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  1. Coroplast combine existing coroplast liner w/new piece make larger liner or dumb idea..?
  2. C&C [Australia] C&C Cage Grids- Where To Find Them?
  3. Grids [Japan] 88 Grids for my cage? How to make it work?
  4. Cage Finally finished my 7yr's 2x3!
  5. Cage Building a larger cage
  6. Cage Safe wood for hutch?
  7. Cage Preventing odor
  8. Cage Suitable Cage??
  9. Cage Benefits of a laydown cage?
  10. Cleaning Fleece liners- when to replace?
  11. Cage Favorite hidey homes?
  12. Coroplast Non-toxic glues for coroplast?
  13. Cage Cage placement trouble! Or alternative cage?
  14. C&C Cheap, quality c and c cage supplies!
  15. Cleaning Wood exercise pen
  16. C&C 1 x 6 c&c cage, possible?
  17. Size Help a Newbie! Adopted 3 new piggies - will this be big enough??
  18. Coroplast Alternatives to coroplast?
  19. Cage Safe ways to attach wooden dowls for stairs
  20. Cage Cage lighting
  21. Cage I want a wooden guinea pig cage but do not want to make one, where can I buy one?
  22. C&C Worried about gap between coroplast and grids
  23. Cage 40 Gallon Breeder Tank
  24. Litter Training Pig anarchy
  25. Cage Cage options
  26. Size I Felt So Sad at Petsmart/ Update on my Guinea Pig
  27. Cage A New Cage Coming Soon/ Also Other News
  28. Cage I built the ULTIMATE guinea pig cage!
  29. Size Does my piggy need more space?
  30. Coroplast Alternatives Need advice on what to use for bottom of cage??
  31. Size How Many Piggies??
  32. Cage Need help with cage size
  33. C&C C&C Cage
  34. Litter Training what is the toilet in this photo?
  35. C&C Alternatives Alternative cages
  36. Upper Levels YAY!! For the new mansion!
  37. Size Is this DIY bookcase too small?
  38. Grids Exciting Find!
  39. Cage I need help deciding on where to put my guinea pig when I have cats
  40. Cage Need helping picking the right cage
  41. Cage Need helping picking the right cage
  42. Cage Hoping to get help with my c&c cage top cover
  43. Ramps Should I Take Out the Loft?
  44. C&C Q's about panels, cage size, etc! first cage!
  45. c & c cage
  46. Cage New to Guinea oigs and cages. Have a few questions
  47. Size Expanding cage thoughts - what would you do?
  48. C&C Updated cages!
  49. Cage Cage setup with dog...thoughts?
  50. C&C Could use some help on Fleece
  51. C&C c & c cage
  52. Cage cage ideas!!
  53. Cage Lixit Critter Hollows
  54. C&C Alternatives About c and c cages
  55. Litter Training Training Advice
  56. C&C My 2x19 U-Shape C&C cage tour
  57. Cage Parent will not let my purchase a bigger cage!
  58. Cage Guinea pigs in the green house?
  59. Cage Putting togther the perfect cage for my two piggies...Ideas Needed
  60. Coroplast C&C Coroplast safety - chewing & longevity inquiry
  61. Grids Guinea Pigs Chewing C&C Grids
  62. Cage New cage :)
  63. Cage Halloween Cage Theme
  64. Cage Two entrance/exit hideys?
  65. Storage Areas Good hay holders?
  66. Stand Suggestions for table to house large C & C cage
  67. Cage Whoops got the wrong disinfectant
  68. C&C Alternatives Need help with my Guinea pig post bladder stone pass!! Worried.
  69. Cage Can you connect 2 Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus cages?
  70. C&C I have one square from a black whitmor storage cube for free
  71. Size Multilevel Cages - Is total space or width most important?
  72. Cage Need some creative ideas
  73. Litter Training Interesting litter box idea
  74. Cage Tiny wall in C&C cage to make two sections?
  75. Cage Any Body knows a store for cheap Shed?
  76. C&C Question about cage
  77. C&C Limited space need new cage ideas..
  78. C&C Cage ideas???
  79. C&C Expanding to 4 guinea pigs habitat
  80. Grids Grids on c c cages from 2013
  81. Cage Helping an in need pig, need ideas please
  82. Size Is this cage large enough for 2 guinea pigs?
  83. C&C Alternatives Plastic kiddie pool
  84. Cage Cage questions for a soon-to-be new guinea pig owner. (Reg: Wood, Fleece Liners)
  85. Cage Eco earth?
  86. Size Is The Size Okay?
  87. C&C Alternatives Midwest cage SUPER CHEAP today!
  88. C&C Made my first C & C cage today
  89. Cage Wanting to adopt one more...
  90. Cage Need recommendations
  91. C&C Alternatives 2x3 2ith 1x2 loft or 2x4 stacked on each other? Which is better?
  92. Upper Levels Lofty success
  93. C&C Leaky cage
  94. Chewing wooden cage, guinea pig won't stop chewing on it.
  95. Chewing What to put in the cage to keep pigs from getting bored?
  96. Grids Question that @Jenn_86 posted
  97. C&C Alternatives What Cage?
  98. Size 2x versus 3x
  99. Cleaning I'm so excited, i have my cage!
  100. Cage Expanding off a Living World Cage
  101. Cage What can I put under water bottle for sloppy drinkers?
  102. Chewing Edible/ nibble safe snuggle cup?
  103. Cage Is this OK for a guinea pig?
  104. Grids uggg.. feeling stuck about c&c and its instability
  105. Cage New Owners - Need Cage Advice
  106. Grids Rant on Canadian supplies??
  107. Grids Are these OK?
  108. Cage Adding loft
  109. Cage Has anyone ever used a rabbit hutch/chicken coop?
  110. Cage Toxic woods not to be used for cages
  111. Cleaning Suggestions on setting up cage
  112. Cage I'm so proud of my most recent expansion!!! Bigger IS better!
  113. Cage Adding loft with cat protection?
  114. Cage DIY Play Cage
  115. Cage cage set up info
  116. C&C Alternatives New Cage Plan! Loft Ramp Placement?
  117. C&C Cage upgrade
  118. Cage What are the best options for store-bought cages?
  119. Cage Making A Cage
  120. Size What size cage to reduce floor time?
  121. Cage 8x4 Cage On A Stand
  122. Chewing Chewing on wood house
  123. Cage Guinea pigs fighting a bit over pigloo. Should I separate or let it happen?
  124. Cage various cage questions (loft, hay, etc)
  125. Cage Quick hay questions
  126. Coroplast Coroplast on OUTSIDE of grids??
  127. Cage Giving a cage more sq ft?
  128. C&C New cage
  129. Cage Hay containers?
  130. Coroplast Punching holes in coroplast for rivets
  131. Litter Training Bedding
  132. Cage Will my cage be okay where it?s at now?
  133. Cage How many guinea pig could fit in this cage?
  134. C&C Predator protection? Snakes/insects etc?
  135. Cage New cage additions
  136. Cage How to cut coroplast?
  137. Upper Levels Cage Upgrade!
  138. C&C My cage is too small! I need a new cage!
  139. Upper Levels Cage addition ideas
  140. Grids C&C grid finish Is it pet safe if chewed?
  141. Upper Levels Quick detach connector questions
  142. C&C Any tips on having a C&C cage?
  143. Coroplast Coroplast Question
  144. C&C Alternatives Opinions? It?s a WIP for sure.
  145. Cage Lost the metal piece for my waterbottle
  146. C&C Alternatives Kiddie pool 5Ft all around.
  147. Cage Upgrading C&C Cage 2x3.5 to 2x4 - is it enough?
  148. Coroplast Expanding a C&C Cage
  149. C&C Alternatives OUtdoor cage made of wood and glass or plexi glass?
  150. C&C Cage size.
  151. C&C Pee pads
  152. C&C Alternatives Alternative cages : opinions on which are unsafe and can I see/hear about your cages?
  153. Ramps Velcro brand Heavy duty stick back non-toxic?
  154. Stand Questions on two grid high cage stand
  155. C&C Just got my first c&c cage
  156. Cage C&C or Midwest for New House?
  157. c&c cage
  158. Cleaning cleaning after lice treatment
  159. Coroplast Coroplast and ramp question
  160. Cage Show me your C&C table. What do you have it on besides the grid stand?
  161. Cage Where can I find instructions on how to make these couches?
  162. C&C Alternatives I have experienced an escape piggy!!!
  163. Cage Custom Wooden Cage
  164. Lid C&C kid instructions, anyone have them?
  165. Lid closet shelving for 2x5, can you tell me what to do?
  166. Ramps Piggyback Ramp Questions and Advice
  167. Cage Cage question- bigger or separate?
  168. Cage Keeping Guinea Pigs Outside Part Time
  169. Size Appropriate Cage Size?
  170. C&C 2x6 with wire shelve lid
  171. Cage Cage Questions about Sides and Drain Pipe Ramps
  172. Upper Levels Should I add a second level?
  173. Cage Cage openings
  174. Cleaning how to clean midwest cages/accessories after fungal?
  175. Size Cage width? Overall size?
  176. Cage What is a kitchen, how do you make it?
  177. Cage How much bedding would be needed?
  178. Size My guinea pigs bite each other's backs
  179. Coroplast Need help with strong piggie smell!
  180. Cage Looking to buy Midwest cage
  181. C&C Alternatives Can you connect two Midwest Cages without Ramps
  182. C&C Alternatives Quad Critter Nation
  183. Upper Levels Can I build a Guinea Pig Tower for 4-5 Guinea Pigs?
  184. Cage Cages Help For 5 Girls
  185. C&C Resizing my choroplast pan
  186. Size Yet another cage size question
  187. Cage Temporary commercial cage
  188. C&C Inner dimensions confusion
  189. Lid extendable ultra rod
  190. Cleaning How many Uhaul pads to use
  191. Size 3x8 C&C Cage - how many pigs?
  192. Coroplast Kitchen gets gross??
  193. Cage C&C Stand or Table
  194. Cage Is a 3x4 cage with a 1x4 loft big enough for 3 pigs?
  195. C&C Stacking cages
  196. Ramps Two Piggies and a Pear Tree?
  197. Cleaning Best Bedding for Kitchen?
  198. Cleaning 1x3 Kitchen
  199. Size Appropriate size of cage?
  200. Cage Idea For A Large Cage
  201. Chewing "All Living Things" castle - is the wood safe?
  202. Chewing Woods for cages?? Safe for chewing?
  203. Grids Worried about grid size
  204. Cage Is it safe to use a former dog crate as a travel cage?
  205. Cage Travel question for the experts!
  206. Cleaning Cage Cleaning
  207. Coroplast Alternatives Dishpan for kitchen?
  208. Size What is appropriate Recovery/medical cage size?
  209. Cage best leak proof water bottle?
  210. C&C Concerns about possibility of escape
  211. Size Expanding my cage, but how big is too big?
  212. C&C Alternatives Ikea Cage Hack: Resin on Wood?
  213. Cage Guinea Pig Hutch-- Good Idea?
  214. Cage Finally got the Cage!!! Yay!!
  215. Cleaning Questions about using a combination of fleece and paper bedding
  216. Ramps Ramp suggestions for piggies to come down out of their cage for floor time
  217. Cage Hidey huts
  218. C&C C&C
  219. Lid How do you make a lid for a C&c cage?
  220. C&C Number of tiles for a 2x5 c&c?
  221. Cage Leaking water bottles ruining our cage, whats a good non leak bottle we can use?
  222. Cage Indoor vs outdoor
  223. C&C C & C kitchen needs daily cleaning??
  224. Cage Wanting to turn Dog crate into guinea house!
  225. C&C 3 males in a 2x4 C&C cage: how long do I have?
  226. Cage Bigger and updated house!!!! YAY!!!!
  227. Size Is The Size too Small/
  228. Cage Cage Divider options
  229. Grids Cage space for 7 Guinea pigs?
  230. C&C Whats your favorite cage
  231. Litter Training Where to find Litter Trays?
  232. C&C Table HELP
  233. Coroplast Coroplast fit without connectors
  234. C&C Minimum C&C cage size for 4 female guinea pigs for 9 days.
  235. Cage Temporary cage size for two piggies
  236. Size Cage size for 3 guinea pigs
  237. Cleaning Just found lice on my new rescue pig
  238. Size C&C cage size
  239. Size How big should my cage be?
  240. Cage My hay racks
  241. C&C which water bottle should i get?
  242. Cage Bedding concerns: Carefresh natural
  243. C&C tables
  244. Size What's a better layout for 5 sows - 14x2 (L-shaped) or 7x4 (rectangle)?
  245. Size Cage size for 5 piggies
  246. C&C How many piggies can I house in this cage?
  247. Cage New and most popular hidey.
  248. C&C Amazon c&c grids
  249. Cage Bedding or No?
  250. C&C Alternatives Dog exercise pen as a cage?