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  1. Cage Needing Ideas for Converting Tall Dresser Into Cage
  2. Cage Just some questions about a c&c cage
  3. C&C Australian pig owner here! Wondering where I could buy myself c&c cages?
  4. C&C Alternatives Got all my materials. ready to start building!
  5. C&C Alternatives artificial habitat?
  6. Cage Unplanned Piggie, will this work as a cage?
  7. Cage size of cage for 2 males
  8. C&C Alternatives Midwest expandable guinea pig habitat?
  9. Cleaning Cleaning the kitchen area...
  10. Grids Anyone use Sears/Kmart "Shop Your Way Rewards" cards?
  11. C&C Finally finished
  12. Grids Now that I'm down to four, I , know what I'm going to use the extra grids for
  13. Ramps Is the incline ok?
  14. Upper Levels Twix's New Loft!!!! Pictures attached..
  15. C&C New cage! Almost done, but not sure how I'm going to finish it.
  16. C&C Alternatives Building a new cage
  17. C&C C&C cage finished - zip ties worked!
  18. Cage Question bout my cage
  19. Size Our new c&c is started
  20. Size 4x4 or 2x8?
  21. Cage They're finally in the big girl pen, and so happy to be! :D
  22. Cage Uhaul pads no longer available?
  23. Cage Best Placement for Cage
  24. Connectors If you don't use the plastic connectors
  25. Cage Cleaned and new fleece
  26. Coroplast Cutting coroplast
  27. Size Is my current cage okay for my pigs?
  28. Size How many sows in this area?
  29. Cleaning My cage set up
  30. C&C question about "double decker" cages
  31. C&C Two Separate Kitchens
  32. Cleaning Check Out My Awesome Finds!
  33. Cage Was Curious how long it typically takes for C&C cages to ship
  34. C&C Opinions on my cage?
  35. Coroplast How hard to cut
  36. Size Enough space for another?
  37. Ramps Mid-high lofts with inset ramp.
  38. C&C Yipee! C&C cage is coming soon!
  39. C&C How many Piggies?
  40. C&C Will it ever be big enough? I'm ridiculous. Anyway, ramp ideas?
  41. Cleaning Piggies Wasting So. Much. Hay!
  42. Coroplast Store bought Coroplast Question
  43. Cage thinking about expanding
  44. Coroplast Coro-Claw
  45. Cleaning Cleaning Fleece
  46. Zip Ties Rivet packs
  47. Grids Cage Height vs. Piggie Height
  48. C&C 27 grids
  49. Size First cage
  50. Coroplast Where might I find...
  51. Cage Outside Run
  52. C&C New cage and 3rd pig
  53. Cage Help me remedy a few design issues with my boy's cage
  54. C&C i'm a newbie. how can i make the cheapest c&c possible?
  55. C&C CC Expansion Ideas
  56. Cage Would Fleece Be Right For My Cage?
  57. Cage Cage Layout
  58. Litter Training Bedding?
  59. C&C C&C cage thoughts?
  60. Cage C&C cage built, advice on anything I've done wrong, and ideal herd size?
  61. C&C Cage placement re: windows, a hawk & maybe a falcon.
  62. Coroplast Coroplast Pieces from Cage Store - Can I make a base out of them?
  63. C&C Redid the cage
  64. C&C you guys will be so proud of me
  65. Cage Carpet protection options for under a C&C cage.
  66. Cleaning Safe disinfecting wipe?
  67. Cleaning Alternative cleaning solution? (as opposed to Vinegar)
  68. Cage How many can I properly house in this setup?
  69. C&C Bought my C&C cage today
  70. C&C Alternatives Non Toxic Sealant?
  71. C&C Need your C&C design expertise!
  72. Grids standard wire grids versus perforated polypropylene (plastic with holes)
  73. Cage Ideas for Outdoor Cavy Run
  74. Coroplast Alternatives Oilcloth liner?
  75. Size Piggie cage size
  76. Cage What should I do for a cage door?
  77. Stand What to use as a cage stand?
  78. Size How many?
  79. C&C Stage one of cage expansion complete!
  80. C&C Pets and Parents and C&C's
  81. C&C Smallest cage setup for 6 boys?
  82. Cleaning Litter in kitchen: am I doing it wrong?
  83. Upper Levels 2nd Level loft as main living space
  84. C&C Alternatives brilliant cage!
  85. Cleaning Are Clorox Wipes safe?
  86. C&C Alternatives Cage Ideas?
  87. Cage Cages on Stands
  88. C&C Alternatives Dog Crate
  89. Coroplast How can I let my piggies see each other?
  90. Cage Need help with ideas for a cage. 4 boars, all separate.
  91. Grids cubes where to get cheap
  92. Cage Stacked C & C cage with lids
  93. Upper Levels PICS of new setup
  94. C&C Cavy Cafe Blueprints
  95. Cage New Fleece in Cage
  96. Grids POLL: Grids, which way do you like to keep them together?
  97. Cage My husband is letting me expand the cage!
  98. C&C Alternatives Building a second level...
  99. Grids About how many grids do you think I will need for two 3x3 cages & a stand?
  100. Cage Spent grains
  101. Ramps Ramp locations
  102. Coroplast Coroplast size for C&C Cage
  103. Cage Rabbit hutch????
  104. Upper Levels Piggie hop height?: Idea for stepped grids to upper level.
  105. Cage I'm new here & bedding & cage information
  106. Grids plastic grids/cubes
  107. C&C Plights of cage-redesign/rebuild: zip ties, dislocated pigs, and domestic jenga.
  108. Coroplast adding a second floor in my guinea pigs cage using coroplast?
  109. C&C Piecing together coroplast?
  110. C&C How much does a C&C save you?
  111. Cage Cold?
  112. C&C 3x3 vs 2x5
  113. C&C Size of Bunny Cage
  114. C&C space saving ideas
  115. Size bar size?
  116. C&C New C&C cage!!
  117. C&C Would a 2x3 work?
  118. C&C Modification to a C&C that makes cleaning easier
  119. Cage First guinea pig cage! (Piggies to come soon!)
  120. Grids Cheap Grids
  121. Ramps Tips for getting pigs to use ramps?
  122. Cage Connectors or just plain zip ties? Pics of base please!
  123. Litter Training Is this unusual?
  124. C&C What to get for C&C cage
  125. Coroplast Any Seattle area cavy slaves? Found a great place to buy coroplast!
  126. Cage Keep high jumping, escape artist cats out of room!!
  127. Grids Score new grids! Now how to clean them?
  128. Cage Are these cubes suitable
  129. Cage How to paint guinea's house? :)
  130. Storage Areas Water Bottles?
  131. Size Building new c&c cage--what size?
  132. C&C I think I have a problem...
  133. C&C Alternatives Cage Paint that's safe?
  134. Size which is bigger?
  135. Grids Cage Stand for Midwest Cage?
  136. Upper Levels Adding a half-height loft to cage?
  137. C&C C&C Discount Code
  138. C&C Kmart and Home Depot?
  139. C&C Cat proofing my C&C cage
  140. C&C My C&C cage
  141. C&C PHOTOGRAPHER wanted for free stuff!
  142. Lid Help please, at my wits in with this cage.
  143. C&C Questions about C&C cages (specifically kitchen divider and fleece flippers)
  144. Cage Coroplast base insert for midwest cages
  145. Coroplast Links to cheap, colored coroplast
  146. C&C New piggy mama, help with C&C cage?
  147. C&C C&c uk
  148. Litter Training Is there hope for potty training our baby?
  149. Litter Training Puppy Pads???
  150. Upper Levels Loft/seond level kitchens?
  151. Cage finding the sq area of my cage/s
  152. Lid Cage lids
  153. Stand Can this table support a cage?
  154. Cage How many can I have?
  155. C&C 3x3 cage, coroplast help
  156. Grids No More Cheap Grids?
  157. C&C Alternatives I don't know how best to extend my Guinea's cage, Help needed!(Pic)
  158. Coroplast Are Clorox Wipes Piggie-Safe for Cleaning Coroplast?
  159. C&C Reviews on the Kitchen area for c&c cages? Good or bad?
  160. Upper Levels Loft or no loft for c&c cage?
  161. Ramps Is this a good ramp to use for guinea pigs?
  162. C&C My Cage Transformation and some SERIOUSLY happy pigs!!
  163. Coroplast Coro flutes
  164. C&C Alternatives For those with plexiglass on cage...
  165. C&C 6 storage cube grids...how many grids are in it?
  166. C&C Alternatives Making a new cage (pics attached)
  167. Coroplast Alternatives Water proof
  168. Coroplast Alternatives Building new cage?
  169. Upper Levels Any ideas?
  170. C&C Building a cage on top of another cage
  171. C&C Changing from a Midwest to C&C?
  172. C&C Cosy items
  173. Chewing Review on Ikea bed?
  174. Stand Making a stand for cage
  175. Ramps Ramp leading outside cage
  176. C&C Chewing the Coro?
  177. C&C Adopting Mom and Daughter - C&C Cage advice please (Newbie)
  178. Stand How to make a dog crate part of a stand?
  179. C&C LOVE C&C cages - I just redesigned the cage - again!
  180. Coroplast Looking for that coroplast haybox!
  181. Ramps Is PVC Pipe okay for a guinea pig "tube"
  182. C&C Alternatives Help!
  183. C&C Alternatives New DIY Cage Plans
  184. C&C Alternatives 1st timer - Nibbles & Chubbs exploring new pad !!!
  185. C&C Cubes
  186. Storage Areas Any ideas for a DIY playpen?!
  187. C&C Alternatives Base
  188. Cage A random connecting system
  189. C&C What kind of vinegar to use
  190. Cage Looking to build a bigger cage for happier guinea pigs
  191. Coroplast Alternatives Tossing Out a Cage Idea
  192. C&C Male and Female C&C Cage Questions
  193. C&C Cute sofas for the pig's cage :)
  194. C&C Alternatives Glass
  195. Cage Planning to build summer cage outside. Need input on soft, washable, safe material
  196. Coroplast Corrugated Cardboard Rolls
  197. Coroplast 3x3 cage expansion, coroplast help
  198. C&C rearranging the furniture
  199. Cage Water bottle issues will never end
  200. Cage Fly issues?
  201. C&C It's done! Yay!
  202. Upper Levels Loft size advice
  203. Upper Levels show me your offset lofts<3
  204. Litter Training homemade litter box?
  205. C&C Questions about Hay Rack
  206. C&C C&C Cage Building
  207. Coroplast SIZE.?!?!
  208. Cage New cage, thoughts!?
  209. Lid Ideas for strong and easily accessible lid
  210. Cage Muffin' s first and new cage by newbies :)
  211. C&C Expanding again
  212. Connectors Shipping
  213. Grids I'm so mad!!!
  214. C&C Not Enough Room, what can I do?
  215. Cage New Homeee!
  216. C&C C&C- 2x4?
  217. C&C Design suggestions needed for my 2 x 6 cage
  218. Stand Stand pictures
  219. Cage lid and ramp ideas?
  220. Grids What to do with spare grids?
  221. Cage storesupply.com?
  222. C&C Buying and Building Cages Help
  223. A work in progress!❤️
  224. Upper Levels Turning two midwest cages into one
  225. Chewing Is Chicken Wire Safe?
  226. C&C I finally made it!
  227. Upper Levels Loft tips?
  228. Zip Ties Reminder - those cute little ones only hold so much weight
  229. Stand Getting the cage off the floor
  230. C&C paypal????
  231. Cage Boys and girls in the same room? (not same cage)
  232. Coroplast Alternatives polypropylene hard paper suitable for c & c cage? Safe for piggies?
  233. Lid Suggestions for a lighter hinged lid
  234. C&C Alternatives What do i to keep my piggies warm!
  235. Cage Cage Size
  236. C&C What color grids and coroplast do you use/prefer
  237. Cage Solution for keeping males and females housed side by side
  238. Cage Cage Suggestions... Input wanted
  239. Coroplast Alternatives Found a great base for my playpen - a picnic blanket with a waterproof backing!
  240. Cage What to do with my old pet store cage?
  241. C&C Jumping guinea pig, is a c&c cage a good idea?
  242. Cage Which cage is better? More Practical?
  243. Cage Mixed C&C/Midwest setup, boars that need to be separated; cats present & small space
  244. Cleaning litter training and cleaning c&c cages
  245. C&C Cage 2x6 or 2x8 - Advice Needed due to Cleaning Accident with Store Bought cage!
  246. Coroplast Building a 2x4
  247. C&C Alternatives need quick cheep temp cage
  248. Upper Levels Lofts don't count as cage space?
  249. Chewing Chewing on footstool
  250. Upper Levels Adding a third not sure which way to expand