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  1. Cat proofing: HELP!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hay is pulled in from rack (how should I contain this?)
  3. C&C Raised 6x6 With A Grid Stand?
  4. Grids what color grids do you perfer?
  5. Cage 2x4 with 1x2 loft or 2x5 without loft?
  6. Size how big should be there shelter
  7. Cage 3x3 or 2x4?
  8. C&C Alternatives can I use this pen to house 2 guiniea pigs?
  9. C&C HELP!!!!!!!! parents wont let me have a C&C cage!!!
  10. Upper Levels Making a 2x4 on top of my current 2x4
  11. Coroplast UGH!!!!!!!!!
  12. Size Layouts for 4 females?
  13. Is a 6" Coroplast wall high enough?
  14. Coroplast Alternatives What else can I use?
  15. Does anyone have any hints/ ideas on how to make a potty pad?
  16. New run area. ^^
  17. C&C Alternatives Alternative to Cubes..
  18. C&C c&c cages, custom built, UK
  19. Size How big???
  20. fleece forest
  21. I took out the sewing machine today..... Cozie makin time.
  22. Are These Safe
  23. Found fleece blankets with waterproof backing
  24. Ramps pics please?
  25. Guinea pig proofing/floor time issue
  26. Size Maximizing space/how many hideys?
  27. Grids Comparison Shopping Pays Off!
  28. Question about coroplast for 3x7 or 3x8 cage
  29. C&C C&C comin' right up piggie 34
  30. what all do you have in your cage?
  31. C&C My multi-level 2X5 C&C cage
  32. Size new pig in quarintine
  33. Stand Attaching Cage to Stand
  34. Every pig must have a toy!
  35. C&C Alternatives Help with c&c cages...
  36. Not Running as much??
  37. Coroplast Thickness?
  38. Size New piggie roommate?!?!?Bigger cage?!??!?! (pics!)
  39. C&C Grids in th Netherlands?
  40. Ramps Is my ramp OK?
  41. Upper Levels Loft AND cover?
  42. C&C Double or Single level & fleece?
  43. Cage Best room for cage? Add another piggie?
  44. Coroplast Coroplast
  45. Day Outside
  46. Grids How to bend grids?
  47. Size Easiest Way to Expand a C and C?
  48. C&C Alternatives Plexiglass
  49. Ramps Ramps from C&C store
  50. what should i do for floor time?
  51. C&C Best Way to Maximize Space?
  52. Lid How To Make a C&C Cage Lid?
  53. Size Sizing of grids
  54. C&C size for 6 piggies
  55. C&C Proud to show off. :)
  56. Floor Time/Lap Time
  57. C&C What site?
  58. Cage Wall Height?
  59. Toys for guinea pigs
  60. Wood safe to use for hideys?
  61. C&C What do you suggest and think?
  62. C&C Finally got them all together!!!!
  63. C&C Halloween Decor!
  64. Cage Hybrid Cage Help!
  65. I ordered this woven grass beds, but then made pads for them!
  66. Size 2x4 for 2 Boars?
  67. C&C Im thinking about making a C&C cage
  68. Cage Pics to help me make the coroplast base??
  69. looking for a PUL lined cuddlw sack
  70. Need Help Picking out toys!!
  71. Cage Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cgae
  72. C&C How do I make a top for a C & C cage
  73. Grids Agh! Whitmor cubes, from Walmart
  74. Cage Adding a level to a cage
  75. C&C Large with 2x2 loft Guinea Pig Zone
  76. C&C Alternatives Thinking about a wooden cage
  77. C&C Alternatives Stacked Cages
  78. Upper Levels Question about coroplast for loft
  79. C&C Alternatives How to...&Where to find wire meshing
  80. Cleaning bricks
  81. Cleaning Setting up fleece- HELP
  82. Cage Someone got spoiled!
  83. Cardboard Hay Rack/Box Idea!
  84. Cage My New Cage in Progress
  85. New Toy at PetCo
  86. Ramps help with ramp building ideas
  87. Chewing new loft - let me know if you think its safe enough. and, new chewing problem.
  88. Coroplast If you live in St. Louis, where did you buy Coroplast?
  89. Coroplast Cutting coroplast: any tips?
  90. Grids Lots of Grids for Sale Cheap!!
  91. C&C We expanded the palace!
  92. Cage Here is the finished cage. Now just got to do the introduction.
  93. Cage chux pads
  94. Coroplast Alternatives Linoleum???
  95. C&C Are exposed connectors a problem?
  96. Cabana
  97. Cleaning Question for those with 2+ levels
  98. Coroplast Why on earth did I not think of it before!?
  99. Washing huts and cuddle things?
  100. Cage Ok, it's not cozy yet
  101. Hay Gets Everywhere! HELP!
  102. Grid stand for C&C cage suggestions?
  103. Coroplast Using political/event signs
  104. Coroplast Coroplast Cost
  105. Coroplast Selling 2x4 Coroplast Base for $10
  106. Would this fleece dog toy be good for guinea piggies?
  107. Zip Ties Building cage! how many cable ties?
  108. Ventilation Rating
  109. Size Looking through all these cage pics makes me want a giant cage!
  110. Do your pigs prefer cuddle cups or sacks?
  111. C&C Cage decorating/personalization??
  112. which to choose for better borrowing???
  113. Grids Expanding?
  114. Where do you buy cage accessories?
  115. Upper Levels Does this count as a hidey?
  116. Stand Should I make my C&C cage with a stand?
  117. Cage Possibly five or six piggies
  118. Size Another cage size question!
  119. Cage To Loft or Not To Loft. . . that is the question
  120. Lazy Pig! I think he is over weight!
  121. C&C What size C&C cage for two pigs?
  122. Right so I've designed the ULTIMATE C&C Cage
  123. Coroplast Is coroplast waterproof?
  124. Cage Making a Cage
  125. Cage Not Sure If This Cage Is All Right
  126. C&C Upgraded my cage ! :D
  127. C&C C and C cage? Would love help!
  128. Size Cage size question
  129. Stand If you have cage stand pics, please post them
  130. Cleaning Smelly Fleece
  131. Food Bowl Tipping!
  132. Size Want to build a C&C cage and need measurements
  133. Size thinking of remodeling.
  134. C&C C&C Cage for my four sows! Please help!
  135. Cage Cage & New babies
  136. C&C Would this be ok?
  137. Will this coroplast work?
  138. Cage Lots of cage changes this weekend.
  139. C&C yay -- new cage!
  140. Upper Levels Updating Our Cage
  141. Could i let my cat roam free during floor time?
  142. Cage So I've been working on a new cage
  143. Size How many Guinea Pigs can fit in a 3 cube x 5 cube cage? Chloroplast alternatives?
  144. cozies
  145. How big should a floor time playpen be?
  146. Size Bigger cage once again!
  147. C&C Gemini and Gidget cage ...In our new home
  148. Cage Where to put the cage
  149. Cage Help on cages
  150. To those who sell
  151. C&C Building a C&C cage...need help
  152. C&C I have a C&C but would like to build UP
  153. C&C Exactly How Large Is A 2x3 C&C?
  154. Grids Sears grids on sale
  155. Do you need more than one?
  156. C&C 3D C&Cs
  157. Cage What to build??
  158. Coroplast Where to get coroplast?
  159. Home hideys?
  160. Stand More stand questions
  161. C&C Help tell me what you think for cage...
  162. Cage How big is a 2x4 cage?
  163. Coroplast Coroplast in the midwest??
  164. C&C How Many Pigs Are Appropriate for a 3x4?
  165. C&C 2x4 Cage Accesories/Decorating Ideas?
  166. C&C New Design
  167. Lid Has anyone made a lid that is raised higher?
  168. C&C Alternatives Cage Plans?
  169. Things to make out of fleece?
  170. C&C Cages.
  171. C&C New cage layout???
  172. Cage New cage is finally done!
  173. Bunk Beds
  174. What Do Your Piggier Like The Most?
  175. C&C What C&C cage would be best for my girls?
  176. C&C Which cage? (mixed my titles up, sorry!)
  177. BORING PIGGY!? ideas on a "TIGHT" budget
  178. Frugal Dishes
  179. Will this hay rack work in a c&c cage?
  180. Hay Storage - Thoughts on using a large trash can
  181. Do I need a hay rack or is this okay?
  182. Washing a lap protector?
  183. C&C Would you purchase a C&C cage from eBay?
  184. C&C Cage almost finished... I need new coroplast and fleece ..
  185. Grids Craigslist
  186. Size Would you say it's okay for four pigs?
  187. C&C Alternatives Painting or staining?
  188. Cage Room with a view, or sunshine?
  189. C&C Separating a Wooden Cage
  190. A toy idea for guinea pigs!
  191. Hay rack redo...
  192. Cage Building the new cage
  193. Grids How many girds/ what size can I make in this amount of space?
  194. Upper Levels Easy top floor
  195. Grids Cubes
  196. Great website look at close out tab for cool things you can use for c and c cages
  197. C&C Goodbye petstore cage, HELLO c&c!!
  198. C&C New and Improved! ;)
  199. Cage Divider ideas?
  200. C&C Alternatives Is there a safe paint?
  201. C&C My C&C Design
  202. No sew coffee can cozie!
  203. Size Regretting cage size/floating loft opinions?
  204. Size Big enough now that separated?
  205. Coroplast Another place to buy coroplast
  206. Coroplast SABIC Polymershapes?
  207. C&C Expanded the cage :D
  208. Cage New Cage Double Decker.
  209. C&C How do I support a second level on a C&C cage?
  210. C&C C&C Cage for sale $45 Chicago suburbs
  211. Coroplast Quick Answers please! Size?
  212. Cage Help decorate my cage!
  213. Cage Cage size~
  214. C&C Cleaned cage yesterday and of course changed a few things....
  215. Ramps How do you make a ramp?
  216. C&C Please Help Me Choose My New Cage
  217. C&C how many piggies?
  218. New cuddlecup!
  219. Grids Which brand of grids do you use?
  220. Where to buy?
  221. Cage need help with kitchen area
  222. Grids Easy way to get grids cheaper
  223. Cage On the Weekend before end of year Exam week...I do this
  224. Coroplast Epic Fail...
  225. Few quick questions :)
  226. Coroplast Alternatives Need Something Temporarily
  227. If you have a HUGE cage do pigs still need floor time?
  228. Piggies+bird toys=?
  229. C&C Day 2 Cavy C&C Construction!
  230. C&C Newest enclosure!
  231. Upper Levels To loft or not to loft
  232. C&C Alternatives Lights fitted
  233. Help with my cozy bag!!
  234. How Do You Keep Them From Getting Gross??
  235. pillow pets for piggies?
  236. We have a new home!
  237. ATTENTION!!!Jumbo Guinea Cage!!!
  238. Chew Toys?
  239. Cage Is this cage suitable for 2 guinea pig?
  240. Pigatures
  241. Cage I need help... but I don't need suggestions to move my furniture
  242. Cage Here's my Cage! (No rudeness for how small though)
  243. C&C 2x vs 3x
  244. C&C Help needed with sizing!
  245. Grids Question about danger of grids
  246. Grids Does Anyone Know Where To Find Mini Grids??
  247. C&C At the end of our wits...
  248. C&C My cages (:
  249. Stand About the stand?
  250. Ramps What to put on the ramp?