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  1. Coroplast New cage help
  2. C&C My cage journey (NEW CAGE!)
  3. Cage Re-design of Hutch Survey - Please Help!
  4. Lid need pictures of cube lids!
  5. C&C Alternatives Dog crate?!
  6. Cage Need help designing easier to clean cage for my 5 piggies
  7. C&C Less than 2 full grids for width from wall?
  8. C&C How do I make an L shaped cage if I buy pre made cage?
  9. C&C What size kitchen for my five pigs?
  10. C&C A long 2 x 10 or an L shaped cage?
  11. Cage Cage is completed
  12. Cleaning People who use bedding: How (and how often) do you clean it?
  13. Upper Levels Midwest Habitat Loft
  14. Size Is it ok to have the guinea pigs in my bedroom?
  15. C&C Safety Question - Can she get out or hurt herself?
  16. Size New C&C cage too big??
  17. Grids ATTENTION AUSSIES: Lincraft now Stocks grids and dividers!
  18. Coroplast Alternatives What can I use?
  19. C&C 3x4 C&C with 3x2 loft?
  20. Cleaning After a bare cage
  21. C&C Alternatives Play Pen Into Cage?
  22. Cage Two 2x3 cages
  23. Cage Wood Pellets "Wheekly" Update
  24. Cage Dog Jumped on cage - destroyed - now what?
  25. C&C Standard size c&c grid?
  26. Coroplast Need Help With Coroplast Size!
  27. Upper Levels Should I get rid of my loft?
  28. Upper Levels What do you use your upperlevel for?
  29. Cage What is the best kitchen bedding?
  30. Cleaning Bedding problem
  31. Cage Time for an upgrade but should I: A or B?
  32. Ramps Building an apple stick ramp?
  33. C&C planning on expanding again! loft question
  34. Upper Levels Making a kitchen
  35. Size Will they have enough room if I block it off?
  36. Cage Dream Cages (with Pictures!)
  37. Size Sizing help. How much needed/how many cavies.
  38. Cleaning Any opinions on Carefresh Shavings Plus bedding?
  39. C&C Alternatives moving soon thinking up some ideas
  40. Ramps how to keep ramp from falling from 2nd story
  41. Cleaning Good Hay Catching Ideas for Kitchen - Input Please!
  42. Cage How can I expand my cage?
  43. C&C Expansion
  44. C&C How can I make my c&c warm?
  45. Cage Need Tips for Cages and Bedding
  46. Size How many guinea pigs would my new cage hold
  47. Size If My Pigs Fought, Is This Split Cage Size OK?
  48. C&C New rescue pigs...New Cage!
  49. C&C Why Buy a C&C cage?
  50. Cage Tall bird cage divided for two piggies?
  51. Coroplast Alternatives My under $10 cage
  52. Upper Levels Support Help
  53. Coroplast Do you have to add fleece to Coroplast on c&c cage?
  54. C&C C&C cage
  55. Grids Large Grid Spacing?
  56. Size Which is the better floorplan?
  57. Size Open cage: 8" wall height ok?
  58. Storage Areas Adding Storage Above the Cage and a Kitchen Area
  59. Cage Live in the uk where c&c cage
  60. C&C The New Piggy Mansion!
  61. C&C Alternatives (Large) Pet store cages
  62. Upper Levels 2x2 loft or 1x4 loft?
  63. Size 2x3.5 big enough for two boars?
  64. Size What size igloo is best?
  65. Cage New owner confused about cage setup
  66. C&C Question about hay racks in cage store
  67. C&C Alternatives 4'x4' new cage
  68. Cage Different Cage Set Up
  69. Cage Is this a good cage for a pair? L 35 H 22 1/2 W 19
  70. Cage Ikea Ramp
  71. Cage Day Cage
  72. C&C What to add to cage
  73. C&C New C&C cage advise needed
  74. Stand What stand do you use for C&C cages?
  75. Size Does cage width matter?
  76. Cage Buying C&C cage materials in Finland
  77. Cage C+G cages come with covers?
  78. Cage New cage
  79. Size Getting ready to order cage
  80. Cage CareFresh
  81. Cleaning Piggy Vacuum on Amazon, good for picking up hair?
  82. Grids Best Grid options?
  83. Upper Levels Would a 2x2 offest loft need support?
  84. Coroplast Alternatives Can I use (ceramic??) tiles for the bottom layer of a c c cage?
  85. Size Tall cage question?
  86. Coroplast Using multiple sheets of coroplast?
  87. Cage Stone for under water bottle
  88. C&C Making decisions on size, bedding etc.
  89. Cleaning Water bottle tip...tip.
  90. Ramps How to hold exterior ramp in place?
  91. Upper Levels Loft or no loft ?
  92. Cage First Guinea Pig Set-up Any Advice before their arrival
  93. Cleaning Looking for upright vacuum
  94. Size Will 2x5 L be big enough for 3?
  95. Cage What Type of Cage Should I Buy?
  96. Cage What do you all think of my cage setup, any suggestions? Also do the cages need tops?
  97. Cleaning The best thing I ever did to make cleaning my cage easier is...
  98. Lid how to make a lid out of grids and connectors?
  99. Ramps New C&C cage w/ loft, pig blocking loft opening
  100. Stand Preparing for Guinea Pigs
  101. Lid using closet/wire shelf as lid
  102. Upper Levels I made my loft [emoji4]
  103. Upper Levels Pros and cons of loft
  104. C&C Kitchens
  105. Cage Second hand
  106. Cage loft
  107. Cage Is my cage big enough?
  108. Cage C&C Planning
  109. Coroplast Alternatives Waterproof cage lining
  110. C&C Expanding My C&C and Adding Kitchens
  111. Size What cage to go with?
  112. Lid what size wire shelf for 2x3 cage
  113. C&C Newly expanded cage
  114. Cage Questions about cage and bedding
  115. Chewing Question on wood for cage?
  116. Cage Lixit Critter Hollow
  117. C&C How many will i need?
  118. Cage Which cage is the best?
  119. Cage Lofts and lids
  120. Size Building a New Cage and Getting a 4th Pig
  121. C&C Alternatives New guinea pig cage
  122. Size Floor time size area needed
  123. C&C Plan For New Cage/Kitchen Question
  124. Cage L-Shape Cage question
  125. C&C check out their new cage :D
  126. Cage Outdoor Cages?
  127. C&C New C&C cage for two boys!
  128. Cage LOVE The New Cage from Guinea Pig Cages!
  129. Cage New cage
  130. C&C Alternatives Not a cage but something similar
  131. Cage Insulated Garage
  132. Grids grids for a stand
  133. Stand would this work at a stand?
  134. C&C Less money to make own C&C cage...or buy one?
  135. Cage Double Double Critter Nation into one big cage ???
  136. C&C Spoiled Pigs!!
  137. Grids What grids are best?
  138. Grids Deal on grids!
  139. C&C Is this a good C & C cage for two male piggys?
  140. Grids Has anyone used this company for grids?
  141. C&C Getting C&C Cage on Monday!
  142. Cage Safe woods for toy making
  143. C&C Can't decide if I want to expand my C&C cages
  144. C&C Post pictures of your jumbo size cages!
  145. C&C Help me pick a cage design!
  146. Cage Please help me finding a good cage!
  147. C&C Always count your grids...
  148. Coroplast Instructions on how to make kitchen?
  149. C&C Alternatives Custom Acrylic cage
  150. Upper Levels Kitchens
  151. Cleaning Bedding for guinea pigs
  152. C&C How many cubes?
  153. Size Bigger sides?
  154. Ramps Pigs using ramp as liter box, how to clean it?
  155. Cleaning cage rust cleaned with kerosene
  156. C&C Cage options in my space
  157. C&C C&C size
  158. Grids Amazon?
  159. Cage Cage help
  160. C&C Alternatives New cage 😀
  161. Ramps help bending grids for ramp
  162. C&C Quick question about cc cage
  163. Size need cage for one week
  164. Cleaning Cannot afford carefresh bedding, what's the best alternative bedding?
  165. Grids C&C Grids-ideas please
  166. Size Adopting new piggie, is my cage big enough?
  167. Cage Is this a good enough cage?!
  168. Grids Alternative to grids
  169. Upper Levels Fleece or bedding in Kkichen?
  170. C&C New dual bunny and piggie cage
  171. C&C New cage and new start to our lives!
  172. Cage Cage support built in Fir wood-- is this safe?
  173. C&C washing uhaul pads??
  174. Chewing Crabapple tree wood???
  175. C&C What does "Kitchen" refer to?
  176. Coroplast Alternatives see-through side of cage??
  177. Cage Making my first C&C Cage :)
  178. Size 3x4 C&C Cage
  179. Litter Training Pig Defecating EVERYWHERE!
  180. Litter Training Potty Training
  181. Size 2x4 okay for a week for three girls?
  182. Cage Tractor Supply Wood Pellets
  183. Chewing Building hide houses?
  184. Cage Big enough cage?
  185. C&C The making of my Guinea Pig Cage
  186. Coroplast Need help with C&C cage
  187. Cleaning About to own 4 Guinea Pigs! C and C Maintenance Tips?
  188. C&C My C and C Cage Story: Watch out for the Herd!
  189. Cage Travel Cage?
  190. C&C My new cage
  191. Storage Areas Free-Standing Hay Holder?
  192. Upper Levels Piggy Party Patio coming soon!
  193. Cage Frustrated with water bottles leaking...what do you use?
  194. Cage Is this cage ok? (7,83 sq feet)
  195. Cage Need opinions,Good cage for outdoor? How can i modify it?
  196. Size Pig Jumps Over Cage Wall?
  197. Connectors Saucers
  198. Grids Extra strong grids!!
  199. Cleaning Maggots on cage
  200. C&C Alternatives Other cages?
  201. Cage Giving Away My Wooden Plexiglass Cage
  202. Cage Built a new 2x4 grid cage :)
  203. Ramps Covering a ramp
  204. C&C Finally finished my first C&C cage
  205. C&C to loft, or not to loft. THAT is the question!
  206. C&C Absorbent layer
  207. Cage What to do when it gets cold?
  208. C&C C &C Cages
  209. Cage Is this cage suitable for 2 guinea pigs
  210. Cage What Kind of Cage Should I Get? C&C or the Midwest Cage? What size?
  211. Grids Grids from this site vs. Target, Walmart, etc.
  212. Ramps ramp with older guinea pigs
  213. Size Do Guinea Pigs Benefit The Larger The Cage?
  214. C&C Alternatives Will this work as a cage/habitat?
  215. Cage Help with cages size please.
  216. Size What size c&c for six sows?
  217. C&C The piggy palace is complete!
  218. Size What size C&C for 4 sows?
  219. Coroplast Checking My Math (measurements)
  220. Size Cage help?
  221. C&C What size C&C for 2 females and 1 male?
  222. C&C Can I make a cage like this with k mart c&c cube and only ordering one pack?
  223. Litter Training Overhead Cover in Kitchen
  224. Size Size vs location
  225. Cage Space-Saving Cage Ideas?
  226. Storage Areas Hay storage/rack in one!
  227. Coroplast Measurements and Cuts for 2x5
  228. C&C Leave the Lid or take it apart?
  229. Cage How much should 2 used Midwest plus cages cost, and what are their measurements?
  230. Grids Grid Type
  231. Cage Bathmats in cages?
  232. Upper Levels How about a basement kitchen?
  233. C&C Making a C&C cage
  234. Cage WOOHOO! new cage!
  235. Lid Do I need it covered?
  236. Size Free Range?
  237. C&C Alternatives Ventilated Shelving as Cage surround?
  238. Cage Cage Sign
  239. Cage Cavy Kitchen
  240. C&C C&C cage questions. 2 male pigs.
  241. C&C Alternatives Closet Shelf Cage?
  242. C&C New here, looking for cage tips, cleaning tips, tips about piggies in general, etc.?
  243. Coroplast Excited to get more coroplast!
  244. Cage Nightlight??
  245. Upper Levels To Loft a kitchen or not
  246. Size Cage size - 3x4? 2x5? What's best for 3 sows?
  247. Lid Lid for 3x4 - removable and how to close the gap
  248. C&C Alternatives Trying to go cheaper in beginning
  249. Size Downsizing cage
  250. Cage New cage build