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  1. Beach - Themed Accessories?
  2. Size 1x3 cage help!!
  3. Upper Levels New to this -- help with support for upper level
  4. Size Is it too big?
  5. Extra fabric??
  6. C&C Planning stages of Hippo's cage
  7. Pigs, Kids and Purple Monsters
  8. Size Need Help Designing
  9. Coroplast Coroplast - Kinkos
  10. Chewing Guinea Pig is chewing a hole right through the plastic.
  11. Coroplast I feel horrible. Just plain horrible.
  12. Ramps Brick Staircase
  13. Teaching Guinea Pigs to Use Water Bottles?
  14. Any water bottle recommendations? Or just let me know if you relate!!
  15. I made a playground!
  16. Coroplast Alternatives Could this possibly work out? I NEED opinions please
  17. Cage Is this cage suitable?
  18. Toy Warning!
  19. C&C New cage and new coroplast!
  20. Building pig's stuff out of Popsicle sticks and super glue.
  21. Coroplast Finding coroplast on Craigslist
  22. Her Head Got Stuck!
  23. She got away!
  24. Cage Ideas for Kitchen In A Single Level Cage??
  25. Coroplast Coroplast/ polyurethene sheet ..... in Edmonton for cheap?!?!?
  26. My pigs are jumping out of cage
  27. Accsessories?
  28. Cage First Cage Build Thread
  29. Garage safe for piggy play pen?
  30. Coroplast What to do with spare coroplast?
  31. Are these safe?
  32. Upper Levels Advice regarding cages for a newbie
  33. Cage Open 2 story cage for my girls.
  34. and floor time
  35. help anyone from Houston TX
  36. Cage Hang on a minute, do I actually need coroplast?
  37. Would This Cage Accessory Be Safe?
  38. Upper Levels Idiots guide to making a second story?
  39. Person keeping pigs outside.. and in a petstore cage.
  40. Adding height to cage
  41. Sleeping Bag cozie: I gave it a try
  42. C&C Alternatives What Type Of Wood?
  43. Size Is it big enough?
  44. Size Pet store cage measurement confusion.
  45. Coroplast Looking for Coroplast in MD
  46. C&C New cage for the pigs!
  47. Where Should I Put The Doors?
  48. Litter Training Potty trainned guinea pigs?
  49. Size I have a small table, need a big cage.
  50. Cage Fleece Ideas?
  51. Great accessory!!!!
  52. C&C C&C kits?
  53. C&C NEW CAGE!!! :D Pictures!
  54. Decopaging/Altering Cage So Piggie is Safe!
  55. Cage Updated my cage.
  56. Cage Pretty themed cages?
  57. Cage An idea for a playpen
  58. Coroplast can i put the coroplast on the outside of the cage? do i need it for the upper level?
  59. C&C Cage for pigs and bun, HELP
  60. Cage what is the minimum for...?
  61. Cage Looking for photo of 2 x 5, two level cc cage
  62. Cage Weird question (dog cage as an alternative?)
  63. Harnesses and leads
  64. Cage FINALLY... **pictures**
  65. C&C Cubes in Sydney, Australia
  66. Cage Fleece Or Bedding?
  67. Grids Got 50 grids for free....but we have a problem!
  68. New improved fish cozie
  69. Grids Trying To Find Wire Cubes
  70. Cleaning fleece bedding problem!
  71. Stand Piggy cage table
  72. C&C Alternatives My cages using a tarp instead of coroplast
  73. Cage Mission Accomplished!
  74. C&C Fern's new C&C 4x2 (How can I make this more fun?)
  75. Storage Areas What kind of storage boxes work best?
  76. Cage Made the cage bigger today!
  77. suggestions?
  78. Coroplast Cage is done but I can NOT find coroplast anywhere :-(
  79. Coroplast can I use coroplast only without the grids? (heavy duty coro)?
  80. Cage Max's new cage. LOVE IT!!!!!
  81. How safe are brick?
  82. Hay rack
  83. Cage Closed Top Cages, besides the C&C Cages?
  84. Cage how to make a hay rack??
  85. Climbing into his Hay tray
  86. climbing question
  87. Cage questions
  88. building own cage
  89. Coroplast How do you know and spot what coroplast is in person? (hobby lobby)
  90. C&C Pet Proof
  91. C&C Hi! New and have a quesiton about cage size
  92. C&C Some questions about c&c cages
  93. Grids Great deal on grids!
  94. List of accessories!
  95. Cage Do you know of any PetStore Cages that are within the site minimums?
  96. C&C Alternatives Cage layout questions
  97. Size 3 By 2 For Two Pigs?
  98. Size quick Cage size and upstairs question?
  99. Coroplast Trouble finding coroplast
  100. Hand Sewn Some Cozy Sacks!
  101. Size Min size for two males
  102. Size Question about cage size
  103. Coroplast Need cheap coroplast!
  104. Cleaning Just set up my C&C cage!! Couple of questions
  105. C&C want to make my cage larger but no room to expand?
  106. Can I have masking tape in my cage?
  107. Coroplast Found a piece of coroplast,, but..
  108. Making a Hay rack - things to know?
  109. Cage c&c cage finished! :)
  110. Cage timothy hay?
  111. hay
  112. cozy, bed question? Which is best?
  113. C&C Mesh grids
  114. How To Make One?
  115. Soap for washing dishes, water bottle?
  116. Water Bottle Recommendation..Im having issues..
  117. C&C What room best suits a guinea pig?
  118. Ramps My Ramp
  119. C&C Bought cubes for making cage, just wanted to check they're ok
  120. Cage Space for three boars?
  121. Cage Finished new cage!
  122. Chewing On Pigloo
  123. Lids
  124. Are popsicle sticks safe?
  125. C&C HELP ideas please
  126. Coroplast Is one sheet of Coroplast enough?
  127. Out Door Time on Cement?
  128. C&C Alternatives Sealing the bottom edges of cage?
  129. Cage new Guinea owner and question
  130. Novelty beds
  131. Size Will I have enough room?
  132. My pigges keep spilling their pellet dish...
  133. I need a list of guinea pig must have toys/play things.
  134. Stand What should I use to support cage?
  135. Cage In need of advice about well...everything.
  136. PLEASE PLEASE be careful with where you put your zip ties!!!
  137. Upper Levels Pros/Cons of having the "kitchen" upstairs?
  138. Pepper in a pumpkin!
  139. Cage NEW addition! PLEXIGLASS front window =D!!
  140. C&C What you you think?
  141. Lid Can guinea pigs climb??? help
  142. C&C Need help finding a solution please!
  143. C&C C+C Cage plans for 15 grids?
  144. Size L shaped cage
  145. Size Room design site
  146. Cage I'm stuck :/
  147. New cage layout; need new ramp ideas?
  148. Bunk Bed/Shelf?
  149. foam tunnel?
  150. Cage Top for the cats?
  151. Upper Levels 2x3 cage, for 2 pigs. Should I add a loft?
  152. Coroplast Alternatives Coroplast Alternatives Ideas Please
  153. Cage NEED HELP NOW! okay maybe not that dramatic...
  154. C&C Alternatives Can some one help?
  155. Grids Good deal on grids, thought I'd share. :)
  156. Cage First Good PETCO Cage?
  157. C&C I can't get a C&C cage for my piggie!
  158. Coroplast Alternatives How does lino hold up as a base?
  159. Stand What do you use as a stand for the Cage
  160. about my pigs toys
  161. Cage Not Happy?
  162. When can I UN-Babyproof my cage?
  163. Are these accessories safe?
  164. Stand New Cage! So Excited!
  165. Zip Ties Almost positive my piggie ate a ziptie.
  166. Stand Worry about types of wood?
  167. C&C My first C&C cage.
  168. Size Another cage size concern.
  169. Coroplast Alternatives got a question about using a different cage bottom
  170. Grids grids in Australia--where can I buy them?
  171. how to? fleece tunnel?
  172. Coroplast Coroplast in New Jersey?
  173. Cage New to cage building...
  174. how to clean toys
  175. Upper Levels Second Level? Ramp? I'm confused and need some help, please. =}
  176. Cage Would this be okay? Pet store hutch and 'playpen'?
  177. Cage Newbie at Cages...
  178. about making a sleepling bag
  179. Coroplast Finding Coroplast...HELP!
  180. Stand How many metal grids do I need to make a stand for a 2x4?
  181. Need Ideas and Suggestions
  182. Cage About Coroplast & Other Cage Stuff...
  183. What can I do with this?
  184. help
  185. C&C Not sure what size
  186. C&C Alternatives bpatters cage
  187. Little Chair For Guinea Pigs
  188. Size How Many Pigs In A 2x6
  189. Pee/poop in hammock!
  190. Quick question about Pine Cones
  191. Cage What size?
  192. C&C Evies 2x4 cage is done yay and new fleece!
  193. Is this okay for cuddle cups?
  194. What is this thing and how do I use it?
  195. C&C Finished C&C cage!
  196. Coroplast Alternatives Tarps and foam padding.
  197. C&C New Cage for Piggies!
  198. Cage Time to get serious...
  199. Cage C&C Cage: Covincing my parents & more?
  200. Stand ...confused
  201. C&C Alternatives Any critics?
  202. Coroplast Affordable coroplast??
  203. how used is too used?
  204. Piggy Bedspreads- who's used them?!
  205. Coroplast should i just spring for some new stuff?
  206. Cage Is there anything i can do?
  207. C&C How to?
  208. Size No room!
  209. More Toys?
  210. Coroplast Will one sheet be enough?
  211. Lazy during floor time?
  212. Lid Top for a c&c cage? HELP.
  213. Shopping spree!
  214. Stand Do I NEED a stand?
  215. C&C My first C and C cage- 2x7!
  216. First cozy!
  217. C&C Mostly Finished. What do you think?
  218. Stand I need ideas.
  219. Grids cutting
  220. Cage How much have YOU had to rearrange to fit your C&C?
  221. Cage Can a cage be to much?
  222. Cage Other cages?!
  223. Cage Canvas bottom?
  224. Floor time was exciting today
  225. C&C First C&C build. Constructive criticism please...
  226. What makes a good cage for floor time?
  227. Cage Pics of your cage
  228. Coroplast How to expand?
  229. C&C My first C and C cage. Check it out.
  230. my lazy piggy
  231. Cage Thoughts On This Cage For Pigs....
  232. Coroplast Coroplast bent
  233. Coroplast thickness of coroplast?
  234. Will they use them?
  235. Cozies - Where do I get one?
  236. C&C My first C&C!
  237. Coroplast What color coroplast do you have?
  238. Coroplast Why dosen't anyone have the color I want?
  239. Coroplast What do do w/ you...?
  240. Coroplast Sealing the edges?
  241. Cage How do I add on to my commercial cage?
  242. Grids What color do YOU have?
  243. Coroplast How much should I ask for?
  244. Too small?
  245. What is it?
  246. C&C Alternatives Help!! Good, big, safe pet store cage for guinea pigs!
  247. Ramps getting my piggy to go across ramp
  248. Litter Box
  249. Size Is this size ok now?
  250. New CC Cage and Homemade Ramp skid (cabinet liner)