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  1. C&C C&C question???
  2. Is this ant bait safe to use around piggers?
  3. Are harnesses bad for guinea pigs?
  4. What is so bad about the ball?
  5. C&C 2 x 4 or 3 x 3
  6. Exercise question
  7. Grids Cubes in the UK?
  8. C&C Would this be ok?
  9. C&C Alternatives Some ideas please
  10. Upper Levels Thinking of building another level
  11. Hidey Hut Bottom
  12. Size Quick question...
  13. Cage Temporary Space for Three Pigs
  14. C&C a few c&c questions....
  15. Cage Pet store cage
  16. Cage Big Enough? Opinions?
  17. Size Adequate space in small area?
  18. cheap hidey houses, toys, and other stuff ?
  19. I am building an outdoor guinea pig hutch.
  20. People Annoy Me.
  21. C&C Cubes online with international shipping and cage placement...
  22. Home-made hideys
  23. Coroplast urgent coroplast question!!
  24. C&C Expanding Help with Piggy Bedspreads
  25. Need pricing help please
  26. Cage What kind of comments do you get about your piggies cage/living arrangements?
  27. Is A Peti Buffer Safe?
  28. my boars are peeing
  29. Cage Ikea?
  30. Floor Time
  31. Rollin hay
  32. C&C So excited!
  33. Size Worried about cage height
  34. is this ok?
  35. Bending grid for Hay rack
  36. Chewing - Boar Dominance?
  37. It is so hot in SoCal...
  38. Cage Keeping warm! Cage help!
  39. Outside Time?
  40. Cage Cage Set-up
  41. C&C First C&C Soon! But questions...
  42. Cage Best place to put your piggies? Need advice please
  43. Cage 130cm x 65cm - big enough?
  44. Cage I'm having so many cage issues right now, advice?
  45. Coroplast Coroplast in Greensboro NC
  46. The Difference??
  47. What Site is the best?
  48. Litter Training How do i solve training problem.
  49. Is he still a baby?
  50. Coroplast Is this the right thickness of Coroplast?
  51. What stores in New York sell the materials for a C&C cage?
  52. Are Bed, Bath, and Beyond Grids Safe?
  53. Upper Levels What's wrong?
  54. Grids Awesome deal at garage sale!
  55. Cleaning Cleaning the cage
  56. Coroplast Can somebody please tell me what I need?
  57. Cage My 3x4 cages.
  58. Upper Levels Any Ideas?
  59. C&C Alternatives Linoleum??
  60. Size 3x4 vs 2x5.
  61. Stand for food dishes
  62. Play pen
  63. Minimum space for floortime - basement?
  64. Coroplast Alternatives Cardboard vs coroplast
  65. Piggie Games?
  66. C&C Question!
  67. Wood with strong smell - Use varnish?
  68. C&C Alternatives Bookshelf style cage!
  69. Slate floor for play time?
  70. Cage Step by step instructions for closed cage?
  71. Health problems with MDF plank in cage?
  72. I need a c&c cage!
  73. Floor Time Tent
  74. Coroplast Correx/Coroplast HELP!
  75. How to get the piggies in for the summer months as well?
  76. Extra grids
  77. Size Maximum size w/ one sheet coroplast
  78. Coconut Shells
  79. Upper Levels Ferplast corner shelf
  80. It's not an Out House...
  81. Ashtray as a Food Dish
  82. Grids I found a new kind of grid!
  83. Cage Awsome Prices !!
  84. Anyone know where to get natural Fiddle Sticks?
  85. Fleece Play Cube
  86. Cage safety?
  87. Grids Grids found in the UK
  88. What makes the best hiding spots?
  89. C&C New cage
  90. New tunnel cozie
  91. Cage Does anyone in the UK have a nero 4 cage?
  92. How Many Bowls and Bottles?
  93. Coroplast Alternatives Share : Using bamboo as alternative for cage
  94. Toys ???
  95. Plastic or Wood?
  96. Chewing on pigloo
  97. Size What size C&C Cage is best for two female pigs?
  98. Grids Where can I get the cubes for a C&C Cage?
  99. Cleaning I've heard of this towel/fleece thing, answer these questions please?
  100. Coroplast Alternatives What can I use instead of Coroplast?
  101. Awesome Tunnel!
  102. Cage (11x4) What do you think? Improvements?
  103. Cage Cage Idea - Tip or Suggestions?
  104. C&C Excited
  105. Litter Training Litter training piggies?
  106. Making them chew-proof?
  107. Upper Levels Should I add an upper level?
  108. Size Skinny C&C?
  109. Litter Training potty training? help!
  110. Grids Will closet shelving work instead of grids?
  111. Coroplast Alternatives I want to hear from people who use/used shower curtain type material instead of corop
  112. New cozies
  113. Are those bird kabobs safe?
  114. Coroplast Alternatives Question about my cage...?
  115. Coroplast Alternatives Eating plastic flooring.
  116. Cage How to support a top level?
  117. Cage Making a C&C Cage, can you answer a few questions, please?
  118. C&C How can I convince my husband to make a C&C Cage?
  119. How would I sew one if these hidie houses?
  120. Cage is a 20"x20" cage ok?
  121. Lid Question about lid
  122. Coroplast corroplast
  123. C&C Alternatives Would this be suitable?
  124. Bricks in cage corners ??
  125. Are these cubes safe for the pigs?
  126. Grids Can't find cubes anywhere???
  127. My GP's don't like free time / floor time
  128. Grids I Found Grids!
  129. C&C New cage!
  130. Zip Ties best thing to cut zip ties
  131. C&C Alternatives What can I use temporarily to house my guinea pigs until I can buy a C&C Cage?
  132. Cage future piggy owner needing cage help
  133. C&C NEW Piggie Condo
  134. C&C Alternatives Grids v's free range.
  135. Question about water bottle
  136. Cage 3x3 or 2x4?
  137. Height Requirement
  138. Cage Where to put my cage??
  139. Cage wait for a 2nd pig to expand cage?
  140. What if they nibble?
  141. Cage Moving to bigger cage and house
  142. C&C My new cage - video
  143. Video of the girls- floortime
  144. Absolutely HORRIFIED!!!
  145. Cage Picture this...
  146. C&C Finished cage!
  147. Cleaning Nifty way to clean poop off fleece
  148. Piggies not eating from the hayrack - help
  149. Cage Large Clean Living Playpen
  150. Size Will they all fit?
  151. Upper Levels Upper Levels and Boars
  152. Grids Bought C&C panels - Bed Bath and Beyond.
  153. Upper Levels Two layer cages. What do people use to support the floor on the second story?
  154. Ramps Ramp suggestions?
  155. Water bottle issue
  156. Size 2x6 or 3x4
  157. Walmart grids ... they have 9 squares on each side- safe or not?
  158. Washing Water Bottles
  159. Burrowing under fleece
  160. Litter Training Potty Training
  161. Ramps Bridges to cross over Coro
  162. Is this hidey safe for pigs?
  163. Coroplast coroplast for 3x6
  164. Run out of connectors
  165. My guinea pig doesn't enjoy lap time with me!
  166. C&C We're building our cage!
  167. Is an x-large Pigloo big enough for two piggies?
  168. Cage Is the kitchen an ok location for a piggy cage?
  169. Stand Off the ground or not?
  170. How do those hammocks work?
  171. Coroplast Alternatives New cage for Cyndi
  172. Won't Use Cuddle Cup
  173. C&C C&C Cage and how to make one???
  174. Size Considering cage rebuild...
  175. Cage New Pigs New Cage
  176. Ramps Only one piggie will climb up the ramp! I'm worried!
  177. Upper Levels Main floor as the upper floor...
  178. Stand What do you suggest for a stand?
  179. Buying grids in south africa
  180. Cage To build or not to build.
  181. Size What do you think of this?
  182. Farm Innovators Heated Water Bottle
  183. Size How can I find a good cage?
  184. C&C C&C Cage... help!
  185. Cage Redesigned... again!!
  186. how do you make a bunkbed?
  187. Zip Ties Zip ties
  188. Some toys to keep them motivated?
  189. Cage A new cage.
  190. Cage Night light?
  191. Coroplast Coroplast Help
  192. Coroplast Coroplast thickness
  193. Grids Target Grids
  194. Size Finished building, but....
  195. Size Is It Large Enough?
  196. How long does it take for the cage to arrive
  197. My piggies biting the coroplast
  198. C&C Convincing to build a C&C
  199. Cage Help Modifying My Cage!
  200. buying c&c cage in N.C.
  201. Ramps Ramps and everywhere
  202. Cage My C&C Cage!
  203. Santino's reaction to Barney being around during lap time.
  204. Cage Huge mess
  205. Is it a good idea?
  206. My new C&C cage.
  207. Cleaning Best Way To Pick Up Pig Poop
  208. Cage Finally!
  209. Too Smart For Me!
  210. C&C How to make cage bigger??
  211. Grids Biting Grids
  212. outside cage, your veiws?
  213. Bustin' out !
  214. water bottle problem!
  215. Coroplast New here and need help
  216. Using a short pile fur for a tunnel?
  217. Cage Does it have to be a rectangle?
  218. Size Making do with a VERY small cage
  219. Cage Rediculously hard to do... am I missing something?
  220. Size Cage sizes?
  221. Upper Levels Adding a level??
  222. C&C Parents won't let me make a C&C Cage?
  223. Cage OK for now ?
  224. Cleaning Cage clean after mites
  225. Do piggies need to play outside?
  226. Size Possibly adopting a 3rd... cage size??
  227. Huge hay rack alternites???
  228. Cage I need some suggestions re: room shape issues
  229. Cage Cage Question
  230. Concerns about a bent-grid hay rack
  231. Best positioning for hay rack
  232. Size Yet another cage question, this one about size...
  233. Coroplast How durable is coroplast?
  234. Making use of the stupid ball
  235. A different view? Opinions please !
  236. Size Cage Size/Shape Question
  237. Eating Carpet?!
  238. Upper Levels Ramp Buissness
  239. Litter Training Litterbox Help!
  240. Cage The Girls are out...
  241. Coroplast Sebastian is a chewer!
  242. Coroplast Is a 4 by 8 sheet big enough?
  243. Connectors Leftover connectors
  244. Website selling some fun piggie supplies
  245. Litter Training How do I litter train? And what alternative bedding should I use?
  246. what are good guinea-obstacles and games during floor time?
  247. C&C Not Square?
  248. Help! Grids too big??
  249. Cat and pigs
  250. Ramps What is your ramp made out of?