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  1. Bonding GUINEA PIG grow up so fast
  2. Behavior Cavy won't let me touch her.
  3. Photos Something to make you smile
  4. Mounting Based on interactions with my rabbit, is my pig happier alone?
  5. General Can guinea pigs get sick from humans?!
  6. Aggression Just rescued to new piggies
  7. Sad My Dad Pulled Hair Aggressivly From My GuineaPig
  8. Vision Newborn baby guinea pig has one eye squinting
  9. Frustrated How do I stop my guinea pig from peeing and pooing on me?
  10. Joy New addition to our family!
  11. Nails/Nail Trimming First Time Guinea Pig Owner -- Need Help Trimming Nails
  12. Behavior Humping?
  13. What breed? What Breed Is My Friend's Guinea Pig?
  14. Nails/Nail Trimming Strange Growth on Guinea Pigs Toe
  15. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Considering Getting a Second Pig: How Important Is Age?
  16. Biting How do I get my pig to stop biting?
  17. What breed? What breed(s) of cavies do you have?
  18. Nails/Nail Trimming Sharp but Short?
  19. General New Guinea pig questions
  20. Behavior Guinea pig acting strange?
  21. Bonding Very worried about introductions. Scratching, pics included Please help!
  22. How Many? Are my Guinea Pigs too old for Another Cage mate?
  23. Behavior My guinea pig is smarter than your honor roll student
  24. Fighting Will Friendship Improve?
  25. Behavior Strange Behaviour towards each other
  26. Introductions Conduct new puppy arrived
  27. Grooming Long hair piggies?
  28. Loss I'm A Terrible Pet Owner...
  29. Sexing Is my girl a boy? And why is it crusty around her area?
  30. Bonding Rescue help
  31. What breed? What type of pig is Shadow?
  32. Bonding Need help BONDING WITH PIGGIES
  33. Chewing Lava blocks? good or bad?
  34. Joy Happy update on Sophie.(:
  35. Dominance female baby guinea pig dominance
  36. Biting Chewing on Coroplast? Help!
  37. Bonding Bonding with pigs who won't eat veggies?
  38. Behavior american or abby for kids?
  39. Chewing DIY Toys
  40. Bonding Scuttering pigs
  41. Allergies What should I say/do?
  42. Quarantine New Guinea Pig: Where Should I Put Second Cage?
  43. General Couldn't stomach the neglect, so many questions...
  44. General Moving across the country with 2 guinea pigs! Need advice!
  45. General Preparing for a second cavy, needs?
  46. Mounting separating baby boys from the girls....
  47. General Should I get second boar?
  48. Aggression meanness out of a boy who wasn't always mean
  49. Media Cruelty beyond description!!!
  50. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Small Pet Choosing! Pets+pigs
  51. General Cuy in California?!
  52. Rescues Lethals & Cuy as pets?
  53. Behavior Crazy baby guinea pig
  54. Bathing Giant bum stain! Suggestions wanted.
  55. Joy Costumes for guinea pigs?
  56. General Straight Grass for Guinea Pigs?
  57. Hiding Will they always run away from me
  58. Rehoming Just found these on Gumtree :(
  59. Behavior Baby guinea pig sitting on her food
  60. Vision Is it normal
  61. Behavior How did o lose my privalleg
  62. Photos Fresh Cage Friday!
  63. Behavior Waking up to see baby guinea pig cover in pee
  64. General Thought I would share a video of the baby guinea pigs I rescued!
  65. Dominance Bullying behavior
  66. Introductions Feeling nervous - Today is introduction day for Randy, Snickers, and Lucy!
  67. In Heat the weather here might be a problem..
  68. Behavior When I got my baby guinea pig
  69. Behavior I don't understand my guinea pigs behavior. It looks like aggression but I can't tell
  70. Behavior Does anyone else's pig love to flip over their food bowls???
  71. Nails/Nail Trimming Nail trimming tips for piggies who aren't having it?
  72. General We're Adopting!
  73. Nails/Nail Trimming Bleeding toe
  74. Photos My boys exploring
  75. Rehoming I feel so happy
  76. General My baby girl is lonely
  77. Joy We're back!
  78. Dominance New Guinea Pig: Original Guinea Pig Is Too Dominant!
  79. General Do's and don'ts with baby guinea pigs?
  80. Want a Guinea Pig(s) How do I convince my parents to let me get Guinea Pigs?
  81. Adopting Excited about upcoming adoption
  82. Behavior Guinea pig paws
  83. Aggression Older Guinea Pig Bullying/Terrorizing New Smaller Guinea Pig
  84. Adopting Adopting pigs - do you take them home straight away?
  85. Aggression From the friendly to aggressive
  86. Biting Handling
  87. Behavior Chirping and Social Behavior
  88. General Poor Dirty Guinea Pig Has Finally Been Saved
  89. Biting guinea pig is climbing up legs and arms to bite
  90. Behavior Guinea pig scared of me?
  91. Play Guinea Pig Safe Wood
  92. Aggression Current pig does not like new pigs
  93. What breed? Do I have a cuy?
  94. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Second day with guinea pig - help understanding behavior/noises!
  95. Fighting Boar aggression turning into fighting
  96. Chewing Pet safe paint and wood
  97. What breed? Do I have a Coronet?
  98. How Many? What to do if one of a bonded pair passes?
  99. Rehoming Moving Aborad. When to rehome Pigs?
  100. Adopting Bringing an un-bonded pair home from the shelter.
  101. Behavior The bottle, the pig or normal
  102. Behavior Moving
  103. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Is this sound happy?
  104. Behavior Not sure if guinea pig can wheek?
  105. Nails/Nail Trimming Nail Fell Off! (Infection?)
  106. Play New Crocheted hidey sack
  107. Introductions Lost a guinea pig and confused on what to do now
  108. Loss Sudden death??
  109. Adopting Great News, Cagemate Search
  110. Weight Ways to Help Guinea Pig Gain Weight
  111. Behavior Puberty??
  112. Introductions Do I need to buy all new fleece?
  113. General Playing radio for my guinea pig to alleviate loneliness?
  114. Fur Shedding hair
  115. General Guinea Pigs inhaling essential oils *Please help*
  116. General Litter?
  117. Dominance Three females, separation questions
  118. Chewing My Pig Chewed Rubber
  119. Bonding Updates on Izzy & her new friend Ivy! Dominance or play?
  120. General Baby guinea pigs
  121. General Transporting Guinea Pig herd across state lines?
  122. Nails/Nail Trimming Can I use canary nail clippers?
  123. Behavior Free roaming pigs
  124. Joy First Day Home Going Really Well!
  125. Behavior Male vs female
  126. General Guinea Pig Carrier
  127. Behavior Guinea pig very quiet!
  128. Keeping Warm HELP! How to keep guinea pig warm during snow storm?
  129. Play Can you use plush toys?
  130. General Pregnant guinea pig
  131. General Cozy cup vs. cuddle cup
  132. Introductions Brought home a mother and her 7 week old baby. Need advice.
  133. Behavior sometimes afraid of me sometimes love me
  134. Joy He peed in the sink!
  135. Behavior Cuddle time
  136. Behavior Why does she sleep there?
  137. Dominance Do they stop Rumblestrutting at a certain age?
  138. Photos Piggy Halloween costumes
  139. Sexing What sex is my guinea pig?
  140. General Names.....?
  141. Bonding Finding the time help
  142. Play Washing the plush toys?
  143. Introductions New Pig Introductions?
  144. Popcorning I think my piggie likes my dog
  145. Behavior She sits in her hay box a lot, which means a lot of pee in it.
  146. General Fleece or Bedding?
  147. What breed? More than Three Colors?
  148. Weight About how old is my new guinea?
  149. Behavior Headbutting?
  150. Behavior Easing my boy into living alone, any tips?
  151. Exercise wont leave IGLOO! BOREDOME BUSTERS??
  152. Grooming Safe boar cleaning
  153. Dominance New guinea pig tried to attack my piggy.
  154. General Traveling with Pigs?
  155. Behavior Is butt dragging normal?
  156. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Her usual noises have changed?
  157. Quarantine In Need of Quarantine Tips
  158. Loss Guinea pigs pal passed away... very sad now...
  159. Behavior skinny pig bacterial infection and behaviour
  160. Play Happy piggies!!!
  161. Fighting Bully Pig!!
  162. General Beware Hay balls are no good My piggy got stuck
  163. General do I have young pigs?
  164. General Can guinea pigs eat baby carrots?
  165. Joy Poor owner planing lead to very happy piggies
  166. Behavior Need Tips NOW
  167. Photos Wheekend photoshoot
  168. Behavior I think one of my new guinea pigs isn't eating or drinking
  169. Bathing Honey smell
  170. Behavior Mu piggies sneezes and sleeping a lot for past few days
  171. Dominance Wailing like a car alarm
  172. Behavior Flipping food
  173. Behavior Very shy boar. Potential past abuse? Introducing friend?
  174. Behavior Laying down?
  175. Behavior traumatized boar
  176. Dominance Boys Will Be Boys, Or...
  177. Behavior Hyper Pig is Absolutely Insane
  178. Play cardboard tunnels
  179. Bonding Spade girl introduced to boar
  180. Behavior Biography Of Behavior Of Pixel
  181. Introductions Today is Introduction Day
  182. Bonding Introduction of Zues and Cooper
  183. Level of Effort required? Guinea Pig Training
  184. Weight Pregnant guinea pig weight?
  185. Rehoming Moving overseas - Need advice
  186. Shelters Dont have a choice
  187. Nails/Nail Trimming Alternatives?
  188. Hiding Ninja Pig
  189. New Member
  190. General A list
  191. Quarantine quarantine ? How long, how do I introduce them? etc.
  192. Adopting Need help with names
  193. Behavior Guinea Pigs Warming Up To Me Fast!
  194. Loss One of my piggies died... how to care for the other one
  195. Dominance 6 month old boar&4 week old boar - Introduction difficulty (1st time mommy attempt)
  196. General Welcome Home Bambi
  197. Nails/Nail Trimming Clipping Guinea Pig Nails
  198. Photos Had the cage bare
  199. Bathing Guinea pig got into something...
  200. Sad Witnessed something horrible!
  201. Fighting two 7 week old souls, do not seem to get along
  202. Rescues Meet Ember
  203. Adopting Guinea Pigs are now a go
  204. Introductions Lucy is finally getting some friends!
  205. Behavior My guinea pig won't go onto the top of her cage!!
  206. Behavior How long did it take you to tame?
  207. Behavior New guinea pig
  208. Introductions Introducing a bonded pair to my current cavy
  209. Play Hay in a bag fun
  210. Adopting Sows vs Boars
  211. General Mushrooms IN cage!
  212. General safe humidity levels?
  213. Frustrated More conflicted what should I do
  214. General How much light should there be during the day?
  215. Behavior Flips Over When Scratched?
  216. Biting Guinea pig bit me
  217. General Alternatives to the traditional hay rack
  218. Adopting Should I get another?
  219. General I can feel my Guinea Pigs spine?
  220. Rehoming Meet Pinky....my newest addition I got off of Craigslist
  221. General Introducing 8th Guinea Pig
  222. Weight tips for new guinea pig
  223. Biting Biting on the back, big bald patch
  224. Behavior chasing each other around the cage
  225. Weight New boar, other boar getting fat?
  226. Introductions Questions I Can Never Find the Answer To
  227. Behavior Crackers bursting outside my house
  228. Behavior Eating Paper Bedding?
  229. Bathing When should I bath her?
  230. Behavior Mistake?
  231. General Pig ate toy
  232. Bathing Do guinea pigs shed after baths?
  233. Behavior Sleeping noises?
  234. Behavior When is sneezing a problem?
  235. Adopting Pet shop giving away aggressive(shy/scared?) guinea pig as a lone one
  236. Behavior Anyone know what's going on?
  237. General My guinea pig has dental work. After care help?
  238. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises quiet wheeking
  239. Rescues Guinea Pig rescue near Charlotte, NC
  240. Bonding How long should it take my new pig to bondwith me?
  241. Fur Dandruff?
  242. General Is it safe to have the guinea pigs in the same room as my fireplace?
  243. General Guinea Pig not drinking....
  244. Allergies Allergy test for me: what should they test for?
  245. Behavior Piggies Chewing on Wire Part of C&C Cage
  246. Behavior Ear twitching
  247. Play Trouble with lap and floor time
  248. Introductions The Amusing Adventure of Ringo Meeting Toad
  249. Behavior Teeth chattering kinda funny thing
  250. Bonding Sow Trio Intro