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  1. Frustrated Tap talk issue won't let me post!!!
  2. Introductions Round two, fingers crossed!
  3. Weight Health help please
  4. How Many? Is 3 to many?
  5. General Now I know why they're called guinea "pigs"
  6. General Scary!
  7. Sexing might be keeping two, but need help with determing gender first
  8. Photos Buns, Baggles, Chiffon photo thread! :D
  9. Videos Funny guinea pig drinking in slow motion!
  10. General Guinea pigs licking each other's ears?
  11. Grooming Skinny pig maintenance day! A success story
  12. Introductions My gorgeous boy xx
  13. Sexing Sexing 3 week old GP
  14. Play Spot the Himi
  15. Behavior Male desperate to get to female through divider, worried about him.
  16. General VET UPDATE: Girl having problem chewing and biting
  17. Behavior How often should I clean my pigs' butt since they drag on the ground? Other?
  18. Behavior HELP! Is my older guinea pig bullying my new guinea pig?
  19. What breed? I want to know which breed
  20. Behavior Can't get my pigs to do lap time or anything
  21. Dominance Strange Behaviors
  22. General Can a guinea pig owner get too involved in meal time?
  23. General Pet stores don't give guniea pigs special water do they?????
  24. Behavior Is it normal for guinea pigs to change their peeing spot.
  25. Sad Hailey is going home...
  26. Joy Dora did a very intersting thing today with the knewly washed out Igloos
  27. General Resources for Raising Babies
  28. Photos Morning cuddl time with Dora
  29. Photos Morning cuddl time with Dora
  30. Want a Guinea Pig(s) How do I convince?
  31. Joy Thank You All
  32. Keeping Warm How hot or cold?
  33. Pigsitting How and What?
  34. Joy Ah bless Jasmines little heart
  35. General Is orange red pee normal? Picture included
  36. Behavior LOL Nibbles is so silly!!!!!
  37. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises I think I have a chirper on my hands
  38. Bullying separate her?
  39. Keeping Cool have some questions
  40. Biting My pig bites me; how to stop the habit?
  41. General Equipment and Supplies ID
  42. Photos I am so in love with my new girl!
  43. What breed? Can you guys help me out with guinea pig breeds?
  44. General Pregnant Piggie Help!
  45. Behavior Two guinea pigs, one is purrstalking the other. What does it mean?
  46. Joy thanks to all that helped
  47. Adopting 6 month old, un-socialized Female Guinea Pigs?
  48. Behavior Adopted bothers Dominance Behavior
  49. Popcorning Piggies are SO happy today!!!!
  50. Quarantine Quarantine space
  51. General Noises and handling
  52. General Some grooming questions
  53. Bathing Stinky piggy
  54. Chewing Are these wood pieces too small for baby guinea pigs to chew on????
  55. Allergies My boyfriend may be allergic to my pigs, and I need help
  56. Behavior Skinny still scared of me
  57. Photos Sometimes the simple things...
  58. Sad new Puppy dislikes guina pigs
  59. Adopting Where?!?!?!?
  60. Introductions What Stuff?
  61. Joy New baby
  62. Play Winner winner finaly hit the jackpot with guinea pig toy dinner
  63. Introductions Do my pigs like each other?!
  64. Behavior Bad girls today!
  65. Bullying New Guinea Pig owner - Piggies adjusting - advice needed
  66. Behavior Lots of teeth chattering lately!
  67. Allergies Few questions!
  68. Dominance Can dominance change from one pig to the other?
  69. Mounting Guinea Pigs Female mounting
  70. Photos Naughty Girls
  71. Hiding Hides immediately when I make any sounds
  72. Introductions Dash and Jack-Jack
  73. General Is this litter ok?
  74. Behavior Doing check ups on shy pigs
  75. Loss Our guinea pig is gone. How to help his mate?
  76. Puberty Splinter is FINALLY Getting Neutered - Splinter's Thread
  77. Introductions Can introducing guinea pigs use to being in pairs with another pair be a mistake?
  78. Loss How soon could I get another, if at all?
  79. Behavior One guinea pig eating the other's poop....?
  80. Chewing Is this safe?
  81. Adopting Looks like im getting this baby!Advise needed!
  82. Behavior Teaching Piggies to do Tricks
  83. Introductions Introductions coming soon! Help!
  84. Weight How much should guinea pigs way?
  85. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Nibbles keeps making this REALLY odd sound
  86. Behavior Advice on Taming
  87. General Oxbow Supplements - Joint and Senior Support
  88. General Blue Eyed(irises) Guinea Pigs!
  89. Behavior How long for a Piggie to settle in?
  90. Behavior Guinea pig biting
  91. Nails/Nail Trimming Cutting Nails is not going well
  92. Behavior She's really energetic!
  93. Want a Guinea Pig(s) I can't take in another yet, but we want her
  94. General I assume that guinea pigs will be ok left by themselves overnight.
  95. Play I set up the new cage and apparently my pigs are happy.
  96. General VITAMIN C!! Please read!
  97. Bonding Guinea Pigs & Skinny Pigs?
  98. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Does anyone know what this noise means?
  99. Popcorning Rumble-corning
  100. Nails/Nail Trimming Has anyone ever tried filing the nails before?
  101. Behavior Aggressive male baby guinea pig!
  102. Behavior Nibbling lips?
  103. Play Can I put my piggies on my bed?
  104. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Should I get more?
  105. Behavior How else can I help them? (babies were rehomed today, my girls aren't happy)
  106. General What does it mean when a guinea pig blowes air out through nose?
  107. Fur What color is my guinea pig?
  108. Behavior Need help! Guinea pigs being re-introduced problems
  109. Behavior Guinea pigs being re-introduced problems, please help.
  110. Pigsitting Fostering Pigs
  111. Behavior Little beggars!!!
  112. General What do you know about cuys?
  113. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises shrill wheeking
  114. Videos Cage cleaning day :)
  115. Behavior Small Victory, Feeling So Encouraged
  116. Play Treat-dispensing balls?
  117. Sexing Males or females
  118. Fighting Female's fighting suddenly
  119. Behavior Moving head side to side
  120. General The new arrivals are here!
  121. Photos Can You Spot the Piggies?
  122. General Males needing more space than females?
  123. Behavior Training an adult piggie?
  124. General What is a Breeder?
  125. Play Guinea pigs playing basketball VIDEO
  126. In Heat Chase mating
  127. General How do you tell if a piggy is blind?
  128. General What Airlines or Cruise Liners allow Guinea Pigs in-cabin?
  129. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Rumbling or purring??
  130. Adopting I have two females and 2x5 C&C cage and considering to adopt one more.
  131. Adopting No pigs available for adoption in my area.
  132. Behavior Is This Normal??
  133. Bathing Our first bath time
  134. How Many? Male herds?
  135. Allergies Guinea Pig Bite
  136. Behavior Q's about behavior of GP's and introducing!
  137. Behavior Is Lying Down a Good Thing?
  138. Bullying my guinea pigs behavior, dont know if I should seperate ( video included)
  139. Behavior Milo.. is a bird now?
  140. Biting Some of my pigs bite me?
  141. Bonding Boar introductions
  142. Photos Got any creative ideas to share?
  143. Rescues Does anyone run/work at a rescue in Massachusetts? I've a proposition to make...
  144. Bonding Feeling a bit bad I have to had much time to play
  145. Behavior What mom, I'm not doing anything...
  146. Play Piggie obsession!!
  147. General need advice... on issues within
  148. Behavior Chattering teeth at me?
  149. Play Boris the skinny pig
  150. Bonding My two guinea pigs squeak when away from each other, but not bonded?
  151. General I guess this makes six...
  152. General Hay
  153. Exercise Fun in the sun! :D
  154. Exercise How long is too long for floor time?
  155. Photos GUINEA CHILL PICTURES! (I'll start us off ^_^)
  156. Nails/Nail Trimming New nail growth??
  157. Aggression One of my pigs refuses to "play nice" with the others.
  158. i felt so bad today! lol
  159. Mounting Boar Glue On Chin
  160. Behavior Two questions for you guys...
  161. Nails/Nail Trimming Curling Nail
  162. General I feel horrible!
  163. Introductions FINALLY! Introducing my "family"
  164. Biting Scented soap cause biting?
  165. Sexing Girl or boy not sure?
  166. What breed? What am I?
  167. Adopting That makes four..
  168. Play Games with guinea pigs!
  169. General Dollar store hay rack
  170. Dominance 2 females, 1 bully
  171. General Help, Need information on guinea pigs and FLEAS
  172. Bonding Looks like Logan is getting a friend! Have some questions
  173. Pigsitting Pig sitting a male this summer-anything i need to know?
  174. General How to care for guinea pig pups?
  175. General Turning poos into fertilizer
  176. Behavior My guinea pigs are alarm clocks
  177. Frustrated PETCO is a terrible store :(
  178. Dominance Stressful?
  179. Adopting New Guinea Pig?
  180. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Sounds like a cricket!?
  181. Fur Do PEWs darken over time?
  182. General Piggie lettuce
  183. General GP care book suggestions.
  184. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Confused By Guinea's Body language and noise
  185. Rescues 2 piggiest I just adopted (rescued)
  186. Behavior Guinea Pigs Itching
  187. Introductions introducing piggies problems?
  188. Behavior Jealous pigs and lap time
  189. Photos Sweetie's New Favorite Past Time
  190. General Guinea Pigs Shedding A LOT
  191. Photos Its been so long lol :)
  192. Videos Cute Guinea Pig Videos
  193. Introductions Introducing a baby piggy to two adults
  194. "We'll just get rid of it" - please help me help this poor piggy!!!
  195. Introductions Introducing new piggie & quarantine
  196. Adopting Help me name my baby:)
  197. Behavior First time baby pig owner.
  198. What breed? Help me determine this pup?
  199. Adopting We're meeting our (hopeful) new piggie this weekend!
  200. Behavior Out of curiosity
  201. Behavior Today was a weird day.
  202. General Can they have green leaf lettuce?
  203. Puberty Guinea Pig Peeing/Releasing White Stuff
  204. Play Toy discussion
  205. General Car ride?
  206. Fur shampoo
  207. Sad For all the guinea pigs that never got a second chance.
  208. Photos Pics of new C&C cage and of course anna and elsa
  209. Behavior 1 Male, 2 females?
  210. Bullying Post pregnancy/Birth Issues with bonded pair
  211. Fur Anyway to prevent fleas when outside
  212. Rumblestrutting When to seperate baby male from aunts and sister? And Lethal question.
  213. Bullying My pig is terrorizing new piggy
  214. Quarantine Confused on Piggie Meetings
  215. Behavior Piggy eating her own poop?
  216. Behavior I can't "tame" my guinea pigs.
  217. Behavior Constant rumbling!
  218. Rehoming Kingston is scared :(
  219. Nails/Nail Trimming Black Nails
  220. Introductions A new editon...I hope we do this right
  221. Bonding I can't tell if they've bonded.
  222. Weight My piggy pigs....
  223. Nails/Nail Trimming when to do nail trimming?
  224. Want a Guinea Pig(s) How can i convince my parents to allow me to get a new guinea pig?
  225. Grooming Piggy Detangler?
  226. General Baby guinea pig names
  227. Photos Guinea Pig Cartoons!
  228. General One year later.
  229. General I'm worried about Bibbles - head tilt
  230. General The best cavy supply store?
  231. Behavior Picky!
  232. How Many? Female companion for male guinea pig?
  233. Behavior Kingston the Peeker lol :)
  234. Behavior Guinea pig trio problems?
  235. General Feeding: Best brand of pellet food
  236. Behavior My once springy boar, Joey is now strangely calm.
  237. Dominance a new pig introuduced to my other two pigs
  238. Behavior How do I get my Guinea Pig to Drink More Water?
  239. General How to tell how old my guinea pig is
  240. General How many cavies do you have?
  241. General Tips for new cavy owner?
  242. Photos Photos of your piggies!
  243. Weight Guinea Pig Weight
  244. General The Guinea Pig Thread!
  245. General How to get Vitamin C to my piggie
  246. Play Outside adventures!
  247. How Many? How many critters is too many???
  248. Bullying Bad bullying problem, will it ever stop?
  249. Rehoming Where to sell guinea pigs
  250. Sad friend with one piggie in small cage issue