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  1. C&C My C&C Project (Grids)
  2. C&C Help - Stop chewing on shower curtain bottom?
  3. Cage Our Albinos' New Cage :)
  4. C&C Finally
  5. C&C Alternatives New Couples Retreat and Bachelor Pads
  6. Grids Grids
  7. Size I feel bad.
  8. Cage Question!
  9. Stand Floor vs Stand
  10. Cage Homemade ramps?
  11. Upper Levels I am making a C&C loft for my midwest guinea habitat and have some questions.
  12. Coroplast Alternatives Wood flooring or tile?
  13. C&C Enlarging cage
  14. C&C My first C&C cages were built today!
  15. Coroplast 2 or 4 mm coroplast?
  16. Coroplast Alternatives Shower curtain issue?
  17. Coroplast Finding Coroplast
  18. Cage Cage Location - Livingroom?
  19. Litter Training Sigh...
  20. Coroplast Coroplast Pricing
  21. Coroplast Coroplast is flexible?
  22. Coroplast Question about permanent, non-toxic marker on coroplast?
  23. Coroplast Brown/Cream Coroplast - any pictures?
  24. Coroplast My fear of cutting Coroplast...
  25. Cage cage preference
  26. Cleaning Need vacuum help now
  27. Grids Home Depot Grids.
  28. Cage Growing grass inside cage?
  29. Cage Two separate questions: U-Haul pads & Sunlight
  30. Grids How many grids for a 30x36 cage with lid?
  31. Grids Had an aweful scare
  32. Grids A great toy to put in your cage!
  33. C&C Closed C and C with loft? Need pictures!
  34. C&C Alternatives New cage idea 16 sq ft per cage level.
  35. Cleaning New to Guinea pigs
  36. C&C New Cage Plans for Christmas
  37. C&C Can you guys post pictures of your cool c&c cages I want some ideas
  38. Stand What should i stand my c&c cage on :?:
  39. Ramps How can I make a sturdy C&C cage ramp?
  40. Grids Where can I get more grids for really cheap?
  41. C&C Alternatives Midwest Pets Guinea Pig Habitat Plus Questions
  42. Coroplast How big????
  43. C&C What can i use my old coro base for?
  44. C&C What to do with piggies!
  45. Chewing Great toy for your Pigs!
  46. Coroplast coroplast at HOME DEPOT!?
  47. Stand *sigh* the cage is never finished
  48. Upper Levels To Loft or not to loft?
  49. C&C Is this cage good enough ?? very cheap and great price !
  50. Ramps Not enough traction?
  51. Size Frustrated with "kitchen area"
  52. Stand Will this Work for me?
  53. Cage Wohoo! C&C here tomorrow!
  54. C&C c&c CAGE PICS ANYONE???
  55. Cage Which design should I go with???
  56. Stand Need help finding a table or a stand!
  57. C&C 1st time piggie owner - should I change layout and introduce more fleece?
  58. Cage Cage and stuff for rehoming
  59. Coroplast HELP ME OUT! Coroplast size- need answers ASAP
  60. C&C Joys of nice clean cage
  61. C&C made liners, and the fleece forest!!!
  62. Upper Levels Loft Support ideas?
  63. Cage Pillow case hay holder
  64. Cage Accessories
  65. C&C Looking for cages
  66. Cage New Cage Design! :)
  67. Storage Areas Cavy Supplies Organization: Post your pictures!
  68. C&C Wanting to build
  69. C&C Alternatives HELP!! Planning to build a Coroplast ONLY Cage!!!
  70. Coroplast Help with some questions
  71. Cage New layout
  72. C&C I'm Happy as a Piggie with fresh veggies.....
  73. Ramps Ramp Pictures? :)
  74. Cage Wheels / casters for C&C Cage stand?
  75. C&C Alternatives Fleece Forest?
  76. Coroplast Too small
  77. C&C Where to get cheap colorplast and grids?
  78. Grids New type of shelving that would eliminate need for coroplast-anyone try it?
  79. Stand Thanks for the nice review, WildCavy
  80. Cage Cage location, window & radiator.
  81. Size Measured wrong..
  82. C&C Early Merry X-mas to my piggies
  83. Cage Dog-proofing? How high can small dogs jump?
  84. Cage I am excited!! Daisy and Flower are going to get a C & C cage!!
  85. C&C Hoping for some creative input!
  86. Cage Christmassy Cage
  87. C&C Hi
  88. Ramps Ramp attachment 4 cage with lid
  89. Size A question about outdoor runs
  90. Cage How to work with fleece in a L shaped cage? Pictures?
  91. Coroplast Coroplast problems
  92. C&C New Cage- need help
  93. C&C Fergie and Cami's New C&C Cage!
  94. Cage Piggies New Home!
  95. Coroplast 2x6 Base from GPCs store
  96. Coroplast tape or glue
  97. Upper Levels Im getting a C&C cage and need help
  98. Upper Levels my 2nd deck is starting to come to gether
  99. Cage New Cage?
  100. Grids Looking for white storage cube grids in Chicago area
  101. C&C Problem with C&C set up - Please help!
  102. Ramps Need a new way to keep ramp in place
  103. Cage Upgrading to a new cage
  104. Cage Cage size question
  105. Coroplast Making a kitchen and have a question
  106. Coroplast Has anyone built a coroplast base with from a 2mm thick sheet?
  107. Stand should stand be low enough that piggies can see us?
  108. Stand New Stand!!! :D
  109. Cage Attractive & Suitable for pigs?
  110. Upper Levels Need help with cage ideas!
  111. Cage water bottle holders?
  112. C&C Second level
  113. Cage Simple question - bottom of the C&C cage
  114. Grids How to make a grid stand?
  115. Upper Levels Levels
  116. Storage Areas Cage cubbies?
  117. Cage C&C cage bedding?
  118. Grids Using 5 space across grids
  119. C&C C&C Cage Help Needed
  120. Cleaning Organization Ideas
  121. Litter Training How To Toilet Train Guinea Pigs
  122. C&C Anyone selling there C&C cage?
  123. Cage Got my cage done
  124. Coroplast Love some ideas.
  125. Upper Levels Having issues with my hay bed.
  126. Ramps Flower is mad at me.
  127. C&C Passing it on!
  128. Ramps My piggy is having trouble with the ramp.
  129. C&C Alternatives With a bit of ingenuity !!! I made this cage
  130. C&C New cage, multi-level stacked open cage
  131. C&C New Cage :D
  132. C&C So I've decided to make my own cage.
  133. C&C Finished Product
  134. C&C Alternatives For those with rescues or large numbers of pigs-need mult-level cage ideas
  135. C&C Alternatives What do you think of this idea?
  136. C&C Finished 2x4 C&C! :D
  137. C&C OK Products?
  138. Cage our first cage, any changes needed?
  139. Coroplast Help needed with expanding
  140. C&C Kitchen Help?
  141. C&C Alternative Ramp Design
  142. Stand 2 stands?
  143. C&C piggie escapes
  144. C&C My new cage!!!
  145. Cage Anyone Thought About Using a Wire Crate?
  146. Chewing Guinea Pig Safe Paints?
  147. Cage keeping pvc pipes clean
  148. C&C PHOTOS: George's new 2x5 cage!
  149. Cage Clueless on what kind of cage to buy
  150. C&C Cage Questions
  151. C&C Wire Grids
  152. Chewing Is my hay rack too high?
  153. C&C Hershey and Gibbs new cage
  154. Size Length vs width
  155. Cage Water bottle help
  156. Cage Piggies cage in bedroom?
  157. Cage Homemade cage ideas?
  158. Size is cage to big????
  159. C&C Alternatives My cage build
  160. Cage making new cage
  161. Cage Might have gotten carried away
  162. Cage Three Tiered Cage - Need Suggestions
  163. Size Minimum Wall Height?
  164. Cage Has anyone got one of these?
  165. Cage Building alcatraz
  166. C&C C&C or Store Bought
  167. C&C BASE: What works for you? Reason I don't have C&C cage yet
  168. Cage Which area to keep the cage?
  169. Coroplast Home Depot Coroplast
  170. Size Bigger...
  171. Cleaning Hay solution!
  172. Cage Best Way To Organize my Cage
  173. Cage New Names, New Cage, New Year!!!!
  174. C&C { About to Embark on a C&C Adventure! }
  175. Cage Daisy & Flower's Cage with the Garage Door
  176. C&C Alternatives Cage plans, Thoughts?
  177. Cage Cage Help
  178. Size Cage size question for single male
  179. C&C Questions!
  180. C&C Ideas/Suggestions for expansion?
  181. Lid got my new C&C cage but the lid sags in the middle
  182. Grids The grids are gone well most of them
  183. C&C Alternatives Guinea pig c&c cage help!
  184. Cage My First Cage
  185. Cage Ginger's New Cage! :D
  186. Ramps Any ideas for an external ramp?
  187. C&C Alternatives Inexpensive Cage Building Help Appreciated!
  188. Grids Attention Australian Piggy Lovers
  189. C&C Connector/zip tie woes are driving me crazy!
  190. Cage Generic Petco Cage vs 2x4 C&C
  191. C&C New year new cages! come see! And help me figure out what to do with the 1x4 loft!
  192. C&C check out my new home!
  193. C&C C&C Cage Material Questions
  194. C&C Alternatives Help!My Dad doesn't want a cage!
  195. Cage help me with my cage please!!!
  196. C&C Moving.....Your thoughts?
  197. Two Female Shorthairs - Cage Help
  198. C&C C&C Cage..
  199. Cage Where to put my c&c cage
  200. C&C Found Supplies In WA :)
  201. C&C A Good Price?
  202. C&C Cage Help
  203. Cage Finally got my C&C Cage! ..Help?
  204. Size Update: Want more but is this good enough?
  205. Size Is this a healthy cage size?
  206. Cage How much fleece do I need for a 4x2 c&c cage?
  207. C&C Alternatives A Hutch
  208. C&C Alternatives where to find linoleum flooring?
  209. Cage Any one tried the Midwest guinea pig cage?
  210. C&C What do you have?
  211. Cage Best Types of Cages
  212. Ramps I need help making a ramp
  213. C&C How important is square size???
  214. Coroplast Alternatives Help! making my own C&C
  215. Cage Why aren't pigs aloud outside?
  216. Coroplast Measurements for Inside 2 x 6 C&C base + source for Coro in Chicago NW Suburbs
  217. C&C Decided On Design... FINALLY :)
  218. C&C Here is what we are working with now
  219. C&C How to make a c&c cage?
  220. Upper Levels How do you make a a second level on a c&c cage?
  221. C&C If you told me this morning that I was gonna completely rebuild the cage AGAIN I.....
  222. C&C Warning: Walmart Grid change
  223. C&C Made My Shopping List!
  224. C&C finally made a c&c cage! check it out guys
  225. Cage Need help finding solution for cage climber:)
  226. Grids Where can i get grids in adelaide?! PLEASE HELP
  227. Size 2x5 and 2x6
  228. Cleaning How woudld you clean a hay basket?
  229. Upper Levels adding a second level-->ideas?
  230. Grids Ripped off??
  231. Cage The right size of grids?
  232. Upper Levels How to help guinea pigs use upper level/ramp?
  233. C&C Stacked cages ~ pictures needed
  234. C&C Putting as much cage as possible in a smaller space?
  235. Cage Cage size
  236. Cage An Outdoor Run
  237. C&C Alternatives Outdoor run?
  238. C&C Alternatives Hutch for my 2 piggies!
  239. C&C Some information where I got my C&C parts from! (England, Midlands)
  240. C&C Frustrated with searching for supplies
  241. Coroplast SO frustarted. :(
  242. Cage How to use pet store cage with main cage
  243. Cage Playpen home?
  244. C&C Alternatives Closetmaid
  245. C&C interlocking cubes from costco
  246. Cage Help needed for a new cage ideas;
  247. C&C Finally A C&C and Fostering
  248. Cage C&C
  249. C&C C&C cage, but no space!
  250. Chewing Vans shoe boxes