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  1. Cage Collapsible/travel cage for two boars
  2. Upper Levels Lofts vs. Piggy Patios from cages store?
  3. Grids I bought the wrong grids.. advice?
  4. Cage Friend looking after my piggies -shop bought cage okay for a couple of weeks?
  5. C&C Im gonna finally make a C&C cage! What are the best grids?
  6. C&C dont know anything about these cages.
  7. Coroplast Piggies chewing on coroplast
  8. C&C Alternatives New custom wooden cage!:)
  9. Size A good size for two?
  10. Ramps Do you guys have any ideas on stoping the bedding from getting down the ramp?
  11. Size Good size for 2?"
  12. C&C Update on c&c cage!!
  13. Cage Should i keep the cage upright or lay it on its side?
  14. Cage Outdoor cage for supervised playtime?
  15. Cage Creative DIY travel cage
  16. Cage Upgrade cage without making new fleece liners
  17. C&C Is This Cage Setup Okay?
  18. Grids C&C Cage Supplies - Where to purchase?
  19. Cleaning Help with keeping fleece down.
  20. Grids Can I use these grids for a lid?
  21. Cleaning POLL: Do you like cleaning your piggies' cage?
  22. Cage Carefresh or hay in kitchen?
  23. C&C Considering a 1x3 'slimline' cage. (two levels, storage underneath) Enough room?
  24. C&C 2x6 retroish cage on stands
  25. Cage Draw your dream cage!
  26. Grids How to bend grids?
  27. Storage Areas Woot! Look what I managed to get!
  28. C&C Help for a newbie! Building 2x4.
  29. Size Longer vs. Wider?
  30. Cleaning Handheld Vaccum
  31. Cage New room, new cage
  32. Cage Girls enjoying their new cage
  33. Cage Final touches on the new cage
  34. Cage Alternative building materials for cages.
  35. Cage Fleece Or Bedding?
  36. Upper Levels Should I Add A Kicthen??
  37. Cage Best Store Bought Cages? (u.k)
  38. Stand Building a wooden stand!
  39. Cage Question about Uhaul pads and liners
  40. Cage just introduced our two girls to each other and their new cage!
  41. C&C Cage size for 4 boars?
  42. Coroplast Question about adding extra coroplast.
  43. Cage Getting rid of fruit flies?
  44. C&C Experiences, on boars and sows sharing a common cage wall?
  45. Cage Suggestions for C&C cage in apartment
  46. C&C Suggestions on cage building?
  47. C&C Building my C&C!
  48. C&C I have too small of a cage and im buying a new one but i want to buy the right amount
  49. Cleaning What is the best way to clean wood houses and tunnels?
  50. Coroplast 2x2 travel cage
  51. Cage What "toy" can your piggy cannot live without? (How can I spruce up this cage?)
  52. Cage Up Not Out?
  53. Cage Your PERFECT Cavy Cage?
  54. Your thoughts on this C&C cage?
  55. C&C Baby-proofing for a 3 week old?
  56. C&C Alternatives It won't fit!!!!
  57. C&C Dream guinea pig stuff
  58. Ramps Adding Upper Level - Ramp Question
  59. C&C How to make it stronger
  60. Cage Is there a ramps/bridges specific thread?
  61. Coroplast Alternatives what to use instead of coroplast ?
  62. Stand Are these cubes compatible?
  63. Grids Contemplating plexiglass
  64. Upper Levels How high can piggies step up?
  65. C&C My Multi-Level Open Cage for 3 Pigs
  66. C&C Piggies won't leave kitchen?
  67. C&C Help with building stacked cages
  68. Coroplast Michiganders in the downriver area: Cheap coroplast!
  69. Grids Trying to find grid materials in Portland Oregon
  70. C&C Rabbit cages
  71. Chewing Chewing on C&C
  72. C&C Alternatives Does anybody free range?
  73. Coroplast Can someone show me the difference between the 2 pinks?
  74. C&C 3x3 help
  75. C&C Suggestions For Home Depot Piggie Shopping List?
  76. Cage 1st time soon to be piggie owner needs all reasonable suggestions for limited budget
  77. Coroplast Exact size for 2x4!
  78. Cage How can piggies get out on their own when scared? And potty in cage only-not carpet?
  79. Cleaning Have you tried ASPEN PINE wood shavings?
  80. Cage Plexiglass cage?
  81. Upper Levels Need help building upper level!!
  82. Coroplast Cloroplast issues.. :(
  83. Coroplast Any disadvantages to lowering 6" sides down to 2 or 3"?
  84. C&C Loft
  85. C&C Alternatives Foam mats?
  86. Grids How do I bend grids?
  87. Size Ideas for a LARGE outdoor enclosure for 6 piggies?
  88. Litter Training How to train guineapigs and where to get the materials?
  89. C&C Is this an ok product? Reviews?
  90. My guinea pig setup!
  91. C&C The start of my cage!!!
  92. Cage what do you think?
  93. C&C Alternatives My new cage
  94. C&C First time building C&C cage....
  95. C&C C & C pit bull bed
  96. Zip Ties Wire tie help with sharp ends
  97. C&C What age to stop baby-proofing?
  98. Grids what to look grids up by on craigslist
  99. C&C Expanded my cage from a 2x4 to a 3x4 !!!!(photos included)
  100. C&C Cage store RAVE!
  101. C&C Pimp My Cage - the everlasting project =)
  102. C&C Alternatives What to do about my cage?
  103. C&C Let me see your stacked cages!!!!!
  104. Ramps Ramp construction?
  105. Cage Black Friday/cyber Monday sale guinea pig cage store??
  106. Size Putting some boars together kind of on the same level of dominance...
  107. C&C Completed C&C!
  108. Size Convincing Parents for Bigger Cage
  109. C&C Thinking about a c&c cage
  110. Grids are grids interchangeable between brands?
  111. Ramps Ramp in cage
  112. Thinking of Ramping my cage out into my bedroom floor
  113. Size C&C for 5-6 piggies
  114. Cage what do I put in cage?
  115. C&C Cage ideas
  116. C&C finally finished the cage!!
  117. Cage Is plastic poster boards as good as coroplast?
  118. C&C Cage store discount code?
  119. Upper Levels Ideas for loft going the long way
  120. Cage Ideas on Cooper and his boredom
  121. Cage Midwest cage large enough for two?
  122. Cage What to line cage with?
  123. Cage How to keep hay off the floor?
  124. Coroplast 2mm, 4mm, 6mm Coro?
  125. Cage Hammock-for guinea pig
  126. Coroplast How often do you replace it?
  127. Lid Folding lid in cages store.
  128. C&C Alternatives How well this work as a cage?
  129. Upper Levels I need support bars, A lot of support bars
  130. Cage Where fleece meets kitchen
  131. C&C supporting the top of the cage?
  132. Cage Christmas Cage!
  133. C&C 2 aggresive boars, 2x5 or 2x4?
  134. Cage Making a bigger cage, need help with location
  135. Upper Levels 2x1 loft in 2x4 cage, best way?
  136. Cage Coroplast in Midwest cage
  137. Cage kitchen or upper level? cage makeover
  138. Cage Please help me, I'm having cage problems
  139. C&C Put in plexiglass today!
  140. Upper Levels Loft or no loft?!!!
  141. Need advice with bedding and cleaning for large cage and 6 pigs!
  142. Cage Do I have the supplies?
  143. Cage Progress on first cage - advice please
  144. Coroplast New Coroplast Base
  145. Cleaning How do you keep your hay off the floor?
  146. Cage My new cage! Thank you everyone for all the help!!!!! Here it is!
  147. Size Downsizing - Cage planning!
  148. C&C Cage change around - advice very much welcome!!
  149. Cage Pet Shop Cages and advice needed
  150. C&C Alternatives Looking to make a cage that is more sturdy and cat proof than C&C
  151. Cage Midwest habitat - is cat proofing possible?
  152. Grids Grids
  153. Coroplast Hay Bins
  154. Upper Levels Question about patios
  155. Cage Questions on liners
  156. C&C Alternatives If you can't make a C&C...
  157. C&C 7 piggies in one cage
  158. Size What size cage?
  159. C&C Help with cage makeover
  160. C&C Question about cage
  161. Cage Simple and clean. Boys on blue. Gonna hang up x-mas themes but...What to do?
  162. Grids Smaller grids
  163. C&C Tent
  164. Lid Do I need a lid/top for my cage?
  165. Hello from Nova
  166. C&C Would there be enough space to divide a 3x4?
  167. C&C Guinea Pig Cages Store Sale?
  168. Stand holy moly storage bins!
  169. Coroplast Color of Coroplast
  170. Cage building cage
  171. Stand Expecting the Impossible?
  172. Upper Levels Wooden Dowels
  173. Cage cage size help
  174. Cage Best position for water bottle?
  175. C&C :D it's here! Coro from CC store
  176. Cage Help! My girl turned out to be a boy!
  177. C&C Added a loft today!
  178. Ramps Incline
  179. Cage Will a Critter Nation work temporarily?
  180. Cage wooden cage idea + questions
  181. Cage Cage building day!
  182. Coroplast Twinwall Plastic Sheet - "Coroplast" from Home Depot?
  183. Upper Levels Undecided about upper level
  184. C&C Expanding the cage?
  185. C&C Share you split cage pictures please - inspiration needed!!
  186. C&C Baby-Proofing with a Play pen
  187. Upper Levels Best use for area under wide loft?
  188. Grids When to stop babyproofing
  189. Cleaning Parents hate floor time?
  190. C&C Big day tomorrow! Our first guinea pig!
  191. Cage guinea pig cage + need suggestions / opinions
  192. Cage your cages for 3 PIGGIES
  193. C&C Size
  194. Coroplast Alternatives Where to find pexiglass?
  195. C&C Maybe I'm not done designing my cage! Tubing!?!
  196. Coroplast Where to get coroplast?
  197. Upper Levels Second level (kitchen) floor ideas
  198. Cage My Cage
  199. Stand Support for a 4ft cage?
  200. C&C Decorating a white coroplast base...
  201. C&C Cage construction issues
  202. Cage Single Level; Kitchen/Potty area
  203. Cage Cage for 2 to cage for 3
  204. Cage Too Small For Three Boars?
  205. Cage Will to take advise on cage
  206. Stand Cage too big for table.
  207. Cage Need ideas for a safer cage :(
  208. C&C c & c cage questions
  209. Cage C&C - Grid issues
  210. Cage Cage Christmas Decoration Ideas?
  211. C&C Do guinea pigs like to burrow?
  212. Lid Cat problems
  213. Ramps piggies dont use the door
  214. Size Is this a safe hidey?
  215. Coroplast Coroplast mistake
  216. Cage Loving wood pellets
  217. C&C Best kitchen bedding?
  218. C&C Stacked cage expansion, need help.
  219. Cage What do I do with the pet store cages?
  220. C&C What is a kitchen and what is the best way to set it up?
  221. Grids Hay Rack
  222. Coroplast Alternatives - with walls!
  223. Cleaning Bugs!? Red poop?! Trouble!!
  224. Upper Levels what kind of support for upper level?
  225. Grids Extra-grid ideas questions!
  226. Zip Ties Re-using Zip Ties?
  227. Cage Help me design one for my space?
  228. Size 3 boars cage size dilemma
  229. Chewing Where can I get the edible color dye?
  230. Cage new cage questions...how to transition piggy?
  231. C&C Planning a C&C cage on a budget; any tips and resources?
  232. Grids Escaping Guinea Pig!?
  233. Coroplast Alternatives Plastic under bed bins as coroplast alternative
  234. C&C Alternatives Dog cage???
  235. Size (Help!) With bedding/litter pan
  236. Cage My new girly (non C&C) cage!
  237. C&C Cage size good for 6?
  238. Litter Training Potty Training, How does it work????
  239. Cage Let's write cage reviews on amazon!
  240. Coroplast Chewing coroplast in the kitchen
  241. Size Hay rack
  242. C&C Alternatives DIY Cages
  243. C&C Starting My Project - Couple Questions
  244. Cleaning New pigs-old cage
  245. Coroplast How much coroplast for a 3x3?
  246. C&C Alternatives Building a larger cage off a pet store cage that can be put away when needed
  247. C&C Alternatives Just coroplast cage??
  248. C&C Need new cage ideas?
  249. Coroplast Does anyone know where to buy coroplast in indiana
  250. Cage Should I get a bigger cage