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  1. Grids Will these grids be ok dimensions for a C&C cage?
  2. C&C Alternatives My girly cage!
  3. Chewing Is this safe?
  4. C&C I bored with my cage!!!
  5. Lid What Type of Lid?
  6. Cage Redo-ing?!
  7. Cage modifying a dog crate
  8. Coroplast Need help figuring out coroplast?
  9. C&C Any of you guys bought a cage from here?
  10. C&C Cage Ideas For Stacking a 2x4
  11. C&C For those in the UK looking to make a C&C Cage
  12. Cage Need advice on cages & introducing piggies
  13. Litter Training Homemade litter boxes
  14. Cage Bought a cage
  15. C&C OMG!! Just made my 1st c&c cage!!
  16. C&C First timer...
  17. Ramps Hi everyone!
  18. C&C Alternatives bed frame?
  19. Coroplast which direction is coroplast stronger?
  20. Cage bunk bed cage
  21. Cage Any ideas to hold loft up, and also how to get rid of stinky fleece?
  22. Cage Raising the cage.
  23. Coroplast i need help please
  24. C&C Narrow Loft or Wide Loft?
  25. C&C New Cage :)
  26. C&C Alternatives DIY pool cage work?
  27. Cage People who doesn't have the right concept! *WARNING THIS IS A RANT*
  28. Size Larger herds, minimum requirements?
  29. C&C Alternatives Question for Megaredize
  30. Cage Need Cage, kitchen/loft ideas
  31. C&C Glad about all the ideas I got from this site.
  32. Upper Levels Good way to build a 2x2 loft onto 4x2 c&c cage?
  33. Coroplast Alternatives Plexiglass?
  34. Size Cage dimensions for two pigs
  35. C&C The new layout! :)
  36. Coroplast Alternatives No Coroplast Near My Friend!
  37. Ramps Ramp ideas?????
  38. Cage Coroplast *-*
  39. Lid What kind of lid for larger cages??
  40. Cage Store bought cage sell on craiglist and buy c&c cage?? help please!
  41. Cage What comes with it
  42. Cage Expanded cage! :)
  43. Size would this fit !!
  44. Stand Things to set your cage up on
  45. C&C Whitmor cube from Walmart, safe or not?
  46. Litter Training What do you use for your litter box/tray?
  47. C&C Hard to believe where we started
  48. Cage New arrangement and accessories.
  49. C&C Stacked C&C
  50. C&C Alternatives Shopping spree for guinea pig items!
  51. Ramps Hay Rack and ramp
  52. C&C Cage questions, need some help!
  53. Cleaning Whats the easiest way to clean my guinea pig cage?
  54. Upper Levels Bedding for the hay loft?
  55. C&C New arrangement for our new addition......trying separate quarters for now
  56. Cage New hay pouch and water bottle cover made out of old blue jeans.
  57. Cleaning Waterproof
  58. C&C Alternatives New Cage is Almost Ready!
  59. C&C Cold weather and C&C cage???
  60. Chewing Are present boxes safe to use for guinea pigs?
  61. Coroplast spare coroplast need help!!
  62. C&C Separating two guinea pigs, need cage advice.
  63. Ramps Ramp Cleaning - HELP!
  64. C&C Grids inside or out?
  65. Coroplast Where can I find coroplast in the UK?
  66. C&C Hello all! New to forum...
  67. Cage HELP!
  68. Cage Newbie needs help thinking through cage design, long!
  69. Size TOO big of a cage?
  70. Size Thinking of downsizing from 2x5 to 2x3...
  71. Cage In order to Expand the Cage, I...
  72. Coroplast Coroplast sheet measurements
  73. Size Planning Cage for 3 boy piggies
  74. C&C Alternatives What do you think of thier cage?
  75. Cage Should I?
  76. C&C Cheapest cage ever!
  77. C&C Shout Out for great customer service from C&C
  78. Coroplast Grid cage with no coroplast?
  79. C&C The New Cage
  80. Cage Good cold protection?
  81. Size Anyone have a 5x5?
  82. Cage Cage Ideas?
  83. Coroplast My local sign shop is expensive!
  84. Cage Need some ideas.
  85. C&C So the cage topic is what got me to this forum
  86. C&C Alternatives Twin Wooden Bed w/ -?..
  87. Cage Is keeping a cage in my bedroom unhygenic?
  88. Grids Grids in Australia?
  89. Coroplast How big of a sheet of coroplast will I need?
  90. C&C Excited about new cage setup
  91. Ramps Lost of questions as I consider my cage purchase...
  92. Cage fixed my cage
  93. Cage Kitchen options
  94. C&C So excited about C&C cage!
  95. Connectors How to connect to smaller cages?
  96. Size New guinea pig mom. Questions about having a solo pig.
  97. Cage In a tough situation.
  98. Cage i don't understand the word generally in Cage Size Standards does it means cm .?
  99. C&C Equine Pelletized Bedding?
  100. Grids making 8x8 grids safe...
  101. Cage Best Bedding???
  102. Cage My 2x8 (2x9) cage (with pics)
  103. Cage What is a U-Haul blanket?
  104. My current piggy cages!! :D
  105. Cage I need help with cage construct
  106. Cage Removing Hidies for some time? Good idea or Bad?
  107. Cage Green Dreamzzz Litter - has anyone tried this?
  108. Upper Levels Added a loft today!
  109. C&C Free-ranged my boys!
  110. Stand Suggestions to lift up cage
  111. Grids Question about Building new cage & fleece
  112. Cage Make shift new cage for the rescued boys
  113. Genius Kitchen Idea!
  114. Coroplast Getting ready to do it the right way!
  115. Cage Cavy Cafe or Cavy Bistro - which would you go for?
  116. Cage expanding to a 3x4 help with girds and coroplast
  117. Cleaning Hay ends up OUTSIDE the cage???
  118. Cage Thinking about putting the girls in their own room. What do you think?
  119. Cage Cat on top of C & C cage cover
  120. Coroplast Found coroplast!
  121. Cage Question about blankets in cages
  122. Grids where to buy mesh grids
  123. C&C Moving Cage To Garage?
  124. Grids The Cheapest Place to Buy Grids?
  125. Upper Levels Thinking of taking away the loft?
  126. Size What cage and what size should I get for my Guinea Pigs???
  127. C&C Big Cage Update Plans in the works...
  128. C&C How can I spice up my new c&c cage for my girls?
  129. Cage Discount code for guinea pig cages website?
  130. C&C New hay room!!
  131. Size 28.58 sq ft for seven piggies, enough?
  132. Cage L-shaped cage to house ALL THREE sows! (finally)
  133. Cleaning Newspaper and fleece bottom less messy than shavings
  134. Ramps Need to get My Guinea out of his Cage
  135. Cleaning looking for a natural remedy to slime in water bottles
  136. Upper Levels 3x3 Upper level for cage on a stand?
  137. Cage Made a playpen with my leftover grids!
  138. Litter Training Plastic box as litter box - how to cut it?
  139. C&C Cavy Kitchens!
  140. C&C Cage Construction / new piggie room..
  141. C&C what can i do with 38 grids?
  142. C&C Piggies won't use Kitchen area?
  143. Cage FIRST THREAD :D and CAGES
  144. C&C Locations, Stores and C&C Cages??????????
  145. Cleaning Cleaning - Newbie wanting recommendations for base of hutch, fleece vs shavings etc
  146. C&C New cage
  147. C&C C&C Cages and Space
  148. C&C How to find the square footage of a cage
  149. C&C Guinea pig rescue offering c&c :-)
  150. C&C Why are C&C's so good?
  151. Cage Daily cleaning with the carefresh?
  152. C&C Questions about Making a C&C cage & more
  153. C&C TA DA!! New Cage Finally Done....
  154. Cage kitchen loft
  155. Coroplast How to tape/connect coroplast together? Thanks
  156. Coroplast Alternatives Linoleum base for a cage!?
  157. C&C Post your cage pictures!
  158. C&C Anyone out there with a 3x4?
  159. Ramps Enclosed ramps...need advice.
  160. C&C How to add 1x2 to a 2x4?
  161. Coroplast They're eating the cage!
  162. Stand wanna make a stand
  163. Cage Why do they sell if it kills?
  164. Cage Need pictures to share - Rabbit c&c cages and Guinea pig c&c cages
  165. What to make with this coroplast box?
  166. Size How big for four boars?
  167. Cage Question - Zipties & Second lvl?
  168. Cage stinky fleece after just one day?
  169. Cage Got new accessories for the girls.
  170. C&C My new cage!
  171. Cage How to build a cage with a closed top which can swing open and close?
  172. Size We Lost the Measuring tape & I Need Measurements!
  173. Coroplast Is this sheet of chloroplast big enough. for a 3x4
  174. C&C Alternatives Cagety-cage-cage!! Presto change-o!!
  175. C&C Is this size okay?
  176. Size From 55sf to 160sf cage and back?
  177. Cage Becomming annoyed! please Help!
  178. C&C Building the cage tommorrow..and my current ^^''
  179. Cage floor time fencing and cover
  180. Cage I NEED OPINIONS - shed or c&c cage?
  181. Size Advice on cage size for eight?
  182. C&C My first C&C! and the process.. <3
  183. Lid where can you find wire shelves online?
  184. Cage What size cage do you think I need for 10 pigs?
  185. Grids Wrong grid size
  186. C&C Built first c&c cage- need help!!
  187. Stand Need ideas for a stand?
  188. Size Beginner Cage Help!
  189. Cage Cage location?
  190. C&C Coroplast and fleece help?
  191. Coroplast coroplast size
  192. C&C New 3x4 c&c cage for my two boys!
  193. Coroplast Awesome Sign Store
  194. Cage Living world dome? Hide away please help!
  195. Cage I don't know what to make? Ideas?
  196. C&C Ventilation of two-level C&C cage (video included)
  197. Cage Brand new C&C cage!
  198. Cleaning Getting things in order for the arrival
  199. C&C Ponyo & Ryoko's New Cage!! (Build Pictures)
  200. Cleaning Stinky piggy and house
  201. Upper Levels Please Help with Cage Expansion
  202. C&C piggies don't seem to like their new c&c cage
  203. Grids Need help bending grids!
  204. Coroplast Will the guinea pigs chew coroplast - confusion
  205. Coroplast Alternatives Shower curtain advice!
  206. C&C New Fleece!
  207. Size what size kitchen for a 2 1/2 x 3 cage for 1 piggie??
  208. C&C Would this be ok?
  209. Size Help me decide on a size!!!! plz
  210. C&C so excited...new cage coming
  211. Grids 8x8 guinea pig grids?
  212. C&C Blitz's New Cage
  213. Ramps To steep of a ramp?
  214. Size Please help confirm size!!!!
  215. C&C So much change in a month & a half! (Pictures)
  216. Grids FIL gave me weird grids
  217. Size 1.5x3.5? Its all i have room for!
  218. Grids Where can you find grids or wire shelves in the UK?
  219. Upper Levels Need some help with loft design!
  220. Lid Bit of a Minor Snag...
  221. Cleaning Airing Out a Smelly Room?
  222. Upper Levels need support ideas for a second level!
  223. C&C Alternatives Buying Correx in the UK
  224. Connectors pics of wonder bars in use
  225. C&C Can you move a C&C Cage easily?
  226. Grids Bed Bath and Beyond Grids?
  227. Grids These mesh grids look amazing!
  228. Cage C&C in Greece
  229. Coroplast Alternatives Where to Find Cheap Plastic Shower Curtain?
  230. C&C Piggy TV and my new storage bins from the cage store!
  231. Upper Levels How to support overhang loft 2nd story?
  232. C&C Alternatives BunkBed Cage ~ My herds new cage!
  233. Size Cage size question. Please help!
  234. Cage Looking at Purchasing an Outdoor Cage
  235. Cage any seasonal decorating ideas for your cage?
  236. C&C Putting wire grids inside chloroplast bottom?
  237. Grids Leftover Grids - How to use them creatively
  238. Upper Levels Getting Guinea Pigs to go up and down levels in Grid Cage
  239. C&C 2x4 and 2x3 attached cage
  240. C&C Cage is feeling small. Ways to make it feel bigger?
  241. Grids Where to Find Mesh Grids in WI?
  242. C&C Alternatives 8.4 Square Foot Closet?
  243. C&C 2x5 C&C No more loft! Cute tents!
  244. Cage Pictures of the girls cage...
  245. Grids Zipties versus connectors
  246. Cage Collapsible/travel cage for two boars
  247. Upper Levels Lofts vs. Piggy Patios from cages store?
  248. Grids I bought the wrong grids.. advice?
  249. Cage Friend looking after my piggies -shop bought cage okay for a couple of weeks?
  250. C&C Im gonna finally make a C&C cage! What are the best grids?