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  1. Grids Cheap grids at Sears!
  2. C&C cage about to be built
  3. New "Kitchen" Area
  4. Cage I redesigned my C&C cage
  5. C&C Cage wonder....
  6. Just got my girls cuddle beds.
  7. C&C Alternatives Would this be a good alternative?
  8. C&C C&C cages stressing me out!! (United Kingdom)
  9. Lap pads
  10. Upper Levels lofts
  11. Upper Levels Wanting to make a 1x2 loft - BUT...
  12. Don't want to be in the cage with he's friend.
  13. What should i do with my cat during floor time?
  14. Want to share homemade fleece ideas..? Photos and how to's..?? I'll start!
  15. Coroplast Alternatives Anyone use a shower curtain?
  16. Lava stone?
  17. C&C What size cage for 5 female piggies
  18. Cage New cage!
  19. C&C I'm clueless
  20. Cage Can someone sketch me up some designs?
  21. C&C I need some help, please.
  22. C&C Made my first cage!
  23. Grids I am seriously done with grids!
  24. C&C Need help designing cage for school room....
  25. Litter Box worked!
  26. Simple Hay Rack Ideas
  27. C&C Alternatives 3 level cage made out of closet racks
  28. Coroplast If I have a C&C cage can I just use coroplast?
  29. Grids Yes!
  30. I made a fleece ball.. Is it safe..?
  31. C&C Alternatives Building a cage, advice needed
  32. Size How many square feet!?
  33. Grids How many grids exactly???
  34. Cage the new digs!!!!!
  35. C&C Goodbye Useless Appendix, Hello New C&C Layout
  36. Need sewing advice on a sewing machine please!
  37. Is my cat stressing out my pigs?
  38. Upper Levels should i keep my upper level?
  39. C&C Divided Cage Help!
  40. Lid How do you make a cage top?
  41. C&C Finishing Touches
  42. THAT is not how you use that!
  43. C&C Alternatives dads building the extension! 12ftsq to 28ftsq!! but got a few questions
  44. C&C Expanding ideas ?
  45. C&C Requesting photos of 2x? cages for herds
  46. Where can find a cozie??
  47. Coroplast Alternatives Alternative Border
  48. Litter Training Upgrading to fleece??? (Potty problems)
  49. Size It's time to upgrade !
  50. Cage C&C Cage Choosing!
  51. What Products Do YOU Use/Like/Recommend?
  52. C&C What can I add to my cage?
  53. What should I get?
  54. Cubes from C&C Cage, Size Issue
  55. Upper Levels Second Level
  56. Litter Training Litter Training
  57. Coroplast PINK?!
  58. C&C A few questions about my C&C cage ideas.
  59. Size Cage
  60. Size I'm upgrading, need opinion...
  61. i made a blanket hidey
  62. Toys
  63. Coroplast Coroplast Alternatives?
  64. Size Quick question about size recommendations.
  65. C&C Alternatives Help with a cage
  66. wheel
  67. Advice on website ..
  68. C&C Up to 41 grids
  69. Aesthetics & Super Happy Fun Time!
  70. Size 2x5 or 3x4
  71. C&C How Many Pigs In a 28 Square Foot Cage?
  72. Cleaning Cleaning my C&C cage
  73. Safe adhesive ideas???
  74. Grids Off The Floor Support
  75. Building an outdoor run
  76. C&C New to the C&C and Fleece stuff
  77. free range hybrid? sort of?
  78. Cage What cage to get?
  79. Cage Will This Be Big enough?
  80. Need some more toy ideas please :)
  81. Cage Where?
  82. C&C Help us save the cage!
  83. Anyone have any ideas?
  84. C&C Finally, Something Worthwhile on Craisglist
  85. C&C What's the limit?
  86. Cardboard not safe
  87. Is it safe for pigs?
  88. C&C My first C&C cage!
  89. Cuddle Bags
  90. C&C Alternatives i could scream!! please please please help me :'(
  91. C&C Alternatives Double Cages!
  92. New pillow! My girls love it!!
  93. C&C Alternatives Is coroplast really the best material?
  94. First time outside today!
  95. C&C I can't find cubes
  96. Coroplast Where to buy in NZ
  97. Size Please help - I don't know how big my cage should be???
  98. Little Tepee
  99. Upper Levels c&c cage options.
  100. C&C C&C cage specs.
  101. New Furniture
  102. Cool creative cage ideas
  103. C&C My very first C&C cage!
  104. C&C Finally finished!!!!!
  105. Snugglesafe discs
  106. Playpen Pictures?
  107. Cage Separated Male/Female Cage? (Also how to tell if a male is neutered)
  108. C&C Spent Saturday doing this...
  109. Grid "hole" size safety
  110. Coroplast Alternatives Can you use foam display boards instead of coroplast?
  111. Misjudgement Cost the Life of Dear BJ Last Night, Don't Make This Mistake
  112. here's what happens when i'm too bored!
  113. Cage Black Ninja time to strike
  114. Wash bag?
  115. Floor Protection
  116. Cage Vacation !
  117. Coroplast Alternatives Help about c&c cages.....
  118. Coroplast Coroplast in the uk, very cheap!!
  119. Ideas for a cage in this location
  120. Cage I want my pigs to be in my room but my parents... :\
  121. Stand Best Height?
  122. C&C Alternatives Planning on Making a Cage... Need material specs
  123. C&C New C&C cage
  124. Size Is this big enough?
  125. Cage bedding idea help...
  126. Cage Will my boars be well off in this cage? One of them is pretty territorial..
  127. C&C Cage Questions
  128. Water proof towel?
  129. How to get pig to use hay rack
  130. Grids Grid Spacings?
  131. Cage does this look like a good loft??
  132. Coroplast Should I combine 2 pieces or stick with one?
  133. Cage Made a cubes cages and now shes eating the cardboard...
  134. I need some new, cleaner ideas.
  135. Cozy/Cuddle Cup For Sale Directory!
  136. Coroplast Missing a wall- can you attach coroplast to coroplast?
  137. Made a Cuddle Sack :)
  138. Cage C&C cages and support
  139. what is the best way to start a litter box for 5?
  140. C&C Hey havent posted in a while new cage and pigatures
  141. Guinea pig cage suggestions
  142. C&C Football grid fleece
  143. Ramps How I got my pigs to use the ramp
  144. Cage My cage is too small !
  145. Cage Query About Using Connectors when Making a Grid Floor, and Finishing Coroplast Edges?
  146. Foam Alternative? Please help!
  147. Need Help!!!
  148. I made a sleeping bag for Bella!
  149. Connectors Few cage questions.
  150. my babies new favorite toy
  151. Cage Can my piggy get out?
  152. Upper Levels Is this safe? or is it too high?
  153. Upper Levels Cage Extention??
  154. Cage Housing....
  155. C&C Convincing parents for a C&C
  156. Size Wondering about exact measurements between grids.
  157. I need help with Etsy..
  158. Coroplast Building tips
  159. Cage new cage
  160. Grids half my grids are small and half a large????
  161. Litter Training My Fully Litter Trained Piggies, And How To Do It
  162. Cage Where to put the cage?
  163. Cage No light on bottom level of multi-level cage
  164. Ramps Not Your Typical Case Of Burrowing.....
  165. Cage Cage Positioning
  166. Upper Levels Anyone with a 2x7?
  167. food dish advice.....
  168. Grids Found Cheap Cubes...
  169. C&C Binder Clips To Hold On Fleece
  170. Lilly escaped help!
  171. Coroplast Uk correx source
  172. Cage New Cage!!!
  173. Upper Levels This is Going To Be Interesting.......
  174. Backing soda mixed in with bedding
  175. Cage Going To make a C&C cage for my boys!(any tips, please?)
  176. Coroplast Alternatives Tile instead of coroplast?
  177. C&C I need help ASAP!
  178. Cage Question about home made cages
  179. Cage Help!!! Mom being iffy about C&C cage...!
  180. Coroplast HELP!!! Where to find coroplast? (Philippines)
  181. sorry, but i hate plastic!
  182. C&C How Would You Describe C&C Cages?
  183. C&C C&C Photo Request!
  184. C&C Alternatives Cage and cage alternative questions
  185. Ramps Yuck. Done with this-- Need a new Ramp Traction Idea
  186. Free Fabric
  187. C&C Looking for C&C in Australia
  188. Upper Levels Building a 2 level cage
  189. Is this okay instead of a Pigloo?
  190. Ramps Animal Safe/Non Toxic Glue
  191. Coroplast Finding coroplast
  192. Upper Levels Thinking about making a second floor but need help !!!
  193. Cage Guinea Pig Carrier Help!
  194. how much igloos should I get for 2 guinea pigs?
  195. Cage Want to build a new cage
  196. Upper Levels The guinea pigs have an even bigger cage...
  197. Size 3x3 okay for three?
  198. Guinea Pig Dedicated Rooms
  199. Coroplast Will this work as Coroplast? PLEASE HELP!
  200. Coroplast Stores that have coroplast?
  201. C&C My Joe's New Cage is almost finished!! C&C 4x5 w/1x5 Loft
  202. Coroplast question about coroplast????
  203. Cage Finally got my girls cage Remodeled!! They love it!!
  204. Size Pet Store Cages
  205. C&C Building New Cage Advice?
  206. Coroplast Alternatives Tempered Hardboard?
  207. Coroplast Alternatives Will this work?
  208. C&C question about making a c&c cage
  209. 20 minute sewing project.
  210. Ramps How do I make a ramp?
  211. Coroplast Help?
  212. When can I remove the babyproofing?
  213. Coro Advice
  214. Cage Pet store purchased and now after research feel bad..
  215. Grids Extra Grids
  216. C&C The Great Debate!
  217. Upper Levels I Want Kitchen To= BATHROOM
  218. How to Keep a Grid Lid Up?!
  219. C&C Loft or no loft?
  220. Upper Levels Ramps & Upper Levels
  221. Cage Bigger cage questions
  222. Cage Pleas ereply quick about a cage size!
  223. Ramps n00b help, ramp plans?
  224. Cage Set-Up Question to Keep the Peace
  225. C&C Coroplast and Fleece
  226. Coroplast Using multiple pieces?
  227. how much do i have to protect my laminate floors?
  228. Cage Lining the cage
  229. How to make fleece hidey's?
  230. How to make fleece hidey's?
  231. C&C Almost done!
  232. Coroplast Finally found cheap coroplast
  233. Making Guinea Pig Veggie Kebabs?...
  234. How To Make A Cozy Sack
  235. Size Size
  236. Cage Guinea Pigs not allowed in the house.
  237. Cleaning How do you?
  238. Coroplast found 4' 8' sheets of coroplast
  239. Cleaning For cages with tops
  240. Cage Opinion On Cage Idea and Setup
  241. Size How to Remodel? Help!
  242. Time for a redesign
  243. My Swimming Pool is Ready for Two Piggers
  244. Upper Levels Ideas on where to put the loft
  245. Cage How many layers of fleece??
  246. CavyLover12's Cage Size
  247. Where To Buy Accessories?
  248. C&C Is the Large C&C cages big enough for 2 pigs?
  249. C&C Cage assembly is going all wrong!
  250. Harness Question