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  1. C&C Alternatives DIY Cage
  2. Coroplast Alternatives make shift cage
  3. Cage How can I make a new cage for two sets of two guinea pigs?
  4. Grids how tall should a c&c grid wall be?
  5. C&C How to make a C&C cage lid with grids?
  6. Grids sharing some information.
  7. C&C Prims new cage
  8. C&C How small of a cage is too small?
  9. C&C Hay Rack Help!!
  10. Cage What to do with an old pet store cage..
  11. Cage "free-range" guinea pigs
  12. Cage Share Your Cage Plans!
  13. Coroplast Coroplast Size help for 2x3 grid C&C cage?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
  14. Cage Good Porous Stone for soaking up water under water bottle?
  15. Cage Babies are coming home tomorrow to their new home !!! My cage :)
  16. Cage Bunk beds or Fleece forest?
  17. Cage Making an outdoor cage???
  18. Cage Buying a c&c cage?
  19. C&C Possible cage rebuild. Which do YOU like better?
  20. C&C Alternatives Better to have a big cage or....
  21. Lid L-shaped cover
  22. Coroplast New to coroplast and don't know how to add it to my cage
  23. C&C I give in! Think I found a spot I could fit a C&C cage
  24. Connectors Short 4 Connectors for the cage stand :(
  25. Size Is there such a thing as "too big" of a cage?
  26. Size Cage dimensions
  27. Cage Care to share?
  28. Upper Levels Building plan for loft, opinions please
  29. Size Midwest cage with a 1x4 loft....
  30. Chewing Pigs chewing on the grid bars
  31. C&C Alternatives Our C&C Alternative Cage With A Plexiglass Front
  32. Cage Needing ideas for a bigger cage!!
  33. Cage You could say I'm a dream, but I can't be the only one :)
  34. Cage Is this ok for guinea pigs
  35. Grids BB&B changing grids
  36. Litter Training Peepads under care fresh premium bedding?
  37. Chewing How do I stop chewing on cage? Help
  38. Upper Levels Made a loft. Not sure I like it.
  39. C&C A Few C&C Cage Questions..
  40. Cage cleaning cage help
  41. C&C Corner C&C help
  42. C&C Alternatives Cage question
  43. Cage Question about cages
  44. C&C Alternatives Plexiglass Cages
  45. Cage questions about a litter box
  46. C&C Cage Stand!!!
  47. C&C finished constructing cage.
  48. Litter Training Litter Box vs. Pee Pad
  49. C&C Door for C&C??? How to get piggy in/out for floor time??
  50. Cage The Kitchen with pine shavings or wood chips? Best odor control?
  51. C&C What should I use for the kitchen.
  52. C&C Made My First C&C Cage! - Need Feedback!
  53. C&C Supplies: Anyone from lower eastern kentucky?
  54. Size What is too short for piggies?
  55. Storage Areas Cubby bins safe?
  56. Cage Newbie help with buying her first
  57. Cage Do you think this will be a decent and safe hayrack?
  58. Cage Building my Guinea pigs a cage
  59. Coroplast Coroplast Seems to be leaking.
  60. Cage Searching for supplies, struck out at Walmart. (Canada)
  61. C&C Babyproofing questions
  62. Cage Recycling old cages for new piggies
  63. C&C Alternatives C and C cages can be cheaper to build!
  64. C&C Do CnC cages need the loft?
  65. Cage Question about blanket over cage at night
  66. C&C I'm confused
  67. Cage Call it a newbie mistake?
  68. Grids Cubes/Grids in Adelaide?
  69. Upper Levels How should I support the upper level of a stacked 4x2 C&C cage?
  70. Upper Levels Update on my acrylic tubes experiment
  71. Coroplast Alternatives Need Alternative ideas for my cage for a bottom
  72. Made my first hay bag today :)
  73. Cage ( side by side cages.
  74. Upper Levels Need ideas for constructing Patio!
  75. Connectors Gifting one lucky person.
  76. Cleaning Roach in my room next to cage
  77. Cage Yawn. Boring cage.
  78. C&C Alternatives Hay Rack made out of colorplast
  79. Grids Hay falling from c&c rack into eye.
  80. Upper Levels Upstairs and downstairs kitchens or just move both hay racks and food bowls to one
  81. C&C Alternatives Looking for tips and advice on hard shell cages
  82. C&C Making plans for a C&C
  83. Coroplast Coroplast hay rack question
  84. Cage Can we use a critter nation cage for our guinae pig?
  85. Upper Levels They LOVE their loft - add a potty?
  86. C&C Canadians ordering from Guinea Pig Cages Store...?
  87. Ramps Cleaning the carpet on the ramp?
  88. C&C Space and bedding
  89. Cage Do I Need A Cage Divider?
  90. Cleaning Do kitchen's REALLY help contain hay?
  91. Cage Tobias and unnamed new cage.
  92. Cleaning Easy Kitchen Cleaning - No More Scooping!
  93. Cage Kitchens without ramps?
  94. Cage Anyone Have a 3x3 c and c cage?
  95. C&C I think I will need a cage change
  96. C&C Pet store cage connected to a c&c cage
  97. Size c and c cage
  98. C&C c&c cages store trick!
  99. Cage cage size
  100. Cage bedding
  101. C&C Alternatives Free Ranging Cavies: How To
  102. C&C To Small of Table.
  103. Cage Different Style of Hay Bag
  104. Upper Levels Built new "House" what do you think. Is it safe?
  105. C&C Amazing cage video
  106. Cage Does cage have to be square? Is long and thin ok?!
  107. Cage How do you do all this?!
  108. Cage Kitchen - Do you think this would work?
  109. C&C Corner cages
  110. Lid need to make a lid so 3 yo won't play with pigs
  111. C&C Cage doors with grids?!
  112. Cage My guinea pig girls redesigned cage (update)
  113. Grids Meijer has the safe 9 x 9 grids
  114. Cleaning Drop down doors? How?
  115. Upper Levels 2nd story ideas for a 2x5
  116. Coroplast Made our first C&C
  117. Ramps Building/Buying Good Ramps
  118. Cage Our front opening C&C cage - now double tall
  119. Upper Levels Wide or narrow loft for 2 guinea pigs?
  120. Size Is it too small/cramped?
  121. C&C Cage Plans-Are they OK? -Sketches included-
  122. Ramps What to make ramps out of
  123. Lid Reinforcing c&c lid because big cat sits on top.
  124. C&C Alternatives Bookcase Guinea Pig Cage!!!
  125. Coroplast Alternatives Absorbent Dust sheets....
  126. Upper Levels Unique ideas needed
  127. Upper Levels Seeking opinions/advice Designing the perfect permanent kitchen in custom built wood
  128. Upper Levels loft or no loft?
  129. C&C At wits end with cleaning, need help and suggestions!
  130. C&C New 2nd Story Cage
  131. C&C Need help with the dimensions of C&C cage/coroplast *new guinea pig owner
  132. Cage Cage Setup?
  133. Cleaning Hay Problem: SOLVED!! Check out what I did
  134. Cleaning Mattress pads
  135. Cage German guinea pig cages
  136. Cage Asking for suggestions to expand existing cage
  137. Cage Valentine's Day Decorated Cage!
  138. Upper Levels How to build a 2x3 loft?
  139. Cage Chewy's new cage
  140. Size Second level?
  141. Cage mesh flooring & bottom tray
  142. C&C help with fleece lifting pigaloos
  143. C&C bottom for 4x5?
  144. Cage Cage progress!!
  145. Upper Levels Upper Level 1x2 Loft: Wood Pellet Maintenance
  146. C&C So crazy it just might work.
  147. C&C Need Inspiration for a Home
  148. Coroplast Please respond ASAP! How big of a cage will this coroplast fit???
  149. C&C Portable C&C broken off from Main C&C
  150. C&C Cage help!
  151. Grids Where can you find grids in Canada
  152. Size Needing help in Measuring?
  153. C&C What cage design?
  154. C&C Making a 2x6 L and a little confused..
  155. Size Habitat depth and "retaining wall" height for piano house build
  156. Cage How are Uhaul moving pads used
  157. Coroplast Alternatives Mom is having me switch
  158. C&C Alternatives C&C alternative made of slotted angles?
  159. C&C Looking to purchase a C&C cage, how is it shipped?
  160. Cage Redoing C&C cage...ideas?
  161. Cage Cage addition
  162. C&C making a litter box/ kitchen
  163. Stand Advice on building a stand
  164. Cage Rearranging cage
  165. Cage The New And Improved...
  166. C&C C&C Cage for sale?
  167. C&C Building a C&C Cage! Help!
  168. Cage My cage story :)
  169. C&C Alternatives I redid my cage!
  170. C&C Making a cage
  171. C&C I'm thinking or redesigning my cage
  172. C&C Alternatives Guinea Pigano is complete (ish)
  173. C&C Alternatives Showing off my cage! (large, affordable C&C alternative)
  174. Coroplast Alternatives I need a list of coroplast alternatives that work as well as coroplast
  175. C&C Cage placement problems...
  176. C&C Alternatives Wire shelves
  177. Grids Cubes
  178. Feeling overwhelmed
  179. Cage Level 1 Complete!! Finally
  180. Cage Water Bottle Leaking
  181. Cage Water Bottle vs Water Bowl?
  182. Cleaning Cheap hand vacuum?
  183. Any Ideas For a C&C Cage?
  184. Cage Are wood homes bad?
  185. C&C Turf for bedding/liner
  186. Cage Kitchen cabinet/ shelving cage
  187. C&C Alternatives Temporary cage?
  188. Coroplast Alternatives Bottom for C&C cage , Help!
  189. Coroplast Reasonable coroplast in Tigard, OR
  190. Cage Kitchen Bedding
  191. Upper Levels Are multi-levels a pain to clean?
  192. Cage Best options?
  193. Cage My new cage?
  194. Cage Becoming more inventive
  195. Cage Spider Webs in cage
  196. Coroplast Alternatives Coroplast Alternative
  197. C&C Is This Cage Good Enough? Please Look!
  198. Stand Best Stand For Me?
  199. Cage Cat paw-proofing grids and lid - what to use?
  200. C&C I bought a pet store cage :(
  201. Cage Is this cage big enough for 1 pig?
  202. Lid Step by step lid instructions?
  203. Cage Double decker cage is done! (Thanks Pinky!)
  204. Size Size for 4
  205. Size Advice on Size of Cage for 3 Males
  206. Cage Why Pet stores dont sell c&c cages?
  207. Ramps Guinea Pigs having trouble with their ramp
  208. Size Want Happy Guinea Pigs but have small house
  209. Cage I was sewing all day!
  210. Cage Where to find suitable grids?
  211. C&C Added a 2x2 c&c to outside of cage
  212. Size Is this big enough?
  213. Cage 2x6 or 3x4?
  214. Cage Questions for GP Babies and More
  215. Cleaning how deep should bedding be?
  216. C&C Kirby's New Cage
  217. Cage build my own c&c cage
  218. Cage Store bought cage, need ideas for decorating
  219. C&C Want to buy C&C cage from store (connected to this site) but have questions
  220. C&C Preparing Cage
  221. C&C Keeping males out!
  222. C&C Loft questions!
  223. Cage What to do with store bought cage???
  224. C&C Boar Cage Help
  225. Cage I'm a genius.
  226. Ramps need help finding this wooden bridge-ramp thing!
  227. C&C Does anyone have a 2X3 cage?
  228. Cage SAFE or NOT?
  229. C&C Cage expansion has happened!
  230. C&C Convincing my parents to let me get C&C!
  231. Cage What should I do with the litter pan?
  232. Litter Training NEW cage - litter box?
  233. C&C Still need help convincing mom for C&C cage instead of store bought
  234. Litter Training Litter Training and Cage...
  235. Cage My girls cage all clean...
  236. C&C I almost cried at her reaction.
  237. Coroplast Am I wording this incorrectly or do people just charge a ton in my city?
  238. C&C Alternatives Need Help Finding or Making a New Cage for my 3 Little Pigs...and 3 Big Cats...
  239. Size three pigs how big of a cage?
  240. Coroplast Free coroplast! :D
  241. C&C Just built my C&C cage!
  242. Grids Chicken wire?
  243. Grids Grids - Strong enough to hold the cage?
  244. C&C Alternatives Just built a new cage (not C&C)
  245. Size Big enough for 3 boars?
  246. C&C Target 8x8 grids and large male guinea pig
  247. Coroplast Placing the coroplast in the box made of grids
  248. C&C Considering buying a C&C - big 2nd level or small 2nd level?
  249. Coroplast My sheet of Coroplast isn't big enough. What do I do?
  250. C&C Alternatives Alternatives to a c&c cage, in europe?