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  1. General Update on my little guy
  2. How Many? One piggie died. Should we find new companion for the other?
  3. General Pig broken teeth!
  4. Aggression First time owner with an aggressive guinea, please help!
  5. General My New Guinea Pig has died :(
  6. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Boars or Sows and Cage Spaces?
  7. General Are Christmas trees bad for pigs?
  8. General Pine cleaning solutions
  9. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Looking for a teddy in the Chicago area?
  10. General Question about Guinea Sickness
  11. General Sudden lack of interest in water
  12. General Feet Problem?
  13. Loss Guinea pig life span question
  14. Adopting We need transport help getting GP's to their new home-pls help
  15. Photos 2013 Christmas Piggy Pigtures!
  16. Introductions Meet My Furbaby!
  17. What breed? super soft fur
  18. Behavior I am raising a spoiled brat!
  19. Photos Cooper's Christmas Picture!
  20. Behavior Piggies and soft music = piggy nap time?
  21. Exercise 2 months old piggie not walking?
  22. Introductions New piggie today, introduction later in the week
  23. How Many? Addicted to Adopting Pigs...
  24. Rehoming Frustrated and heartbroken
  25. General What to do when a guinea pig is choking?( not happening right now dont worry)
  26. Shelters 40 guinea pigs in Baltimore - Info and question
  27. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Possibly getting a 3rd sow, general advice please :)
  28. Play Guinea pigs saved the photoshoot
  29. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Rescue/adopt a guinea pig
  30. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Adding a Cagemate: Baby or Adult
  31. Frustrated Pet store<\3
  32. Introductions Considering adopting a guinea pig thats needs to be rehomed
  33. Introductions Adding a New Guinea pig - What do I need to know?
  34. Introductions How soon after neuter can I introduce a male to a female?
  35. General Update on Charlie
  36. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Adding a third?
  37. Introductions Finally getting a friend for my piggie: no clue what to do!
  38. General Skinny Pig
  39. Introductions New Pig
  40. Bonding to neuter or live solo?
  41. Grooming Can a guinea pig have fleas?
  42. Behavior Guinea Pig Butt Rub
  43. Grooming Coconut Oil
  44. Behavior Popcorning or should I be worried?
  45. Bonding Need advice about a piggy buddy for my single boy
  46. General Just a Quick Update about Chewy and Jabba
  47. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Piggy or bunny? Which to choose/why?
  48. Introductions Meet Lilly, Marshmallow's brand new cagemate
  49. Behavior Yummy Spray
  50. Behavior Pigloo Flipping - The New Sport!
  51. Sexing Is she a he!?
  52. Bathing Dirty and Dry
  53. Sexing I'm so paranoid right now... (is my girl a boy?)
  54. Weight How fast do.they grow?
  55. Bonding We got our pigs today!
  56. Play Pippi visits Santa
  57. Behavior I can't pick up my year old sow!
  58. Dominance Introducing Boars....
  59. Fur Guinea Pigs & Ants and Other Insects
  60. General New Guinea pig questions
  61. Grooming Grooming/washing question
  62. Chewing Are Christmas trees piggie safe
  63. Behavior How to handle the class guinea pig once we get our own
  64. Bonding Rebonding formerally compatable Males
  65. Photos Some funny/cute piggy photos to lighten your day
  66. Behavior Moving across the country.
  67. Introductions New Guinea pigs and a Kitty!
  68. Behavior Gaining trust
  69. Shelters How to find and adopt guinea pigs?
  70. Sad pet store pig, I am at a loss
  71. Sad I think my guinea pig is pregnant!!! HELP!!!i
  72. Rescues The Improvement of my boys!
  73. General materials
  74. Introductions Ear nibbling
  75. Frustrated *RANT*
  76. General Purchase mistake?!
  77. Bonding Is this the right decision?!
  78. Bonding Best Companion for a Young Female?
  79. Behavior Vitamin C liquid and fresh plain water?
  80. Introductions How do I successfully introduce TWO new guinea pigs to one?
  81. General something was stuck on his foot??
  82. General Newspaper as bedding?
  83. Dominance Suggestions about "non-new greeting" aggression?
  84. Joy Meet my 3 piggies
  85. General Moving House with my pigs...
  86. Behavior Has anyone tried Clicker Training?
  87. Biting Licking and biting fingers
  88. What breed? What breed? And another question.
  89. Introductions Deciding on a name for my newest addition
  90. Joy We have our baby, Billy!
  91. Introductions Our new addition!
  92. Frustrated Why so expensive?
  93. Play Fun things to do with your piggies?
  94. Chewing Hey, hay!
  95. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Behavior after chirping...
  96. Behavior housing male and female in a divided cage?
  97. Play What "toys" can I leave in the cage?
  98. General what % cage should be filled and what % room to move
  99. General How To Get My Piggie To Eat What She Needs
  100. Bathing spot cleaning guinea pig every 2 weeks
  101. Dominance How Far Is Too Far? And How Do I Separate The Inseparable?
  102. Joy christmas cage and haul!
  103. Introductions Urgent Problem: Jealous Guinea Pig
  104. Nails/Nail Trimming When to start nail clipping!?
  105. Play Best toys for guniea pigs.
  106. Biting what to do about a nipper??
  107. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Overly Talkative as of Late
  108. Introductions Well She has a name, but we think there might be a suprise on the way!
  109. Chewing Snak Shak, Is it safe?
  110. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Whistling
  111. Photos Guinea Pig Nap Time
  112. Behavior Piggy still bites me
  113. Photos My Herd wants to say something
  114. Keeping Warm Traveling with piggies
  115. Behavior Ear nibbling okay?
  116. General Main screen is in metric
  117. Rehoming What is the best age to adopt out pups?
  118. Play Aaaand... we have an escape artist on our hands!
  119. Photos Im back :)
  120. Introductions Two becomes five!!
  121. Bathing Time for a bath? Food distribution
  122. Bonding WOuld guinea pigs like pouch shirt or no?
  123. Weight Is my guinea pig pregnant?
  124. Photos Adorable Baby Piggies! Not planned!!
  125. General Question about Guineas lips
  126. Bullying Jealous behavior
  127. Fighting piggies fighting with each other, what do I do???
  128. General Sick Guinea Pig...Need Help and Advice
  129. Introductions Help Needed with Possible Introductions
  130. Behavior Seems lost in new cage
  131. Introductions Possibly getting two more pigs, help with intors and cage size please!
  132. Behavior Olive "lost" her wheek?
  133. Grooming Type of brush
  134. Sexing New Pig
  135. General Smelly Fleece Bedding
  136. Bathing Shampoo
  137. Behavior Pigs and Cat
  138. Pigsitting Need Recommendatons for a Pigsitter (Germantown, MD)
  139. Bathing Can I use this type of Shampoo and Conditioner
  140. Behavior New guinea pig owner and I need lots of help and advice.
  141. Play A Merry Christmas and Happy Years
  142. Play Toy poodle and my piggie
  143. Chewing plastic chewer!
  144. What breed? What are we
  145. General Pink poop??
  146. Play Gifts for Pigs
  147. Joy My New Additions
  148. Dominance Help! Larger adult male mounting and scaring smaller and younger male!
  149. Sad Pet Stores Suck (My friend and I went undercover)
  150. Behavior Stopped wheeking?
  151. Behavior Abbytuide pictures!
  152. Grooming Boar cleaning
  153. Behavior Just got a friend for my piggie, advice on them getting along
  154. Behavior Do your pigs like music?
  155. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Parents Won't Let Me Get A 2nd pig
  156. Joy Lesson learned...
  157. Sad I had a bad dream about my piggies....
  158. General Mooshy Making New Noises
  159. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Chirping
  160. General How to help smell?
  161. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises Interesting noise, what is it??
  162. Behavior Standing up into the air??
  163. Dominance 2 females, rumbling, mounting, chasing, and nipping
  164. Nails/Nail Trimming My first time trimming! Bugsy didn't mind.
  165. Photos My beautiful piggies!
  166. Behavior Nervous/terrified all the time and just sits in his house
  167. Behavior Are pig less snuggly after getting a cage buddy?
  168. Weight Weight loss OK or not?
  169. Fur Dandruff or mites? Does my guinea pig have dandruff or mites?
  170. General Names for a trio of males!
  171. Introductions Problems bonding new pair to a guinea pig
  172. What breed? my new fur baby!! is he just a long hair??
  173. Behavior Demanding Piggy
  174. What breed? Curious to know if I have a roan piggy.
  175. Bonding Too scared to be touched...I don't know
  176. Behavior Why does my guinea pig do this?
  177. Introductions Is it Possible?
  178. Aggression Guinea pigs stopped getting along
  179. What breed? Guinea Pig Breeds and Color Patterns
  180. General guinea pig pooper scooper
  181. Fur can anyone tell me what color/ breed my pigs are?
  182. Introductions Problems with introductions. When to call it quits???
  183. Bathing Grease gland issues
  184. Frustrated Goannas?!?! Anyone in Australia know how to keep them away?!
  185. Introductions When will we be friends?
  186. Biting Still biting
  187. Pigsitting Going on a holiday
  188. Behavior Problems with introductions?
  189. Introductions adult boars?
  190. Adopting Question is do I have enough room for more? How do I convince my folks?
  191. What breed? Difference between Roan and Agouti?
  192. Adopting Onyx Finally Found A Wonderful Owner
  193. General Not Allowed Them Inside Anymore. Pig Den MK 2
  194. Behavior Fleece burrowing gone bad!
  195. Grooming Should I be cleaning my sows grease gland?
  196. Sad Long Story! 3 "rescue" pigs
  197. What breed? About guinea pig
  198. What breed? Bernard
  199. Dominance My boars are fighting
  200. Behavior Fireworks and pigs
  201. Play Play time
  202. Bonding Young, small female and 1 year old female to introduce or not?
  203. General Where to buy pig supplies when boycotting pet stores
  204. Bonding New two month old piggy with a about two year old piggy? Suggestions, Tips, Ideas?
  205. Bonding 2male cagemates new member...VERY BAD
  206. How Many? How many is too many?
  207. General Should I trust even my local pet store?
  208. Joy Updates on new cage and bigger herd! And Questions!
  209. Bullying Guinea pig violence
  210. Photos Belated Happy New Year from my piggies!
  211. Bonding Problem with bonded piggies after one gave birth
  212. Dominance Will my male guinea pigs ever stop dominance displays?
  213. Veggy time
  214. Say What?/Guinea Pig Noises High Pitched "WHEAK" Sound?
  215. Play How can i have fun with my guinea pig?
  216. General Is the abyssinian guinea pig different than other breeds?
  217. Behavior Funny Piggie Stories! :P
  218. Introductions Will my dog hurt my guinea pig?
  219. Behavior Guinea pig Hiding and digging his food in bedding.
  220. General read mep
  221. Want a Guinea Pig(s) Can someone give me a list of what I need before GP bring home day?
  222. Chewing Princess Problems in the Castle.
  223. Petco Adoptions - Yay or Nay?
  224. Weight What is a good weight for my Guinea Pigs?
  225. Behavior Odd Behavior - Way out of the norm
  226. Play I HAD to tell you guys!
  227. Aggression Sudden Sow aggression
  228. Play Tips and Advice on taming?
  229. Sexing Need some help separating babies
  230. Behavior What's He Chewing All The Time??
  231. Behavior What does running "zoomies" imply?
  232. Bathing after med shoud I give a bath??
  233. Aggression Happy Guinea pig, but biting! Ouch! Need advice
  234. General neutering stories please???
  235. Behavior My little man is still extremely messy and i dont know what to do
  236. Frustrated human pregnancy
  237. Adopting New Piggy! Any Name Ideas?
  238. Adopting Chinchilla or guinea pig?
  239. Behavior new frequent male human affect boar dominance?
  240. General New piggy!!!
  241. Biting Biting...but not?
  242. Want a Guinea Pig(s) I want a gp, but is it the right animal for me?
  243. Behavior Gentle nibbling/licking?
  244. Keeping Warm Its going to be super cold tonight!
  245. Introductions help! Introducing 2 boars, not sure if it's working or not
  246. Bullying Younger pig being territorial after separation/confinement
  247. Keeping Cool Surviving a heat wave
  248. General Handling struggling pigs
  249. What breed? Just curious about what breed my piggies are any suggestions?!?
  250. Rescues Poor Boy, Mites Driving Him Crazy?