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  2. Hello Ontarians!!!!!
  3. cheap hay in mississauga ontario
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  5. Breeders in Vancouver area
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  7. Asthma Forum (not sure where to post this)
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  9. Pellets to fatten up a pig.
  10. Thank you to whoever designed C&C cages
  11. Floor Time: how often and what do I do?
  12. Guinea pig vets in British Columbia
  13. Guinea Pig Behavior
  14. Training Piggies
  15. Kijiji deal for Chatham - $5 for 31 panels
  16. Canadian Tire Grids in Ontario on Sale Mar 16-22, 2012
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  19. Need more fleece
  20. Guinea pig eye problem
  21. Adoption in Canada
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  23. Coroplast in Guelph
  24. Piggysitter Needed - Winnipeg
  25. anyone in Prince Rupert, BC?
  26. Winnipeg Humane Society
  27. Bulk Food in Southwestern-Ontario
  28. Moving to Mexico
  29. Earthquake! 4.5
  30. Pig-sitter needed! In Peterborough/Lindsay/Kawartha area!
  31. Montreal Critters - Ships anywhere in Canada - $9.99
  32. Man are they lucky! - Cuople survives 100 ft. tree falling on their car
  33. what do you feed in Canada
  34. Edmonton and Area: Hay supplier
  35. Snow, Snow, and More Snow.
  36. Major water main break downtown Montreal
  37. Adoption or Rescue in Newfoundland
  38. Where to buy coroplast in EDMONTON, ALBERTA
  39. Good Veterinarian in Regina, SK? Or any small towns around Regina?
  40. Two Young Guinea Pigs Need A Loving Home ASAP - Ottawa, Ontario
  41. hey, i need some help with my piggies cage! (and some behaviour help)
  42. Possible tooth fragment in lower lip?
  43. Happy Thankgiving.
  44. New guinea pig owner!
  45. Skinny pig help
  46. Hay in Toronto area
  47. Shipping Ivermectin From the US to Canada?
  48. new here :)
  49. Where To Find Right Sized Grids In Edmonton?
  50. Peruvians
  51. Vets in Vancouver, BC
  52. My guy's new tattoo
  53. best place to buy anti-pill or polar fleece in canada
  54. How much time does it take for your guinea pig to get used to you?
  55. Anyone shop with Flower Town Chinchillas in Ontario?
  56. Told not to give new guinea pig too much veggies?
  57. Where can I adopt guinea pig in Ottawa/Gatineau region
  58. Need help with guinea pig bedding please give me any advice!
  59. For some reason GuineaPigZone isn't loading so I'll post here
  60. Wood Pellets in central/southern Ontario?
  61. Fleece in Canada
  62. Looking to Adopt a Male Skinny Pig in Southern Ontario!
  63. Adoption process in different countries?
  64. Free coroplast?
  65. 2 males Oshawa,Ontario need 2-3 weeks fostercare Jan 19th 2015 owner's surgery
  66. Joann's to stop shipping to Canada
  67. Looking to buy my first 2 guinea pigs.
  68. New Piggy Owner in Victoria BC
  69. is this coroplast size big enough?
  70. pet store or adoption?
  71. Buying hay from a local farm
  72. Are NaturPet products safe for my guinea pigs?
  73. Is pine safe for my guinea pigs too use one month
  74. Dry Patch -mites, fungal , dry skin?
  75. Neuter: Richmond Hill/Toronto
  76. Hay: Small Pet Select is Available in Canada!
  77. Exotic vet around Hamilton, Ontario
  78. Guinea Pigs fighting, please help!
  79. Three Month old guinea pig(sow)
  80. recommendations for paper bedding