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  1. Behavior Behavior issues
  2. How Many? Should I get one or two more?
  3. Behavior reaction to female introduced to all-male household
  4. Joy Snuggle time Pigtures!
  5. Dominance Eggs is Getting to That Age...
  6. Grooming Overly skittish piggies when grooming!
  7. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises When the birds won't chirp the guinea pigs will!
  8. Bonding skittish piggie
  9. Dominance Female Piggies settled in.. on different levels?
  10. Videos Timelapse of guinea pigs in their home
  11. Bathing Bathing, grease gland, boar cleaning, etc
  12. How Many? You know you have enough Guinea pigs when...
  13. Sad Can you play with a guinea pig that has ringworm?
  14. Behavior Guinea pig likes to nestle into my hair
  15. Behavior Suddenly terrified of me??
  16. General What's wrong with my cavys paw?
  17. Weight How much should an average female guinea pig weigh?
  18. Photos Photo shoot. Themed stuffed animals
  19. General So I tested positive for the flu, will I get my guinea pigs sick?
  20. Fighting Escalating aggression
  21. Behavior Pancake is so lazy. Should I be concerned?
  22. What breed? Help with Color.....
  23. Needing to Rehome Pigs;
  24. Sexing New Piggie, male or female?
  25. Play Floor Time Fun Pigtures
  26. Behavior Rumblestrutting or fighting?
  27. Sexing Hi there! Trouble determining sex
  28. Weight Guinea pig feels overweight
  29. Chewing Two bar chewers...
  30. Bullying I think I have a bully pig...
  31. General How can I cheer up my cavy?
  32. Behavior Picky Piggy!
  33. Weight Is this normal?
  34. Behavior Is this aggression or just regular boar behavior?
  35. Photos Introducing the foster pigs!!
  36. Sad Bonding time has proved to be extremely difficult for me
  37. How Many? Got a pet store Piggie. questions!
  38. Behavior New to this and have questions about adopting new babies.
  39. Exercise Floor time or not?
  40. General Update on Piggie Activity
  41. Biting Why is one of my 6 month old female guinea pigs biting my 8 week old guinea pig?
  42. Frustrated I'm convinced my piggies hate me and I don't know what else to try.
  43. Behavior How well trained are you?
  44. Want a Guinea Pig(s) I am getting a guinea pig!
  45. Play Looking For Ways to Keep Them Entertained
  46. Adopting New Pig, A Bit Of Crust on Eyes?
  47. Behavior Guinea Pig Prefers Sleeping in Bedding/Kitchen area than Pigloo and fleece. Why?
  48. Behavior Up and down days for a 6 yr old
  49. General Unsure of g-pigs age, can someone help?
  50. Dominance Teeth Chattering and Chasing! Male guinea pigs.
  51. Bonding Bonding advice for new owner
  52. Bonding To bond or not?
  53. Puberty I'd appreciate advice on coping with puberty
  54. Allergies How to live with guinea pig allergy, advice needed!
  55. Books Biscuit has a book!!!
  56. Photos Pigtures of my Abby's
  57. Quarantine How Should I Reintroduce Them? [Video Included]
  58. Photos Pet shaming: guinea pig edition!
  59. General Finally finished my C&C cage :0)
  60. Behavior How Much Sleep Is Normal?
  61. Popcorning what they did this week!
  62. Biting 7 month old guinea pig nibbles?
  63. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Alright people talk me down.
  64. General I have some questions
  65. Quarantine Where should I Quarantine my piggy?
  66. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises What does the chirping mean???
  67. Behavior jumping off tunnel tube?
  68. Behavior Too Nosy (literally)
  69. General Budgeting
  70. Dominance New to Cavy ownership
  71. General New 4 Week Old Piggies Won't Eat Veggies
  72. Bonding How do you know if they are bonded?
  73. Behavior Bath time
  74. General Cleaned Chewy and Dewy's cage today!
  75. Bathing Is this Shampoo okay for Piggies
  76. General Anyone in San Fernando Valley, CA?
  77. Keeping Warm What if there is a power failure?
  78. Behavior Piggie cuddle preferences
  79. Dominance New male cagemates fighting?
  80. Adopting New Guinea Pig!
  81. Introductions Introducing 2 Young Brothers
  82. Dominance To fix or not to fix
  83. Play Need ideas
  84. Bullying Is my Guinea being bullied?
  85. Grooming Skinny Pig Dry Skin
  86. Behavior New guinea pig
  87. General Need help convincing parents to get 2 piggies
  88. Fur How often do I have to brush and bath?
  89. General Obsession over hay?
  90. Adopting Travel Tips?
  91. Behavior Does your guinea pig mind being touched on the stomach? And does..
  92. General 8 week old pig, first time owner. What do I need to know.
  93. Loss Guinea pigs buddy
  94. Play Silly Piggies
  95. Sexing Freakibg out, rainbow blew up like a house!
  96. General Found out my Piggie has Mites!
  97. General What can I do to help with loneliness???
  98. Adopting Should I get the piggy?
  99. General I'm Sick. What to do with piggies?
  100. General Guinea Pig vacation plans?
  101. Play Can't even touch my pig
  102. Behavior 2 new guinea pigs, just wondering what's normal (shy, young or scared?)
  103. Chewing Lack of chewing, is it normal?
  104. Bullying Trouble introducing new guinea pig
  105. General Wrong about gpigs age?
  106. Bonding When should I take my guinea pig out for lap time? (I'm a new owner)
  107. Fighting I just had to separate my boys
  108. Behavior 3 piggies in 2 cages
  109. Bathing Bathing new pig.
  110. Rescues To foster or not to foster
  111. Bullying FIGHT! Oh no, my pigs have fallen out.
  112. How Many? Afraid to get another piggie.
  113. Videos My guinea pig herd predict the winner
  114. Photos Meet the newest member of my herd! (plus cute photos)
  115. Behavior New to piggies and my new piggie's behavior
  116. Rescues Rescue Who's a Scaredy Pig
  117. Exercise My piggies enjoy floor time now
  118. Behavior Not shy but hates being touched
  119. Adopting Adopting a spayed sow with boars in the same room?
  120. General Poos are all different colors?
  121. Adopting Would a young boar do better with another baby or older boar?
  122. General Thinking of getting rid of guinea pig
  123. Joy Happy birthday to Hocus and Pocus
  124. Joy Warms my heart - Piggy Taming
  125. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Thinking of getting a Guinea Pig, but....
  126. Exercise Should piggies be going up people size stairs?
  127. Keeping Warm URGENT! Power outage
  128. Chewing Pet Safe Paint/ Wood
  129. General Water bowl
  130. General New Pig Questions
  131. General Lying Down Outside of Pigloo?
  132. Behavior Running laps
  133. General Worried Sick about Remaining Pig
  134. Behavior New tube
  135. Behavior video of our new girls having a great tim
  136. Sad PTSD in piggies?
  137. Weight Average weight for a growing Guinea Pig?
  138. Behavior What to expect from a baby?
  139. Behavior Tiny dancer chewing on ceramic house
  140. Sad Sad to Leave My Buried Boys When We Move
  141. Behavior Guinea Pig keeps running in his pigloo?
  142. Frustrated Can I leave my young guinea pig alone?
  143. Behavior Female Behavior/Introducing
  144. Exercise Obstacle Course Ideas
  145. General Do your pigs sleep in beds? If yes post pix.
  146. Behavior Scared Babies?
  147. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises 3 A.M. Chirping Session
  148. Play Do your pigs use/like organic dried Apple wood chew toys?
  149. Joy Happy Birthday Pip!
  150. Grooming Normal Ear Wax??
  151. Weight Aging Pig Losing Weight; What is Normal?
  152. General First Vet Visit!
  153. Grooming Mineral Oil vs Coconut Oil vs Olive Oil
  154. General New guinea pig owner, lots of questions about basic care
  155. Grooming Vitamin solution makes fur sticky/dried out on pigs face
  156. Introductions Finally carmie isn't a loner!!
  157. General For those of you with dogs - did your dog get used to the guinea pigs in their cage?
  158. Fighting Reintroducing brothers
  159. Behavior Skittish/quiet...worried?
  160. General We are expecting :)
  161. Play Floor time fun, a little veggie hide and seek - Pigtures included!
  162. General The Piggies needed new profile shots
  163. Biting How to stop guinea pig from biting?
  164. Grooming Shedding Like Crazy
  165. General looking for info on guinea pigs
  166. What breed? What breed do you think she is?
  167. Fur So at what age does guinea pig hair reach the length it's going to be?
  168. Sad Help guinea pig stuck under cabinet
  169. What breed? What breed are my guinea pigs?
  170. Photos Just having some fun with photos..
  171. General General Newbie Issues - Behavior, Bedding, Clean Up
  172. Adopting Taking in a new pig
  173. Hiding Floor time blue, don't like open spaces
  174. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises I wish my Pudge was this noisey!
  175. What breed? What is Fluffy Rooster?
  176. Play Your Pig's Favorite Toys?
  177. General Dottie and Dusty
  178. General Cage cleaning question?
  179. Bonding Reintroduce?
  180. Fighting Should you always separate when blood has been drawn?
  181. Joy Valentine's Day Treat 😃
  182. Pigsitting Need a pig-sitter
  183. Photos Dinner time
  184. General Help dropped guinea pig / rapid breathing
  185. Popcorning Does anyone else notice this when their pig is popcorning?
  186. Dominance Is this common? -2 Boys, one very dominant
  187. Behavior Biting Baby GP
  188. Behavior Personality or is something wrong?
  189. Pigsitting How To Find A Sitter?
  190. Photos Lulu wants to say Happy Valentine's day!
  191. Behavior Shoulder all the things!
  192. Behavior Nibbles
  193. General Weird looking foot pix included.
  194. General Can't remember name of post
  195. How Many? How many piggies could I have comfortably?
  196. Fighting Bonded boys started fighting, please help!! I'm at such a loss
  197. Behavior Dominant piggy becoming a bully...
  198. General Mites are standing in the way of a new adoption / Depressed guinea pig
  199. General Air Purifier Recommendations
  200. Photos Finally have some pictures of Iggy and Archie and their cage
  201. Videos Ida and Sparkles play together for the first time!
  202. General Possible Lethal at Petco
  203. Grooming brushes
  204. General Guinea Pig + Austrailian Shepherd/herding dog?
  205. Allergies If i'm mildly allergix to cats, will I be allergic to guinea pigs?
  206. General Boar Bits Issue
  207. Bonding Pig is still so scared
  208. Bullying When is dominance behavior considered bullying?
  209. General When will the pups arrive? (Around 62 days pregnant)
  210. Behavior Skittish When In Cage Not Skittish When Held
  211. Adopting Would it be wise to house two neutered boars with a sow?
  212. Behavior Wheeking when cagemate is gone - happy or distressed?
  213. Fighting giving my pigs visiting time, separating them other times
  214. Exercise Unsupervised floor time
  215. Weight Overweight cavy?
  216. Loss Guinea pig sudden death :c
  217. Exercise Floortime mat
  218. Frustrated Is my piggy better off alone?
  219. General Inch Worms in the Pig Cage?
  220. Fighting Boars Fighting
  221. General Abbyssinians - the breed for a first time owner?
  222. Videos Sows eating their breakfast
  223. Pigsitting Having trouble finding pigsitter
  224. Sexing Is this a girl or boy?
  225. Exercise Unusually Quiet Piggie?
  226. Dominance Scabs on my piggy's back?
  227. General Flying with my piggie and need help
  228. General Guinea pig food
  229. Adopting Newest Addition to the Herd
  230. Rescues How I unknowingly rescued 2 guinea pigs that I thought were coming from a good home
  231. Play Angelina is 6 months old! We love her!
  232. General Guinea pig's whiskers
  233. Dominance How often do your pigs perform dominance behavior?
  234. Fur How to trim fur?
  235. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Advice about Peruvians needed please
  236. Weight Needs tips on controlling one guinea pigs weight without effecting other one
  237. General Does age matter?
  238. Behavior My pig seems to be acting off possibly..?
  239. General Newbie questions!
  240. Quarantine What to do about hay and cleaning
  241. Dominance Is this type of behavior considered normal?
  242. What breed? For your piggies what is your favorite breed and color?
  243. Quarantine My piggie is sneezing
  244. Pigsitting Piggie Sitter?
  245. Photos Vera made a kill....
  246. Level of Effort required? How long did it take you?
  247. Behavior Two weeks in and there's something wrong with Rogue.
  248. What breed? Have you heard of a Chincilla Guinea pig?
  249. Bathing My pigs stink!
  250. Bullying Should I separate or change the cage layout?