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  1. C&C C&C Grid Size and Young Pigs
  2. Cage Fleece doesn't fit over 12" wall?
  3. Cage Two cage questions.
  4. Cage How to convince mom to get a C&C cage??
  5. Grids Grids
  6. Cleaning Clean cage tips I learned from owning rabbits
  7. Cage Whats in your cage?
  8. Grids Cubes
  9. Cage C&C vs Store Bought
  10. Lid Stacked cage with a lid?
  11. Litter Training Creative idea...let's see if this works!
  12. Cage Does anyone know how to build a hay rack from scratch?
  13. Cage What type of litter do you use?
  14. Cage square feet
  15. Ramps What Ramp?
  16. Litter Training Whats on the Bottom of the Hay Room?
  17. Cage Door on the cage!
  18. C&C Our first C&C...our babies are so happy!
  19. Size my poor toby...
  20. Ramps Ramps? Help please.
  21. C&C 1x2 loft
  22. Size Should I add a loft?
  23. C&C C & c cage
  24. C&C young GP pups question
  25. Size I made my cage bigger!!
  26. Upper Levels Our new loft setup!
  27. Cage Can you extend a store cage?
  28. Size How high do I need to baby proof?
  29. Cage Is this cage okay?
  30. Cage Expanded our girls' cage today and added hay silo (thanks to member on here!)
  31. Cage Fleece/Bedding
  32. Cage New and improved cage
  33. Upper Levels loft wobbly?
  34. C&C Securing a C&C cage?
  35. C&C Supplies from Masters?
  36. Coroplast Guinea habitat Coroplast?
  37. Coroplast Coro Tips
  38. Cage Cage Math questions
  39. C&C 2x6 c&c europe
  40. Size Clean cage set up . . . is it big enough?
  41. Cage Cage size
  42. Litter Training How do you litter train?
  43. Cage Pet store cages
  44. Cage Building a two pig cage for condo living
  45. Size Should I get more piggies?
  46. C&C Alternatives This Makes Me Angry
  47. C&C Anyone else?
  48. Coroplast Correx measurements
  49. C&C Alternatives Yet another European C&C alternative.
  50. Let's see those Monster cages!
  51. C&C Adding New Piggies
  52. Coroplast Alternatives Vinyl Flooring
  53. C&C History of the C&C???
  54. Cage New to fleece! New cage!
  55. Cage Grid Connectors?
  56. Grids Would these grids work?
  57. Coroplast A Few Coro Questions
  58. Cage My Cage Story
  59. C&C Would a 1.5 x 3.5 cage be big enough?
  60. Ramps Wooden ramps...how do you do this, or where do you get them?
  61. Cage I smell an upgrade!!!
  62. C&C Well Happy Birthday to me
  63. Cage Advice Needed on Cage for 2 boys
  64. C&C Anyone ordered a cage from guineapigcagesstore.com?
  65. C&C Pros and cons of C&C cages
  66. Ramps How to keep sides from coroplast ramp from collapsing?
  67. Grids Thinking of adopting an older bonded pair (pictures at the bottom)
  68. New Cage Ideas
  69. C&C What do you think?
  70. C&C correx problem
  71. C&C Newly Created C&C Cage
  72. Cage MY NEW CAGE....my piggies love it
  73. Cage cage liners
  74. Cage Cubes at PetCo
  75. Cage New cage! *Pictures*
  76. C&C Buddy's NEW cage from the cage store!
  77. C&C Cage questions
  78. C&C Which is best?
  79. Coroplast Correx advice . . .
  80. Size Cage Placement
  81. Coroplast Alternatives A couple questions about using a shower curtain vs. coroplast
  82. Size How many piggies?
  83. Cleaning How to clean the cage when the guineas are not yet tame?
  84. Size Size for 3 pigs
  85. Grids How many?
  86. Cage Cage placing
  87. C&C Alternatives Would this work??
  88. Coroplast Alternatives Confused about Home Depot Twinwall
  89. Stand Meesa gotta stand!!!!
  90. Cage how to do this
  91. Size Nowhere To Hide
  92. C&C Alternatives Glass/Perspex/Similar
  93. Coroplast 3x4 cage where to score?
  94. Cage crib cage
  95. C&C Stacked 2x5 finally!
  96. C&C New Cage!! Tadaaaaa!!
  97. C&C Next weekend Im making my first C&C!
  98. C&C What is the best way to use a gpc loft?
  99. Grids Wobbley
  100. C&C Size Comparison
  101. C&C opening doors?
  102. Cage Finally built a two story cage!
  103. Coroplast No coro on sides of cage....
  104. Ramps Hanging out on the ramp?!
  105. C&C Buying Vs. DIY
  106. Cage My mom is so unreasonable!
  107. Coroplast I need a little direction
  108. Cage Does Anyone Know.....
  109. C&C We spent our day expanding!
  110. C&C New Cage setup!
  111. Cage Tried to decorate my boys cage! FAIL!!!!
  112. C&C Move my kitchen downstairs?
  113. Upper Levels Coro Loft and Ramp
  114. C&C Questions
  115. C&C raised cage with just zip ties?
  116. Ramps Im scared.
  117. C&C does anyone in Canada make these pre-made to purchase?
  118. C&C Alternatives Looking for a new house in Sydney
  119. Upper Levels Joined but separated boy/girl cage
  120. Ramps Carpeting on ramps?
  121. Grids How to work around dangerous grids?
  122. C&C Like to sketch out your cage plans?
  123. Cage What solution can I clean my cage with?
  124. Ramps Ramps?!?! Doors?!?!
  125. Ramps Ramps outside the cage . . . .
  126. Cage Excellent deal on sea grass baskets
  127. Upper Levels Kitchen size for 2 piggies?
  128. Cage what do you think about this?
  129. C&C Parent Trouble
  130. C&C Trying to help.
  131. C&C Big cages - how much?
  132. C&C Where???
  133. Cleaning New fleece bedding??? && Huts?
  134. Cage Finished my first C&C Cage
  135. Coroplast Cage with no coro sides?
  136. C&C Alternatives Upgrade...Again! :D
  137. Size Ideas for cages
  138. Grids Mainstay Organize Cubes from Walmart - Ontario, Canada
  139. Coroplast Getting Huge Coroplast
  140. C&C too much time and too many questions?
  141. C&C Best latch option for swinging grid door?
  142. Grids How to cut grids?
  143. Cage Finally figured out SketchUp!
  144. Cage Using Animal Playpen As Permanent Day Home
  145. Coroplast Do you have to use it?
  146. Size Ease of access?
  147. Size How many?
  148. Creating a safe cage
  149. Grids How many grids?
  150. Ramps Recently built a CC Cage!!!
  151. Grids can never find them
  152. Cage Water bottles in or out?
  153. C&C Improvement advice needed . . . .
  154. C&C Brand new guinea pig room
  155. Upper Levels Looking to upgrade, but need advice.
  156. Cage Difference between C&C and normal cages?
  157. Grids Are these c&c grids OK?
  158. Upper Levels Second levels for Midwest Habitat Plus Cages?
  159. C&C excited!!!
  160. C&C Finally Done!!!l
  161. Cage question about type of cage to get
  162. C&C Alternatives need a little help
  163. Coroplast How to cut coroplast???
  164. C&C So exited!!!!!!!!
  165. Grids White grids VS Black
  166. Size A 3x4 or 2x4?
  167. Cage Help!Piggy won't stop squeaking in new, bigger cage
  168. Upper Levels In the loft all the time!
  169. C&C Alternatives Yay!
  170. Cage New cage
  171. Cage Living in the Garage
  172. C&C Girls are in heaven
  173. Size Neutered male and female
  174. Size Which is better?
  175. Upper Levels Support for the upper level
  176. Cage just built mr nibbles a new bigger cage
  177. C&C Cage addition and a question
  178. C&C Cage Help Please!
  179. Cage outdoor enclosure
  180. C&C Alternatives Midwest Cage Expansion Experience?
  181. C&C My creative side is showing.
  182. C&C Google SketchUp - Help?
  183. Coroplast Finally Found Coroplast!
  184. Cleaning Is this the same as uhal?
  185. Coroplast Cost of 4x8 sheet of coro??
  186. Grids cubes in the uk
  187. Cage size
  188. C&C Newbie, advice?
  189. C&C stacking c&c
  190. C&C Renos finally done!! (with pics)
  191. Cleaning I need your best tips
  192. C&C Cage without base
  193. Coroplast Help with trying to piece togther two pieces
  194. Ramps How to attach the ramp to second level?
  195. Grids Where can i find grids?
  196. C&C Inspiration Needed for a 2x5
  197. C&C I just made my C&C cage!
  198. C&C Alternatives New Here + Some concerns!
  199. C&C Alternatives playpen cages
  200. Cage Summer is coming! need advice ASAP!
  201. Coroplast Alternatives Is my cage okay?
  202. Cage Brand new cage for Neo and Smith
  203. C&C Alternatives Play pen as a cage?
  204. C&C Alternatives New Temp Upstairs for Abby & Sandy
  205. Cage still cant find grids :(
  206. Cage my new house for my pigs made by me :D
  207. C&C Finally!
  208. C&C Alternatives Piggie Palace!
  209. Ramps What should I use for ramp traction?
  210. C&C Alternatives are the tray edges necessary?
  211. C&C Alternatives Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus
  212. Cage need closed cage ideas that's easy to clean
  213. C&C Just found some grids!
  214. Ramps New Piggy Patio!!!
  215. C&C kids moving to larger cage
  216. Cage My take on Wire Bottom Cages
  217. Upper Levels Coroplast Ramp
  218. Cage Boys new cage!
  219. Cleaning Sweeping the poops
  220. Chewing Preventing Coroplast Chewing
  221. C&C Going to expand this weekend!
  222. C&C Some crazy cage questions
  223. C&C It finally came!
  224. Cage Shavings with c&c cage?
  225. C&C Alternatives Fleece
  226. Cage C&C Cage In Great Condition
  227. Size Expanding (:
  228. C&C Alternatives New cage set up with pictures
  229. Cage My New guinea pig in his new home
  230. C&C Finally!
  231. Ramps How to make a safe home made ramp
  232. C&C Alternatives Where to put my cage?!?
  233. Upper Levels Babies + Upper Level?
  234. Coroplast Cavy Cafes coming apart
  235. Cage Finn & Gracie back together
  236. C&C Alternatives Cage recommendation when C&C cage is too wide
  237. C&C Are these grids okay for C&C Cage use?
  238. Coroplast Coroplast question
  239. Size What size cage do I need?
  240. C&C Alternatives I need help making a C&C cage.
  241. Cage New home!
  242. Cage Expanded !
  243. C&C New C&C Cage complete!
  244. Stand C&C Stand - 2 grids high, too high?
  245. C&C Size? 2x5
  246. Cage Location/noise factor
  247. Cage Cage Ideas
  248. Cage Duffingham Palace
  249. Coroplast Can the top of Coroplast hurt the pigs feet??
  250. need advice on making a cage