baby Should I Keep
  247. Fur Roan gene questions
  248. General Signs of overgrown molars
  249. Frustrated I don't know what to do about this
  250. Behavior Guinea pig flipped upside down and flailed??