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  1. need advice on making a cage
  2. Cage Carrier
  3. Cage New home for baby guinea pig
  4. C&C All done with the expansion (: PICTURES!
  5. Size 2x4 or 2x5?
  6. Cage Room Just for piggies
  7. Cage Playpen question?
  8. Cage Playpen cage or floor time question
  9. Upper Levels Loft/Ramp?
  10. Chewing Pigloo- please read!!!!!!!! And reply
  11. C&C so excited!
  12. Litter Training cute litter/hay box idea
  13. C&C Here is my space - how can i fit a C&C cage into it? Need ideas!
  14. C&C Alternatives Our new "furniture style" cage
  15. C&C c&c cage and table
  16. C&C Alternatives new home in progress!
  17. Cage Where's your cage?
  18. Cage Linoleum lining in wood box for cage
  19. Upper Levels Ramp replacement suggestions
  20. Size Calling all people with a 5x3!!
  21. Cage Cage Ideas?
  22. C&C Alternatives Hutch????? And toys for the cage
  23. Cleaning Best way to disinfect cage after fungus issue?
  24. Stand Help?
  25. C&C Not enough space!
  26. Cage I got my cage together for the Boys
  27. C&C Alternatives Alternative to C&C Questions
  28. Cage New Cage!!!!
  29. Ramps Overweight Piggy & Ramps?
  30. C&C Thinking of getting a C&C!!
  31. Cage Non C&C Cage - Could this work?
  32. Coroplast Free coroplast
  33. Cage Hi!! New and i have a cage question
  34. Lid Making a lid for a C&C cage
  35. C&C Made a 3x4 options for coroplast?
  36. C&C New HUGE cage! *pics*
  37. Cage Target cubes
  38. C&C Too tall? Will it wobble?
  39. Cage Forever making changes....does it ever stop? Doubt it.
  40. C&C New cage addition: Kitchen area!
  41. Cleaning Baking Wood / Straw furnishings
  42. Discussion regarding unsafe 8x8 grids
  43. Size Big enough for 2 pigs?
  44. C&C 2 Cage stacking need idea
  45. Cage My new cage liner
  46. Size How Big?
  47. Cleaning How often do you clean your cage?
  48. Cage Midwest Cages
  49. C&C Alternatives Looking at Indoor / Outdoor Cages
  50. C&C 4x2 top loft done for now
  51. Size Is this cage better for my guinea pigs or my rabbits?
  52. Grids Bobo got his head stuck!
  53. Cage Our little Apricot seems to hate her new C & C cage...HELP :)
  54. C&C New Multi Cage Setup
  55. C&C Alternatives How to ....
  56. Ramps Ramp and my guniea pigs
  57. C&C So What's Better?
  58. Cage Wood tray ?
  59. C&C DIY hay rack
  60. Size Floor time still needed ?
  61. Coroplast Where to get Coroplast in Australia?
  62. Coroplast Where Can I Find Coroplast??
  63. Cage New Cage !
  64. Size Floor time size?
  65. Coroplast Coroplast size?
  66. Upper Levels lights up
  67. C&C Alternatives Our Outdoor Cage!!
  68. C&C Baby proofing question, how high on the sides?
  69. Size (not sure if right area) GUINEA PIG JUMPING!?
  70. Cage Fancy Cages....
  71. Big enough?
  72. Coroplast Cage JUST out of corroplast
  73. Grids Baby GPs & Grid concern
  74. Grids Piggy Playpen..
  75. Upper Levels Coroplast loft side height - help?
  76. C&C Yay! Beautiful clean cage!
  77. Cleaning cage cleaning and bedding questions
  78. Coroplast I found Coroplast..WHO KNEW
  79. Cage DIY wooden hay rack
  80. Cage Is this grid/cube cage I bought from Sears safe?
  81. C&C Lowe's Grids?
  82. C&C Alternatives Building a Dream Cage
  83. Cage Hazels new cage!
  84. Coroplast election signs?!
  85. Cage Hay racks?
  86. Size New girl, an excuse for a bigger cage!
  87. Cleaning first cleaning
  88. Cage Building a cage?
  89. C&C Fleece jungle/ Callie's pouting spot
  90. C&C Pay in Pounds?
  91. C&C Yay!! Finally ordered my C&C cage!
  92. Cage Newspaper in cage?
  93. C&C Alternatives Building my first cage :) need help
  94. Cage would it be cruel
  95. Upper Levels finally building proper 2nd floor
  96. My first c&c cage!!!
  97. Cage Moving: Pet Store cage, or rehome...?
  98. C&C My very first C&C cage.
  99. C&C New cage layout!
  100. C&C cage etc. Available in Boston - Backbay
  101. C&C cage etc. Available in Boston - Backbay
  102. Cage My C&C cage!!!!!!!
  103. Cage GPs not using ramps in cage
  104. Litter Training 'cat's best universal' as bedding?
  105. Cage Kaytee Rabbit Cage
  106. C&C Alternatives Experiences/Recommendations for Hutches
  107. Coroplast Help?!? I might try to make a 3x3 c&c cage!
  108. Cage Getting some Cubes and Coroplast soon!!
  109. Cage Safe for her to climb over?
  110. Cage What would make my guinea happier? A friend or a bigger cage?
  111. Coroplast Alternatives What are the issues?
  112. C&C I need more Piggys!
  113. Coroplast Alternatives What was used?
  114. C&C Alternatives Using Pet Store cages combined to build a bigger cage?
  115. Coroplast Alternatives ah! Hubby just said...
  116. Size Do I add a second level or not?
  117. C&C Moving Pregnant Piggies?
  118. C&C Alternatives If I had the money....
  119. Grids Are these the grids I want?
  120. C&C Alternatives Can I paint my cage?
  121. C&C Alternatives Shower Curtain Flooring - Inside or outside the cage?
  122. Cleaning C&C Cage!!!
  123. Coroplast Alternatives options for kitchen area.
  124. Ramps How to make a ramp?
  125. Cleaning Will Using A Regular Vacuum To Clean The Cage Hurt The Vacuum?
  126. C&C Doing a happy dance tonight!
  127. Cage keeping guinea pig outside
  128. C&C Alternatives Construction begins tomorrow!
  129. Cage Guineas chewing on wood of wood cage
  130. Grids Does anyone know how thick the grids are, to cut?
  131. Cage New Cage (indoor finally!) yay!
  132. Cage Using a hutch indoors
  133. C&C Alternatives and so it begins!!!
  134. Coroplast coroplast help
  135. Cage Do you use pigloos for your guinea pigs?.
  136. Cage Questions about a cage.
  137. C&C Getting ready to make the switch to fleece... Anything I should remember?
  138. Coroplast Coroplast kitchen area i made gets condensation/wet underneath, any fixes/help?
  139. Cage unfinished c & c cage
  140. Cage How to connect two midwest cages?
  141. Size Extending a small cage
  142. Size Welcome to my 'CURRENT' guinea piggery!!
  143. C&C New Cage Setup!
  144. Coroplast Alternatives DONE! What do you think!?
  145. C&C $5.99 for my whole cage!
  146. Cleaning Crinkle Tunnel
  147. C&C Completed c&c cage finally!!!!! pictures up soon;)
  148. Cage Crazy addiction!
  149. Cage where are your piggie cages housed?
  150. C&C Alternatives Where can i get UHAUL PADS?
  151. Grids Double checking
  152. C&C Built Mocha a new cage.
  153. C&C Where should I put the kitchen?
  154. C&C New corplast c and c cage pictures
  155. C&C Saw this on Craigslist?
  156. Cage Water Bottles
  157. Cleaning Need help with the smell
  158. Cage Cage question
  159. C&C Alternatives Help me get my piggies back inside!
  160. Size Size of GPC store-bought coroplast?
  161. Cage What do you think about this cage?
  162. C&C New cage
  163. Storage Areas Hay Storage
  164. Cage Trying new hideout
  165. C&C Cage decorating ideas
  166. C&C Confused on what goes inside C&C cage
  167. C&C Cages on Floor...
  168. C&C Researching cage sizes before I get my pigs! Questions.
  169. C&C New (and first) C&C cage
  170. C&C Alternatives will this work help
  171. C&C c&c cage in florida
  172. Cage I have been at it again.... Piggiegirls are spoiled.
  173. Grids For anyone looking for cubes in the sacramento/davis/bay areas CA
  174. Cage Guinea pig room!
  175. Upper Levels Piggy Scared of Loft
  176. Size Is 60 x 24 enough for two guinea pigs???
  177. C&C Alternatives Our hybrid Midwest cage - nearly done...
  178. C&C What does it stand for?
  179. C&C C&C questions
  180. C&C I cant wait for my cage!
  181. Cage New home for C&C cage but not sure?
  182. Size Size cage isn't working anymore
  183. Grids Walmart Grids
  184. Lid Cat-Proofing Cages
  185. Ramps stairs??? new cage idea pictures
  186. C&C Finally Made a C&C Cage, and needing new hideys!
  187. C&C New cage!
  188. C&C Bigger Cage = More maintenance?
  189. C&C Not redoing it anymore.
  190. C&C Parents won't let me keep Guineas inside
  191. Cage Ramp help!!!!
  192. Grids Cage was all wrong please help
  193. C&C Buying your own supplies to make C&C cage
  194. C&C We want the best for our future pigs, unsure about size/number trade off...
  195. C&C My new C&C cage!! Love it!
  196. Cage Spiders
  197. Lid Removable Lid
  198. Coroplast Picking up coroplast today
  199. Grids 8X8 Grid Cage
  200. Coroplast Measurement confusion
  201. Coroplast That Moment...
  202. Coroplast Figuired out how to clean it!
  203. Size Fleece:) What size piece do I need?
  204. Cage Patio vs. Loft
  205. Upper Levels Fleece Flippers
  206. C&C Revamped AGAIN - its never ending!
  207. Size Personal prefence for size of boars c&c cage?
  208. C&C Alternatives Finally....pics of the new cage!
  209. Upper Levels Upper level.
  210. Cage Couch pen
  211. C&C Suggestions for best C&C double cage/ divider needed
  212. Coroplast Anyone have the brown base the C&C cage store here carries?
  213. Chewing Biting the corroplast!!!!
  214. Cage Can you help this confused newbie?
  215. Coroplast Too narrow of Coroplast? How to heighten the walls best?
  216. Grids Help! I need grids!
  217. C&C i need help!! Cage size question
  218. Size I NEED to expand my c&c
  219. Stand Is is strong enough?
  220. C&C Alternatives under bed storage bins..who knew?
  221. Cage Just some pictures of my cage since I refigured some things.
  222. Coroplast Alternatives Temporarily Have no Coroplast
  223. Cage Cage Upgrade!
  224. C&C I need some cage ideas!!! :)
  225. C&C I'm almost done preparing!
  226. Cage First DIY enclosure
  227. Cage Frustrated! Can't figure how to put kitchen together!
  228. Cage I need some cage ideas :) any suggestions guys?
  229. Coroplast DIY Coroplast Inserts... Tips?
  230. Ramps C&C multi-level cage for rabbits; use for gp's?
  231. Size How big of a cage for 3 boars?
  232. Cage Rebuilt for Adoption
  233. Cage kitchen suggestions?
  234. Upper Levels And just when I thought I was almost done..
  235. Coroplast For a 3x5 for larger
  236. C&C Can't wait for new cage!!
  237. Cleaning White not all white?
  238. Cage Help want to build a plywood and plexiglass cage need input
  239. C&C Cleaning underneath loft?
  240. Size Is a 1x4 cage ok?
  241. C&C Can only build a 2 x 4 in this apartment. Will it work?
  242. Size What can I do for now?
  243. Cage Where to get hay racks
  244. Litter Training Potty/kitchen question
  245. C&C 2x4 C&C For Three Sows?
  246. Litter Training I want to make a coro litter box
  247. Cage Newbie questions about cages
  248. Upper Levels Creative top level pics and ideas
  249. C&C Got around to doing a video "cage tour"
  250. C&C Yay