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  1. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Is It Ever Okay To Buy Guinea Pigs From Pets At Home?
  2. Joy New Piggy
  3. Weight Question about weighing
  4. Behavior Running laps around cage?
  5. Quarantine Quarantine advice needed.
  6. Pigsitting Relocating for a few days
  7. Behavior My piggie is chewing on her cage bars.
  8. Behavior Guinea pigs not drinking water
  9. Behavior Adult female attacking female pups?
  10. Puberty Male baby guinea pig just turned 3 weeks old, neuter or separate from females?
  11. General Eco earth for guinea?
  12. Joy Funny Stoies about your guinea pigs
  13. General Question on making my own Guinea pig hay
  14. What breed? Baby Jojo, what am I?
  15. Joy Spuds' 2 year anniversary!
  16. General Guinea pig peeing trouble
  17. Puberty Is separating my 3 week old male in a cage inside the C&C cage alright? (Pictured)
  18. Adopting How Soon?
  19. General i love my cavies because...
  20. Exercise Question about exercise?
  21. Frustrated Need a less-messy hay rack!
  22. Keeping Cool Piggies sleeping outdoors in the summer
  23. Bonding Bonding With The Owner
  24. What breed? New owner to 2 piggies and need help!
  25. General What is the point of a guinea pig diaper?
  26. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Shy piggy's way of saying hello
  27. Fighting Had to separate them
  28. Behavior Sudden timidness
  29. Joy Understanding words
  30. General Hay Rack Help....
  31. Adopting Thinking about adopting....
  32. Fighting I had to separate my 2 males
  33. Bonding Might be adopting but need help planning?
  34. HELP? piggy has curling nail
  35. Bonding Thinking about adopting a third boy?
  36. Nails/Nail Trimming Brick under water bottle! Awesome!
  37. Mounting There Was Some Mounting but...
  38. Joy Just wanted to share something Frank did today...
  39. What breed? New Piggie!
  40. General When to put the girls in the same cage?
  41. Photos Just wanted to share pics of my adorable two boys
  42. Behavior Boy Not Interested in Girls?
  43. General Wanting a 3rd Guinea, any help
  44. Grooming Scissor happy
  45. General What veggies and fruit do you feed your guinea pig daily?
  46. Photos Frank's wonderful day!
  47. Adopting Found a pair but...
  48. Adopting Found a pair but...
  49. Behavior Are my piggies really getting along in the cage?
  50. Behavior Guinea Pigs Not Drinking+ Not Going On Platform With The Hay
  51. Joy My newest boars :)
  52. General An update on Naked Norman
  53. Behavior How to stop guinea pig from biting people?
  54. Videos Video of Chubbs & Katy
  55. Pigsitting What would you do?
  56. Play are pvc pipes okay for tunnels?
  57. Bullying Rescue Guinea Pigs & Bonding
  58. General Can Guinea Pigs get lice?
  59. General Boarding guinea pigs
  60. General What size carrier?
  61. Keeping Cool Ready for the heat wave coming up!
  62. Adopting Tiny fleck of crust by my guinea pigs right eye. Concerned new piggie mama! Help!
  63. What breed? Are these even guinea pigs?
  64. Frustrated How to clean off guinea pig jizz? I need help FAST!
  65. Bonding Will they get along?
  66. Want a Guinea Pig(s) I already want more!
  67. Fur My pig is shedding ALOT.
  68. Dominance What was she doing?
  69. Aggression Food - begging/aggressive
  70. Behavior Does anything your pig(s) do don't make sense?
  71. General Help please!
  72. Sexing Taking piggies on road trip... help!
  73. Behavior Maple keeps on flipping her house!
  74. General Is a baby gate OK?
  75. Behavior Advice on getting skittish guinea pigs out of their C&C cage
  76. General Summer/Spring piggies
  77. General Bringing them outside
  78. General Ms. Manic's Piggy Origins
  79. Sexing Nipples sticking out is not sufficient to indicate female, right?
  80. Bonding Dysfuntional herd and a pregnant piggie! Advice, please!
  81. General What is so bad about showing?
  82. Nails/Nail Trimming Curled Claws/Nails
  83. Play My Guinea Pig Never Plays with any of his toys
  84. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Not allowed to own two pigs because of parents. Help!
  85. Level of Effort required? Experience with cuy?
  86. General Friend wants to give me her guinea pig?
  87. Frustrated My pig eats her Carefresh Bedding, I dont know what bedding to turn to!
  88. Behavior Marigold Doesn't Like Chin-Rubs!
  89. Behavior How close can boys cage be to girls cage?
  90. Weight How much should a year old male weigh?
  91. Photos Name ideas for newest babies born in the rescue
  92. Pigsitting Friend is Pigsitting for two nights
  93. Play kaytee tropical fiddle sticks hideaway
  94. Behavior Guinea Pig Overly Jumpy/Panicky
  95. Weight All four are together again
  96. Pigsitting Pigsitter Canceled
  97. General Does Moose have to be with me?
  98. Sad Help me my guinea pig is dying!!!!!
  99. Behavior Happy Pig? Can't tell. I uploaded a video can you help?
  100. Behavior Eating wood shavings?
  101. Keeping Cool Hot hot hot!
  102. How Many? Questions on Adding a Third and Skinnies
  103. Introductions Introducing 1 year old to baby
  104. Grooming My guinea pig has to much fur to clean grease gland!
  105. Bonding Piggies need to be separated -- how to bond with them & keep them from getting lonely
  106. Bonding Five males living together?
  107. Introductions New Addition to the Family!
  108. Keeping Cool Keeping pigs cool: ice cube trays or any long term cooling ideas please!
  109. Photos My Beautiful babies new house <3
  110. Photos Cavy Corner!!!
  111. Introductions So much rumble strutting and teeth chattering.
  112. General Connecting 2 cages with separator and can they pass on mites/infection
  113. General How do free range pigs work?
  114. Nails/Nail Trimming I finally did it! Only took me 37 minutes...
  115. Sexing Trying to determine baby Miller's gender
  116. How Many? Friend for rescue pig?
  117. Photos Peaches
  118. General How old is my pig?
  119. Play my little silly performing two of his new tricks!
  120. What breed? Guinea Pig genetics
  121. Fur Moose is loosing fur
  122. Want a Guinea Pig(s) How To Convince
  123. Play New toy?
  124. Weight Is Sophie's Weight Normal?
  125. Frustrated My parents are being exasperating!!!!
  126. Books Animal Planet guinea pig book
  127. Hiding Moose says Hi
  128. What breed? Help identify my guinea pigs breed
  129. Nails/Nail Trimming piggie nail trimming advice
  130. General help with age
  131. Fur How can I keep my white hair furry friend clean???
  132. General Traveling with my piggy.
  133. General Getting a boy neutured???
  134. Joy Piggy Lips!!!
  135. Behavior Healthy guinea pig has started screaming when approached in cage
  136. General Best food?
  137. General hay
  138. Keeping Cool How to keep a guinea pig cool?
  139. General Bottle holder
  140. Joy Kisses
  141. Weight Underweight?
  142. Behavior Do guinea pigs make stinky?
  143. Rehoming Rehoming Fee?
  144. General Are these food bowls safe?
  145. Keeping Cool Very hot out
  146. Introductions Once more with feeling. - 2nd intros
  147. What breed? What breed is she?
  148. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Please help!!! Guinea pig coughing and sneezing
  149. Grooming Does Anyone Else Have an Abbyruvian Like This?
  150. Play Your pigs begging spot?
  151. General Kaytee, Super Pet and Living World - glass bottle - same??
  152. Play happy poppy
  153. General Litter training advice
  154. Bathing Moose stinks
  155. Shelters New Peruvian Guinea Pig!
  156. Behavior Taming Tips
  157. Pigsitting My mom is falling in love with my boys
  158. Bonding Should I get him a male companion?
  159. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Can you tell your pigs voices apart?
  160. Behavior just purchased a second piggy
  161. General Moving with the pigs!
  162. Frustrated It Just Stinks.
  163. Keeping Cool Water bottle idea
  164. General Guinea pig coughing while eating
  165. Dominance Mounting
  166. Behavior Do you prefer rabbits or guinea pigs?
  167. Adopting My new baby
  168. Dominance My enjoyment!
  169. General What have you called your guinea pigs please???
  170. Puberty Saga of Boris and Moose
  171. General Change in behavior
  172. Joy Ferb & Penny are home!
  173. Introductions Introducing young male and spayed female guinea pig? Questions!
  174. Adopting lilly adopted motherless piggy
  175. General What can I use a rodent ball for other than rolling?
  176. Bonding Ahhhh! He purred!
  177. Dominance Does Moose think she is Dominant?
  178. Introductions How to introduce two bonded pairs - each separately?
  179. Keeping Warm Keeping my guinea pig safe and warm
  180. General Green pee stain?
  181. Dominance pigs fighting, separated them :(
  182. Behavior Welcoming Private Paprika!
  183. Behavior Guinea pig eating coroplast
  184. Behavior how to know if a guinea pig is pregnant !?
  185. Bullying Introducing two male guinea pigs
  186. Photos Show me your piggy
  187. Fighting Fighting- NEED ADVICE
  188. Play free range play?
  189. General Hidey House
  190. Behavior Success!!!!
  191. Keeping Cool Cool as a cucumber!
  192. General Nutrition chart
  193. Joy Lady and the Tramp
  194. General Litter brand
  195. Behavior Peeing while running...on another piggy??
  196. Introductions I really think that our older guineas are starting to enjoy the new company?
  197. Behavior New boys still very skittish after over a month!
  198. General I have a few questions...
  199. Behavior Hair Falls Out When Stressed
  200. Play Needing Fun Suggestions to keep pig Entertained
  201. Photos My Baby Boy Charlie
  202. General how do i know my girl's age?
  203. Dominance Suddenly fighting, blood drawn, would love input!
  204. Introductions After Day 2- Now what?
  205. Behavior Trauma/Stress
  206. General help with guinea pig teeth
  207. How Many? How to Convince My Parents to Let me Get Another Pig?
  208. Bonding How Often Do You...
  209. How Many? Parents being unreasonable about getting a new piggie?
  210. Bonding Separate but equal [lap times].
  211. Chewing Wooden Chews for pigs
  212. General What breed?
  213. Bonding Is it possible for four males to live together?
  214. General Sausage link looking poops
  215. General Need help on a littler brand!!
  216. General I need a name for this little beauty
  217. Joy Mable's 2 year adoption anniversary!
  218. How Many? My cage large enough for a second guinea pig?
  219. Behavior My piggies are still very shy!
  220. General A Few Care Questions?
  221. Adopting How Much is it to Adopt a Guinea Pig from the SPCA?
  222. Behavior She might like me
  223. Nails/Nail Trimming NO CLUE how to actually trim his nails
  224. Nails/Nail Trimming What is this? (nails)
  225. General Eating litter box shreds
  226. Play Funny stories of your pigs?
  227. Pigsitting going away over night
  228. Exercise newspaper under piggies during floor time
  229. General Switching From a Water Dish to Bottle?
  230. Joy First time trying fruit
  231. Introductions Introductions of a trio of boys didn't go as planned. What should I do???
  232. Fighting Fighting in introduction 2 Male
  233. General Advice on the subject of the change of food brands
  234. Behavior Cuy Videos (Informational as Pets)
  235. General Pellet bowls that won't tip?
  236. Photos Guinea Pig drawings!
  237. Behavior Sundae drinking like crazy
  238. Grooming How can you trim a piggie's nails?
  239. Play Cat toys for guinea pigs?
  240. Weight Does a GP's weight help to determine approx. age?
  241. Behavior Strange Staring Guinea Pig
  242. Frustrated Pet Store Question?
  243. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises What is this?
  244. Adopting Possibly adding on to my herd, I have a gender question!
  245. Sad Just dropped off guinea pigs for boarding
  246. Sad My local pet store mistreats it's animals, what can I do?
  247. Nails/Nail Trimming Coconut Oil on curly piggy nails
  248. What breed? What breed is Cinnamon?
  249. Joy My Expierence, and Why You All are Awesome.
  250. General Parsley stems?