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  1. Adopting Is temporary housing a bad idea for a brand new adopted guinea pig?
  2. Behavior HELP! Mom won't feed the babies!
  3. Photos Lazy or just super smart?!
  4. Behavior Licking...not the same reason dogs do it, right?
  5. General Is it the same?
  6. General Pigloo Alternatives
  7. Frustrated Guinea Pigs in the Classroom - an alternative point of view :)
  8. Bonding Want multiple opinions & tips?
  9. Mounting SO FRUSTRATED: Definitely NOT dominance-related; How can I make the humping stop?
  10. General Hey guys I'm new
  11. General end of life
  12. Adopting new piggie
  13. General Looking for gardening tips when it comes to freezing temperatures
  14. Fighting Plzzzz I need help, its about my two male guinea pig)
  15. Quarantine Impatient re quarantine
  16. Behavior Questions about newborn guineas!
  17. Behavior Is 3 guinea pigs a good idea?
  18. Photos Photos of my herd
  19. Grooming I need a piggy groomer or grooming tips?
  20. Fur Fur loss on Adult Boar
  21. Dominance Are they fighting or playing?
  22. Adopting Unplanned Piggie - Questions on what to do
  23. Dominance How can you tell/?
  24. Introductions Roxie and Ameko meet for the first time!
  25. Photos The babies
  26. Behavior New piggy owner in desperate need of guidance.
  27. Bonding In the bedroom??
  28. Aggression i dont know what to do
  29. General When to start cleaning a boar?
  30. Behavior Guinea Pig Pics!
  31. Sad doesnt like me
  32. General Is it harmful?
  33. Biting Male Young Guinea Pigs Are Nipping
  34. Videos My Clean Cage
  35. General Best treats?
  36. Exercise How many times/ how long should he be out every day?
  37. Bonding Rabbit and Guinea Pig?
  38. Behavior Won't eat carrots?
  39. Rehoming Moving guinea pig's home tomorrow, any advice?
  40. General New cage, New pig, some introduction questions
  41. Bonding Falling Out??
  42. Weight Help!
  43. Photos New Cage Set-Up!
  44. Behavior I might be getting a baby piggie
  45. Photos Sharing theme photos of my herd
  46. Introductions Whew! Looks like a successful introduction!
  47. Adopting Getting a friend for Bob?
  48. Popcorning Does popcorning = happy?
  49. General My new piggy has a tail!!
  50. General Guinea Momma with bleeding nipples?
  51. Shelters Houston area guinea pig rescue/shelters?
  52. Behavior Separated the boy and he is so sad.
  53. Fighting Two boys started fighting - puberty?
  54. General Ramsey acting limp.
  55. Behavior Guinea Pigs don't seem to want to have anything to do with humans
  56. Photos Lion Pig :D
  57. Adopting Hey! I'm New! PLEASE READ BELOW! <3 (I MAY BE ADOPTING?!)
  58. General Labored breathing, loss of balance, and weight loss. Stroke?
  59. Adopting How do I go about rehoming our guinea pig, Angelina.
  60. General Pregnant guinea pig question!
  61. Weight Not eating new pellets?
  62. Chewing Guinea pig teeth question!
  63. Bonding Are Piggies able to recognize buddies after a long while of not seeing each other?
  64. Adopting Any First Impression Tips? I have ADOPTED!
  65. Bathing My shampoo OK for my piggy?
  66. Frustrated Guinea Pig In Pain???
  67. Bonding Skinny Pig and Guinea Pig
  68. Videos Clean Cage + Stimulating the herd
  69. Bonding Bonding 3 male Piggies
  70. Level of Effort required? Daily attention and bonding
  71. General Pros and cons?
  72. Behavior Pigs - still uncomfortable after two years?
  73. Behavior Please Help!
  74. Behavior Is my Guinea Pig rumblestrutting or purring? And if so is it bad?
  75. Adopting feeling excited
  76. Bullying Help Fighting!
  77. Rehoming What to look for/ask
  78. Bonding Introducing two boars, how long does it take?
  79. Behavior Is this normal??
  80. General New, great treat your guinea pigs will love!
  81. Behavior Is this Normal
  82. General How do you edit your post?
  83. General How Old Is/was Your Guinea Pig..AVERAGE AGE!
  84. Nails/Nail Trimming Found this nail like bit attached to foot
  85. Behavior Biting after being picked up and gets very distressed when his cage mate is picked up
  86. General Carroll Humane
  87. Frustrated I recently lost my piggie......
  88. Videos Reaction to their names
  89. Hiding Hidey problem
  90. Play This is what a kitchen is for, right?
  91. Keeping Cool Overheating
  92. Bonding Guinea pigs
  93. General What NOT to do for your guinea pigs!
  94. Behavior Little Chompers and breaking their boredom
  95. Joy Domino found a pillow:)
  96. General Piggie first aid kits!
  97. General Hair Loss
  98. Play Good toys for the boys?
  99. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Would It Be OK To Introduce A Female To My Male Pair?
  100. Introductions Feeling bad for my guinea pig
  101. Fighting Guinea pigs fighting with injuries
  102. Sad Guinea Pig Stuck! PLEASE HELP
  103. Dominance Dominance Taken Too Far? *HELP*
  104. General Poll: What are your top favorite three breeds of guinea pigs?
  105. Behavior Male Cavy Gone Wild !!
  106. Biting Guinea pig keeps on biting cage wire!
  107. General Water Bottle Trouble!!!
  108. Bonding Ricky My Guinea
  109. What breed? Skinny pig with hair
  110. Behavior Two herds, one room. Is this okay?
  111. Hiding Cheap D.I.Y Snuggle Sack
  112. Frustrated Cross country move with guinea pig. Need help!
  113. General how often to change wood toys?
  114. General Is there a guide somewhere that will cover everything I need to know?
  115. Rescues Found two adorable munchkins!
  116. Sad Anyone in NC? Guinea pig help.
  117. Introductions Want to adopt, what to look for?
  118. Grooming Boar Cleaning- Absolutely Necessary
  119. Adopting Vet Care
  120. Behavior Severe Twitching in Sleep
  121. General Adopting before they are killed
  122. Popcorning Pigtures! And new piggies!
  123. General Cute, easy treat for guinea pigs!
  124. General Help with cage for 2 adult males
  125. Sexing Help sexing two 3 week old babies
  126. Adopting Baby guinea pig advice!
  127. Play Listening to music
  128. Behavior Sleeping with guinea pig
  129. Behavior Guinea Pig Bullying Still Persisting Over One Year of "Bonding"
  130. General Boars or Sows - and why?
  131. Bonding Considering Guinea Pigs, question
  132. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises My piggy is squeaking and hiding behind my hair
  133. General Cutting the Calcium.
  134. General 40 Fun Facts about Guinea Pigs
  135. Introductions Behaviors, intros, personification; advise me
  136. General Does topical ivermectin have to be applied behind the ears?
  137. Nails/Nail Trimming New Piggie! (How to cut claws?)
  138. Weight Excessive weight gain w/ female guinea pigs (possibly pregnant?)
  139. Behavior Never leave animals, children or boyfriends unsupervised with your food.
  140. Behavior How can I tell if I need to separate
  141. Bonding Need help introducing two boars, please! :)
  142. Play Ideas for Floor Time
  143. Play Is PVC pipe from Lowes or Home Depot safe to use for play tunnels?
  144. Sexing Need help sexing my guinea pig?
  145. Adopting I found an adoption center
  146. Keeping Cool Night Away From Home
  147. General Guinea Pigs in the Military
  148. Fighting My boys won't quit fighting suggestions please
  149. Adopting Pee on bed
  150. Dominance New boys switching dominance?
  151. General Soft, black poops?
  152. Joy My Cheyanne--just chillin and eating herself silly
  153. Frustrated I think my guinea pig is pregnant.
  154. Pigsitting need piggie sitter (for $$) in or near Boulder Colorado July 6-28
  155. Adopting Can anyone in Indiana area help this piggy?
  156. Aggression Are some pigs meant to be single?
  157. General Neutering a male Guinea Pig?
  158. Behavior Six pigs, one cage
  159. Play Guinea Pig Names
  160. How Many? Adding 3rd Pig to Female Pair?
  161. General To neuter or not?
  162. Behavior Adding a girl with two males?
  163. General Naming? I can't decide!
  164. Sad I'm worried about my guinea pig.
  165. Rehoming Advice. Guineas and Rabbits
  166. Loss Three of my Guinea pigs died today
  167. Behavior purring or growling?
  168. General Guinea pigs and coconut oil
  169. Behavior Quick Video: Is this normal dominance behavior or should I be concerned???
  170. Behavior Baby potty trained himself!
  171. General Wickless Candles?
  172. Frustrated Mites problem
  173. Weight Signs of an overweight guinea pig?
  174. Bathing shampoo that I might have around the house
  175. Introductions Are they ready to be introduced to each other?
  176. Introductions At what age can a new baby join a herd?
  177. Photos Cloud making "crazy face"
  178. Fur Why do my guinea pigs lose a lot of fur?
  179. General What is wrong with my fleece?
  180. Pigsitting Holiday conflicts: When you can't get a pig sitter!
  181. Media How to start a blog? (On GuineaPigCages.com)
  182. General Rescued Guinea Pig
  183. Behavior Playful or Bullying?
  184. Introductions I Can Finally Get A Second Guinea Pig!
  185. Adopting Nameless Princess Piggie
  186. Grooming pig ears
  187. What breed? Please tell me the breed
  188. Behavior Floor time? More like stink-o-rama time
  189. General I need to find some exotic vets
  190. Dominance Cage too small? But it's not!
  191. Introductions A baby boar or spayed sow?
  192. Adopting Meet 'Lady Liberty' our newest adoption
  193. Fighting Help. Piggie fight.
  194. Keeping Cool Suggestions for staying cool
  195. General How do you stop your guinea pig from peeing on you?
  196. Introductions How long should introduction period last?
  197. General Guinea pigs in your room, GOOD IDEA? Or not?
  198. Behavior What gender pigs should i get? (3)
  199. General Skinny Pigs?
  200. Fighting Please help me! Boars are fighting a lot!
  201. General Not eaten hay
  202. General *WARNING* Yahoo Answers ARE WRONG
  203. General New and have a few piggie questions! :)
  204. Behavior My piggies always knock their bowls over!
  205. Adopting New Piggies Arriving Today or Tomorrow: Quick Question
  206. Exercise Teeth chattering noise?
  207. Keeping Warm preparing for the cold months(any tips)?
  208. Dominance Do Females Display Dominance?
  209. Aggression How well will my two boars get along?
  210. Fighting When do I give up, and how do I proceed from here?
  211. Joy Emotional therapy animals: the reason I got my pigs!
  212. Behavior Advice for a cage chewer?
  213. Adopting Oh man I want these guys. Skinny pigs
  214. General How do you get your guinea pig to eat bell peppers?
  215. Nails/Nail Trimming Dire Need For Nail Trimming....But When??
  216. Frustrated Petco pig problems
  217. Media Piggie Youtube accs, IF YOU HAVE ONE CHECK THIS THREAD OUT!
  218. Fur Guinea pig scabs
  219. Photos Guinea Pig Photos
  220. General Dry skin on lip?
  221. Videos Guinea Pig Kisses
  222. Rehoming Need to rehome my 2 girls- Madison, Wisconsin
  223. Behavior Just had fed my texels and teddy breakfast...
  224. Pigsitting Pet sitting around Illinois?
  225. Chewing Guinea Pigs Chewing on Cage/Playpen Bars
  226. Rehoming Please follow this link!!!
  227. General Mite treatments
  228. General Guinea pigs in Houston
  229. Dominance Re-establishing dominance?
  230. What breed? Guinea pig breed ! I think my pig is a mini Sheba yak
  231. In Heat So one of my texels is preggers...we think
  232. General New Cat- Jumps on top of cage?
  233. Adopting Hey! im a newbie here
  234. Biting Clover has a bitten (and bleeding) ear
  235. General New cage
  236. General Coroplast Base for C&C cage
  237. Sexing How do you trust the sex of a pig when adopting (not from a breeder/store)?
  238. Bonding Trouble Bonding Dominant Pigs
  239. General can I keep my boy with any other animals?
  240. Pigsitting How to make pigsitting easy
  241. Exercise Area for guinea pigs to roam around
  242. Bonding Can I bond 2 pairs of males?
  243. General C&C cages!!!
  244. Behavior im obsessed...dinner time!!!!!
  245. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Wanting to adopt a pair of piggies.. BUT?
  246. General Road trip!
  247. Adopting I'm a foster failure!
  248. Introductions Are my guinea pigs fighting, mating or playing?
  249. Behavior Those darn pigs.
  250. General Moving/Road Trip