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  1. Cage Guinea Pigs Living In Garage?
  2. Cage My new cage i built for our piggies
  3. Coroplast canadian C&C cages
  4. Ramps PVC for ramp/tunnel question.
  5. C&C Alternatives I can't stand this
  6. Lid ??
  7. Upper Levels Building a loft?
  8. Winter theme cage, new addition
  9. how can I make the carrier warmer?
  10. Christmas Guinea Pig Cage
  11. Piggy Bedspreads Cozies
  12. Litter Training Potty Training
  13. pop up playpen
  14. Coroplast A way to get FREE Coroplast!
  15. How much will everything cost?
  16. safe way to keep spiders away?
  17. Storage Areas Cage building questions- help please!!
  18. Hay and eye problems
  19. Instead of houses...
  20. Grids Anyone have Bed,Bath and Beyond grids?
  21. Grids Good Deal
  22. C&C Selling my C&C cage (used) 78"X29" Northern IN
  23. My Pig Won't Go In Any Type...Help Please
  24. Soiling Their Hay
  25. C&C I have 10 grids left and no space for storage...
  26. Cage Containing Hay
  27. C&C I will be constructing a C&C Cage
  28. C&C Alternatives My first C&C cage (I need help!)
  29. C&C pre-building
  30. Fleece tunnel and fleece Cozy (no sewing required)
  31. Cage What should I do?
  32. where to find??
  33. Upper Levels How to??
  34. Cleaning how often?
  35. Size Size and kitchen alternatives
  36. I made a cozy bed.
  37. C&C Alternatives I finally finished my new cage
  38. Need ideas
  39. Cage Too big? and Phasing?
  40. How Important Is Lap Time?
  41. Cage Help- I need cage ideas...? about fleece, cage, everything!
  42. Ramps glue?
  43. Ramps interest?
  44. C&C Alternatives Hypothetical Question.
  45. Kleenex boxes=safe hidey houses?
  46. Ramp(s) from cage/table to floor?
  47. Is this wood and stick chew ball safe?
  48. Non- leaking water bottle?
  49. Size 3x3 vs. 2x4
  50. Introducing Pigs to Floor Time
  51. Baby proofing floor time?
  52. Is Manzanita safe?
  53. C&C Alternatives Closet Cages?
  54. Grids Cutting Grids???
  55. What To Do With Extra Coro
  56. Cleaning Waterproof Pads
  57. C&C I think I finally built their dream cage!
  58. Upper Levels Moving The Piggie Kitchens
  59. Upper Levels First C&C not sure how to work out this second floor properly.
  60. Cage Wood cages
  61. How long does it take?
  62. C&C Alternatives That beautiful homemade pig mansion?
  63. Is this safe?
  64. Cage Cage Ideas
  65. Cardboard did not work :(
  66. C&C Finally the girls house!
  67. Where to buy C&C stuff?
  68. Any toy ideas for this part of my cage?
  69. Cage Need to get supplies and build cage ASAP. Please help!
  70. Are there any good hay racks out there?
  71. C&C Is this OK? Cubes -- concerned about spacing
  72. How many hidey house should I have?
  73. Coroplast Is this the same thing as coroplast?
  74. Litter Training Litterbox Training?
  75. Cage Need advice on cage, fleece, etc please
  76. Houses?
  77. C&C First C&C Cage!
  78. Cage Squeakers new home
  79. C&C Our C&C cage
  80. C&C About Cubes
  81. Finding Cubes
  82. Traveling with Piggies
  83. Cage Bigger is better
  84. Building wood hideys and tunnels
  85. Size is this big enough?
  86. How to Make a Simple Piggy Bunkbed!
  87. Can't wait to receive my orders!
  88. Stuffed animals for a lonely single pig
  89. C&C Cage Plans ? Please Help!
  90. C&C Alternatives Does this look ok?
  91. C&C Cubes in England or Alternatives?
  92. How much coroplast?
  93. Cleaning Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum
  94. Desperate to go back to their cage!
  95. Coroplast How much coroplast will I need?
  96. Size Length or width ...which one?
  97. Painting Coro
  98. Keeping the cozie/sleeping bag open
  99. C&C Cage placement???
  100. C&C Changing Cage Placement
  101. Grids Found panels not mentioned
  102. Are hammocks safe?
  103. Size Floor time pin?
  104. Litter Training Has anyone "potty trained" their piggy?
  105. getting guinea pigs to use ramps
  106. Cage One cage above of the other?
  107. C&C Lighting the bottom level
  108. How many wooden hidey's do I need?
  109. Chewing Enrichment!
  110. Which would be cheaper?
  111. Cuddle Cup or Cozy Sack?
  112. Grids on sale at Walmart
  113. Coroplast Size of coroplast for a 2x4 cage?
  114. Cage Need help making a cage!
  115. C&C Switched to C&C need help
  116. C&C Small Improvements to Cage
  117. C&C Living Area vs Play Area
  118. Safe outdoor play enclosure?
  119. Water bottle problems.
  120. Stand Target Grids, Dangerous yet useful?
  121. Ware Bristle Ball
  122. Grids Free Grids
  123. Coroplast What size?
  124. Is this cage safe?
  125. First Lap time- question
  126. What is your playtime setup?
  127. Stitch Witchery?
  128. I need some help!
  129. C&C Where do I get materials??
  130. Where would I buy a pre-made C&C cage in Canada?
  131. Connectors Grid connectors
  132. Cage Need help with a cage
  133. Bottles? Th Flat-Bac?
  134. Twigloo? Is willow really safe to chew on????
  135. Bath tub?
  136. what kind??
  137. Cage Moved the Cage!!!!
  138. Cage Are more levels better?
  139. C&C In need of ideas?
  140. Stand Stand design
  141. Cage We built it...
  142. C&C Safety, do I need a top?
  143. Tell me about floortime
  144. Grids 5$ grids
  145. Ramps Stair for 2nd story ?
  146. C&C Need help with guinea pig escaping from cage
  147. Carefresh as stuffing?
  148. Ramps How Do I make a Sturdy ramp?
  149. Dispisable cozies?
  150. Fair price for C&C cage?
  151. Coroplast Where to find coroplast?
  152. Waffle Block/grid block hidey's
  153. C&C New cage planning - need advice
  154. 3 1/2 inch coro sides
  155. C&C New Cage :D
  156. Leaky water bottle tip!
  157. Cage Spring Cage
  158. Fleece Digging Solution
  159. top for c & c cage
  160. Ramps Ramp builders out there?! Grip not gripping!?
  161. Pads under pigloos/hideys
  162. Coroplast Where to buy coroplast?
  163. Ramps My piggies are useing the ramp and loft.
  164. Grids bending grids...help!
  165. Water Buddy Alternatives?
  166. Burrowing under fleece.
  167. Coroplast Alternatives Other base ideas?
  168. Where can I find already made coroplast bases?
  169. Fish Stuffed Toy Cozie?
  170. Grids 13" 8X8 holes
  171. Cleaning I need a hand vacuum! Any suggestions?
  172. Full Time Free Range?
  173. Cage Improvement ideas?
  174. OSB Wood
  175. Need Advice!-Skip floor time while treating Lice?
  176. Ramps How to keep clean?
  177. Cage How to set up the cage/kitchen/litter area?
  178. Litter Training How many litter boxes?
  179. Why are they ALWAYS trying to get out?!!
  180. Size cage size
  181. Size 1.5 x 4 for two pigs?
  182. Coroplast Do you need it?
  183. Guinea Pig-Proofing and Part-time Free Range
  184. C&C Want a C&C but have no room.
  185. How long do you need to have a cage baby proofed?
  186. Water bottle
  187. Chewing Chewing Solution
  188. Cage Cage with storage underneath?
  189. C&C How's the new 2x4 look?
  190. Cleaning After cleaning the cage...
  191. Size Building a 3x3?
  192. Cage Ready for a real cage
  193. Spraypainting grids?
  194. Size Why always x2 and not x3?
  195. C&C GiGi's new home, any suggestions?
  196. Upper Levels Kitchen in Loft or bedroom in Loft?
  197. C&C Alternatives How many use a pool for their cage?
  198. Coroplast Coroplast Color
  199. Wiffle Ball Hay Toy
  200. C&C Questions about the new cage...
  201. Coroplast Pellet Dispenser
  202. Awesome Tent Hidey
  203. C&C Expanding my cage..
  204. Stand Good stand for 2x4 cage?
  205. Cage Not enough room for 2x6 cage!
  206. Cage Reasons/evidence why glass tanks are bad...
  207. Litter Training Litter box training
  208. Grid size inquiry
  209. Here's my "cavy camper" (aka, sleeping bag)
  210. Cat proofing the new cage
  211. C&C Building a C&C cage
  212. Litter Training Should I get rid of the litter box area?
  213. Size Is this okay for a Quarantine cage?
  214. Cage Finally!!
  215. C&C Help with design
  216. Coroplast Alternatives How to make a c&c cage with a shower curtain bottom
  217. C&C Would this be big enough?
  218. Ramps ferret tunnels as ramps?
  219. Handmade tents, hideys, cuddle cups, etc.
  220. Size Vacation C&C cage
  221. C&C New cage?
  222. Coroplast 3x4 C&C with coroplast + fleece + towels
  223. Cage My Cage.. extending and will this give them more freedom?
  224. Cozies at Dollarama
  225. C&C Alternatives Garage/Porch - Petstore/C&C
  226. Coroplast Fleece?
  227. C&C My girls home before and after.
  228. Upper Levels Loft on a 2x3?
  229. Cage Help me PLEASE!!
  230. C&C my cage plans...
  231. Cage What size cage for 2 boars?
  232. C&C Alternatives Hutch used indoors?
  233. C&C Help with new cage please!!
  234. Chewing Binder Clips and paint
  235. Guinea pig seems to hate lap time?
  236. Cage Well, my 2x4 is no longer...
  237. C&C My Olympic Athletes
  238. C&C I have an idea...
  239. Size Cage size for 4 boars
  240. Cage Making a new hutch, advice?
  241. Size 2 boars 2 sows
  242. Upper Levels Need suggestions for building onto cage.
  243. Sleeping on Litter Box
  244. Size Would an L shape cage be OK for 5 pigs?
  245. Cage L shape or rectangular shaped cage?
  246. Size Boars fighting over the loft
  247. C&C Big time upgrades!
  248. Squeaking during lap time?
  249. C&C Will a 2x4 with a 2x4 wing L shaped cage big enough for two boars??
  250. Coroplast Coroplast is hard to find.