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  1. Grids unable to find grids in Twin Cities
  2. C&C Shipping help
  3. Upper Levels How to build an upper level on your C&C?
  4. C&C Alternatives Ideas for sides of cage?
  5. Coroplast Connecting coroplast?
  6. C&C My Guinea Pig Cage
  7. C&C C&C Is this product good?
  8. C&C UVA/UVB requirements
  9. C&C Guess who ordered a C&C Cage?
  10. C&C How to secure C&C wall of silence when you have a 12 inch side and 6 inch side
  11. Ramps Training pigs to use ramps/ alternative options?
  12. C&C Had a question about cages
  13. C&C Alternatives Custom outdoor playpen
  14. Cage Cage set up
  15. Cage 8 sq ft... cruel?
  16. C&C How many square ft
  17. C&C Where do you get the clear walls?
  18. Upper Levels Do upper levels make it harder to clean?
  19. Upper Levels Do your guinea pigs actually use the upper level?
  20. Upper Levels Ramp question - do I need to cut a grid or can I go without?
  21. Cage Cage/Kitchen Sizing
  22. Grids Sears/Kmart grids online have changed
  23. Cage Kitchen Area
  24. Upper Levels Do guinea pigs use them?
  25. C&C Cage Info Request, Lots of Nit Picky Questions about Specific Products :)
  26. Size midwest cage dimensions
  27. C&C Redoing the cage
  28. C&C Alternatives Is this cage okay?
  29. Cleaning Cutest Cage Cleaning EVER!
  30. Upper Levels C&C cage upper level offset toward center of cage, stability issue need solution
  31. Upper Levels Our half-doubledecker
  32. C&C Messy Loft
  33. C&C Help me figure out which cage layout to go with?
  34. Cage Best bedding for guinea pigs?
  35. Cage Is my new hay dispenser a safety concern?
  36. Cage Looking for a C&C Cage
  37. Cage New Owner needing help with cage advice.
  38. Cage Cage seems so small
  39. Cleaning Hoping for a cleaner (less smelly) kitchen
  40. Ramps Making Ramps Safe
  41. Zip Ties Looking for zip tie alternatives to build a bunk bed
  42. Litter Training Where to purchase Piggy potty pads
  43. Cage Trying to decide on a temporary cage, need advice on bedding! (also allergy issues)
  44. Chewing Plastic Pigloo and Chewing
  45. Cage Help me play musical cages?
  46. Cage Ikea for guinea pigs
  47. Grids Where to find good grids in Albany Oregon or Surrounding areas???
  48. Getting a hutch
  49. Upper Levels Loft - Yay or Nay?
  50. Grids How long are Costco grids?
  51. Cage new pigs means new cadge ?
  52. Size Joining the main area and the kitchen
  53. Cleaning Fleece and pellets... How do you do it?
  54. Size Be Brutally Honest! (Cage Opinions Needed)
  55. Cage Is this cage okay?
  56. Grids Trouble with Design-a-Cubes (9x9 Grids from BBB)
  57. Cage Outdoor? Indoor? Conflicting information!
  58. Storage Areas Underneath storage construction questions
  59. Cage C&C materials in the UK
  60. Grids C&C Cages.
  61. Stand Do you prefer tables or stands made out of grids?
  62. C&C C&C Trouble: Finding coroplast and cat proofing a cage
  63. Upper Levels Redecorating: Loft, Liners, Ramps, and More
  64. Cage Midwest Cage Question
  65. C&C Not sure what size cage to build
  66. Connectors How to attach loft?
  67. Cage Going For a Cage Expansion!
  68. Upper Levels Suggestions for railing?
  69. Size Right size cage for 3 boars?
  70. Coroplast Midwest cage dimensions
  71. C&C Very excited
  72. Cage Midwest Cage for One Male Skinny Pig?
  73. Size Building new cage
  74. C&C Looking for Advice: Kitchen Size
  75. Cleaning Question about water bottle
  76. Size Parents wont get cage
  77. Coroplast What to do when you cut all the way through
  78. Cage Would this still meet requirements?
  79. Grids Finally getting a bigger cage!!
  80. Coroplast Alternatives Question about the sides of a C&C cage
  81. Cleaning keeping hay off of fleece
  82. Cage Housing boys and girls separately but in the same area
  83. Cage Water bottle
  84. Ramps How long did it take for your piggies to go up the ramp?
  85. C&C Alternatives Can I show off my new cage?
  86. C&C Where can I get a C&C Cage/ something similar?
  87. Cage Urgent!
  88. C&C Alternatives Looking to build a new cage-need ideas!
  89. Upper Levels support for 2grid wide loft on top of a 3grid wide base
  90. Cage Building a Wooden Hutch
  91. Upper Levels Midwest Upper Level Ideas!
  92. Grids Jackpot! Craigslist find!!!
  93. Cage Here's my new cage plan!
  94. C&C Alternatives For those with wood working skills
  95. Coroplast Disinfecting Coroplast
  96. C&C Alternatives Alternatives to C&C cages?
  97. C&C What a difference a C&C cage has made to my boys
  98. C&C How high up should a water bottle be?
  99. C&C My girls loving their new cage and having a snack before bed
  100. Size ASPCA Minimum Size
  101. Cage Our New Cage Setup and a Big Thank You!
  102. C&C Alternatives Gunieas and first look at new cage in the making
  103. C&C Where to find C&C cage materials
  104. C&C In need of a cage design for 2 pigs
  105. Upper Levels what to use loft for
  106. Cage Would this be a good cage for my female cavy?
  107. C&C Let's See Some Cages!!
  108. Coroplast Coroplast Chewing
  109. Coroplast Alternatives Coroplast alternative
  110. Cage Improvement Ideas
  111. Upper Levels Removable condo
  112. C&C Alternatives Building a guinea pig cage😋
  113. Cage Cages Photo Gallery Question
  114. Cage Transport Carrier Ideas?
  115. C&C Alternatives My piggies' new castle
  116. Cage Bedding problem, time sensitive!
  117. Cage SO FRUSTRATED! Cage too small and fighting boars!!!
  118. Cleaning Water Bottle Help Needed
  119. Grids Found the PERFECT upper level supports!
  120. C&C Adding on to a C&C cage?
  121. C&C Temporary Cage Size?
  122. Size Is a 3X4 C&C big enough for TWO boars???
  123. C&C New Cage
  124. Grids Grids for a base or stand
  125. Cage How to get a cool looking cage :) newbie here
  126. Cage New cage ideas
  127. Coroplast Website to order coroplast?
  128. Cage Cage layout ideas needed
  129. Cleaning Cleaning wooden hidey huts!
  130. Grids Mini grids? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE TO GET THEM???
  131. Size Small, multi-level cages?
  132. Cleaning Cleaning out timid pig's hiding spot?
  133. Cage Which accessory should I add?
  134. Lid Hanging Hammock and C & C Cages
  135. Cage Plastic hinges on cages store - where to get them?
  136. C&C Newbie with C & C cage questions
  137. C&C Alternatives Looking to build a new cage...any suggestions?
  138. Coroplast Can't find a sheet big enough?
  139. C&C Need advice where to buy C&C cage
  140. C&C 3 by 2
  141. Cage What size should I get?
  142. Grids C&C Cages: Do they have to have a bottom of grids?
  143. Coroplast Alternatives Will my plan work and be the "cheaper" way?
  144. Grids Cage for my Pigs
  145. Size Can you expand this?
  146. C&C Alternatives Temporary cage
  147. Cleaning How will I clean the cage while having a big belly?
  148. C&C new c&c cage scare!
  149. C&C Alternatives The Door Cage is complete - and I love it!!!! (pictures)
  150. Coroplast Pricing?
  151. C&C Hoping to switch from Midwestern to c and c cage
  152. C&C Need advice on attaching fleece to base...
  153. C&C Alternatives Midwest cages on sale cheap on Amazon right now!
  154. Grids 69 Grids - Will this be enough for a lot of piggies?
  155. Cage how do you get fleece to stay on the base of the cage
  156. Coroplast Alternatives C&C base
  157. Grids Baby proofing: At what age can it be removed?
  158. Grids Aldi has wire shelving
  159. Size Is this cage big enough?
  160. Size Is this big enough for a permanent cage?
  161. Cage Ad on Gumtree
  162. C&C Different builds, same size?
  163. Cage Wooden cage suggestions?
  164. Cage is this cage big enough?
  165. C&C Rabbits and guinea pigs caging
  166. Cleaning Carefresh
  167. Grids Has anyone ever seen GP's mate through a 9 x 9 hole grid separating them?
  168. Cage Question about multiple cages. Would this be okay?
  169. C&C Alternatives A reminder why Pigs need lots of unobstructed space at all times
  170. Cage Water bottle help
  171. Cage Floor Cage Yay or Nay?
  172. Cage cage expansion and floor time question
  173. Cage C&C cages for 4 girls and 2 boys - Is this okay?
  174. C&C To change or not to change..
  175. C&C Building a New C&C Cage for my Piggy and Have Some Questions
  176. C&C Two-story cages
  177. Size 4 feet by 6 feet, ok for 4 pigs?
  178. Cage Is there such a thing as too big of a cage?
  179. Upper Levels Loft loft loft!!
  180. C&C 2x3.5 Want to eventually expand
  181. Size Help me design my cage!
  182. C&C My new hay bin invention!
  183. Cage Good cage size for 5 boys?
  184. C&C 5x5 C&C Cage!
  185. C&C Cage Size Question
  186. Size What do you support your cage with?
  187. Cleaning The corner in the loft.
  188. Coroplast Question about expanding cage
  189. Cleaning Few questions about health and cleaning
  190. Coroplast Guinea Pig Cage
  191. Coroplast Another Coroplast question- is it REALLY that thin and flimsy?!
  192. Stand first c&c cage.
  193. Size Smaller than Recommended...
  194. Guinea pig getting older and CC cage.
  195. C&C Alternatives Need A New Cage For My Piggy!
  196. Cage opinion on coroplast kitchen
  197. C&C Got some stickers for my cage. I think it came out really nice!
  198. Ramps Building the ramp
  199. Coroplast Alternatives Foam core board?
  200. Cage Something Like This Good Enough ?
  201. Size 2x4 seems a bit small for my two boys
  202. Lid Need a lid; have questions
  203. Stand Will stand hold weight
  204. Size Question About Guinea Pig Cages
  205. C&C Waste of money, or a good investment?
  206. Cage Hello everyone Will this size be enough?
  207. C&C New Cage Plans!! Need Opinions & Advice
  208. Size I Have No Space!
  209. C&C I've expanded the guinea girls cage!
  210. Upper Levels Upper Level help!
  211. C&C Breakfast and a new cage
  212. Cage Seperating hay from the rest of the cage?
  213. C&C Alternatives Will a midwest plus work for two sows?
  214. C&C Stacked Cages?
  215. Coroplast Alternatives Cheaper base?
  216. Cage Seeking Suggestions for a new and (hopefully) easier cage
  217. Upper Levels Upper Level ramp ideas?
  218. Cage Deals on Cages?
  219. Storage Areas How do you store your hay?
  220. C&C Pointers on Expanding Current C&C Setup
  221. C&C cube grid & cats
  222. C&C Bottom to C&C Cage
  223. C&C Guinea pig and bearded dragon
  224. C&C What do you put your C&C cage on top of?
  225. C&C Alternatives Shed building & set up for guinea pigs, questions
  226. Coroplast need measurements
  227. Litter Training Easiest way to use a litter
  228. Cage What to use around the cage
  229. Cage The most awesomest cage I have seen one here, fantasy wise.
  230. Cage Is this big enough?
  231. Size Advice on carry cage
  232. C&C temporary divider
  233. Cage Cage Dimensions & Accessories placement
  234. Cage I made a cage with cardboard
  235. Cage I think it's safe to say Nugget loves his new cage
  236. C&C Which size cage should I buy?
  237. Coroplast Size of Coroplast for a 2x4 cage?
  238. Cage Which is Most Ideal Location?
  239. Cage Bedding and Cage Stand
  240. C&C Travel cage ready
  241. Upper Levels Cleaning Under the Loft
  242. Cage Water bottle alternatives to end leaking -- AgSelect valve system?
  243. Cage What is the best travel carrier to buy?
  244. Cage Are pet store cages suitable for any other animal?
  245. C&C Re designing cage to go from 2 to 4 piggies
  246. C&C Alternatives New cage help
  247. Coroplast Alternatives Are there alternatives to coroplast?
  248. C&C 2nd level separate cage for Foster Guineapigs
  249. Cage 2x3 Cage on top of another 2x3 ?
  250. Grids Grids from Bed Bath & Beyond?