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  1. C&C Alternatives Trying to go cheaper in beginning
  2. Size Downsizing cage
  3. Cage New cage build
  4. Cage How Much Do I Need In The Cage?
  5. C&C 2x5 seems cramped and small
  6. Cage Modified cage
  7. Coroplast Taping coroplast together?
  8. Cage Two story wooden cage?
  9. Zip Ties Zip tie tencil strength
  10. Cage Best outdoor pen/run?
  11. C&C Cage expansion using a pet store cage base as the kitchen :)
  12. C&C Navi and Scarletts cage progression thread.
  13. C&C Alternatives Cage Option
  14. C&C Alternatives Cage upgrade - happy piggies
  15. Ramps Ramp Idea... will it work?
  16. C&C Guinea Pig cage maintenance ;o
  17. Stand Cage Stand directions?
  18. Cage New cage build--Advice?
  19. Cage Had to cut Fudgie out of the hay rack
  20. Cleaning Hay Monster cleanup
  21. C&C Alternatives WOOD CAGE treatment
  22. Lid Adding a c&c cage lid as looking after in laws cats while they move
  23. Litter Training C&C cages?
  24. Cage Homemade or C&C? Which shape?
  25. C&C Convince Dad for C&C Again?
  26. Cage How safe is previously owned cage - if 3 piggies living in it passed on
  27. C&C Coworker w/ New mom pig
  28. Stand Wood stand
  29. C&C Alternatives Closet Shelving Cage General Questions
  30. Cage Looking for specific items?
  31. Cage Cage location. Ideal or not ideal?
  32. Cage Midwest Cage
  33. Cage To buy or not to buy
  34. Cage The order of things
  35. C&C Pine pellets
  36. Cage What kind of hay sack/rack do you use?
  37. Cage Ants!
  38. C&C What size is best for 3 boars?
  39. Cage how many guiena pigs could live in this cage
  40. C&C Ladder for cage
  41. C&C Help with my cage idea
  42. Cage Good Cage mesh or other alternatives
  43. Cage How many grids for a 2x5 c&c with stand and lid?
  44. Cage Closet shelves?
  45. C&C Building
  46. Cage housing my new guinea pig?
  47. Cage Under the bedding?
  48. Coroplast Cutting chloroplast around cage connectors ???!! :(
  49. Grids Grids right size? 🐹
  50. Cleaning Help! Gnats!
  51. Cage Cage swapping!
  52. C&C Jumping out??!!
  53. C&C Hay Feeder Advice/Help (pig hurt herself)
  54. C&C How to build a 2.5x6 c&c cage?
  55. C&C Alternatives How high should the walls of a custom cage be
  56. Stand Need Ideas For A Cage Stand!!
  57. Cage Help! I dont know if this cage size will be big enough for my piggies!!
  58. C&C Smuggle mum/dad?
  59. Storage Areas Storage options for my junk?
  60. C&C Expanded to a 2x15 C&C cage
  61. Coroplast Coroplast/Corflute thickness??
  62. Coroplast Alternatives is there anything easy to get that I can use instead of coroplast
  63. Lid How to make a lid for cage out of closet shelving?
  64. Cage Fleece
  65. C&C So excited!!!!
  66. C&C Made my first C&C cage
  67. Cleaning How many bags a week
  68. Cage Cage dimensions. Is this alright?
  69. Cage Not seeing C&C cage link
  70. Grids Used grids
  71. C&C C&C size and cleaning
  72. Cage Configuration of C&C cage.
  73. C&C Alternatives C&C with plexi glass sides
  74. Cage Cage location and cleaning
  75. Cage Big cage vs access to people
  76. Cage Friends adopted another guinea pig - cage too small
  77. Coroplast Seeking ideas for what to make with leftover coroplast - toys, hideys, etc
  78. Upper Levels Good way to do a loft for a 3x4 c&c cage
  79. Cage Opinion on this Ikea modification model?
  80. Size Cage size for 3 boars?
  81. Coroplast How to cut coroplast for 3x6 cage
  82. Cleaning How can i get rid of the odors
  83. Cage expanding current cage
  84. Cleaning Cage cleaning, hay everywhere, and a few pics.
  85. C&C Best way to add onto cage?
  86. Cleaning Vinegar Question
  87. Guinea pig bunk bed diy
  88. Cage Cage Liners
  89. Ramps New Guinea Pigs, Adjusting To Ramp
  90. Size Should I upgrade?
  91. Cleaning Potty Time
  92. C&C Expanding a 3x4 to a 3x5
  93. Size Why the *half* grid cage size? (ex 2x3.5 grids)
  94. C&C Alternatives My DIY cage! What do you think?
  95. Coroplast Bedding problems
  96. C&C New cage.
  97. Cage Just got a new Guinea Habitat 2x4 Cage....
  98. Cage Midwest as a travel cage?
  99. Cage To rearrange the cage or keep it the same...
  100. Cage Little fruit fly flying around cage?
  101. C&C New Cage for Molly and Poppy
  102. C&C How to attach L-part to cage with stand?
  103. Grids Are These Safe Grids?
  104. Cage Cage Almost Done , Girl(s) having a blast....
  105. C&C Alternatives Cage design and questions
  106. C&C safe height from top of bedding to top of coroplast for baby / juveniles
  107. Cage RawhideKid Cage Construction - DELUXE! ? !
  108. C&C Alternatives Midwest Cages... add-ons?
  109. Cleaning Fleece vacume recomandations.
  110. Cleaning Vacuum noise problems
  111. C&C 2x4 for 2 and Getting More...WWYD?
  112. C&C 2x8 Cage Help!
  113. C&C Help with bad math skills...4x4 vs 2x4, etc
  114. C&C Two cages next to each other?
  115. C&C How many Pigs can I have in my cage?
  116. C&C How to make a c&c loft stable?
  117. Cage Problem with flies around cage
  118. Cage Amazon Cage
  119. Cage MW: Up-Date - Pretty Much Finished
  120. Cage Potty pads? How often to change?
  121. Coroplast When you add on a grid...?
  122. Grids How big should the piggy be?
  123. C&C Halloween Cage Theme
  124. C&C Four Sows and cage size
  125. Size Cage sizes for a male and femal
  126. Chewing Safe woods for wooden cages
  127. Lid Took in a stray cat, need Lid ideas for C&C
  128. Cage New Apartment-Cage Location?
  129. Cage A cage at Petsmart that is actually not too small!?!?
  130. how big is a 2x5 cage in cm?
  131. C&C Alternatives My DIY wood/plexiglass cage progress, plans, and questions
  132. Cage Cage expansion, Adding coroplast
  133. Size L-Shaped Cage - Design? Piggie Stress?
  134. C&C Can't decide on a cage layout
  135. Coroplast Alternatives Embossed Matte Plastic - used in place of cloroplast?
  136. C&C Moving means more room!
  137. C&C Cage in bedroom??
  138. Grids Whitmor white storage cubes 4 ct only $14.88 on amazon
  139. C&C Need ideas on divided cages!
  140. C&C Alternatives New Cage!
  141. Grids New grids at the cages store
  142. Cage Using fly screens for guinea pig cages?
  143. C&C Alternatives Questions about cage
  144. Upper Levels Our first loft!
  145. Cage Bathtub as a Cage?
  146. Cage basement cage, how to keep piggies warm?
  147. Cage DIY Travel Cage?
  148. Cage College and future additions
  149. Grids Target vs Kroger Fred Meyer grids same size?
  150. Cleaning C&C kitchen bedding/cleaning
  151. C&C C&C cage grids does not fit designated area
  152. Cage Smallest footprint appropriate cage for 1 older pigged
  153. C&C Alternatives 2 midwest habitat cages together?
  154. Cage I need help getting my pigs to a big cage, please!
  155. C&C Input on C&C cage idea please
  156. Coroplast Scoring Coroplast for Transportation
  157. Coroplast Babyproofing for my c&c cage!
  158. Cage Possible cage extension?
  159. Cage It's time to order a C&C cage
  160. Size Resizing C&C for two boars
  161. C&C Help with 3x3 c&c cage
  162. Size Will the cage be good enough
  163. C&C Possible adoption, wondering about cage
  164. C&C How to seal leaks?
  165. Size 6X6 for 5?
  166. Cage What to do with bored pigs while I wait for the big cage to come?
  167. Cage Making a kitchen, I need your expertise... please
  168. Size Adding friend, little space to work with...need ideas.
  169. Cleaning Cleaning floor around cage?
  170. Grids any in-store grids?
  171. Ramps Best Ramps Around---Tell me all about them
  172. C&C Where online can I find a C&C cage?
  173. Coroplast Question about the Cavy Cafe?
  174. Lid Lid Ideas for 2x5 C&C?
  175. Grids Grid alternative
  176. C&C Cage building day!
  177. Stand Cage stand fiasco
  178. Cage Redoing cages, how to best use space?
  179. C&C New cage
  180. C&C Alternatives Need Help With New Cage Ideas
  181. C&C Alternatives NEED DIY cage IDEAS and plans
  182. Litter Training Litter Box Training
  183. Lid Pics/ideas for cage lid
  184. C&C My almost cage
  185. Coroplast Alternatives Peel & Stick tile?
  186. C&C adding second level to c&c cage
  187. Grids Grid sizes
  188. C&C WOW c&c cages are LARGE!
  189. Upper Levels Just got a wide loft but how to access to below?
  190. C&C Future owner here. Quick cage questions.
  191. Cage attachable loft ideas
  192. C&C Alternatives Combining cages?
  193. Lid C&C cage cover/lid DIY
  194. C&C Alternatives My alternative DIY cage , before and after photos
  195. Size How Large Should My Guinea Pig Carrier Be?
  196. Size C&C Cage Size for 2 boars
  197. Grids Question about building my guinea pigs a cage
  198. Cage Cage Design for two boars that aren't getting along...
  199. C&C New cage set up!
  200. Cage 2 storage cage!
  201. C&C New to Guinea Pigs and need advice on Cage set up...
  202. C&C Alternatives I need a C and C alternative because of travel. Help!
  203. Cage Storm safety for piggies
  204. C&C Alternatives Input on an idea i have
  205. Upper Levels How do you access bottom levels with multiple level cages?
  206. Size Cage size?
  207. C&C 20x40", or 30x42" C&C integrated into shelving unit?
  208. Upper Levels Support rod question. How to use
  209. Cage 10' of Wall that needs to be filled!
  210. Cage Cage for small spaces
  211. C&C DIY Cage Inspiration & Help
  212. Size Is this size okay???
  213. Coroplast Coroplast sources that will ship?
  214. Stand cheap stand/table ideas for C&C cage
  215. Cage How many bowls per cage for two piggies?
  216. Cage Getting a Dog- Need Changes to Cage Suggestions
  217. Size How many square feet
  218. C&C Layered Cage - Separated by Gender?
  219. Cage Are these grids safe to use to make a C & C cage?
  220. Cage New cage, new pigs
  221. Cleaning Litter Pan Advice Please
  222. Size A little confused
  223. C&C cage expansion
  224. Cage New pig from Petco ....
  225. Cage Guinea pig outdoor run
  226. Creative Cages
  227. Size Needing advise for multiple cages
  228. Cage Cage Design Help in Limited Space
  229. Upper Levels Midwest cage suggestions for add-on
  230. Cleaning Preferred Bedding
  231. Cage Looking for Cage Advice
  232. Cage Floor Time/Play Pen Help
  233. Cage Worried about my piggy, floor time & new cage?
  234. Size Height of C&C cage
  235. C&C New Cage
  236. Cage Beefy the Piggy
  237. Coroplast Is there a way to connect two pieces of coloplast?
  238. C&C Cage expansion question
  239. Cage Babyproofing ideas needed
  240. C&C First C&C Progress! (Pic Heavy)
  241. Grids Grid cage stands
  242. Cage Water Bottle Location and Food bowls questions for new GP Owners!
  243. Cage Can I use an old cage for a new cavy?
  244. Coroplast Dimensions for a 2x6 cage
  245. C&C Second level on C&C Cage!
  246. Cleaning How often to clean my cage? How much bedding?
  247. Lid Need to consider creating a STURDY lid
  248. Cage Mistake made with pet store cage
  249. Cleaning Handheld vacuum
  250. C&C Alternatives I (attempt) to recreate the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat for roughly $10!!!