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  1. Coroplast I've suddenly become a CoroMaster.
  2. Cleaning How the heck do you clean the water bottles properly?
  3. C&C Alternatives Small cage
  4. C&C Alternatives Considering switching from C&C to single critter/ferret nations. Thoughts?
  5. C&C Finished my first C&C. Any changes needed? Did I do anything wrong?
  6. Size 3x3 instead of 2x4?
  7. C&C Almost done!!!
  8. Cleaning Trying to find a post
  9. Cage Need a bigger cage.
  10. C&C 2x6 to 4x4?
  11. Upper Levels Kitchen Loft Questions
  12. C&C Are C&C Cages Mandatory?
  13. Upper Levels Upper level help
  14. C&C Details on C&C Cages?!?!?!?!?
  15. Cage Going to be making a bigger cage :D
  16. Coroplast Help with a HUGE cage.
  17. Grids where to buy the grids for a Cand C cage
  18. Size Big Enough Cage?
  19. Upper Levels Kitchen area
  20. C&C How big?
  21. Cage Great News, Fleece Questions, So Excited!
  22. C&C I hate their new cage
  23. C&C Just starting out, questions about C&C cages and fleece
  24. Grids are these grids safe to build a cage with?
  25. Stand My 3x4 base arrived! How do I make a rolling stand out of table tops?
  26. Size Is a cages ever too big????
  27. Grids Any different grids that fit with GPC store grids?
  28. Upper Levels pigs living in their loft :/
  29. C&C Alternatives My plans for an alternative C&C cage
  30. C&C C&C Advice
  31. Cage Midwest cage Question ???
  32. Upper Levels I built a bunk bed!
  33. Coroplast Alternatives Poor College kid! Need help!
  34. Grids Plastic Grids?
  35. Coroplast coroplast wall height for babies
  36. Upper Levels Looking to add a another level
  37. Cage Kitchen Area
  38. Grids Expansion question
  39. Coroplast How can I expand the cage?
  40. Cage Escape Artist
  41. Size How many can I fit?
  42. Grids Where to buy silver grids?
  43. Cleaning Use this to clean the piggies cage?
  44. Cage Is this cat Wood Pellet safe?
  45. Cage Newbie cage questions
  46. Cage Cage placement and windows
  47. Cage Height for babies/young females
  48. Size Confused about potential climbing and falls
  49. Cleaning Hay box/bins ideas
  50. Freshly expanded cc cage
  51. Grids Grids from Bed Bath and Beyond
  52. Size More length, or more width?
  53. Ramps Ramp safe for blind piggy
  54. Cage Midwest cages
  55. Cage U-Haul furniture pads...
  56. Lid Temporary lid ideas?
  57. Coroplast Alternatives Awesome cage liner find and idea
  58. Cage Baking Soda Reduces Odor?
  59. Cage Finally getting some piggies...cage questions and more.
  60. C&C cant stand the wait!
  61. Size 3 x 3 am I going to be kicking myself later...
  62. C&C Should I create 2 separate cages or just divide?
  63. Cage Cage help for 2 boys
  64. Cage Cage Accessories Questions
  65. Cage Cages...AHH
  66. Cage Exploring my Options
  67. Cage New cage for christmas!
  68. Cage Scared my guinea pigs will die. I need a cage top
  69. C&C Alternatives Hutches for guinea pigs??
  70. Cleaning Decent Food Bowls
  71. Cage Got a cage too small
  72. Cage Where to put it?
  73. C&C Cage Flooring and Space: Bedding or Fleece?
  74. C&C Rough Draft C&C Loft Cavy Cave (taking my full loft) NEED OPINIONS!!!!!!!
  75. Cage Omg... It has been ordered. :o
  76. Cage Midwest Guinea Pig Cage Questions
  77. Upper Levels What kind of upper level for 2 x 7?
  78. Cage What should I use to cage off an area for floortime?
  79. C&C Alternatives New cage plans: working with Plexiglass and wood?
  80. Cage Cage too bare for a skittish pig.
  81. Cleaning Cleaning/Reconfiguring?
  82. C&C Is this okay
  83. Cage in the basement???
  84. C&C My mom said yes!!
  85. C&C New to this Piggie Experience
  86. C&C Holiday themed cages!
  87. Grids Where to buy mesh type grids online?
  88. Ramps How many grids?
  89. C&C Expanded cage !!
  90. Coroplast Revamping! Coro kitchen questions?
  91. C&c
  92. Chewing Guinea pig chewing cage bars
  93. Cage My Guinea Pig Game Plan (Cages)
  94. Cage Two critternations?
  95. Cage DIY ramp?
  96. Ramps Interesting Ramp Idea from Pinterest
  97. Cage Making the cage less of an eyesore?
  98. C&C Kitchen poll!
  99. Upper Levels Need creative minds. Combine C&C and Midwest?
  100. Upper Levels Will a blind pig take to a 2nd level hay loft?
  101. Cage Different cage making materials
  102. Cage Christmas Cage!
  103. Size Blind Guinea Pig. Is large cage + friend beneficial, or harmful?
  104. Cage Escape! Jumping piggy.
  105. Cleaning smell of my guinea pigs cage
  106. Upper Levels Cage help
  107. C&C How to make a cover/roof?
  108. Cage Is there a rule?
  109. C&C Convincing for bigger cages
  110. C&C Build my pigs new cage!
  111. Cage My new C+C cage!
  112. C&C Buying first c&c cage soon
  113. C&C Finally done with my cage!
  114. C&C Need more cage space but limited room
  115. C&C Tips on how to build a cage like this?
  116. **** WARNING **** Hay Bags With Grommets
  117. Lid Pigs and Cats, Anyone Else With an Unlidded Cage?
  118. Size 2x2 for 1 Guinea Pig?
  119. C&C c&c retailer questions
  120. C&C Alternatives Bookshelf/Drawer Cage?
  121. C&C Alternatives Safe to use wood for Guinea Pigs?
  122. C&C Re doing cages
  123. Size 3x4 + 2x6 upper level - enough space for three boars?
  124. Cage thinking about adding a level
  125. Size room questions
  126. C&C Expanded cage fore the new year! 5 pics
  127. Cage Cage update?
  128. C&C Wood Pellets
  129. C&C Measuring help
  130. Cage a few questions. help please.
  131. C&C Durability?
  132. C&C No longer a bad owner
  133. Ramps How do I build a second level ramp??
  134. Ramps Ramp suggestions
  135. Coroplast Coro: Do you know if it comes in this size?
  136. C&C 3X4 dimensions needed please!
  137. Cage T-shirt used to make hay bags? Suggestions for hay troughs?
  138. Cage Amused & Annoyed: Cage Expansion
  139. Cage High-traffic cage location really does make a difference!
  140. Ramps Homemade ramp ideas?
  141. Upper Levels Hey smart people, Combine C&C with Midwest??
  142. Size How can I maximize the cage space that I have?
  143. C&C Support Rods/Grids/Etc
  144. Stand What do you guys use as a stand?
  145. Cage looking for commerical cage options
  146. Cage Is this one okay?
  147. C&C Valentine's Day already!
  148. Coroplast Alternatives Playpen flooring
  149. C&C Do you disinfect your cage?
  150. Cage Frustrated with cage,!
  151. Coroplast 2.5 mm (millimeters) a suitable corflute thickness?
  152. Cage Storage bin cages
  153. Grids I have target grids (8x8)! And opinions on new cage set up?
  154. Grids Baby proof with fleece?
  155. C&C new c&c!! have some questions!
  156. Upper Levels Thinking of adding an upper level and a stand
  157. C&C Alternatives IKEA enclosure :D
  158. Cage I need help with my cage.
  159. Upper Levels Help with loft Coroplast
  160. Cage Kitchen area question
  161. Upper Levels How to do upper levels?
  162. C&C Need help convincing mom
  163. Stand First C&C Cage - Stand Questions
  164. C&C New and need overall advice with building a cage and cleaning
  165. Upper Levels Removable Upper Loft...??
  166. C&C Should i get a bigger cage? 2x3 for 2 sows.
  167. C&C Triple Decker Cage Plan
  168. Cage Merging two cages into one! Would appreciate some insight!
  169. Chewing Not really sure how to title this, but, hay rack problems, fleece problems!
  170. Cage Basic Cage Questions - Zipties, kitchen loft, etc
  171. Coroplast Alternatives How to baby proof a C&C cage without coroplast?
  172. Coroplast Alternatives Need some input on a Coro alternative!
  173. C&C C&C questions
  174. Cage Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus
  175. Grids Frosted Plastic Panels?
  176. Coroplast Coroplast Help Needed - 72 x 36 sheets at Home Depot not big enough
  177. C&C L-shaped C&C?
  178. C&C C&C Cage tour
  179. C&C The new storage systems? Thoughts?
  180. Cage Experience with these hay bags/racks from guinea pig market??
  181. Coroplast How much of a lip on Coroplast Kitchen area?
  182. Cage My herd has their own room now
  183. Ramps Stairs instead of ramp/second level ideas....
  184. Zip Ties Connectors vs. Zipties: measurements change?
  185. Litter Training Litter box ideas
  186. Cage Pet Room
  187. Cage Hinges for use on cage panels?
  188. Cage Opinions?
  189. Cage Things to put in Cages?
  190. C&C Building my c&c. Questions?
  191. Cage Cage help
  192. Size 3x3 dimensions for bedding
  193. Size DIY Dresser Cage Tips
  194. Grids Cutting grids
  195. C&C 2x7 with L-Shape loft C&C cage tour
  196. Coroplast Building a custom C&C cage need help finding custom coroplast.
  197. Cage Just finished an expansion! Thoughts?
  198. Stand Cage Stand
  199. Size Expand Up Or Out?
  200. Grids Would These Grids Work?
  201. C&C I have questions about building
  202. Size Recommended cage size for 7 guinea pigs?
  203. Cage Cage design?
  204. C&C Cage Tour
  205. Cage Minimum space requirement
  206. C&C C&C cage?
  207. Cage Bookshelf as cage?
  208. Cleaning Water bottle problems?
  209. Cage Should i Bother? YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE!
  210. Coroplast where to buy a 1 x 2
  211. C&C Build with me! Progress pictures :)
  212. C&C Finally piggies will have some space! but.....
  213. Cage Need advice! DIY cage project using Ikea products!
  214. Upper Levels Is it possible to build up with a midwest cage?
  215. C&C Beginning my c and c adventure
  216. Cage Wood!?
  217. C&C Chicken wire??
  218. C&C Guys I'm so excited!! Also have a couple ?'s about ramps and Coro.
  219. Cage Our (first) C&C cage
  220. Lid Lid ideas for 3x5?
  221. Stand Need ideas for stacking 2 jumbo C&C covered cages
  222. C&C Switched and loving it
  223. Cage Cage - on call weeks
  224. C&C Finally posting pics of C&C Cage
  225. C&C being delivered today!!!
  226. C&C corner style C&C cage?
  227. C&C And so it begins 😄
  228. Cage Please help me design a cage!
  229. C&C My cage is complete!! Time for pictures :)
  230. C&C Started my 1st C&C - ?s re: Coro height, fleece, and wood pellets!
  231. Size Any ideas for saving space with 3 cages?
  232. C&C Are 4 inch coro sides tall enough?
  233. Cage retro-fixing flawed setup of inherited commercial cage setups
  234. Chewing What about toys...
  235. Cage I'm wondering about an outdoor option...
  236. Cleaning Questions about fleece, cage liners etc
  237. C&C This is The 2x4 C&C Cage I Just Finished (I'm New to All This)...
  238. Cage Hay rack made out of grids
  239. Grids Question about grids: Can I use these?
  240. Upper Levels does this loft need support?
  241. Upper Levels Suport for Upper Loft?
  242. Cage Bedding: So Phresh
  243. Cage New cage for our boys
  244. Ramps Making a Ramp out of leftover Coroplast?
  245. C&C How many adult pigs can I fit in a 2x7 C&C?
  246. C&C New cage design help and questions
  247. Coroplast Alternatives What else can I use besides coro??
  248. C&C Need Room
  249. Coroplast Alternatives Coroplast Alternatives?
  250. C&C New Cage!! :D