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  1. Sexing Need help sexing if possible
  2. General Need advice about Vitamin C for my guinea pigs
  3. Introductions Tips on introductions?
  4. General Im devastated! Some people
  5. General Video of my two.
  6. Bonding Trouble with bonding outside of floor time
  7. Behavior Why does my girl do this with her hay?
  8. Play What have you created for you piggies to play or hide in?
  9. Introductions 4 month old
  10. Behavior Water Bottle issues
  11. Bonding How come pet store piggies always seem to be happily together?
  12. Bonding Rescue recommendation? Fort Myers FL
  13. How Many? Should I look to adopt him a friend
  14. Bonding Sisterly Love 😃
  15. Hiding How to socialize two young guinea pigs?
  16. Behavior Tickish licking???
  17. Bullying Letting blind female with male?
  18. General Looking for general tips & help with my first cavy.
  19. Introductions Question about taking a second gunea pig (age)
  20. Behavior Non-Agressive Cat Keeps Jumping In The Cage!
  21. Introductions Introducing the newest member of our herd
  22. Bonding Splitting bonded pair???
  23. Play What Do You Do During "Out-Of-Cage" Time?
  24. Popcorning Getting a new bedding and going crazy happy
  25. Play Good toys for in-cage time and floor time?
  26. Grooming Dry Feet!!!
  27. General Guinea Pig Carrier Recommendations?
  28. Rescues Recommend hamster forum?
  29. Dominance Still showing dominance after over a month, is this normal?
  30. General When do you start to feel like you know what you're doing?
  31. General Housing , Hay Cubes & food.
  32. Fighting Watching female pig, have two boys acting weird
  33. Behavior Why does she do this?
  34. Behavior Floor Time and Piggy Sounds
  35. Weight Doubled in weight in less than a week.
  36. Behavior Getting so tame!
  37. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Are Julia's constant little sounds normal?
  38. Fighting Father and Son fighting issues :(
  39. How Many? Have 2 but want another
  40. General Neutered Male
  41. Behavior whats wrong with her? please answer!
  42. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Should I get her?
  43. Exercise Piggy exercise
  44. Fur The Shedding Aby Club
  45. Bathing Bath?
  46. Play Presents for my Piglets
  47. Introductions I'm adopting a girl/already have a ~7 month old girl. any tips/advice/what to expect?
  48. Sexing Boys or Girls?
  49. General Carefresh Bedding with baking soda?
  50. How Many? Adding more guinea pigs?
  51. Aggression my Guinea Pig hates almost everything and need some advice
  52. Behavior Neutering my boar? Should I get a female?
  53. General adopted piggy today from shelter, smells relatively bad. what to do?
  54. Popcorning Popcorning?
  55. General How often for cage cleaning?
  56. Behavior My guinea pig is eating its own poop? (NOT cecotropes)
  57. Introductions Help with intro
  58. Bonding Help, now what...
  59. Play Finally he plays!!
  60. Quarantine Itchy...
  61. Mounting Reestablishing dominance??
  62. Introductions Maxx, our new addition!!
  63. Introductions New addition & aggression help!!!!
  64. Grooming Ear Cleaning
  65. Introductions Introducing baby to adult boar... baby is dominant?
  66. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises What does a pig cough sound like?
  67. Introductions How do I know if my guinea pig wants a buddy..
  68. General Piggy's poop is chunky?
  69. Bonding Looking For Advice. Should I bond with him? Should I leave him alone?
  70. General Yaaayyy!!! making C&C cage today!!
  71. Behavior Baby Pigs questions!
  72. Bonding New Guinea Pig Coming Soon, Need Help
  73. General Age??? size comparison
  74. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Snoring?
  75. Bonding Re-introducing after a few weeks apart?
  76. Behavior Associated Behaviours
  77. General Just thought I'd share a picture of my little boy!
  78. Puberty Puberty age and tips?
  79. Behavior Increase in lounging/sleeping!
  80. Photos Name ideas for Female guinea pig?
  81. Behavior New Piggie Added to the Family
  82. Behavior GP losing trust in me. :(
  83. Hiding How to help a lonely guinea pig
  84. General New GP, pregnant?
  85. Bathing Weird bath time behaviour
  86. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Guinea pig rescue list
  87. Sexing 2 week old pups. Don't know if I have to separate them!
  88. Photos Cuddle cups/pigloo's/tunnels pictures and help? :)
  89. Bonding How to handle "lap-time" for more than one piggie
  90. Introductions Adopting 1 or 2 New Piggies. Intro Question.
  91. What breed? Is Daisy A Roan? And is Archie Dali or Roan?
  92. Joy Remember Foxy? She's all Grown Up!
  93. Behavior Not wanting to go up ramp! Scared of new cage.
  94. Rescues Oops, I, Did it Again! *singing*
  95. Bonding How do I get Guinea Pigs used to being held
  96. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Newbie to guinea pigs.
  97. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Local Shelter Has Pigs For First Time in Three Years
  98. Introductions was it too easy
  99. Sad Is my poor guinea pig bloated?
  100. Adopting What have I gotten myself into?? Help with a new male
  101. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Piggy making weird noises when she eats, almost like hiccups..
  102. General The babies are here, and any tips/ advice would be lovely :)
  103. Adopting Oh gosh....new BOYS. PLURAL.
  104. Adopting Expanding the family! Intro and herd stuff
  105. Joy Big sleeping piggy (photo)
  106. General Looking for accurate books describing guinea pig care
  107. Introductions Should I separate them or just let them keep doing what they do?
  108. General Always on Fleece
  109. Play Is it REALLY possible???
  110. Chewing Pigs chewing on grids and fleece
  111. Allergies Please tell me if my piggy is sick or is it just an allergy?
  112. Sexing help me with the gender of my babies
  113. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises my guinea pig has a high pitched voice?
  114. General Helping with guinea pig/hay smell?
  115. Behavior Is teeth chattering ALWAYS a bad sign?
  116. Sad Guinea pig lost her partner, unsure of what to do.
  117. Sad When pigs get old...
  118. Aggression A shift in the hierarchy between my two boys is brewin' and I'm not sure what to do.
  119. Loss Aspen is very depressed.
  120. Introductions Just introduced two males... How long will they be so stinky?
  121. Fighting They just fought!
  122. Photos So I made something....:)
  123. Play What tunnels should I use?
  124. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Convincing Parents for a 2nd Piggie.
  125. Level of Effort required? Potty training
  126. General Fleece bedding
  127. Behavior My guinea pig whines when I am near!
  128. Grooming Any tips for trimming long haired GP
  129. Joy 3 Year Piggiversary!
  130. General Water bottles need help finding a good one
  131. Play Clicker Training Guinea Pigs!
  132. Fighting Guinea Pig Bit potential Buddy, It's Bleeding
  133. Bathing Help about anal sac cleaning?
  134. Play A girl and her boys
  135. General does anyone know what kind of wood this is?
  136. Introductions New piglets
  137. Photos Anyone ever seen an Ecuadorean / Peruvian guinea pig?
  138. Joy Happy 1st Birthday Bailey Noel!
  139. Bonding My Piggy is terrified of me!
  140. Aggression Territorial Issue. Information Would Be Great!
  141. Introductions Increasing my herd - how and when to do introductions?
  142. Behavior Mini-me! Fun things piggies do!
  143. General Guinea pig cage in living room? Concerned about noise.
  144. Behavior The daughter guinea pig (dominant one)
  145. Loss Sudden death
  146. Nails/Nail Trimming How in the world am I going to do this?
  147. Behavior is this normal for a guinge pig also need advice
  148. Photos Making Costumes <3
  149. Behavior Stressed piggie
  150. Introductions New piggie stress
  151. Bonding Taming Adopted Piggies?
  152. What breed? What breed is my baby?
  153. Rescues Where can I handle guinea pigs?
  154. Behavior Pho is very skittish
  155. Introducing Tootsie
  156. Photos First Rex born in the rescue
  157. Introductions Introducing a blind pig to an establish herd
  158. Behavior Biting
  159. Allergies Is my son allregic to the pigs or the hay (eczema on hands)?
  160. General Does my pig have a URI or allergies?
  161. Weight Rose is a big girl now...really big!
  162. Behavior An unconventional love story
  163. Bonding Bonding tips?
  164. Sexing Boy Or Girl? Thinking girl...
  165. General I need help making some decisions!
  166. General Why does my guinea pig's poop suddenly smell SO bad?
  167. Behavior Funny bull like jumping
  168. Photos Here's some pics of our piggies!
  169. Dominance Urine spraying
  170. Adopting How big should my cage be for 4 pigs?
  171. Bonding 2 groups of 2 to 1 group of 4?
  172. Biting Guinea Pig Nibbles every time I pet her??
  173. Allergies Can guinea pigs have allergies?
  174. Behavior Boars and sows together
  175. Bonding when to introduce a new pig after the loss of a cage mate
  176. Play Are you making your piggies an Easter Basket?
  177. Weight Pregnant, bloted or just bigger?
  178. Behavior What Socializing Approach is Best?
  179. Behavior She is a He and in need of help in Moving him from the females
  180. Behavior Guinea pigs do chew wires
  181. General Cage in the bedroom or living room (based on amount of light)
  182. General A sincere thank you to the community!
  183. Photos Easter pigtures
  184. Behavior Piggie seems depressed in new cage
  185. Loss Devastated
  186. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Change at Veggie Time
  187. Bonding How long does bonding take?
  188. Photos Got a New Guinea pig
  189. General 2 year old Critical Care powder still good?
  190. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Guinea Pig Chirping??
  191. Behavior Pig pees on me incessantly?
  192. Behavior Teeth Chattering and Rejecting Interaction
  193. Behavior My pig hops around strangely? (not popcorning)
  194. General Hooked
  195. Behavior over due babies
  196. Bonding New pigs and don't know what to do to tame them
  197. General White patch on new pig's ear?
  198. General Do you ever stop worrying?
  199. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Questions!
  200. General What are the dangers wild rats can pose to guinea pigs?
  201. Rehoming Considering re-homing my two boys. Advice?
  202. Behavior guinea pig scared of the other
  203. Fur A Lump on my guinea pigs rump ?
  204. Introductions Timid pet store pig comes out of his shell
  205. General Need advice for a lone piggie after cagemate's death
  206. Introductions How stressful would it be?
  207. Bonding Bonding two pairs
  208. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Should I wait to get the guinea pigs?
  209. Bonding 5 Days Since Adoption: Next steps?
  210. Level of Effort required? All four pigs fell apart at the same time
  211. Chewing Chewing on plastic ?
  212. Joy Thinking about buying a piggie cam, do others have recommendations?
  213. General Anyone in Kansas?
  214. Frustrated Closed threads CONFUSION! How to update a CLOSED THREAD?
  215. Behavior Taming
  216. General Visit to the Exotic Vet
  217. Behavior How do I tame is she won't eat?
  218. Play Food Dispenser Toy?
  219. Photos The girls enjoying a new treat-toy!
  220. Bathing Gorgeous Guineas ingredient list?
  221. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Guinea Pigs Disrupting my sleep
  222. Bathing New to bathing
  223. Rescues Seeking Advice for Starting a Guinea Pig Rescue
  224. Grooming What is the grease gland and how often do I have to clean it?
  225. Introductions Add a third to make it a herd?
  226. Bonding Can you keep 2 sows and 2 boars together?
  227. Behavior Petting them?
  228. General Do dogs hurt guinea pigs?
  229. Bonding Neutered Male and Female okay?
  230. Behavior Rebellious Piggy!
  231. Behavior Dropped Pig, Not Moving
  232. General bowls and Bowl sizes
  233. General Help - GP is coughing/horking and won't stop..
  234. General Nutrition
  235. Behavior That's corn!
  236. Behavior Silent Guinea Pig?
  237. General Hantavirus?
  238. Adopting Taming poor abused piggies
  239. Behavior Guinea pig dropped but looks normal
  240. General Urine
  241. Behavior biting cage mate
  242. Aggression VERY aggressive female guinea pig
  243. In Heat Why do they act so snippy.
  244. General guinea pig pee pee stains will not come out!!!!
  245. Frustrated My brotherís friendís new guinea pigs were pregnant and they have babies!
  246. Nails/Nail Trimming cut quik won't stop bleeding
  247. Play What's your piggies favorite hidey or cozie? Photos please! :)
  248. Chewing Is broom corn safe?
  249. Chewing When piggies chew....
  250. Introductions My new fosters