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  1. Cage Would this work?
  2. Cage Space between cloroplast and grids
  3. Zip Ties How many cable ties should I use??
  4. Cage Water bottle & Hay rack...
  5. Cage Getting my pigs to use the ramp
  6. Cage Getting my pigs to use the ramp
  7. Recommended brand of water bottle?
  8. Nifty Play Pen
  9. Lid kitty proofing
  10. Need some toy ideas
  11. Check out my new hay rack!
  12. Litter Training Potty training
  13. C&C Alternatives would this work as a cage?
  14. Cage New C&C cage! :)
  15. Coroplast Buidling first C&C, help?
  16. Hanging,Hammock House
  17. Grids Where to find? And do connectors fit?
  18. What is safe for GP's to chew on?
  19. Cage PVC + Space Question
  20. How much thick should be my polycarbonate sheet?? 6 or 8mm?
  21. Coroplast How much coroplast do I need for a 1x2 kitchen?
  22. Grids Where to find small amount of grids?
  23. C&C Should I Upgrade cages?
  24. Spring is here: When can you bring them outside?
  25. new cage liners i have made
  26. Opinions please!
  27. C&C Alternatives Grids height & Can I place my grids inside the coro?
  28. Cage Finally... I have expanded the cage!
  29. Foam/Rubber Mats for Flooring?
  30. C&C My first C&C Cage.
  31. Still needs floortime?
  32. Tipping food bowl over
  33. Cage Won't stop digging under fleece!
  34. Cage Materials in Norway/europa
  35. Coroplast Alternatives Plastic Wall COvering
  36. Litter Training?
  37. Cage Please give me some constructive criticism
  38. Ramps Any ideas for a ramp?
  39. How to?
  40. Cage Need reviews on a 3x5 C&C!
  41. C&C C&C cage for rabbit
  42. Whats up with these beds/cozies/house things...?
  43. Crochet Neko Chigura Bed
  44. Do my piggies hate floor time? :(
  45. Zip Ties Sharp edges?
  46. Cage Things in cage?
  47. Coroplast 3x5
  48. C&C New to C&C cages - a couple questions
  49. Marshall Pet Octo-Play, do guinea pigs fit in them?
  50. Rude craigslist poster
  51. C&C C&C Cage kit in Canada
  52. Coroplast How much Cloro will I need for a 3x3 cage?
  53. Should I be worried about this?
  54. Cleaning Sterilizing?
  55. Cage New Cage Idea
  56. Coroplast Alternatives PVC sheeting
  57. Midwest guinea pig habitat
  58. C&C Skinny Pig Room.
  59. Cage Got Pretzel's cage done!
  60. Coroplast Velcro on the Coroplast & vacuuming?
  61. Cage Help With Expanding
  62. Cuddle Cup "no float" tip
  63. Coroplast Coroplast Sale
  64. Cage Separate Male and Female housing
  65. C&C connectors or no connectors.
  66. Cage how can i build a multi - level cage
  67. Sturdy Cage?
  68. Coroplast l-shape coroplast?
  69. Cage Advice on C&C Cage.
  70. Cage Opinion on new cage layout please
  71. I built my 4x5 cage cheap. Staples.com + eBay = Win!! You can too!!
  72. Fish Cozy Pattern
  73. Dried fruits?
  74. How To Make Cozies?
  75. Cage Finnished cage- but still unsure
  76. Stand Stand options
  77. Size I need a new cage. 2 grids or 3?
  78. Cage Cage Size Again
  79. Coroplast Expanding Cage, Need Help with Coro measurements!
  80. Floor Time?
  81. C&C New Cage Design. What do you think?
  82. C&C Would this be big enough?
  83. ramp
  84. ramp
  85. Cage Cage help for a new owner!
  86. Cage GPs wont go up to top floor
  87. Pigs tip over hidey's
  88. C&C Alternatives New member + new to guinea pigs + to cage making!
  89. Coroplast success with coroplast in smaller pieces?
  90. Size Cage size standards
  91. How do you make sure they exercise enough?
  92. C&C I am going to make a cage need help!!!
  93. C&C Getting ready to build - Do our plans look okay so far?
  94. Size How Big to go?
  95. Do you replace your bed pillow every 6 months? uses for old one...
  96. C&C Here's my new C and C
  97. I made a fish cosy
  98. Questions About C&C Cages
  99. Free Range?
  100. Coroplast Alternatives shallow storage bin as floor?
  101. Upper Levels Stacking cages
  102. Would this be safe?
  103. C&C Smelly Cages
  104. Ramp Idea's
  105. Size Minimum and Preferred - From main page
  106. Is this cage ok?
  107. C&C Looking to make a C&C cage!
  108. Foam anti-slip mat
  109. Cage Shirley, Loretta, and June's Piggy Palace
  110. Coroplast Alternatives Plastic sheeting alternative
  111. Coroplast Alternatives Plastic sheeting instead?
  112. C&C Fleece in cages
  113. C&C My new setup.
  114. Cage First time owner, and in need of tips / cage advice. Help
  115. C&C Alternatives Is 2 Midwest Expandable Guinea Habitat big enough for 2 boys?
  116. C&C re-did my C&C and got a stand
  117. Anchoring a pigloo?
  118. Cotton Bedding
  119. Custom Rabbit/Guinea Pig Products...
  120. Cage Is this an okay Cage?
  121. C&C Questions about coroplast cages and fleece.
  122. Are these cubes ok?
  123. Urgent c&c cage help
  124. Grids cage grids to big help
  125. Cage C&C and petstore cage
  126. Do Guinea Pigs Share?
  127. C&C Need help with design
  128. Boundaries in second level?
  129. Size & Safety
  130. Stand Cage size question
  131. C&C Alternatives Wooden/Cardboard Cage
  132. Pigs Cut Their Feet on Coroplast?
  133. Cage Is this cage good?
  134. Are The C&C Cages Worth The Money?
  135. Coroplast Alternatives Alternative to coroplast?
  136. Cage Cage Layouts
  137. C&C Which cage layout
  138. C&C Intro and Our C&C Cage
  139. Cage 2 cages and smaller and one big
  140. Grids Cat-proofing & Cavy safety... Chicken wire?
  141. Cleaning Where to put the Guinea Pigs?
  142. Coroplast Coroplast Inside or Outside?
  143. C&C My new cage
  144. ISO: A bottle that will stay on!!
  145. Space between grids / coroplast
  146. Second level
  147. Cage Question about Cages.....
  148. Coroplast Need help finding coroplast in Brooklyn NYC
  149. Where can I buy grids for my c&c cage.
  150. C&C Recently new owner needing advice on cages!
  151. I need a bunch of ideas to make their cage fun.
  152. C&C What size cage do I need for
  153. 4x8 inch coroplast? Huh?? Explanation please.
  154. Coroplast Online coroplast stores in US?
  155. Second level, drooping, qustion about pvc piping
  156. Cage Kitchen Area
  157. C&C Alternatives Dog Crate Restructure.
  158. Cage Feedback on my new cage?
  159. Coroplast Coroplast Flap
  160. Cage Feedback Please
  161. Cage Feedback Please
  162. Ramps Climbing over Fiddlesticks?
  163. Water Bottle, Hay Rack Advice for Newbie?
  164. Water bottle question
  165. Is it safe?
  166. Pigloo or Getaway-Small better than Large?
  167. Is there a too long?
  168. Your favorite home made toys?
  169. Cage Building a C&C-tape or glue small coroplast pieces?
  170. Cage Setting up Cage for 1st time?
  171. Wooden Hidey's - What's Recommended?
  172. Grids paint eaten by our pigs
  173. Tennis Balls Safe?
  174. Stand How to make a safe stand?
  175. C&C built it and it won't fit in room-frustration
  176. C&C built it and it won't fit in room-frustration
  177. Confusion Tunnel fluff...?
  178. Cage New Cage Questions
  179. Stand Do I really need it?
  180. Coroplast How high should it be?
  181. C&C Guinea Pig questions!
  182. How high?
  183. Storing supplies in cedar chest?
  184. Cage Modifying pet store cage. Will it be large enough? Opinions please.
  185. Coroplast Alternatives coroplast vs fleece weave border/bumper
  186. C&C I need a front door on a C&C Cage that is cat proof
  187. C&C I need a front door on a C&C Cage that is cat proof
  188. Coroplast 36 inches by 72 inches at Home Depot
  189. Cage Kitchen Area
  190. Cage safety?
  191. Cage Feedback Please
  192. C&C Alternatives Newbie please help!
  193. c and c cage questions, mostly regarding coroplast sizeing information.
  194. Buying from Guinea pig zone?
  195. C&C Evaluate My Cage! Version 3.0
  196. Size 2x8 grid cage can hold how many cavys?
  197. Cage Building a new cage
  198. Coroplast Alternatives Is CardBoard Safe?
  199. C&C Cage Stand
  200. Cage Thinking about changing my cage.
  201. Size Can I make a c&c 3 grids wide??
  202. Best way to dispense hay?
  203. PLEASE HELP!! lol i have a silly question i need Answered.
  204. Edible hidey house and couch -- pine wood shavings and honey
  205. Does anyone make these from scratch?
  206. shop bought stuff not safe!!
  207. Cage Cage Not Indoors? Mum severely allergic to hay??
  208. Creative toy/hidey hole ideas.
  209. Ramps My pigs are afraid of the ramps??
  210. Cage Keeping the fleece down
  211. Coroplast Coroplast in the UK???
  212. Water bowls?
  213. Ramps Ramp Ideas?
  214. Cage Looking at my options
  215. C&C I need space saving ideas!!
  216. C&C Making a new cage! Help?
  217. Cage New Cage for my Boys
  218. Coroplast Coroplast = Corrugated Plastic?
  219. Coroplast How to secure corners together?
  220. Food Dish, Water Bottle, Pigloos for 3 Piggies?
  221. Water Bottles Potty/Litter box info?
  222. C&C Downsizing in Space and Pigs
  223. Cage Building a new cage
  224. C&C Constructing a New Cage - diagonal side?
  225. Problem with playpen
  226. Ramps Ramp jumper
  227. Dog-proofing my guinea pig cage- shih tzu
  228. Buying from the C&C Cages Store: Transparent / Clear Coroplast?
  229. C&C C&C Cages
  230. buying a c&c cage
  231. C&C Getting coroplast tomorrow!
  232. Upper Levels Upper level not above cage
  233. C&C Alternatives Cage options?
  234. C&C Building our first cage
  235. C&C Help me convince the parents about a C&C cage
  236. Cage First cage ideas.
  237. Coroplast thickness
  238. coroplast
  239. Ramps Providing traction for my ramp
  240. C&C Going for the C&C cage...
  241. Cleaning About to be a first time piggie owner
  242. Grids Grids
  243. Litter Training My guinea pigs think their new hay box is a litter box
  244. C&C problem with baby piggy.
  245. C&C New stacked cages!
  246. C&C My pigs are FINALLY in their new cage!
  247. C&C Walkthrough of building my first C&C cage
  248. Ramp that doesn't take away floor space
  249. C&C Prudence's Cage
  250. C&C C&C Cage Grids for Sale