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  1. C&C Brand New and have some questions
  2. OH NO! My grids are too big - can't take them back!
  3. Can someone answer me some questions?
  4. C&C Alternatives New Cage on a budget!
  5. Alternative?
  6. My pigs on their houses
  7. In desperate need for one that doesnt leak?
  8. Size How to amplify my space?
  9. Piggies filling bowl with bedding - help!
  10. Size How to calculate sq ft of a C&C cage?
  11. Size How many guinea pigs?
  12. WANTED: cage locks for litter pan
  13. C&C Pickles and Gizmo's new home
  14. C&C a few questions about the cages
  15. The "girls" are being naughty!
  16. Size Isn't it funny...
  17. Cage New owner looking for advice and tips
  18. One lazy piggie!
  19. C&C Alternatives Plastic Storage Tub Cages
  20. Any ideas on how to kittyproof a circular cage made with a kiddie pool?
  21. C&C Alternatives Wanted to show my open cage with two levels
  22. A Fun Activity!
  23. C&C finally building my cage
  24. Clay-pot Bases
  25. New C&C Cage
  26. C&C new cage and hay rack
  27. Ramps Can you use Coroplast to make a ramp?
  28. help pups and mom on the way
  29. Cage Cage with 3" sides?
  30. Super Pet Tug-N-Tumble
  31. C&C New piggy bedsheets, and matching accessories!
  32. C&C Things are looking up (and bigger) for Albus and Aberforth!
  33. Questions about piggy garden plans
  34. Cage Very EXCITED!!
  35. C&C where's your cage?
  36. Cage Ad ons
  37. Size How many square feet would you need for 8 guinea pigs?
  38. Apple branches-finally success!
  39. Cage Housing two male pigs?
  40. Coroplast Coroplast cost
  41. Cottontail Cottages?
  42. play pens
  43. C&C Constructing two cages together.
  44. Too cute idea!!
  45. Toys?
  46. Cage Is my cage okay?
  47. C&C 2 boars in 2x4 with kitchen
  48. Cage Where should I put the guinea pig cage?
  49. My new cage!
  50. Cleaning Was removing the Carefresh a bad idea?
  51. Cage Just Added A Kitchen
  52. Cage Incorporating pet store cage into C&C cage
  53. Urgent safety hazard please read
  54. Finally! Outsmarted.......
  55. Cozy Cups?
  56. Possible guinea pig toy
  57. What to do with extra fleece?
  58. C&C Where'd you buy materials for C&C cage?
  59. Hay rack problem.
  60. Coroplast How to fit?
  61. Size One neutered boar and a sow?
  62. Coroplast Cute C&C story!
  63. Coroplast Alternatives Shower curtain liner vs. coro
  64. Size C&C Square Footage.
  65. Cozy cup too small
  66. C&C Would a 2.5x6 or 3x5 be better?
  67. Coroplast Realtor's coroplast?
  68. Best hidey and where to buy it?
  69. Size How many pigs?
  70. Cage Dog Crate
  71. Cozy Cups/sleeping bags
  72. Chewing Piggy Safe Spray Paint?
  73. Fleece idea for playpen floor.
  74. Cage Stacked cages
  75. Lost
  76. Hay Rack Help
  77. C&C I need ramp help
  78. Size Do accessories take away from square footage?
  79. Won't come out!
  80. Size Pigloos are huge...
  81. wood in cage
  82. Cage Cage Designs/Plans
  83. Coroplast what are the demensions for 2x2 coroplast?
  84. Need help convincing parents that indoors is better!
  85. Stand Using grids for the stand
  86. Gnawing Block alternative?
  87. Size Size advice please
  88. Upper Levels Should I make an upper level?
  89. Are rolling hay dispensers safe?
  90. Sanitizing wood hideys and toys?
  91. Cage Can guinea pigs climb?
  92. gps dont like floor time
  93. Grids Is epoxy coating safe for guinea pigs?
  94. Hay ball dispenser or toy?
  95. Seamstress Help Needed...........
  96. Simple guinea pig toy
  97. C&C Alternatives using a shower curtain....tecniques please!!
  98. Cage Poor Thumper!
  99. Upper Levels upper deck\kitchen dominance issues
  100. C&C Alternatives using foam pads and making sides
  101. Cage Need help with cage design (incorporating pet store cage with C&C)
  102. Grids What to do with 8 spare grids??
  103. what accessories are best to avoid overcrowding??
  104. Stand Where can I find a table for a large cage?
  105. Coroplast What would the measurements be?
  106. Are my grids not high enough?
  107. C&C Cage cleanng/design help
  108. Grids Frustrated!
  109. C&C Alternatives First cage, suggestions please
  110. anyone found an easier way to make?
  111. Size Need some advice
  112. How many hay racks?
  113. Cage cage bottoms
  114. C&C Cage tops or covers?
  115. Stand cage hanging over stand?
  116. Coroplast Adding/sticking on sides
  117. How to make floor time more fun?
  118. C&C Ebay Cages
  119. C&C Any problems with a cage without sides??
  120. Coroplast Two smaller pieces
  121. Cage Where to buy plexiglass?
  122. C&C Rocco & Mugsy's new home!
  123. Cage tops on cages?
  124. A Cage Question
  125. cleaning urine stains off of coroplast
  126. Coroplast A bit of a problem!!!
  127. Where to get chloroplast?!?!
  128. My Reluctance to post hidey instructions publicly
  129. Connectors Binder clips or Velco?
  130. Stand I'm a visual learner - please help
  131. Ramps Colored blocks??
  132. C&C Oh no!
  133. Coroplast Alternatives Alternative to Coroplast?
  134. Stand How to make a C&C cage stand?
  135. C&C C&C cage in the basement?
  136. Covering bent grid tunnels
  137. C&C Really excited!
  138. Princess P's new cage
  139. Step2 Sand & Water Activity Center
  140. Cage Found a GREAT use for petstore cage
  141. Short Vet visits carrier
  142. C&C I'm building my first cage.
  143. C&C Make the cage look like a jungle?
  144. Coroplast Can't find Coroplast! Help?
  145. C&C Alternatives Advice on linoleum?
  146. Looking for some new accessories...
  147. Carpet?
  148. Princess P's New Home
  149. Outside floor time housing/buttercup nuisance
  150. What do you let your guinea pigs play in when outside?
  151. Coroplast Finally found Coroplast!
  152. Upper Levels Connecting old pet store cage top.
  153. giving the guinea pigs fresh air
  154. Upper Levels 2nd level support?
  155. Cows v. Guinea Pig
  156. Made Ronin a pillow... but...
  157. C&C Alternatives Shinku and Suigin-tou need a cage...
  158. PVC ramp
  159. I cannot find the materials ANYWHERE!!!
  160. Left over grids
  161. Litter Training Litter Box?
  162. How long is too long?
  163. Upper Levels Really frustrated
  164. Cage Kitchen Help.
  165. The little neon green turtle?
  166. Cage my night.
  167. Cage Is this safe?
  168. Best way to elevate the cage?
  169. Lid My 1x2 cage lid
  170. Pig Hates Floor Time?
  171. Cage I finished my cages.
  172. C&C Alternatives new cage
  173. Bunk Beds
  174. Grids Where to find white grids?
  175. Litter Training Kitchens and litter pans
  176. Attemping to make sleeping bag.
  177. Chewing Chewing on Coroplast
  178. Questions About Outdoor Time
  179. So confused...
  180. Mushroom Hidey
  181. Coroplast 2mm or 10mm?
  182. Cage Building a closed cage for the first time
  183. Deodorizing the Cage?
  184. Upper Levels Grids under coroplast???
  185. Cage Built my first C&C
  186. where to buy cage materials
  187. Wanting to make a C&C in NJ. Can any NJ folk help?
  188. Cage Pet-store cage with C&C playpen
  189. C&C New Cage... Revamped!
  190. Cage Too small?
  191. Coroplast Corrugated plastic?
  192. Coroplast Alternatives Would this work instead of coro?
  193. Size 2 piggies, 1 bedroom, no other options
  194. Do most guinea pigs favor routines when it comes to floor time?
  195. Coroplast Alternatives Sautering an entryway?
  196. C&C C&C Cages and The Materials Of It?
  197. C&C Preparing to Make my C&C!
  198. C&C changed again to accomodate cookie
  199. Higher or just covered?
  200. Litter Training How to Place the pan?
  201. For those who put a brick under the water bottle
  202. Need some suggestions
  203. Baby Blanket Accessories?
  204. C&C Alternatives Guinea Habitat Plus
  205. C&C Alternatives can we build CxC cage with caster wheels?
  206. C&C Alternatives My mom doesn't like the grids
  207. C&C Yay! for ceasar!
  208. Upper Levels 1x2 Hayloft Sized litter pan
  209. what about you?
  210. Cleaning Washer is broken :(
  211. Litter Training Love litter boxes!
  212. C&C Security Alarm
  213. Should I make another cuddle cup?
  214. C&C Building a 2x4 C&C cage, help!
  215. Cage Piggy Bed Spread Smells Like Urine
  216. Cage Help with new cage
  217. Cozie Conundrum
  218. C&C New babies, New Cage!
  219. Wood Craft Products at Craft Stores
  220. Backyard Fun and Safety
  221. Cage Building a 3x5 cage with 1x5 loft?
  222. Zip Ties Removable Zip-ties
  223. Cleaning After the towels, fleece, etc. have been cleared out?
  224. good day.
  225. Cage Cage too small?
  226. Grids Mesh type grids?
  227. Help Please!
  228. Toys
  229. Bungee Cords to close cage
  230. Cage begginer cage!!!!
  231. The Triangle corner Hidey instructions
  232. When is it safe to remove walls
  233. Cage Revamping to make a (hopefully temporary) divided cage
  234. Cage This cage ok?
  235. C&C New Cage!!
  236. Size Size and shape of C&C
  237. Size questions about stacked 2x5 and traveling cage
  238. Guinea Pigs chewing on plastic: safe?
  239. buying from the forum
  240. Cage Remodeled cage.
  241. Guineas fighting....need new cage
  242. Coroplast ordered some coroplast
  243. Connectors Upper level with no connectors?
  244. Piggy 2 do list
  245. Size How do i know?....
  246. C&C 2x6 vs 3x4?
  247. Cedar house
  248. Upper Levels How do you add a loft to a cage? A ramp?
  249. Size Just moved to a tiiiny apartment! Is 3x3 too small?
  250. 1 or 2 food dishes?