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  1. C&C Adjoining Cages
  2. Cleaning Cleaning a 3x4
  3. C&C Alternatives How can I get a C&C???
  4. What kind of hideys do you use?
  5. C&C Building a new cage today!
  6. Cage Finding a cage
  7. C&C Alternatives New Hutch for piggy
  8. C&C My baby boy's new cage!
  9. Size Wooden base help
  10. i want to make something for my cute babies
  11. Toy ideas?
  12. what are toy ideas
  13. I made my first one!
  14. Need Help ASAP PLEASE
  15. what should be a good idea of things pigs need
  16. C&C New cage and new fleece/u-haul pad
  17. Size How many can fit?
  18. Coroplast 2 quick questions
  19. Cleaning possible fungus issue- how can i completely sanitize my cage and fabric?
  20. Litter Box??
  21. Upper Levels making a second level
  22. Really old cat, need animal proofing?
  23. Water bottle Issue
  24. Cage oh no.
  25. Cage The Bunnies Need Your Advice!
  26. Cage Cage Location:: lack of light but big cage vs. light but small cage?
  27. Grids Helpp australians
  28. Grids Has anyone tried these in a cat cohabitation situation
  29. Upper Levels How do I build a 1x2 loft?
  30. How long outside?
  31. Boring cages-Need all the ideas I can get!
  32. Cage Will this be okay?
  33. C&C new cage layout!
  34. Where to buy foam for tunnels
  35. C&C Urgent please help
  36. C&C Which would be better?
  37. C&C What size ??
  38. C&C how big?
  39. Coroplast Is it a must?
  40. Scales and Nail Clippers
  41. Rack Vs Litter tray
  42. Grids How to cut grids?
  43. C&C Alternatives ummm?
  44. Coroplast Tape free coroplast gluing test...
  45. Cage My newly built c&c cage(:
  46. Coroplast New pigs , new cage!
  47. How soon to babyproof?
  48. Who's that Pokémon?!
  49. So is the ok for babyproofing?
  50. 2 level tent/bungalo
  51. C&C finally got new cage built and they love it....
  52. never too late to get them used
  53. Cage Shelter Cages
  54. How do YOU protect YOUR floor during floor time? Also, need suggestions!
  55. C&C Alternatives WHOO! yay
  56. Need Advice Please!!
  57. Cage Cage for sale
  58. My pigs use their cozies as litter boxes? -___-
  59. Cage Sides on cage
  60. Woodland Getaway - Safety concern
  61. C&C Cage design considerations...
  62. Baby floor time
  63. What to do?
  64. Cage Renewal
  65. Litter Training what material can i use to make a litter box/kitchen area?
  66. Coroplast Alternatives I need help finding something to replace coroplast
  67. C&C Alternatives Big enough?
  68. Cage Thoughts on coroplast & fleece
  69. Coroplast Cage Questions
  70. C&C How long to double grids for baby pigs
  71. Cage how many grids do i need to make a stand for a 3by5
  72. Cage Decorating guinea pig cage?
  73. C&C looking to expand AGAIN!
  74. Where to buy?
  75. Litter box training.
  76. C&C Alternatives wood and plexiglass cage
  77. How Old Until No Baby Proof?
  78. C&C virtual tour of new cage
  79. Cage need help with temporary divider
  80. Grids Canadian Tire?
  81. Cage The best way to do a kitchen?
  82. Toys for a picky pig
  83. Planning to Make Cuddle Cups: A Few Questions
  84. Cage Help with square footage, and opinions wanted.
  85. How to prevent jumping cats
  86. Cage Help....
  87. Size not enough space
  88. Coroplast is this right?
  89. Craft room
  90. Size Cage for 6
  91. C&C Hopefully helpfull diagrams for newcomers
  92. Litter Training Homemade Litter Boxes?
  93. C&C Alternatives Wondering whether these storage cubes are suitable
  94. C&C What to use as a bedroom for my guinea pigs
  95. Need Ideas For Hideys
  96. Size What size cage for 10 Piggies?
  97. Fleece tunnel
  98. C&C Alternatives Anyone used a shelving unit to make a cage?
  99. wooden hidey
  100. Coroplast Dimensions for a 2x5 cage
  101. C&C Started building.
  102. Storage Areas New cage idea, need advice
  103. What's the best idea here?
  104. Coroplast Coroplast sides - any particular height?
  105. Grids can i use plastic grids for ramps and stuff?
  106. Coroplast Multiple sheets of coroplast
  107. Cage C&C cage sizing help!
  108. C&C how my c&c cage?
  109. C&C Alternatives Plexiglass Questions.
  110. How do I make a ramp?
  111. C&C Need to get rid of old C&C
  112. C&C Rebuilding my C and C Cage: Looking for opinions
  113. Cage Rock Slate Caves cage idea??anybody done this?
  114. Floor Time and Tunnel fun.,,,,
  115. Garage
  116. Cozies Made of Fleece Hats
  117. Ramps Has anyone bought from the cage store?
  118. Outdoor Fun
  119. C&C Husband just bought Gidget's new c & c cage
  120. Storage Areas Hay rack ideas
  121. Size Room Organization Help
  122. FREE guinea pig cage supplies... Help?
  123. Upper Levels Making a second level
  124. C&C So I'm trying to build my own C&C but have some questions?
  125. Ramps Can I use plywood for a ramp?
  126. Upper Levels pet store cage as upper level
  127. C&C Wanted to share my piggies bigger cage
  128. Coroplast Cloroplast Thickness
  129. Cage Wood Type
  130. C&C Slate Habitat in C&C Cage. How It went
  131. C&C His c&c cage is going to look like :)
  132. Upper Levels i cant decide on kitchen area
  133. Gidget shopping for cage ideas
  134. bought some things for gidgets new c and c cage which hasnt came yet
  135. Coroplast Diving C&C cage. Help!
  136. Cozy Cup Questions
  137. C&C Alternatives Building a new cage, but I could use advice
  138. Upper Levels Supporting a wide upper level
  139. Upper Levels Support for the top level
  140. C&C Grids on clearance at Walmart!!!
  141. Porcelain tile floors
  142. Size One big story or two?
  143. C&C Alternatives new piggie cage in the process!!!
  144. Cage Where do you keep your cage?
  145. C&C New C&C cage!!!
  146. what tempature is best for my guinea pigs when taking them outside?
  147. Comfier Cozy Cup
  148. Cleaning need help keeping C&C cage clean!
  149. Upper Levels hows my upper level?
  150. New Hidey/Tunnel I Made
  151. Cleaning OMMG hair EVERYWHERE!
  152. Ramps How to build a sturdy ramp
  153. Help With Lap Time-- Squirmy, Scared Piggies?
  154. How do you make a home made cozy cup? How about a cuddle sack?
  155. C&C I am excited!
  156. Upper Levels How is Harper's Kitchen?
  157. C&C Rebuilt our C & C today
  158. C&C WooHoo! Got Bridget's Cage Built Yesterday!
  159. What kind ?
  160. My First Cuddle Cup!!
  161. C&C Alternatives am i a bad guinea pig owner?
  162. Coroplast L shaped C&C cage
  163. Cage found this cage online had to share
  164. U haul pads
  165. New Cozy Sack and Questions
  166. Cleaning Hand Vac ..?
  167. Ware Chew-Loo Edible Hideout?
  168. What height sides are safe???
  169. C&C I figured out how big gidgets new cage will be...
  170. Stand C&C 2x4 cage stand?
  171. New Cage with Ramp
  172. Can I unbaby proof my cage??
  173. Is it to cold to have free range outside?
  174. Coroplast Alternatives Linoleum bottom
  175. Grids Where to buy in New Zealand
  176. Water Bottles
  177. C&C Alternatives 2 Different Floor Plans
  178. C&C New cage! [Pictures]
  179. The ultimate lap time snuggy!!
  180. bottles or dishes?
  181. Awesome wire hay rack from Ikea!
  182. Size calling all creative minds!
  183. C&C Thompson crew--new cage-- with pictures!
  184. Food getting in the water bottle
  185. C&C Alternatives Ware HD Chick-N-Rabbit Pen-- ok alternative?
  186. Size question about cage size on home page
  187. C&C Building a C&C cage need a little help
  188. C&C Does it count?
  189. I have gone crazy
  190. C&C Finally finally Gidgets c & c cage
  191. C&C Finally finished Harper's Kitchen, how's my cage?
  192. C&C New Cage - Litter box ideas?
  193. Coroplast Alternatives vinyl instead of Linoleum ?
  194. Grids Where in the Chicago Land Area is a Good Place to Get Grids
  195. My first cuddle sack!
  196. Great portable fleece forest!
  197. OUTDOOR[!] Shenanigans [first of the year]
  198. C&C Finally done!
  199. Cage Should I remove grids under coroplast tray?
  200. Upper Levels Will a piggie appreciate a tall cage with multiple levels?
  201. Stand Cage on Floor vs Stand
  202. C&C Good option for C&C cage?
  203. Need some advice
  204. C&C Gidgets c & c cage pictures
  205. Waterproofing materials?
  206. C&C Alternatives My new cage
  207. C&C Alternatives Ready for Coroplast - I feel stupid
  208. C&C New C&C Cage!
  209. Cage Ideas for a Vet Carrier?
  210. Playground Ideas?
  211. BEWARE of the wired hay racks
  212. How to make a VERY easy double exit cozy to fit more than one piggy!
  213. How to make a cozy cave
  214. The Piggie Slave Masters have struck again....
  215. Cage wanting to make my own
  216. 47 inch tunnel.... any advice???
  217. i was wondering?
  218. Help! Which should I buy?
  219. Litter Training litter box ?
  220. Input on Whistles play area
  221. Grids Ughhh, I'm short one grid! Help?
  222. Awesome hay bin and hidey in one!
  223. Going to buy some toys today....
  224. Can a fleece forest replace hidey's?
  225. Piggie Garden and Run!
  226. Ramps New C&C cage - help with how to get pigs up the ramp!
  227. cozies for 50 cents!!!
  228. Amount of floor time?
  229. Grids Looking for 1/2 Inch Spacing Grids
  230. C&C I'm finally making a cage!
  231. Cage Do I have to make 2x4? Can it be 1x8.
  232. Cage just started making my first cage
  233. Grids Help?
  234. Bathtub?
  235. Cage Homemade cage modifications...
  236. C&C New C&C!!!
  237. Size maximizing space.
  238. Size Our first C&C cage.. some questions!
  239. Ramps whats a good thing to use as a ramp.
  240. Size Length vs Width?
  241. C&C is this safe or is it the target one that has the warning?
  242. Cleaning How, How Often, What Day, ETC..?
  243. C&C Pictures of cage
  244. What can I use as a litter tray?
  245. Is it just me or are those chew toys a waste?
  246. Toy Rotation and Specific Toy Question
  247. C&C I tweeked the c and c again.
  248. Microban in pet products
  249. Coroplast Coroplast sheet vs a Geo Metro car
  250. C&C My Fist C&C for Barney!!