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  1. Dominance HELP!!!!! Behavior and Dominance problem!!!!
  2. General Would I have to clean my boars' urinating areas?
  3. Adopting Should i get a desexed boy or girl? help with my next pig!
  4. Sad My guinea pig is getting really skinny!
  5. Behavior Younger guinea pig Annoying older one constantly?
  6. Play New trick!
  7. Keeping Warm When is it too cold for outdoor playtime?
  8. Behavior Piggy keeps wanting to be on my shoulder?
  9. Behavior I love watching my piggies interact with each other!
  10. General Cage placement Q
  11. Nails/Nail Trimming How do I trim my guinea pigs' nails?
  12. Vision Guinea pig senses
  13. General Guinea pig odd pee smell
  14. Behavior Water Consumption...
  15. Behavior Do they hate me?
  16. Frustrated I went to the fair today and saw a breeder booth!
  17. Quarantine New Guinea pig owner seeking Guidance
  18. Weight Maybe pregnant?
  19. Dominance Overly Aggressive Piggy
  20. Introductions Mouthing through bars
  21. Fighting My two boys got along great but are now fighting
  22. General New pig, but not adopted :(
  23. General Candles/incense in a different room?
  24. Behavior My fleece pijamas
  25. Keeping Warm What tempersture can guinea pigs tolerate?
  26. General Painting, Paint Type, and Time?
  27. How Many? Requesting suggestions for adding two more pigs to our current two pigs
  28. Loss How long did it take for you to bond ??
  29. Grooming What is the proper way to clean guinea pigs ears? And more.
  30. Bonding Ways to bond with pig/make him more friendly?
  31. Sexing Is this a boy?
  32. Photos We Got a Head Start on Halloween This Year :D
  33. General I need some advice about finding blood in my guinea pigs cage !
  34. General Angelina Update: 2nd Day Home!
  35. Photos Finally! Pictures of Gin-Gin!
  36. Bonding New cavy owner! Need help with bonding
  37. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Happy or Sad??
  38. Introduced new piggy to current one and it did not go well...... Help plz!!!!!!!!!!!!
  39. Fighting What should I do about my 3 boys?
  40. Fighting GP brothers fighting! Blood! Help
  41. General What is this on my boar's foot?
  42. Grooming Ear cleaning; just mineral oil?
  43. Behavior Introducing new piggies
  44. General When should I try to pick up Angelina? Confused..
  45. Play Lolo our new girl is coming into her own
  46. General The aspca didn't even give him hay....
  47. Play Muffin and Cupcakes playing with there stuff grass toilet paper roll
  48. General Guinea pig smell
  49. Puberty When will the male guinea pig smell end?
  50. Play Have you ever used a mirror toy for your pig or pigs?
  51. Aggression Overly Aggressive Pig?
  52. Behavior Rumblestrutting AND popcorning
  53. Dominance Father and son fighting
  54. Keeping Warm Cavy cozy house - anyone make and sell them?
  55. Exercise Transferring New Piggies for Floor Time?
  56. Bonding My guinea pigs look bored(?)
  57. Behavior Jupiter jumped!
  58. Hiding New guinea pig hiding--how to get her out
  59. Frustrated Cage Space!!
  60. Exercise Plastic puppy playpen: suitable for piggies?
  61. Keeping Warm Winter advice???
  62. Behavior New Fleece Jungle: Making my piggies lazy!
  63. Behavior What do I do about these messy floor times?
  64. General Not peeing?
  65. Joy sleeping with eyes closed
  66. Play Plastic PVC pipes
  67. General Help Needed Identifying Guinea Pig Breed
  68. Behavior My young guinea pig has been insane since I got her. INSANE!!!
  69. Behavior My pig likes to nibble on skin, but the nips are getting harder
  70. Behavior Does my male guinea pig like to be around other guinea pigs if he secretes a smelly..
  71. Frustrated How Can I Convince Mum to Let Them Live in My Room
  72. General Selling house - what to expect w/piggies
  73. General Nibbles is so cute :)
  74. Nails/Nail Trimming Need Trimmed, but not sure if I should do it
  75. Fighting My Boys Aren't Getting Along
  76. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises hiccups?
  77. General 3 Guinea Pigs Over 2
  78. Exercise Are guinea pig harnesses good to use?
  79. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Annoying Cat At Night- Pig Room
  80. Behavior Still afraid of me, after a year!
  81. Behavior Lazy Piggy?
  82. Sexing Another sexing thread --are our piggies girls or boys?
  83. Quarantine Getting a piggies head wet
  84. General New to the forum!!!
  85. Behavior I went away for an overnight trip, came back to terrified, anxious piggies
  86. Photos Whitney just gave birth to 3 pups this morning. PICS!!!!
  87. Photos I love my piggies!!!!!
  88. Bonding Peanut Butter and Honey UPDATE :)
  89. General Is your guinea pig litter trained?
  90. General do your guinea pigs like stuffed animals?
  91. General What is your carrier?
  92. Play Finally got rid of my pigloos
  93. General Multiple fur types in one litter?
  94. Adopting We're Adopting this Weekend!
  95. Behavior Single Guinea Pig
  96. General Only having one guinea pig
  97. Adopting Sad news and good news
  98. Grooming Is she grooming?
  99. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Help Finding Adoptable Guinea Pigs
  100. General Newbie here!
  101. Introductions Necessary if pair has already lived together?
  102. Dominance Bullied for being out of the cage?
  103. Introductions Older Pig Wont Share His Igloo
  104. General My Grandma lives in a nursing home...
  105. Rescues Fundraising ideas
  106. Frustrated Lesson Learned: Pet Store female was pregnant
  107. General Where to go for tutorials?
  108. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Purring
  109. Weight need something to help my guinea pig gain weight
  110. Behavior How to teach pigs to use 2nd floor?
  111. What breed? Trying to figure out her breed...
  112. Behavior One plucking fur out of the other
  113. General Help guinea pig ate piece of a small poatato with peel on by accident.
  114. General experiences with a lower respiratory infection
  115. Introductions Introduction timing
  116. Adopting debating if I should adopt this boy
  117. In Heat Do females get moody around their cycles?
  118. Joy We have guinea pigs
  119. Adopting Getting a new piggy
  120. General Guinea Pigs and Smoking Neighbors
  121. General floor time playpen
  122. Grooming Girls got bathed and trimmed
  123. Dominance Fur pulling
  124. Joy Finally got piggies!!!
  125. Behavior Got my new girl SOONER THAN EXPECTED. In a shoe box??!
  126. Joy I can't believe how sweet they are
  127. Behavior Questions About Both Floor Time and Behavior
  128. Bullying Need Help - My Guinea Pig Was Bullied - Will Adding A Cagemate Scare Him?
  129. Dominance Introducing two male pigs, very nervous!
  130. Joy Guinea Girls Seem to Love Their New Home
  131. Dominance Bonded males bickering again
  132. Joy Picking up, holding and cuddling with my piggies
  133. General heat stroke concerns for winter
  134. Behavior Should I take out the pigloo?
  135. Joy Cage extension and a new friend!!!!
  136. General I Have Speakers, Will They Hurt My Piggy?
  137. Bullying boar pair starting to fight
  138. Behavior Green goo?
  139. Play Got my first pair today! Observations and questions
  140. Nails/Nail Trimming Trimmed nail too short
  141. Vision Does this look abnormal to you?
  142. Frustrated no HAY!!
  143. General Going to college. Not sure if I can keep my pigs!
  144. What breed? What type of GP should I get?
  145. Behavior New GP owner, New Behaviors... advice needed
  146. Dominance Killian attempting to be the dominant pig, how do I know when to separate?
  147. Pigsitting When pigs fly?
  148. Behavior Biting coroplast instead of wheeking
  149. Pigsitting Pigsitting in edmonton alberta? :D
  150. Fighting Help introducing pigs to one another. What is normal fighting?!?
  151. Dominance New friend being aggressive!
  152. Joy What's the funniest thing your GP(s) have ever done?
  153. Introductions It's been three weeks, introduced tonight!
  154. Play Lap pad vs lap sack?
  155. Behavior Is this normal behavior? Acting like a dog?
  156. Allergies Could my eczema be an allergic reaction to my pigs?
  157. Play Guinea pigs do the darndest things!!!
  158. General Whats wrong with my pig?
  159. General Buying a pair of cavies, one is developing balls?
  160. Bonding Lolo
  161. How Many? Thoughts on a third cavy
  162. Play Is this safe as a tunnel
  163. Behavior Guinea pig behavior
  164. Behavior My guinea pig won't go in his igloo?
  165. General Ways to enrich a piggies life?
  166. Loss Hello from Tennesee & Cautionary Tale
  167. How Many? Shoyld/ could I get another cavy?
  168. How Many? 2x5 C&C cage
  169. Biting Hard Biting
  170. How Many? adding a third gp?
  171. Grooming Thoughts on Kaytee Quick & Clean Instant Shampoo?
  172. Bonding First floor time together-not getting along?
  173. Aggression Males beginning to fight
  174. Pigsitting Going away for a week-- floor time, etc.
  175. Movies I'm New and I'm getting a guinea pig very Soon
  176. Introductions Sinking feeling
  177. Keeping Warm How to Keep My Piggy Warm?
  178. Grooming How does everyone bathe their guinea pig?
  179. Play Toys
  180. Fighting Two new guinea pigs fighting to the death...please help!!!
  181. Chewing Bad biting problem
  182. Behavior Making a "cooing" noise and then coughing
  183. Weight Underweight and overweight piggies?
  184. Joy Questions and Observations from a One-Month Cavy Slave
  185. Rehoming Two boys need a new home. Near Orlando, FL
  186. Exercise Is this cage okay?
  187. General Ideas to help boars smell less?
  188. Behavior Pigs have fallen out
  189. Behavior Lap Time?
  190. Behavior Teaching Piggies To Go Up Ramps
  191. How Many? Would another piggy throw off the balance?
  192. Joy Such different personalities!
  193. Rescues Rescue help
  194. Loss Old thread update!!!
  195. Behavior They sure know when it's time to eat!
  196. Adopting Want to adopt more, but parents say NO.
  197. General Piggie veggies are taking over my refrigerator!
  198. Joy Cavy slave over here!
  199. General Moving to South Carolina from Minnesota soon; need advice from SC cavy slaves!
  200. Introductions Am I going to have to re-intro them???
  201. General When is it safe to remove "baby proofing"?
  202. Introductions Two New Upcoming Piggies
  203. General New guinea pig!/older piggy care?
  204. Behavior Suddenly chattering teeth and crying without a reason?
  205. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Cocoa Sings Like A Bird
  206. Sad First-time owner jitters
  207. General How do you pick up your Piggy?
  208. Behavior Am I feeding my pigs enough?
  209. Adopting adding a new piggy, baby or adult?
  210. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Quiet Guinea Pig?
  211. Behavior Guinea Pig Bad Habits
  212. General LetSleepingPigsLie Review!
  213. Biting Male pig pulling out hair of cagemate?
  214. General What are in your emergency kits?
  215. Behavior Drinking a lot of Water?
  216. General Do you ever..
  217. Play Dog toys for guinea pigs?
  218. Joy My birthday present
  219. Behavior What are the signs of old age?
  220. Biting Biting me!?
  221. Nails/Nail Trimming Thread caught on girls nail!
  222. General Sleep
  223. Behavior Keeping my trouble maker entertained
  224. Chewing Is this chew thing okay for gp's?
  225. Keeping Warm Gas heat. Is this ok?
  226. Adopting Senior guinea pig care?
  227. Behavior How do your piggies say hello?
  228. Introductions Best option for our introductions, given we have a boy that needs neutered?
  229. Introductions Introducing Pigs?
  230. Play Getting Guinea Pig to Play
  231. Photos I finally have a new avatar pic of my boys!
  232. General Are Puzzle Mats Safe for Floor Time?
  233. General Patches of hair missing? wrong shampoo?
  234. General Is this as bad as it looks?
  235. Sad This makes my heart hurt
  236. Bathing How often do you bathe your piggies?
  237. Introductions Adding 4 new guineas to my existing 2, introductions, cage issues, etc.
  238. Joy Quinn and Amy Finally Share a Pigloo
  239. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Does it mean anything when they don't say anything at all?
  240. Videos Youtube Video on how to make treats
  241. Bonding Piggies hard to tame/becoming MORE shy?
  242. Joy Benefits to hand feeding your piggies!
  243. Introductions Hello everyone!!
  244. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Petsmart piggies?
  245. Behavior How to litter train?
  246. Dominance Crazy Boars
  247. Behavior Do you have guinea pigs with weird personalities?
  248. General wheezing while wheeking?
  249. Behavior What are the best toys for piggies?
  250. Adopting 2 or 3 guinea pigs in a 2x4? Male female pair