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  1. Could I make and sell cozys?
  2. do pigs play games?
  3. This week I lost my Boyfriend and My Pig to MW3
  4. C&C Help! I don't really know where to start
  5. Cage Grid Hinges?
  6. playen ideas
  7. Coroplast Found Coroplast in Dallas Area
  8. Cleaning Advice about housing please
  9. Coroplast How thick
  10. Upper Levels Will she use it?
  11. What are some good toys for a guinea pig (safe to eat)?
  12. C&C Night one in her new C&C cage
  13. Size Okay size for 2 guinea pigs?
  14. Size Quick Question
  15. making hay racks and ramps
  16. Size Stressed and need ideas!
  17. Coroplast White?
  18. Coroplast Budget Signs
  19. C&C Just finished Auggie & Mini Me's new cage!
  20. C&C New cage!
  21. Traveling
  22. ??? Piggies hide instead of run with floor time!
  23. C&C Alternatives Wood Cage?
  24. Lid Cage Lid Issue...
  25. Coroplast Alternatives Tarpaulin as a substitute for corrugated plastic?
  26. Can a line a cage with vinyl?
  27. Size Will this be big enough? Separate kitchen area needed? 2nd story or not?
  28. Coroplast Just finished building cage, but not sure if it will be okay
  29. I learned to sew today!
  30. C&C GP Zone Additions!
  31. Floor Time and my first wiff of boat stank!
  32. Size Exciting Expansion! Wanted to share with you guys!
  33. Suggestions for outdoor playspace wanted (Australia)
  34. Cozy Cube Instructions???
  35. C&C Just got my new C&C cage done, FINALLY!!
  36. C&C Alternatives Plexiglass cage?
  37. C&C Alternatives Can someone??
  38. Fleece forest
  39. Cage Coroplast cage for sale in NW Indiana - $35
  40. Hidey houses or cozies?
  41. Connecting
  42. Grids Sears is having an awesome sale!
  43. Size Would this be big enouth for two buns?
  44. Cage great deal on cage at kmart
  45. kleenex box
  46. Cage My first cage!
  47. C&C Cage Coroplast and Grid Color!
  48. Cage My first attempt at a cage
  49. Cage does anyone know how to build a cage??
  50. C&C When should I get more cage supplies?
  51. Cage Cages problem again=.=
  52. C&C Critique My Set Up Plan, Please?
  53. Size I ran out of space!
  54. trying to make play time fun
  55. New Furniture and Floor Time
  56. Cage Help please?
  57. Kitchen Issues
  58. Ramps baby freindly ramp added
  59. Cage Newbie alert!
  60. Wasted hay - is there a better hay rack?
  61. Dog proofing cage!
  62. Cage Shelf cage..how to make it poo and urine proof?
  63. wanted to make something nice for my boys
  64. C&C Alternatives Upgraded my guinea pig room!
  65. Coroplast Alternatives I need Alternatives
  66. Newbie all the way - questions!
  67. Stand Ive got a cage redesign itch...
  68. Coroplast Purple?
  69. C&C Finally have my first C&C together with piggy bedspreads, loft, and fleece forest
  70. Cage Question about non-C&C Cages
  71. C&C Alternatives Is my cage safe?
  72. Where to find Colored water bottles
  73. Size Is there really a big difference between 2x4 and 2x5?
  74. Cleaning One week later...
  75. Coroplast Coroplast Price?
  76. Cage New Cage Bedding
  77. Size 2x5 Cage Question
  78. Litter Boxes...used?
  79. C&C how many guinea pigs will this cage fit?
  80. C&C My cage is mostly assembled!
  81. Cage Pulling out my hair
  82. C&C Alternatives Cage in process as we speak!
  83. floor protection
  84. Cage Anyone that wants a good and very cheap cage to buy..
  85. Cage Litter box media
  86. C&C Cage Design Ideas
  87. Cage what size c&c cage would i need?
  88. Coroplast Best looking coroplast corners?
  89. Stand What size hay box will fit under the cage?
  90. Cage Temporary Cage for Pig-sitter
  91. Cage Cuddles and Buttercup's Newly Remodeled Cage !
  92. Size Is 3x3 C&C Cage big enough for two Guinea Pigs?
  93. Cage How did you make YOUR C&C cage?
  94. Oh coroplast hay rack, I hardly knew ye.
  95. Plexiglass Hay Bin?
  96. C&C Newbie Help!
  97. Coroplast Pigs chewing coroplast
  98. Cage building first cage - reverse loft
  99. Upper Levels Why doesnt it count?
  100. Coroplast Fair price
  101. Connectors Do you use zip ties or connectors that come w/ the grids?
  102. How to litter Train a guinea pig??
  103. Coroplast Alternatives Any other options?
  104. How to get my piggy to enjoy floor time??
  105. C&C Alternatives Want a nicer option instead of C&C
  106. Size Okay for 2 females?
  107. C&C 2 by 3 grids cage?
  108. Coroplast I almost got it!
  109. First Time!
  110. What to do to baby-proof?
  111. C&C Nervous about topless C&C...
  112. Bins work great for huts...
  113. C&C YESSS! Got through to someone about C&C cages
  114. C&C A few questions...
  115. C&C A laundry list of questions!
  116. Size Sacrificing cage width for length?
  117. Grids Where to find grids in a store?
  118. Coroplast Is this big enough?
  119. Coroplast Cleaning the Coroplast!
  120. Grids Grid Supplier Stores
  121. C&C New cage!
  122. C&C Cage Progress
  123. C&C New cage just came in mail!
  124. C&C YES!!
  125. C&C New Cage! :D
  126. Upper Levels 2x2 Lofts. Do they work well for you?
  127. C&C How much did it cost you to make your cage?
  128. Cage questions
  129. C&C The Piggie Mansion
  130. C&C Moving Furniture to Fit My C&C
  131. Cleaning Vinegar: Alternative?
  132. Cage expanding from 2x4 to 2x5 - need help!
  133. Cage Where To Put Hiding Huts
  134. Upper Levels New upper level!
  135. C&C Is this appropriate?
  136. C&C So Excited! We Made our Cage and it is Ready!
  137. Grids Where to buy in Australia (Sydney)?
  138. C&C What do you use for a top?
  139. Bed Bath and Beyond Utensil Holder Picas
  140. Size 3X4 too big? too small?
  141. Cleaning I need advice on the pros and cons of fleece bedding vs. Wood shavings
  142. Proof that floor time is important, and fun.
  143. C&C Alternatives Opinions on a canvas-bottomed cage?
  144. C&C Cage for 4 piggies?
  145. Can guinea pigs eat cardboard?
  146. Cage Bedding help, Fleece and microplush
  147. Cage NEW: How to build c&c cage with coroplast?
  148. Darwin got out... AGAIN!
  149. Cage "Duplex" cage idea?
  150. C&C couple quick questions
  151. C&C Cage owners: Help me convince my dad!
  152. Coroplast Where can I buy coroplast? Or a better substitute?
  153. Chewing Binder Edging, Where to find it??
  154. Connectors New Cage Help!
  155. Ramps I need ideas for a reinforced ramp?
  156. New couches for Piggy!
  157. Grids epoxy coated grids? Are they
  158. Cage Need ideas for a basement-like kitchen??
  159. Upper Levels 1 story or a 2 story C and C cage???? Help!!!!!!!!
  160. C&C Inside cage....space or stuff?
  161. C&C Where can I buy C&C?
  162. Grids Inside or Outside of Coroplast
  163. Ramp
  164. C&C Alternatives fleece in pet store cages?
  165. Cage Two level 3 by 5
  166. C&C Cage Designing Help!
  167. How?
  168. Grids Sizes in wire storage cubes for a rabbit cage?
  169. Size Does this area seem big enough for a 2x4 cage?
  170. Coroplast What do I ask for to find the plastic coroplast?
  171. Picture!
  172. Swimming Pool?? Yes I'm for real
  173. Coroplast I should be able to get my C&C cage done REALLY soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  174. C&C Question about coroplast!
  175. Size Is this big enough?
  176. I don't think my pigs like cozies
  177. boys love their "veggie basket"
  178. New Cozy
  179. C&C Movin on up
  180. Our Free time..
  181. Cage New Cage! Finally Finished!! :D
  182. Is this OK?
  183. Cage Cage size, bedding
  184. New hidey/bed
  185. Will this ramp idea be safe for my piggies?
  186. Cage mum wont listen!
  187. Ramps Jumping down ramp safe?
  188. It's a Texas Winter!
  189. Cage New cage set up
  190. Coroplast Report Cover Spine on Coroplast Edges - How?
  191. Cage Help... I am Frustrated
  192. Coroplast Alternatives What can I use for chloroplast?
  193. Piggy's playtime!
  194. What fabric should I use for a cuddle cup and cozy?
  195. My Pig Keeps Knocking Over His Litter Pan?
  196. Size 2 wide vs 3 wide
  197. Size Cage size for 7?
  198. Making grate safe for floor time?
  199. Knitting or crochet pattern for cozies or cuddle cups?
  200. C&C Alternatives my new alternative c and c cage!
  201. C&C Recommended Size?
  202. Cage Do I Need A Cage Cover?
  203. How to enritch my pigs life??
  204. Can guineas chew through coroplst?
  205. Can I use shoe boxes to make hide aways?
  206. C&C Are Windows Okay?
  207. Upper Levels Loft Level Sagging
  208. Cage Are C&C cage sizes adjustable?
  209. Cage Does anyone else have a 3x5 cage?
  210. Cage safe woods? Metals?
  211. C&C New Loft!
  212. Size Question about size to build...
  213. Coroplast Alternatives I have the cage already set. but i want to add a second level
  214. Ramps How long?
  215. Coroplast Sign store manager was rude!!
  216. need help with fleece forest
  217. Coroplast Finding Coroplast !!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!
  218. C&C Alternatives would these work to make a c&c cage?
  219. Cage My new and improved cage!
  220. Cage cage ideas??
  221. C&C Tutorial for my awesome cage :)
  222. Ramps Ramps????????
  223. Litter Training Fleece Liner Question
  224. Hay bin
  225. C&C Fun Cage Themes?
  226. Grids How many Grids??? at Walmart
  227. Coroplast Do I need to buy Cubes?
  228. C&C Stacked 3by5 cages, 4by4 on a stand and plexiglass divider!!!
  229. Fleece hay racks
  230. C&C First C&C Cage Ever!!
  231. C&C New cage
  232. Preparation for fleece when making a cozy?
  233. C&C Cage design Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  234. C&C Good deed of the day (:
  235. Connectors How many?
  236. C&C Alternatives Plexi-glass question
  237. C&C Alternatives Need ideas for C&C alternative
  238. Upper Levels Loft Question
  239. C&C Alternatives New Cage Questions and Pictures to come
  240. Size For 3 piggies...
  241. Cage How many Guinea's can fitin my cage????
  242. Cage Cage Remodel!!!
  243. Igloos
  244. Cage Building a 3x4 cage... a few questions
  245. C&C Alternatives Plexiglass thickness and attaching...
  246. How many do i need
  247. I'd like to sew a few cozies, but I need some help?
  248. GP keeps chewing on grids. Please Help!
  249. C&C Yay!
  250. C&C Is This Enought?