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  1. Weight Guinea Pig Weight
  2. General The Guinea Pig Thread!
  3. General How to get Vitamin C to my piggie
  4. Play Outside adventures!
  5. How Many? How many critters is too many???
  6. Bullying Bad bullying problem, will it ever stop?
  7. Rehoming Where to sell guinea pigs
  8. Sad friend with one piggie in small cage issue
  9. General how to keep my room smelling good
  10. Bonding New parent/cavie bonding tips
  11. Behavior Strange popcorn variation from females
  12. Joy After a long day at work
  13. Behavior Moos been causing trouble...
  14. General profile picture help
  15. Behavior Female humping Female?
  16. Fur What is this???
  17. General Kingston is scratching!
  18. General Did you handle your baby pig during the first week? How did that turn out?
  19. Bonding Should I give a Buddy Bath?
  20. General What's Wrong With Buddy?!?
  21. Level of Effort required? So much poop.
  22. Behavior What Kind of Music Do(es) Your Piggie(s) Like?
  23. Photos piggies pictures
  24. Photos I"m now a piggie grandma!
  25. Adopting Finally convinced my mom!!!
  26. Hiding Alternative to the stool
  27. Rumblestrutting male doing this to new baby male
  28. Bonding Baby/young Guinea Pigs & Bonding
  29. Bathing How long does it take for them to dry?
  30. Bonding Bonding.....
  31. General Moving Pigs???
  32. Photos Newest to Our Herd!
  33. General Which hay?
  34. Bonding I'm not sure this will work out?
  35. Sexing Let's talk about sex baby!
  36. Dominance Non-dominate pig antagonizing dominate pig--playing or challenging?
  37. Bonding Introducing Logan to Jake!
  38. Loss Have you ever seen them again?
  39. Play Outside fun
  40. Nails/Nail Trimming Guinea pig nails are long?
  41. Play Fun things to do with your guinea pig...?
  42. Bathing shampoo, is this one safe?
  43. Play What does your floor time setup look like?
  44. Bonding Ferb & Penny sitting in a tree
  45. Shelters What is wrong with pet stores????
  46. Photos Just a doodle :)
  47. Joy Guinness' 2 year anniversary!
  48. General How do you know their age?
  49. Behavior aggressive male guinea pig fights with other males
  50. Pigsitting Temporary moving - what's best for my guinea pig?
  51. Fur Rehomed baby Cavie has lice :(
  52. Joy Chicken and Waffles' 1 year adoption anniversary!
  53. Sad I feel like my guinea pigs hate me sometimes.
  54. Biting Biting Everything
  55. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Dear Sundae....
  56. General Guinea pig making a gasping for air noise from breathing what does this mean?
  57. Biting Snickers is getting a bit nippy
  58. Chewing Still having fleece chewing problems
  59. Dominance Will re-neutralizing the cage help?
  60. Fighting Chances of being able to rehouse my adult boys together again in a bigger cage?
  61. Media Guinea pigs hate me
  62. Introductions HELP! Introducing my piggies on Friday!
  63. Keeping Cool Misting them?
  64. Behavior Dominance problem..
  65. Nails/Nail Trimming Piggy Fingers Question
  66. Level of Effort required? Soiled little brats!
  67. Play Ideas for toys/playing time
  68. General FOUND Abandoned Guinea Pig today!!!!!!
  69. Exercise How my floor time ends up within minutes
  70. Adopting Ah! So cute!
  71. Adopting Pregnant!?
  72. Photos Pigtures from our quick photo shoot tonight
  73. Aggression Intro didn't go so good :( HELP!
  74. Rehoming Safe Rehoming Tips?
  75. General We need a name??? Any suggestions???
  76. General New Guinea pig goodwill stuff
  77. Exercise Pigs don't like floor time...
  78. General Tiny hands and big piggie, proper way to hold?
  79. Introductions worried about introduction
  80. Photos What Is Your favorite Guinea Pig Photo?
  81. General Questions and wanting to understand.
  82. Play Veggie basket
  83. Introductions Introductions went well!!!
  84. Frustrated I just dont know what to do
  85. Play A photo of morning play
  86. Behavior Keeping piggies quiet and neighbors happy
  87. General Need help with an injured boar..........
  88. General Grass clipping question
  89. Bonding How long for laptime?
  90. Bathing Question about guinea pig shampoo?
  91. Bathing Gorgeous Guineas Just For Boars is out!
  92. Fighting Need help with two Boars
  93. Behavior Why does my piggy hate being picked up?
  94. Bonding I'm a new and worried parent of a boar!
  95. Behavior Guinea Pig Grooming Her Cagemate
  96. Adopting my views on pet stores.
  97. Popcorning How does your Guinea Pig popcorn!?
  98. Adopting Considering an older Piggie, Advice Needed...
  99. General Question with Texas Bugs and Safety
  100. General Not peeing?
  101. Behavior Moose is not going potty
  102. Bonding Looking to Adopt a New Pig: Advice?
  103. Bonding introducing a baby guinea pig to a 3 year old guinea pig (both males)
  104. General Possibly moving in with dogs
  105. Joy Update about the sick Guinea Pig that I got from a third party.
  106. Keeping Cool Hott!! And air conditioning not working.
  107. Bonding Things are better!
  108. Behavior Grumbling when petting towards her bottom
  109. General Secondhand Smoke from Neighbors
  110. General Well this is a surprise
  111. Rehoming Considering Rehoming
  112. General So... New piggy LOL
  113. Pigsitting Going away for the weekend. What do I do?
  114. Dominance Is dominance a daily thing?
  115. Introductions Bonded Pair problems after adding third pig
  116. Introductions Intro guestions hair standing up and teeth chattering
  117. Play training your guinea pig to do tricks
  118. General Do piggies get sleep in their eyes like we do?
  119. Introductions Introducing baby guinea pig to older guinea pig
  120. Introductions bathing introduction
  121. General Essential oil room spray
  122. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Convincing Parents!!!!!
  123. Level of Effort required? Neurological piggy questions
  124. Grooming Can Peruvian's hair be braided?
  125. Nails/Nail Trimming how to use dremel to trim nails?
  126. Behavior my piggie likes to poop and pee under the ramp... need some advice.
  127. General Floor Time
  128. Introductions Last minute intro hep
  129. How Many? So..today was unexpected
  130. General 4-h for guinea pigs
  131. Behavior Why is he doing this?, he's like attacking everything.
  132. Mounting Male Guinea Pig too big for his britches
  133. Videos Unhealthy/Unsafe Guinea Pig treats
  134. Rescues Donate toys to your favorite rescue, www.SmallCritterandRabbitEnrichmentToys.com
  135. Grooming Furbuster Safe for Grooming Guinea Pigs?
  136. General Small Pet Select has a new warehouse so faster shipping to the east........
  137. Want a Guinea Pig(s) A Friend is Wanting a Pig, What Should I Say?
  138. Play I think they're bored
  139. Loss Goodbye Emma and Ella </3 Mama will miss you
  140. Bathing How to bath a guinea pig
  141. General Couple of Questions
  142. Play Obstical course
  143. Behavior Neutered Male and Female together ?
  144. Adopting Introducing my first piggy into my home? Am I prepared?
  145. Behavior If it's not in the bowl, it doesn't count...
  146. Fur Peruvian grooming tips
  147. Bonding Kirby & Kingston (New Buddies) :)
  148. Rescues Rescue story's...?
  149. General Found piggies to adopt..BUT....
  150. Behavior Depressed? Lonely? just needy?
  151. Behavior 'Cureing' an overly shy/nervous peeg?
  152. Adopting Adoption Questions...
  153. Frustrated Manly Bits
  154. Introductions Some clarification on intros and bonding boys
  155. Joy Don't you love catching your piggies sleeping?
  156. Fighting 2nd introduction attempt went wrong, really need help
  157. Bonding Can one pig be bonded but not the other?
  158. Behavior I got bit
  159. Play Bird toys okay for guinea pigs?
  160. Bonding Naming dilemma.....
  161. Behavior Handling issues
  162. Adopting I Started the Process for Adoption
  163. Photos My 8 Girls!
  164. General out of pellets what to feed
  165. General Could she be Pregnant?
  166. Bathing Nasty bites - Not from Piggies! Any advice for me?
  167. Bonding If piggies don't cuddle, are they still bonded?
  168. Fur My guinea is losing a lot of hair?
  169. Dominance Personality --This is key!
  170. General POLL: Mistakes we made as first-time piggy owners.
  171. Play chock and spike are so spoiled!
  172. Behavior adult piggie suddenly very fearful
  173. Behavior Oh. Pardon ME for my unacceptable behavior!
  174. General Kitten won't leave guinea pigs alone
  175. Introductions Stopped by the LA Guinea Pig Rescue today
  176. Behavior Penny constantly licking Ferb's Rump
  177. General I need advice
  178. Behavior Barbering
  179. General How much food and veggies
  180. Introductions Multiple introductions (two questions)
  181. Adopting Breeders
  182. Play Finally warming up! Outside play time?
  183. Fur Why is my guinea pig's fur softer than normal?
  184. Sad I feel really bad for this pig, but I know I cannot take it home.
  185. Grooming Gorgeous Guineas
  186. General help sexing
  187. Fighting Truly at my wits end here - 3 Boars
  188. General Phew! Smelly!
  189. Fighting Two fighting male guinea pigs
  190. Fighting One pig fighting all the rest. Don't know what to do.
  191. Photos A Story in Pigtures
  192. Fur Are females supposed to have this?
  193. Popcorning What is the thing your Guinea pig Popcorns the most to?
  194. Keeping Cool Cooling Pads for Guinea Pigs?
  195. Videos hungry pig
  196. Chewing Looking for a chewing deterrent
  197. Adopting where to adopt skinny piggie
  198. Play Regular routine for floor time and lap time?
  199. Mounting Dominating behaviour
  200. Play When can newborn Babies start floor time?
  201. Biting How do I stop my guinea pig from biting me?
  202. LiL'Man & Popcorn
  203. Sexing 2 girls turned out to be 2 boys
  204. Introductions Introducing a Third Cagemate
  205. General Adopted too young
  206. Chewing do guinea pigs go through a period of "teething?"
  207. Behavior one week
  208. Joy Adoption application is approved!
  209. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Tigger making a weird noises???
  210. Joy Today was "spoil the piggies" day!
  211. In Heat No more please ladies...
  212. Want a Guinea Pig(s) GF and I are planning on getting 2 guinea pigs in the coming months..
  213. General What is your routine?
  214. Keeping Cool Hot hot hot!! Best place for piggies in Summer?
  215. General Question about our newborn Guinea Pig
  216. Fighting Boys fighting :[
  217. Joy Happy2nd Birthday Pickle!!
  218. Bonding How often do you hold your pigs?
  219. Behavior Guinea pig humps the other's face..
  220. Bonding How long did it take for your Guinea Pigs to become used to you?
  221. Rescues My local animal rescue has a bonded pair
  222. Introductions building a new cage this weekend...
  223. Introductions How to Indroduce Baby Guinea Pig to its Dad
  224. Allergies How can I tell if I'm allergic?
  225. Grooming Boar cleaning too frequently?
  226. Behavior Sudden fighting with 2 two year old female pigs
  227. Weight Is she at the right weight?
  228. Dominance Two sows sorting dominance for 8 months?
  229. Bathing What shampoo do you use?
  230. General Quick help on bleeding Guinea Pig paw
  231. General about guinea pig litter box recommendation.
  232. Bathing Stinky Piggies
  233. Joy Yay I am a foster mum!
  234. Photos Melting Heart
  235. Behavior Bigger cage, now piggies seem lazier/don't popcorn
  236. Dominance How long will this last?
  237. Introductions Cats playing is going to go to far.
  238. Dominance Dominance issues and biting with new piggie.
  239. General What is this lump under my guinea pig's leg pit? [PICS]
  240. Frustrated Worried about baby guinea pigs
  241. Play What toys do you use?
  242. General How old is my GP?
  243. Joy Open to Name Idea for These Two
  244. Sexing Wrong sex guinea pig
  245. Play Out of ideas for fun things to make for my guinea pigs!
  246. General New and have a couple questions about gpigs
  247. Introductions Need Help Introducing Guinea Pigs?
  248. Bonding How many hours?
  249. How Many? Already Have Two Pigs, Contemplating Adding A Third.....
  250. Play my amazing jellybean counts on an abacus!