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  1. Size Too small? Options?
  2. Can guinea pigs chew these?
  3. C&C probably getting two more boars
  4. tunnel/piggie elevator for free
  5. C&C Wouldnt this be awesome?
  6. Floor time ... how much do you trust your guinea pigs?
  7. Is this safe?
  8. Size Is this big enough for 3 guinea pigs?
  9. Cleaning stinky cage
  10. C&C Is this cage a good choice for my 2 guinea pigs?
  11. Size Advice on Minimum height of each level req'd
  12. Size Upgrading
  13. Cleaning Debate over cleaning methods
  14. Upper Levels Support & access
  15. Cage grid cage question
  16. $2.50 Step Stools at Target- USA Members
  17. Upper Levels 7" tall upper deck?
  18. Cage Playing with Google Sketch up.
  19. Cage Midwest Cages
  20. Upper Levels Do you NEED upper levels?
  21. Which cage should I buy?
  22. Cleaning Which to use?
  23. What can I use for a hay rack?
  24. How much height do I need on the side of the cage for baby piggies?
  25. cleaning inside tunnel
  26. Cage Mattress pad?
  27. C&C Alternatives Same cage, different arrangement
  28. Cage What do you think of something like this...
  29. Coroplast ~Curious Question~
  30. How to get GP to stop chewing pigloo?
  31. Upper Levels I'm Stuck - Help
  32. Size More space for my piggies or more piggies?
  33. Litter Training Potty Training
  34. Litter Training Litter boxes
  35. Snak Shak products
  36. Latex for ramp covers?
  37. Grids Finally Found Grids C:
  38. Cage Where do you keep your cages?
  39. Hay Hammocks?
  40. Old Kleenex box?
  41. PVC Pipe
  42. Size More then enough
  43. Coroplast Correx Manchester area
  44. Zip Ties Quick cable ties question
  45. Cage Just to clarify one last time...
  46. Size A 3x4 is big enough for 3 piggies, right?
  47. C&C Help me design my cage
  48. Connectors I need more.
  49. Do they not like it?
  50. Upper Levels Need Door Advice
  51. Ramps Grip for drainpipe ramps
  52. Guinea pig on alfresco?
  53. Are there any times when piggies don't need floor time?
  54. Ramps Using fiddlesticks as a ramp.
  55. Zip Ties Aaah!
  56. Piggies and cardboard?
  57. Floors to cold for pigs?
  58. Litter Training What to use?
  59. Upper Levels Do your guinea pigs enjoy having an upper level?
  60. Why do guinea pigs like blankets?
  61. Size Okay, I am adddicted
  62. How to make a hammock?
  63. clothes??
  64. Cage Trying to find a cage somebody posted a pic of...
  65. Cage 3 x 4 vs L shape.
  66. Grids Where to Find Small Grids
  67. C&C Calculating area
  68. Hay bin not working
  69. "Jenscustomcrafts.com"--sleeping bags
  70. Eating wood?
  71. Cage Question about cages...
  72. Do you deliver to Russia?
  73. wooden hutch question
  74. C&C Help making a cage!
  75. Litter Training help on litter training
  76. Stand Dog Proof Stand
  77. Lid Need help with the lid...
  78. Litter Training Easy Clean Up
  79. Cage I cant make up my mind!!!! please help!
  80. Cage my dream cage for my future pigs
  81. Cage Adding C&C to petstore bought cage
  82. Litter Training Litter Box Location
  83. Best way to keep hay off the ground?
  84. Ramps Coroplast Ramp?
  85. Under Shelf Wire Hay Rack May Be Dangerous
  86. Would they be ok for floor time?
  87. Has anyone used these for a kitchen area?
  88. Do guinea pigs enjoy playing in a pen outside?
  89. Your favorite Dollar Store or Free stuff
  90. Look what I made
  91. Lid Lid for a 3 cube by 3 cube cage?
  92. Cage L shape
  93. Cage problems with parents and cage. help!
  94. Cleaning Smelly cage
  95. How can I make a no-sew cozy for my guinea pigs?
  96. Cage How would you keep a cage warm?
  97. Pig proofing a room.
  98. Cage New Piggie Momma! Needs help building cage!
  99. Ebay door
  100. C&C Size of C&C for 5 sows and 1 boar?
  101. Free range tips?
  102. Litter Training "Potty Litter"
  103. Grids Hard to put together.
  104. Pigs being aggressive during floor time?
  105. Coroplast Alternatives Shower curtain/matte board
  106. Ramps Limited supplies!
  107. Upper Levels Questions about making a loft?
  108. Cage New Cage design
  109. Cleaning poop machines
  110. Cage building cage question/help
  111. Cage Do Hiding Places Make Guinea Pigs Antisocial?
  112. Ramps Best ramp for upper levels?
  113. Pinecones
  114. Ramps My pig is afraid of the ramp?
  115. Instead of stuffing on this inside of it...
  116. How to make a hammock w/ leftover fleece?
  117. Crafty People I Need Some Help........
  118. Size How many more pigs could I fit in my current cage?
  119. Pigs don't seem to use their hideys anymore?
  120. Re-arranging
  121. Litter Training How to litter box train..?
  122. Cage What is considered a free range cage?
  123. Are my piggies big enough yet?
  124. Laser Lights?
  125. Another New cage!!! YEAH!!!
  126. How important is exercise, even in a C&C cage?
  127. Need go Websites: Where do you get your stuff?
  128. Floor Time??
  129. Hayrack or No Hayrack
  130. C&C Alternatives I need help with C&C cages within Banks
  131. Hay wheels?
  132. Your piggie's favorite toy?
  133. Cage Lola and Shmor's New Home!!!
  134. Anyone have a link to a wood cage in the galleries?
  135. Cage How much bedding?
  136. Biting the Hidie Hut?
  137. Hay Racks!
  138. C&C Fred and his ladies new set up!
  139. C&C Does this look ok??
  140. Help Ordered 18x10 fiddle sticks by mistake!!
  141. Size 4 x 3 Okay for 2 Boars and a Runt?
  142. Grids Anyone from san francisco ?
  143. C&C top or no top?
  144. C&C Layout
  145. Upper Levels Second Level Cage Advise
  146. questions.
  147. Size comfortably in a 4x4 c&c
  148. Size Useful Site for Calculating Cage Size
  149. C&C cage issues and questions
  150. Size How many boars?
  151. Advice needed for new pig owner
  152. Coroplast Help with finding coroplast.
  153. I made a hay rack from 2 grids - need feedback!
  154. Babyproofing
  155. Step Stools?? Where did you all get them!
  156. Cage Happy Piggies in new C&C
  157. How big should the floortime area be?
  158. C&C Extending my cage...
  159. Fleece throw?
  160. Lid lid to a C&C
  161. C&C Should I modify it?
  162. Popcorning
  163. UK
  164. Biting the igloo house
  165. C&C Where to Put a cage?
  166. Ahhh floor time for the piggies!!!
  167. C&C Alternatives Questions about a Temporary Large Cage
  168. Cage Silly measurment question
  169. Corian or similar solid Surface
  170. C&C how can I make an L shaped C&C cage?
  171. Size Big enough?
  172. C&C To the Rescue....
  173. Grids Still a little confused on square size.
  174. C&C What do you guys think about the cage?
  175. Weeds
  176. Coroplast Where to Find in the Twin Cites MN?
  177. What are some homade toys?
  178. Question on grass safety.
  179. Should I get a cuddle cup for my piggie?
  180. Good temp?
  181. Woodland Get-A-Way - Large or X-Large?
  182. Size How many cubes would make a 28"x52" cage? Would it be a 2x4?
  183. Cleaning keeping clean?
  184. Is this safe for a toy?
  185. C&C Table?
  186. Upper Levels Second level for cages
  187. Piggies redecorating?
  188. Coroplast Do I need Coroplast?
  189. Rope Lights
  190. Needing a non-messy hay rack?
  191. Storage Areas stand/storage under a 2 x 7
  192. Cozie vs Cuddle cup?
  193. Coroplast Sheet Dimensions for 2x3
  194. Cage Is using shredded newspapers and flyers okay with pine bedding?
  195. Cage New To Cubes, Flooring Question, Second Level Question
  196. Size How many boars?
  197. Cage Cage design
  198. Cage Picture of my boys' new cage
  199. Size 2X4 ok for 2 boars?
  200. C&C Cosco told me they discontinued C&C cubes!!
  201. Lid What is that wire roof?
  202. Size suggestions for 5 possibly 6 sows
  203. Confused about c & c
  204. Coroplast Coroplast question
  205. Cage How often do you clean your cage?
  206. Hay Roll: Easy to Make
  207. Grids I must have just lucked out....
  208. Litter Training In Need of Litter Training Help!
  209. Cage I need some advice please...
  210. Where can I get this rack?
  211. Litter Training Too much poop
  212. Ramps Suggestions for ramps?
  213. Ramps Shelf liner for ramp?
  214. Size To people with large herds in one level cages..
  215. C&C Are we just cubes impaired??!!
  216. Size Cages Any Good?
  217. Cage Altering a store bought cage, opinions please.
  218. Cleaning It Smells!
  219. Where did you get your cuddle cups and cozies?
  220. Cage Oops.. New Fleece!!
  221. Cage We finished our first cage...
  222. C&C Is this a bad idea?
  223. Cleaning Nature's Miracle for cavies?
  224. Coroplast Alternatives Help! Looking for coroplast alternatives.
  225. PVC pipes?
  226. Grids How to raise a cage with cubes/grids??
  227. Cage Few questions before getting a guinea(s).
  228. C&C OK, one more question....
  229. Size Built 3x3 ... ugh.
  230. C&C The new 2 x 6 is DONE!!!!
  231. Cage One happy piggie
  232. Comments wanted, hay box idea
  233. Coroplast Alternatives Temporary floor ideas needed
  234. Size Which is better?
  235. Coroplast How often do you replace your coroplast?
  236. C&C 2x3 upper and 2x4 lower?
  237. Upper Levels "Upper Level" as "Lower Level"
  238. Crafters! I need your help please
  239. ferret- and dog-proof piggy cage ideas?
  240. Pigs won't play with toys
  241. Coroplast Is this a good price?
  242. Coroplast Is this measured right for cutting?
  243. Teacher encourages guinea pig outside!
  244. Cleaning Cleaning chloroplast for the first time
  245. Ramps Bending square ramps?
  246. Cage 3x3 or a 3x4?
  247. Cage toys question!
  248. When is it too much?
  249. Cage is it good to mix things up?
  250. Toggle Stick Water Bottles