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  1. Cleaning How long does it take you?
  2. Is it safe?
  3. What do you use?
  4. Cage How many pigs can live in a 2x9?
  5. Cage Size question?
  6. C&C making two seperate but stacked cages
  7. Upper Levels hamster cage as second level?
  8. Upper Levels Cage redesign...opinions please!
  9. Ramps Pigs won't use fiddlesticks bridge or loft
  10. Cleaning Static Clinging Hay is Driving Me Nuts!
  11. Ramps Won't travel between levels in two story cage.
  12. Coroplast Coroplast in Portland Metro ???
  13. C&C should I expand?
  14. Cage Need some advice
  15. C&C I can't decide between the 2x3 or 2x3.5?
  16. Ramps Ramp Question
  17. Adding a Plexi front to the cage for kid safety
  18. Cage My New Coroplast Alternitive Cage!
  19. Using the cozies for a bathroom?
  20. How can I make floor time more fun for my pigs?
  21. Water Buddy Introduction
  22. Safest Cubes Brand
  23. Guinea pigs and hammocks.
  24. Cutting grids? Help!
  25. Upper Levels What are the pros and cons of upper levels?
  26. Please help!! Messy piggys :'(
  27. Size How many pigs?
  28. C&C Alternatives Lino
  29. Grids Anyone else have trouble
  30. Connectors Has anyone
  31. Cage Linoleum and Fleece
  32. Second Floor
  33. Coroplast Alternatives Tile
  34. What do you use these for?
  35. Cage Got new cage !
  36. C&C Starting the C&C process!
  37. C&C Going to be making my cage tomarrow..
  38. C&C Alternatives Frustrated with Size and Cleaning Difficulty
  39. C&C Im about to loose it!
  40. C&C Video of my new cage
  41. Pen for floor play
  42. Size 2x8 or 4x4 I can't decide!!
  43. C&C Pet Store Selling C&C Style Cages
  44. Chewing Are they eating or just chewing?
  45. Toys
  46. Coroplast Alternatives All in one Coro/bedding
  47. Cage New Cage
  48. Size 7 pig herd cage size?
  49. Cleaning Stinky w/ Fleece
  50. Cage Questions about cages
  51. Cleaning How do you clean such a big cage?
  52. I feel that my cage is boring, any advice?
  53. C&C New hay room!!-pics
  54. C&C Alternatives Looking Into A New Design
  55. Size should I?
  56. Cage Stacking Cages - Help!?
  57. I Don't Know What To Do...
  58. Upper Levels Can 2nd levels count sometimes?
  59. Cage Gizzy's New Cage
  60. Order or Buy?
  61. Coroplast Covering/protecting coroplast
  62. C&C My New C&C Cage aka Guinea Pig Estate Phase One
  63. Size Which shape is better?
  64. Is there a weight guideline for how long to keep cage baby-proofed?
  65. Yay! I just ordered my C&C cage!
  66. Cage Where To Buy Clips For Door?
  67. Backwash in the water bottle
  68. I'm making a hidey. Help with materials please!
  69. Using same area for different sets of pigs?
  70. Cage Placement
  71. C&C adviced for 3 piggers cage
  72. What kind?
  73. Cage fleece and not aspen or carefresh?
  74. C&C Extention for my existing C&C cage has arrived!
  75. I need help!
  76. Guinea pig lead/harness
  77. Can piggies squeeze under doors?
  78. C&C Alternatives building a castle
  79. Buying a C&C cage
  80. Cage Question about moving second floor to the bottom?
  81. Litter Training confused on how to litter train.
  82. Connectors alternate spacers, instead of connectors?
  83. Cleaning How often do you need to clean your cage?
  84. They are explorers !
  85. Cage General Pig Questions
  86. Pigs won't use their accessories
  87. Nature Hut Animal Homes
  88. Found a great hay rack!
  89. Is i possible for my guinea pigs to have some independant floor time?
  90. Size cage big enough for young Guineapigs?
  91. Upper Levels How to get pigs up
  92. Cage Biting cage?
  93. Size Measurements given on the homepage of this site...
  94. Cage Older, one eyed pig and upper kitchen
  95. Christmas Gift Ideas
  96. Litter Training potty training my cavies
  97. C&C Grids?
  98. Cheap cozies that you dont need to ulter
  99. Cage Divided cage
  100. C&C Alternatives How to make a kiddie pool cage.
  101. I want to move my cage... Is my heater a problem?
  102. Glass water bottles
  103. half-height cube walls safe?
  104. C&C Cage pics
  105. Upper Levels A query regarding loft stability...
  106. Best thing ever!
  107. Coroplast Big Coroplast Oops (need help)
  108. Cage thought I would share my new cage
  109. Upper Levels Won't go to 2nd level... HELP!
  110. Santa Hats?
  111. Upper Levels To build or not to build!
  112. Cage Hay making a MESS
  113. Grids are these grids ok ?
  114. Peeing Dring Floortime
  115. how many water bottles?
  116. Litter Training Question on training
  117. cat proof?
  118. Cage New Cage Setup
  119. C&C A Couple of Questions
  120. Plastic tubing
  121. C&C About to Expand
  122. Where to buy Pigloo today?
  123. Upper Levels Why make an upper level?
  124. Beds
  125. Coroplast Taping coroplast
  126. Pshhhh, I won't bother in future ...
  127. Cage Help with Size for 2 piggies 1 boy and 1 girl
  128. New cavies
  129. Pigs pooing in an annoying place.
  130. Litter Training Pee & Poo Training?
  131. Cage Guinea Pig Cage, Bedroom And Toys
  132. Cage Optional Dividing
  133. Is this a safe cage for a piggy?
  134. Coroplast Where to buy coroplast
  135. Is willow OK for piggers?
  136. Piggies like to poopie in coozie! AHHHH!
  137. Black residue in water bottle stem?
  138. Metal rod with bell safe replacement toys.
  139. Cage Cage size okay?
  140. Cleaning Dirty Coroplast Solutions?
  141. Cage Question about kitchen areas and cage size.
  142. C&C Found a few cubes on craigslist, but need some help?
  143. Water bottles/Water buddy
  144. Grids Trouble finding cubes
  145. Stand How to make a stand for a C&C cage?
  146. C&C 2x5 or 3x4? Which size is best?
  147. Cleaning How do you keep your cages so clean?
  148. Cage Cage Bottom?
  149. C&C Want to expand my cage...again!
  150. Cage Travel cage for the holidays?
  151. Clementine boxes OK?
  152. C&C Is this size of C&C cage alright?
  153. C&C Baby Proofing - How big?
  154. C&C three piggies 2x4 2 story??
  155. C&C Is This A Good Cage Idea?
  156. C&C Are there any different floors?
  157. C&C Alternatives My Cage and How i made it.
  158. Upper Levels maximizing cage space for my herds
  159. Safe Tree branches
  160. Ramps Building a ramp/stairs without using grids?
  161. Using a grid for a hay rack
  162. Got a water buddy but...
  163. C&C Guinea Pig Cage for a Clean Freak - Help
  164. For anybody looking for pigloos'
  165. Litter Training Thinking of switching. (Potty training?)
  166. Is this play pen too small?
  167. Are my cats the only ones?
  168. Cage Do I need a "kitchen" with hay?
  169. Floor/lap time with 6-year-old
  170. Cardboard in the cage?
  171. Cage How many towels beneath the fleece?
  172. Coroplast Cutting/transporting coroplast for an L-shaped C&C cage?
  173. What are your guinea pigs' favorite toys?
  174. I made a cozie but my piggys are fighting on it!!!!
  175. Size 6 pigs - how big?
  176. Litter Training Woo hoooooo
  177. C&C Is this big enough for two females?
  178. Upper Levels I'm so pleased!!!
  179. Cage How Big is Too Big
  180. Pine Cones/Apple Tree Branches
  181. Grids K-mart 14" grids on sale
  182. Size In Your Opinion
  183. Cage Which would be better?
  184. Grids This video shows why proper grid height is essential
  185. Size Having issues with small room size, need larger cage
  186. Cage Lil' Fella's new cage
  187. Size Size of grids?
  188. Chew toys advice?
  189. Piggie interested in cat
  190. Thank you...wodent wheel hay rack idea
  191. Cage Incorporating petstore cage with C&C cage?
  192. Cage Still fighting ;((
  193. Water Bottle Issue.
  194. Size Is 1.5x5 grids okay for 2 pigs?
  195. Cleaning Cleaning multi-level cage
  196. Coroplast Michigan Pigs cage Help
  197. What are some fun ways to exsercise your guinea pigs?
  198. Guinea pigs!!!
  199. Questions on Using Tile
  200. Best Hay Contraption for Fleece??
  201. Litter Training Litter Box
  202. C&C Need a new cage!
  203. Cage The newest cage addition
  204. Lid I need lid help!
  205. C&C Where?
  206. Cage My New Cage...finally!
  207. Stand Making Your Cage Mobile
  208. Alternative for 'out of cage' time
  209. Playpen idea!
  210. Coroplast Bending coroplast?
  211. Size 2x3 with a 2x2 addition and slight incline
  212. Toys Suitable For Cage
  213. Pigs just sit there
  214. Cage expansion question
  215. C&C Help picking new cage
  216. C&C 3x6 Open top cage with loft question.
  217. Size How Many Sows?
  218. Ramps Need Ideas to build a ramp outside the main cage
  219. Flat and angled spinning devices?
  220. Cage 3X3 cage
  221. Grids Are these grids okay?
  222. Size Which is better?
  223. Guinea pig agility
  224. C&C Where can I buy grids?
  225. Size Is this big enough for 2 piggies?
  226. Cage I did my cage!
  227. Cage Improvising
  228. Size Wooden hidey too large?
  229. Size Cage Size in Comparison with Furniture Size
  230. C&C Cage Makeover!
  231. Cage Size? Accessories arrangment?
  232. Start-up supply must haves
  233. Litter Training Litterbox training...is it possible?
  234. Sows in the same room as boars?
  235. Size Adopting a 3rd, Cage Size?
  236. Quarantine?
  237. C&C Cages stacked on top of each other?
  238. Size Is this big enough for 2 guinea pigs?
  239. C&C Alternatives can i use cardboard or a litter box instead of coroplast?
  240. Vinyl for floor time?
  241. Wet cage, naughty pigs..........
  242. Popsicle Sticks
  243. glue like material?
  244. C&C Directions in building.
  245. Ramps Can Guinea Pigs jump or climb?
  246. Upper Levels How to build an Upper Level (Video)
  247. C&C Alternatives CritterTrail Playpen
  248. Plastic and coroplast
  249. Do your pigs have to have floor time every day?
  250. Upper Levels Taking turns...Guarding the ramp