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  1. Coroplast Coroplast Side Height?
  2. Cage what to buy on a budget as a cage?
  3. Upper Levels DIY platform
  4. Cage cage upgrade pics
  5. Coroplast Size of coro
  6. Grids Whitmor cubes: good?
  7. C&C bedding in c&c cage
  8. Lid my problem
  9. Coroplast price
  10. Cage Why is it bad to keep their cages outside?
  11. Ramps Not happy with cage, need ideas.
  12. Cage Traveling, need to buy portable cage they can stay in for the weekend
  13. Upper Levels To Loft, or not to loft :)
  14. C&C New and Improved Cage!
  15. C&C C & C grids . . .can rust be removed?
  16. Cage Looking for some new ideas
  17. C&C I'm trying to build my first c&c cage need help!!
  18. Grids grid: head stuck (she is alright!)
  19. C&C My C&C cage is too big!!
  20. Cage Building my 1st C&C cage
  21. C&C should I go smaller or leave it the same ?
  22. C&C Buy cage
  23. Grids It's a good start!
  24. Coroplast Coroplast measurements?
  25. Cage Wooden Enclosures Indoor!
  26. So you think my home made cage is ok
  27. Lid do I still need a lid?
  28. Upper Levels Finally complete! <3
  29. Ramps homemade ramp cover??
  30. Coroplast Alternatives Shower curtain?
  31. Size Hidey houses
  32. C&C I found 32 grids in my garage!
  33. Cage Bricks
  34. Lid please help me with my lid
  35. C&C Lid on c&c cage
  36. Cage Tell me how it looks!
  37. Cleaning What's this?!
  38. Cage What is a "Kitchen" in a cage???
  39. Cage My cage plan (drawing)
  40. C&C New Cage Setup!
  41. Stand The difference a table makes
  42. Coroplast Alternatives Any good alternatives?
  43. Coroplast Where Can I Find Cheap Coroplast?
  44. Cage Cage biting
  45. C&C What is a safe brand of glue to reinforce C&C cage?
  46. Cage What Can I Make With 23 Grids?
  47. C&C Just wondering about buying vs making C&C cage
  48. C&C Alternatives Leaving on Friday for a day trip
  49. C&C New Cage needed, guinea pig trio didnt work out
  50. Grids Head stuck in grids
  51. Ramps piggie loft ramp training
  52. Coroplast Do guinea pigs eat coroplast?
  53. Cage Stacked cages - 3 levels 2x6
  54. Coroplast I bought the coroplast..... Now what
  55. Size Ginormous for two!!
  56. Ramps Do I need a ramp?
  57. C&C How to make my cage really strong
  58. C&C Oh sweet awesomeness!!!
  59. Coroplast coro decoration
  60. Ramps trouble coming down ramp
  61. Coroplast Finding a 5' x 10' piece of coroplast?
  62. C&C Is a 2x5 acceptable?
  63. Cage Care fresh VS. Kiln Dried pine shavings VS. Aspen VS. Kaytee Clean and Cozy
  64. Cage Jumbo Tubby Cage - what is it's usable size?
  65. Cage Building A Cage - Grids & Wood? (A few questions)
  66. Cage How many Piggies can fit?
  67. Coroplast What do you do at the seam between pieces of coro?
  68. Lid lid support for cage, alternative to wonder bars ?
  69. C&C Cage is complete!
  70. Stand Help with stacking cages
  71. C&C How long did it take you to build your c&c cage?
  72. C&C Old vs new cage pics!
  73. C&C Cage Questions!
  74. Your guinea pig cages?
  75. Cage Cage Background Idea
  76. Cage My Pigs New Cage
  77. Upper Levels Lofts and counting as floor space
  78. Cage New Cage!
  79. Lid dog safety advice!?
  80. Coroplast Putting two pieces of coroplast together
  81. Coroplast Cage Question!
  82. Ramps Covered Ramps
  83. Coroplast Need Exact coroplast measurements!!!
  84. C&C Alternatives My new piggy loft and cages!
  85. Upper Levels Loft & Ramp Questions!
  86. Cage Cage Question
  87. Size Best way/ easiest way to extend a C&C cage
  88. Upper Levels New Patio
  89. Cage inspiration for 2-3 pigs?
  90. C&C Cage problems?
  91. C&C Add 1x2 for every added piggy. However, add it anywhere on cage?
  92. Grids Just hit the Jackpot!
  93. Upper Levels Loft/kitchen out of seven grids
  94. Cage Drafty area?
  95. Stand A raised cage v a cage on the floor
  96. Size Attaching/Contacting 2 cages
  97. Cage My cage!
  98. Upper Levels I have a Midwest Cage
  99. Size Bare Minimum Square Foot Requirements
  100. Cage What type of bedding?
  101. Cage Is the living world deluxe cage okay?
  102. C&C Another New Cage!
  103. C&C My First C&C Cage
  104. C&C can C&C cages bear weight?
  105. Upper Levels Stacked Cage Questions for people who have or have tried stacked cages.
  106. Coroplast Impossible to stick coroplast sides down
  107. Size Downsizing C&C Cage
  108. Size Is my cage too small?
  109. C&C Cost of c c cage
  110. Size Playtime cage
  111. Cage Large cage, switching to pure fleece
  112. Grids What are the grids called and where can you find them?
  113. Cage OMG It's finally done!! *Clicking here is a must*
  114. Grids Bed Bath & Beyond Grids
  115. Upper Levels Loft: Safe?
  116. Cage Cat Proofing Cage Advice?
  117. Ramps My guinea pigs won't use the ramp
  118. C&C Alternatives Plastic under-bed storage tub for "playpen"?
  119. Coroplast Alternatives Quick expanding and retractable cage
  120. C&C A trip to the sign store
  121. Grids Great price on grids if in Stock in your area
  122. Cage DIY Toys and Hideys?
  123. Cage New Cage Finished. Thoughts?
  124. Chewing Is the coating on grids safe for chewing?
  125. Cage Hinged-door and lid help/tips
  126. C&C Does anyone have an L-shaped cage?
  127. Cage Post a picture of your cage layout!
  128. Coroplast Question about where to measure for coroplast insert on c&c cages.
  129. Cage I suffer from cage envy
  130. Cage Making a cover for a c and c cage
  131. C&C First Cage Build! Let me know what y'all think!
  132. Size How many grids is your indoor run?
  133. Upper Levels Removing the loft
  134. Cage Planning ahead christmas holidays, need advice on piggy housing
  135. Size We are now completely hidey free and the cage seems so much bigger
  136. Cage Your thoughts on bricks
  137. Upper Levels Hammocks, yes or no?!
  138. C&C Adjustments to cage dimensions, opinions?
  139. Cage There should be a warning...
  140. Cage Kitchen too slippery
  141. Grids A miracle on cages
  142. C&C Is 2x8 enough room?
  143. Cage Type of brick for water
  144. Cleaning Trying out wood pellets!
  145. C&C Alternatives Cage idea
  146. C&C Alternatives A Couple Questions Regarding Closet Shelving Cages
  147. C&C It's Done! Yay!
  148. C&C How to make the best C&C cage with loft and fleece? Also introducing my first piggie!
  149. Cage dimensions of piggy bed
  150. Cage "furniture" in cages
  151. Cage Pellets & tension bars...
  152. Coroplast Is $25 an ok price?
  153. Size Building my first C&C cage: advice on size compromise
  154. C&C simple question where to get cc materials in the gta
  155. Size How many cubes do I need to get to make a 2x4? And how many yards of fleece covers it
  156. Cage Need help to build 1st cage for 4 Piggies
  157. Cage Housing
  158. Coroplast What's sizes can you get from 1 sheet?
  159. Cleaning Frustrated with smelly kitchen!!
  160. Cleaning How To Clean C&C Cage?
  161. Lid do I really need a lid with a cat in the house?
  162. Cage Help decorating my cage?
  163. C&C Finally Ordered a C&C Cage!
  164. C&C Alternatives Ideas!
  165. C&C Alternatives How big is 1 9x9 grid?
  166. Size Cage size for placing adopted Adult Male next to a 2x4 cage with two females?
  167. C&C How do I convince my piggies ramps are ok?
  168. C&C Cage design ideas!
  169. Size Cage Size for 5 Female Piggies
  170. Size Need larger cage for two males, not sure what size to get!
  171. Cage I have a blind guinea pig and I'm worried about getting a new cage
  172. C&C Alternatives Ramp ideas? How to make the best ramp?
  173. C&C Making a C&C cage
  174. C&C Just ordered our first C&C cage :)
  175. Upper Levels 2nd level- outside tunnels, no ramps?
  176. C&C Sewing Piggy Bedspreads
  177. Lid Looking for Cover Alternatives
  178. Chewing Are these products okay for Guinea Pigs?
  179. Coroplast Coroplast price
  180. Cage Bedding for "kitchen" area?
  181. Coroplast Coroplast sheet is too small - ideas needed
  182. Size Cage length?
  183. C&C help making a C&c cage
  184. Coroplast Alternatives Coroplast Alternatives?
  185. Upper Levels Supporting the loft
  186. Chewing Soda bottles for tunnels?
  187. C&C Downsized our cage
  188. Grids White vs Black grids
  189. C&C Measurement confusion
  190. C&C The start of our C&C cage
  191. Storage Areas Building cage from scratch! First level
  192. Cage Need a new play pen!
  193. Upper Levels How to clean multilevel cages
  194. Size Continuation of old thread -- Lofts don't count as cage space?
  195. Ramps How steep? How wide?
  196. Cage My cage setup (in South Korea)
  197. C&C Can I see some ideas for space saving cages with dividers?
  198. Cage Pest proofing cages (scorpions)
  199. Size C&C cage questions
  200. C&C C&C cages in New Zealand?
  201. Coroplast Cage is too big for single sheet of coroplast
  202. C&C My Guinea Pig Cage
  203. Cage No hidey holes?
  204. Cage Planning on Building a Hutch. Help with ideas?
  205. Grids Cheapest place to get grids
  206. Cage New Cage!
  207. Cage Questions regarding two-level cages and ramps
  208. C&C Clear Coroplast? What is this/where to buy?
  209. Grids Where can I buy DIY grids in the UK?
  210. Grids Just bought the grids!!!
  211. Cage Clean cage
  212. Ramps Traction on ramps?
  213. C&C Built my cage today!!
  214. C&C Alternatives Binder clip alternatives?
  215. Cage My latest cage upgrade!
  216. Cage My boars' current c&c cage!
  217. Upper Levels Safe height for mid grid level lofts/bunk beds? Do I need to add loft sides?
  218. Size Tips on expanding C&C cage
  219. Lid Cats jumping on c&c cage??
  220. Cage Your favorite features or what to avoid
  221. Upper Levels Mid-Height Loft?
  222. Connectors Alternatives to plastic cage connectors
  223. Coroplast Where to buy new coroplast?
  224. Size Cages Without Connectors
  225. C&C Alternatives Making my midwest larger without buying a new cage
  226. Cage Would these cages be acceptable?
  227. Cage Yikes! Guinea got under the patio, almost fell out of the cage!
  228. C&C Considering adding a basement to the cage
  229. Stand Has Anyone Built Their Own Stand
  230. Cage Store brought guinea pig cage
  231. Cleaning Kitchen area bedding
  232. C&C Photos
  233. C&C Chloroplast for 2x5 C and C cage
  234. Coroplast Coroplast from home depot or Lowe's?
  235. Cleaning Hay and pee I am so frustrated!!
  236. Grids Cubes on Amazon
  237. C&C Expanded the Cage Today
  238. Grids Quick question about grids
  239. Cage Rotating cages?
  240. C&C First C&C cage ever! Introducing Oreo.
  241. C&C Cage Location Leading to Skittish Behavior
  242. C&C Are these grids ok?
  243. C&C Where do I find it!?
  244. C&C First Cage Questions
  245. Coroplast I've suddenly become a CoroMaster.
  246. Cleaning How the heck do you clean the water bottles properly?
  247. C&C Alternatives Small cage
  248. C&C Alternatives Considering switching from C&C to single critter/ferret nations. Thoughts?
  249. C&C Finished my first C&C. Any changes needed? Did I do anything wrong?
  250. Size 3x3 instead of 2x4?