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  1. Cage Newbie questions about cages
  2. Upper Levels Creative top level pics and ideas
  3. C&C Got around to doing a video "cage tour"
  4. C&C Yay
  5. C&C Clean cage happy piggies
  6. Coroplast Coroplast question
  7. Coroplast Pricy on GPC Store
  8. Coroplast NOT very happy right now!
  9. C&C My Skinny Pig Room, Full Of C&C Cages That Are All Connected.
  10. Cage Hay bins beat Hay bags for my pigs!
  11. Coroplast How tall is too tall for walls??
  12. C&C C&C Different Level for each room
  13. Cage Cage Design - Link Requested
  14. Size Don't Judge Me! Store Bought Cage..
  15. Coroplast Coroplast Size?
  16. C&C cage tour video
  17. Grids A great, safe way to use grids for hay racks!!!
  18. Cage Vertical hayrack?
  19. C&C Alternatives Where to buy cages
  20. Coroplast How to cut, fold & seal correx (coroplast)
  21. Size How big of a loft for 5 girls?
  22. C&C woahhhhH!
  23. C&C How to make a top for C and C Cage?
  24. Cage Hay rack idea
  25. Coroplast Correx help
  26. Cage So Excited and Cannot Wait!!!
  27. Cage Question about cages and modifications
  28. Grids Do you have any
  29. Cage Kitchen area templates
  30. C&C Alternatives What is safe for guinea pigs?
  31. Cage Is my cage big enough???
  32. Cage Is there a handy dandy post relating sq ft to number of piggies?
  33. Size Size?
  34. 1x5 double decker c&c cage?
  35. Cage New Cage!!:D
  36. Coroplast Alternatives Corrugated plastic sheets help
  37. Cage How many cages does everyone have?
  38. Ramps New ramp!
  39. C&C Cost of everyone's cages..
  40. Cage Upgraded our cage!!!! Appx 17 sq ft!
  41. Cage Making Traveling cage out of grids?
  42. C&C Mesh vs plastic
  43. Upper Levels Need help building
  44. C&C Alternatives Midwest Cage Alteration
  45. C&C So I have too much time...
  46. Cage pee pads or towels under U Haul blankets?
  47. Size And I thought I had a small room..
  48. Cage How many piggies in 2'x2' cage?
  49. Upper Levels This ramp is annoying...
  50. Size So is it normal to constantly want to upgrade your cage?
  51. Size Travel
  52. Cage Keeping smell down and keeping parents happy
  53. Upper Levels How many more grids to add more?
  54. Coroplast Coroplast
  55. Upper Levels Easy way to make an upper level?
  56. Cage My 3D cages
  57. Upper Levels Second and third levels, add-ons, good/bad idea?
  58. Cage Looking to build or buy a cage
  59. C&C How do you add on to a C&C cage?
  60. Size Breaking down sizes for guinea pigs
  61. Coroplast I really need some sizing help, guys! How many inches?
  62. Cage Cage pigtures!
  63. Cage Added a pig, expanded cage and introduction adjustments
  64. C&C Cavy kitchens
  65. Cage Post your cages!
  66. Cage Guinea Pigs Outside
  67. Ramps Had less than two weeks and ramp is falling apart :(
  68. Upper Levels Upper levels for Midwest Guinea Habitat?!
  69. Cage Fleece igloo/hut..
  70. Cage Disinfecting Cage - best way?
  71. Size Store bought cages??
  72. C&C Free 2x3 C&C Base
  73. C&C Should I Put them in their new cage?
  74. Cleaning Looking for a new vacuum strong car canister type
  75. Cage baby proofing a cage
  76. Cage Had to vent
  77. Cleaning Anyone else use primarily towels?
  78. Cage bedding- cat litter?
  79. C&C C & C Cage- Stabilizer Bar
  80. Coroplast Alternatives Temporarily use a vinyl or plastic kiddie pool?
  81. Cage I need help figuring out how to have a 2x3 with a loft that has a front opens
  82. Upper Levels How to ensure stability of upper level
  83. Cleaning Best way to get rid of odors in Midwest Cage
  84. Coroplast Can't FIND Coro
  85. Litter Training Yesterday's News litter, okay to use?
  86. Coroplast For cage bigger than 2x4
  87. Coroplast Measurements
  88. C&C Stacked Cages
  89. C&C New Cage is coming together!
  90. Litter Training do your piggies use a litter tray?
  91. Cleaning What bedding do you use?
  92. Ramps My ramp sticky tape won't stick
  93. Cage 2x4s
  94. Cage supplies in Philippines
  95. Upper Levels Lofts?!?!
  96. Cage Nothing Better!
  97. Cleaning pee pee
  98. C&C How to convince?
  99. Cage Guinea pigs escaping.
  100. C&C Coroplast for 2x4
  101. Size How big for five pigs?
  102. Cage possible cage idea
  103. C&C Cat Proof C&C Cage?!
  104. Grids C&C in NZ
  105. C&C Alternatives Cage made out of wood?
  106. Cage My first Cage
  107. Cage vacation home
  108. Cage Tell me how to build a cage!
  109. Cheap Cage ideas?
  110. Coroplast Is 2mm too thin?
  111. Coroplast Alternatives Coroplast alternative plywood?
  112. C&C 2nd level possibility??
  113. Cage Ever changing again
  114. Size Standard cage size pictures
  115. Cage C&C Cage Design Ideas
  116. Cleaning What to clean old with
  117. C&C Cage Upgrade?
  118. Size 3x7 or 4x5?
  119. Grids Book covers for bent grids
  120. C&C ideas on setup of kitchen
  121. Coroplast Is this okay to use?
  122. Cage How to keep pigs warm during winter?
  123. Upper Levels Does a 2x1 loft need to be supported in the middle?
  124. Cage My New Design!
  125. Coroplast What is the best place to get Coro?
  126. Connectors Do they normally cause this much of a headache?
  127. Cage Putting this plan into ACTION!
  128. Size Which way? Or do you have an idea?
  129. Cage 2x6 C&C or Petstore Cage+ free roam room?
  130. C&C what size?
  131. Stand making a base, and need help
  132. C&C Finally Expanded and all girls are together!
  133. C&C C&C cages in INDIA
  134. Cleaning Controlling the HAY
  135. C&C Alternatives Bin Cages
  136. Cage Have a cage design?
  137. Lid White wire shelves..
  138. C&C Lone male, 3x3/2 or 2 x4
  139. Chewing Guinea pigs are chewing on grids and eating paint
  140. C&C Our New Piggies Cage
  141. Cage Will this cage do for 2-3 weeks?
  142. C&C Any advice for c&c?
  143. Ramps What can I add to my ramp for my 2yo pig to climb it?
  144. C&C Doing Poster on C&C Cages
  145. Cleaning Cleaning a realllly dirty cage
  146. Grids Sears grids
  147. Cage I think it's decided (expansion)
  148. Cage Cages in new room coming along!
  149. Connectors I could use some pictures.
  150. Coroplast 2x7, how much?
  151. Cleaning CAGE CLEANING???!!!! and other questions.
  152. Cage New to site; need help with cage decisions& information.
  153. C&C shower curtain C&C cage
  154. C&C "Wall of Silence" Cage Divider
  155. Grids how to bend a grid?
  156. Cleaning How often do you clean? Smelly cage?
  157. C&C Did I do the right thing?
  158. Upper Levels Just saying, everyone on these boards is pretty awesome
  159. Cage Boys cage done!!
  160. Cage best toys?
  161. Stand Tell me about your cage stand :)
  162. Cage Help me improve my cage!
  163. C&C New cage :-)
  164. Cage Something I Found - Very Cute Cage!
  165. Cage Hamster cage?
  166. Cleaning Fleece Washing Questions?
  167. C&C First C&C done!
  168. Stand Stand or no stand?!?!?
  169. Size Anyone have bigger than a 2x6? Let's see pictures!
  170. Grids Will this work?
  171. Coroplast Will it make my pig sick?
  172. Upper Levels curious why nobody seems to do their lofts the loooong way?
  173. Connectors Where can I find extra connectors?
  174. Cage can you remedy bumblefoot in the early stages?
  175. C&C Yay! New C&C put together
  176. Cage HEY GUYS!! cage tour!! show your cages videos/photos!!
  177. Grids Great deal?
  178. C&C What to do with my cage?
  179. Coroplast Coroplast only cage
  180. C&C C&C cage questions!
  181. Cage cedar cage
  182. Cage Question about the price of the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat?
  183. Size How many pigs in 2x6 and larger...
  184. C&C Need some advice...
  185. Cage Kitchen bedding?
  186. C&C U-Haul pads
  187. Coroplast Coroplast Frustration!!!
  188. C&C Help please!
  189. Stand Do you like your cage stand?
  190. Grids re these safe for piggies???
  191. C&C how would this work????
  192. Stand A couple different questions...
  193. Size Kitchen Ideas...
  194. Upper Levels Size?
  195. C&C Alternatives Alternatives for absorbent layer?
  196. Cleaning how to use uhaul
  197. Ramps Grrk...Ramps!!!
  198. Cage New giant cage for my 4 girls!
  199. C&C Is a 3x3 enough room?
  200. Upper Levels Upper Levels/ramps without coroplast?
  201. C&C Alternatives Plexi Glass?
  202. Coroplast Does Home Depo cut Coroplast for free?
  203. Grids Aldi grids on sale- are they safe??
  204. C&C What size is actually preferred?
  205. Cleaning newspaper bedding
  206. Coroplast Good places in Maryland to find coroplast?
  207. Size Rethinking my cage purchase
  208. Fleece or bedding? Which would be better?
  209. C&C Herd back together! New cage
  210. Cage My clean cage and new cage stand
  211. Cage Colors, Colors, and more Colors!
  212. Coroplast How to get coroplast home???
  213. Cage Gidget and Gemini's new set up,
  214. Grids What to do with extra grids?
  215. Coroplast is this sheet big enough.
  216. Grids kmart grids
  217. Upper Levels please help im stuck on sizes
  218. Size 2x4s - PICTURES PLEASE!!!
  219. C&C C&C tips.
  220. C&C Hey question about my C&C cage I bought 2x4
  221. C&C What size coroplast?
  222. Cage Herd cages?
  223. C&C 2x3 cage question
  224. C&C Alternatives how long?????
  225. C&C Ended up with a bunny and need some help with a guinea pig/bunny cage plan
  226. C&C baby proofing??
  227. Cleaning What natural things do you guys do to deodorize smells?
  228. Grids kmart grids on sale!!!
  229. C&C Alternatives UScAge Today!
  230. C&C Would my cage be big enough to add these two?
  231. Stand My grid stand question
  232. Coroplast when expanding your cage, do you just..
  233. Upper Levels Is this possible?
  234. Cage Corner Cage?
  235. C&C Planning to build a new cage
  236. Coroplast 4" or 5" sides?
  237. Coroplast Height?
  238. Ramps How to make a good piggie safe one.
  239. Ideas for hay racks
  240. C&C Fleece Flippers Vs. Vetbed Vs. Other
  241. C&C Alternatives Could I use basic bin for cage???? HELP
  242. Cage Mice! Please help!!
  243. Coroplast Alternatives Cardboard Base?
  244. Upper Levels Need help building a ramp!
  245. Coroplast Coroplast Help!
  246. Size What would be the size of a 2 x 5 C&C cage in relation to another object?
  247. Grids 5x5 Rabbit Cage?
  248. C&C C&C gate
  249. Size How Many Guinea Pigs In This Cage?
  250. C&C size?