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  1. What do you guys think of this hay wheel? I think I'll be returning it.
  2. C&C The final cage version
  3. Stand How Sturdy are the stands?
  4. Grids So happy!
  5. Homemade Cozies
  6. C&C how big to make kitchen for two boys?
  7. C&C Alternatives Midwest Expandable Guinea Habitat?
  8. C&C Upgraded from a 2x4 to a 2x5...
  9. Ramps what for ramp?
  10. Storage idea's anyone?
  11. Grids GREAT DEAL on cube grids for cages
  12. Boys dont like the ramps!
  13. Hay rack or Hay box?
  14. Coroplast FYI: Its Election Time! Coro By the tons
  15. Size L-shaped C&C cage ideas anyone?
  16. What kind of grass...?
  17. C&C Expanding/Upgrading. Opinions Please.
  18. Cage sides
  19. Size How big should I make it?
  20. C&C New cage - Opinions on size??
  21. tunnel from one level to another
  22. Cleaning Cleaning problem of multi-level cage
  23. Are "Towel Threads" all right for them?// Winter Hats?
  24. Cage I expanded AGAIN!!!
  25. C&C Alternatives Plexiglass and ventilation?
  26. Litter Training Opimal location for litter box in cage?
  27. Fun time for the pups!
  28. Litter Training Litter train piggies?
  29. My crazy pigs ate through a tetrapak!
  30. Video:Cage Door Leading Out To Floor Time
  31. Cage Plywood cages!
  32. C&C I have JUST enough grids.
  33. Foam poster board
  34. Coroplast Coroplast in Maryland?
  35. Baking soda between the layers?
  36. C&C Bought our grids, need Coroplast...
  37. Where can I buy Cozies?
  38. C&C Expansion Mansion (Video)
  39. Piggy Pillows
  40. Size Three sow's two boar's?
  41. Litter Training HELP! litter box training
  42. What is everyone's opinion of this bed?
  43. Upper Levels PLEASE HELP! How should I expand this guinea pig cage (wooden one)???????
  44. C&C Alternatives Piggy Palace is ready for Piggy!
  45. when should i remove sheets?
  46. Size Which size C&C cage would be best?
  47. Upper Levels Happy Side Effect of Upper Level!?
  48. Grids Target
  49. Any non-sew cozies?
  50. Is baking soda safe?
  51. C&C Alternatives cardboard pens!
  52. Cleaning Cage Liners? Or something like them?
  53. Coroplast Is this coroplast?
  54. Thinking about putting a cage on a table and a cage underneath it
  55. Size New cage help with size and ramp please!
  56. What should I buy for my piggie?
  57. I need help finding a good scale for my guinea pigs
  58. Would this feeder work for multiple guinea pigs (2 and 3)?
  59. Cage Adding another cage - need thoughts
  60. C&C help figuring out cage design
  61. Coroplast in Dallas?
  62. Coroplast Coroplast in the north central PA region?
  63. Ramps Where can I buy ramps & cage dividers online?
  64. C&C New HUGE 5x8, 2 Story Open C&C cage
  65. patterns
  66. Coroplast Alternatives Suggestions on coroplast alternative for sides...
  67. Size How much space did my girls lose?
  68. Help me buying from Denmark! :-)
  69. Cage What do you use as a roof?
  70. My second cage liner.
  71. Coroplast About to cut my coroplast - help?
  72. Is a litter box a necessity (When dealing with a fleece cage)?
  73. Connectors What is the best and easiest way to break off a piece of the connectors?
  74. Cage Need help with cages
  75. C&C 2 level, easier access?
  76. Chewing on aspen bedding
  77. Which woods are safe?
  78. Does anyone know where to find this kind of litter box?
  79. Non-Fleece Cuddle Cups?
  80. Grids cant find grids anywhere?
  81. C&C Got coro but no cubes..snif..
  82. What is the diameter of your PVC pipe tunnel? Where did you buy it?
  83. Single Piggie pic and my homemade cage
  84. Coroplast Help finding Coroplast?
  85. C&C New cage for the triplets!
  86. Coroplast Alternatives First c and linoleum cage
  87. C&C New cage!
  88. Cage Where to put his cage?
  89. Bonding Pouches & Guinea Pigs, good or bad idea?
  90. Could this work for a C and C cage?
  91. C&C A few C&C cage questions
  92. Coroplast Coroplast locations in the US
  93. Cheap Litter Box
  94. Coroplast Coroplast cut too big... Any help?
  95. C&C closed top cage how to build?
  96. Ramps Good Length for a ramp??
  97. Cage found a cage on ebay
  98. stray cat
  99. Size Big enough for two?
  100. Upper Levels Help! I am very mechanically challanged and have no idea how to build a loft
  101. C&C Finally built a C&C Cage!!! :)
  102. C&C Cage decoration
  103. Cage Best and cheapest bedding?
  104. C&C want to expand
  105. Buy cool Hideys in the US?
  106. Cage Where to buy in Australia?
  107. Size Which is better a straight cage or a Lshaped corner cage?
  108. C&C I have a expanding obsession!
  109. C&C C&C cage - Unwanted pregnancies...
  110. C&C how to put fleece in a c&c cage
  111. Litter Box
  112. Grass
  113. How much space is too much?
  114. Size How much room do two guinea pigs need?
  115. Coroplast How high are your walls?
  116. How do you baby proof a c&c cage?
  117. My floortime Setup!
  118. Stairs?
  119. No-Sew accessories?
  120. Cleaning Do the cages smell?
  121. C&C Looking for pic of a certain cage
  122. Will I stil need baby proofed cage at 21 days?
  123. Lennie's horrible habit
  124. Ramps Carpet for ramps?
  125. Bunkbeds?
  126. Ramps How much floor space?
  127. Best lap time ever!
  128. C&C Where to buy cubes for the cage in India?
  129. Are there any safe deoderizers to put by the cage?
  130. C&C How do I?
  131. Fleece "cave"
  132. Size Thoughts on my new cage?
  133. Critter Canteen- Help Please
  134. Grids Good site to import grids!
  135. Upper Levels Upper levels... Without zipties?
  136. C&C Alvin & Franklin's new home!
  137. Leaves
  138. Cleaning Cleaning nightmare
  139. Size Do my piggies have enough room?
  140. Ramps Any recommendations?
  141. Upper Levels Ever had pigs completely against upper levels?
  142. Grids Cube dimension!
  143. Attention! All pig lovers!
  144. C&C Bigger Guinea Pig Cage? Your Thoughts?
  145. Coroplast Is this coroplast?
  146. C&C Fleece Help!!!!
  147. Size Cage size??
  148. Ways to 'motivate' my piggies on floortime?
  149. New break through!
  150. Coroplast How to go about getting some campaign signage??
  151. Zip Ties Any problems with zip ties?
  152. Ramps Having some issues with my grids
  153. Floortime in a VERY small space ideas?
  154. Guinea Pigs Will NOT stop eating the coroplast!!??
  155. Zip Ties Am I a complete idiot????
  156. Cage Just finished my cage with the fleece
  157. Considering Free-Range....
  158. Size cage plans and opinions from people who have 4x3
  159. Ramps Connected my two cages with a ramp...
  160. C&C Mr. Hershey's new home
  161. Cage Where to put it?
  162. Cage My cages.... help
  163. Litter Training Best bedding?
  164. Fiddlesticks vs Towels?
  165. C&C Changing?
  166. How cute is this? :)
  167. Cage Renovations to my 2x3 C&C cage
  168. It's a puzzle with a quarantine pig..
  169. Cage Thinking of changing the cage a bit .........
  170. Cage Small house! Big cage!
  171. Non-slip pet mat on ramp?
  172. Chewing Holes in Cozies
  173. Size My C and C Cage
  174. C&C Alternatives Is this a good size?
  175. Grids Having trouble finding grids
  176. Cage Boys cage is almost done!
  177. C&C Advice on expanding please
  178. Using A Container In The Loft
  179. Is This Too Much?
  180. Coroplast Best Way To Cut?
  181. So Much To Buy!
  182. Opinions on this cage?
  183. How important IS daily floortime?
  184. C&C Upgraded
  185. Question regarding where to put timothy hay?
  186. C&C Upgraded, Want sugggestions!
  187. running amuk
  188. Make a hanging tunnel
  189. C&C Expanding My Cage
  190. C&C easy to clean cage (2 story)
  191. What do you use?
  192. Size How many can I fit?
  193. Food Bowl Too Big?
  194. Cage Unsure/confused...
  195. Stand Good stand for cage?????
  196. Cleaning Quick question about cleaning
  197. My homemade Cozy Bags
  198. Protecting the carpet?
  199. Best way to bend grids?
  200. Litter Training Potty training
  201. Important? Big cage?
  202. Cage Enrichment Ideas
  203. Cage Cage Theme & Ideas???
  204. same space as cage
  205. Where to buy cozies?
  206. C&C Where to buy C&C materials in the UK?
  207. C&C Need traveling tips for my piggies!
  208. Upper Levels There has to be a way to..........
  209. Felt? Is it safe?
  210. Wool for Cozies?
  211. Help with tunnel
  212. Flannel and Fleece?
  213. C&C I've expanded my cage
  214. Ramps Pigs scared of Ramp
  215. Ramps Where do I find the black tubing with ridges?
  216. Sore paws
  217. C&C Bent Grids?
  218. Ferplast Sippy
  219. Any Advice
  220. Size Is This Too Small?
  221. GP Furniture
  222. Cork in a cage?
  223. Cage Question about making a door for my cage
  224. Guys! Is this possible??
  225. Coroplast Math help.
  226. Cage Combining two C&C cages
  227. C&C Overwhelmed and confused
  228. Hay Balls (or Wheels)
  229. Shopping. What do you think?
  230. Store Cage Wanted (For Travel!)
  231. C&C Cage placement?
  232. Coroplast Size?
  233. C&C Bursting with hapiness!
  234. Size What size do I need for 3?
  235. I love my bedding, I want to order more...but what is it and where did it come from?
  236. Chewing My girls eat tape
  237. C&C Fleece not working right! Help!
  238. C&C Combining a store bought cage with a C&C cage?
  239. Upper Levels babies and a second level?
  240. C&C How many can fit?
  241. Cage Transporting babies home
  242. are these ok for GPs?
  243. C&C how many can comfortably fit in a 3X6 with a 3X1 feeding loft?
  244. Superpet Crinkle tunnel?
  245. Is yarn ok?
  246. Size How many males in this cage? Should I get another?
  247. I made a square one
  248. Cage Building my own cage
  249. C&C Moving all living room to expand cage
  250. What should I do?