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  1. Mesh/Grid Tunnels?
  2. C&C Cage under bed?
  3. Litter Training First try
  4. XL Bent Grid Tunnel
  5. A review on the Oxbow Timothy Lounger and Timothy Tunnel
  6. Cat Proofing
  7. SnuggleSafe Tunnel
  8. why coroplast?
  9. Grids Target ame brand as walmart
  10. Size how many pigs can live in a stacked 2x5 c&c cage
  11. Cage Upper Level and Stands?
  12. Grids A Better Way to Bend Grids?
  13. Coroplast Alternatives Instead of Coroplast Sides - Bedding?
  14. Coroplast I love sue!
  15. Adopting a 13lbs Maltese Mix...
  16. Cage Cage changes!
  17. Size large cage EASY to clean!
  18. Size new member and question.
  19. Finding materials in South Africa
  20. Grids How many grids
  21. Utilizing the Dollar Tree for floor time.
  22. Water Bottle Frustration!
  23. C&C Size
  24. Size Need help.
  25. C&C Fustrated with my new cage and eating/chewing problems
  26. Coroplast Coroplast prices?
  27. C&C Will my new cavy home leak?
  28. Bored Piggies?
  29. Cage AND playground?
  30. Lots of questions--advice needed!
  31. Wooden Hidey?
  32. Coroplast Does everybody already know about this tool?
  33. C&C Is my cage large enough if I take in one more?
  34. Size Brainstorming
  35. Size 2x4 with loft or 2x5 - which is better?
  36. Question about my plans for baby proofing
  37. Opinion on this hidey please
  38. C&C top or no top to the cage?
  39. Cleaning Why we can't use apple vinegar?
  40. C&C cage design
  41. C&C my mother and my cage
  42. Safe Woods for outdoor play area
  43. Stand Question for those with 2 level cube stands
  44. Would this work for floor time?
  45. Eek!
  46. Cage Having "kitchen area" trouble
  47. C&C Would this be ok?!?!
  48. lazy piggies
  49. Indoor small space or outhouse large space ????
  50. LNT sale - Fiddlesticks $8 and 99 cent shipping
  51. Cleaning sharing my easy clean up format
  52. Litter Training Litter Box
  53. C&C Newcomer Cage and Help
  54. Size Is this an OK size for four sows?
  55. Size Expanding our cage how many sq ft?
  56. Why do they love them so much?
  57. Size Should I take off the kitchen area
  58. Coroplast I cannot find coroplast anywhere
  59. Do they need a hidey in each section of the cage?
  60. Cage cage too dark need safe light source
  61. Size Expanding fever.
  62. C&C Finally!
  63. Size Extra large cage for 5 piggies?
  64. What do I use for the floor of the cage
  65. Size Expanded again!
  66. Cleaning A full cage cleaning
  67. pine cones for chew toys
  68. Size Finished huge cage!
  69. Cage What do you have???
  70. Stand Questions on elevating my C&C cage
  71. C&C Design Help Needed
  72. Grids Plastic wire grids
  73. Cleaning How to clean C & C cages?
  74. Garage 10 gallon Aquarium
  75. Bilibo finally has a good use
  76. Looking for a good water bottle
  77. Chewing cage bars!
  78. C&C Needing some help with the size of corolast needed.
  79. Coroplast How to install?
  80. Lid Lid???
  81. Floortime Time
  82. Free Range in the apartment?
  83. Cage Where to put the cage
  84. Coroplast Anyone in Lubbock,tx have extra coroplast?
  85. Cage Thinking about going back to caged.
  86. C&C Stacked cages: Is darkness healthy?
  87. Grids Walmart.com has free shipping.
  88. Size 5 in 3x5?
  89. C&C My planned out cage
  90. My guinea pig is trying to fly into her cage!
  91. Grids Hutch grids
  92. Leaky Water Bottle?
  93. Cleaning Gnats
  94. Woven Grass Accessories - Safe?
  95. Ch-ch-ch-changes! New piggy, new cage!
  96. Cage Changed again!
  97. Size Ugh...downsizing.
  98. Free Time Ideas?
  99. C&C Alternatives Guinea Pig... Table?
  100. Upper Levels Re-enforcing
  101. Cage Fleece as flooring?
  102. Is yarn ok for a toy?
  103. Won't leave his cage
  104. Bought a "safe"cage off ebay
  105. My pigs are slugs ...
  106. Homeade Cozie
  107. Grids Looking for grey grids
  108. Black mini wire grid display
  109. What can I do to make her less bored?
  110. Coroplast Lowes or Home Depot Coroplast
  111. Cage What do you have in your cage?
  112. Cage Maximizing space in a narrow cage?
  113. C&C New cage. What to add?
  114. Some help with wire???
  115. Size My pig's new "summer home"
  116. Floor time questions
  117. Won't move?
  118. C&C My L-Shape Cage
  119. Coroplast Cloroplast was cut too short
  120. C&C a few cage questions...
  121. C&C Building a divided cage w/2 stories, advice!
  122. Grids Are these safe? Need help asap
  123. Change
  124. Size Is it possible to get the desired size cage?
  125. Why is it so bad?
  126. Cage Cage next to window?
  127. Size How many square feet?
  128. Where to buy pigloos in desired colors?
  129. Looking for Good Hay Rack. Pigs Climb
  130. C&C Materials in Arizona, USA
  131. Which cage should I get???
  132. Size What kind of cage do you have????
  133. C&C K-mart grids
  134. Is it okay to use cuddle sacks in place of hidey's in the cage?
  135. Best place to buy and avoid local pet stores?
  136. C&C Will my cage be too big?
  137. C&C ...MORE cage designing?
  138. Grids Bites the grids
  139. Cage opinions on this idea for adding kitchen area
  140. Cage Thinking of remodeling the upper level....need help!
  141. Upper Levels What cage do you have??
  142. Size Width Problem
  143. Stand Stand Upgrade!
  144. Just ordered a cage off this site
  145. Upper Levels Good C&C Cage For 2-3 Guinea Pigs?
  146. Cage Third time is the charm
  147. Size Are you adding on?
  148. How to make a hay rack?????
  149. Make a hammock for your piggy!
  150. C&C C&C Cage
  151. Cage Can I use cardboard??
  152. Cage Cavy Crazy Cages are finished
  153. Cage My cage
  154. Litter Training Litter box?
  155. Nuts?
  156. Ramps How do you make a ramp?
  157. Grids Where did you get em'?
  158. Stand Using grids for stands....
  159. Upper Levels Confused about upper level/ hay loft
  160. Cat proofing -- is my design sound?
  161. Size Cage renovations
  162. Cage How to make a door?
  163. C&C Yay! I received the girls new C&C cage!!!
  164. Coroplast Alternatives A great idea for a bottom!
  165. Coroplast Coroplast in South NJ?
  166. Coroplast I need dimension help with coroplast!
  167. cozy idea
  168. C&C Need opinions please
  169. Cage Larger Cage
  170. Nearly A Sad Ending
  171. C&C What is the miniuim???
  172. Stand I'm so proud of my 1st grid stand!!
  173. Cage My new guinea pig cage with video included
  174. Grids Shopko Grids on Sale
  175. Cleaning Puppy pads questions
  176. Great product from one of our own!
  177. Do pigs chew plastic coated wire shelving?
  178. Coroplast Alternatives Have no coroplast? No fear!!
  179. My piggies need more exercise! help!
  180. Do they actually need them?
  181. Size I just wanted to adopt two piggies!
  182. Cage Self Cleaning Cage... Opinion Please
  183. C&C Can you show me your kitchen areas??
  184. C&C Cages?
  185. A good safe ladder
  186. 9x9 cubes in AZ? Unable to source a location
  187. Cage New cage!
  188. C&C Indoor Garden Plan
  189. Coroplast Coroplast in Arkansas
  190. Water bottle
  191. Stand Please help :)
  192. C&C Commercializing C&C Cages?
  193. C&C Need some help planning :)
  194. Litter Training Litter training
  195. Litter Training Daisy is no longer potty trained?
  196. C&C Number of piggys vs cage size
  197. Hay hammock?
  198. Help I need help in buying a C&C cage
  199. Coroplast Will pigs chew Coroplast?
  200. Cage Apartment Cage
  201. Popsicle stick creations!!
  202. C&C Alternatives Coroplast Alternate
  203. Cage Incorporated some uncommon features in this cage
  204. 50 Black & 50 White Grids and plenty of connectors - FREE! SCOTLAND, UK
  205. Upper Levels Lowered Kitchen pigs feel safer
  206. Grids Found a way to cut the grids better
  207. Cage New cage under construction
  208. Size Good for running space?
  209. Cage wood cage
  210. Accessories
  211. coloring
  212. C&C Building a new cage, Help needed
  213. Size Cage never seems big enough!
  214. Cage Will this size cage stop two boys from fighting?
  215. Cage Would anyone make me a 3d picture of my c&c cages ideas?
  216. Cage Help needed for a new cage
  217. Coroplast How many sheets will I need?
  218. Cage A few cage questions...
  219. Cage Pics of my cages and pigs
  220. finally making a c&c cage
  221. C&C Alternatives Is this an ok pen?
  222. Cage in the kitchen?
  223. Coroplast coroplast size?
  224. Coroplast Coro size issues?
  225. C&C finally my first cage and moe loves it.
  226. Coroplast Well they only had white....
  227. C&C Free range... how?
  228. Litter Training Wasn't trying to but...
  229. Cage I need some feedback and Ideas!
  230. Ramps Good ramp idea??
  231. I need ideas other than double grids...
  232. Cuddle cups or cuddle cozy's??
  233. Cage I only found this site after already buying my guinea pig cage....
  234. Stand Links for purchasing a good stand/table for cage?
  235. C&C For those with kitchen areas...
  236. C&C A tour of my c&c cage!
  237. Grids Question about grids
  238. What is your opinion about hay wheels??
  239. Stand Floor or stand?
  240. Grids Getting Grids!!! (Question Inside)
  241. Ramps Easy Ramp!
  242. C&C Too big a cage - is there such a thing?
  243. Pig Proofing
  244. Cage maximum size for mesh on outside hutch
  245. Grids grids found on Amazon.com
  246. Size I'm rebuilding and would like some thoughts
  247. Coroplast Is this right?
  248. Cage My Cage
  249. Ramps I think my Ramp is too steep how do i fix it
  250. Cage New cage for Squebles?!