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  1. Size How big
  2. Wodent Wheel?
  3. Cage Midwest rip-off??
  4. Upper Levels scared of ramp help please
  5. My cage is here!
  6. Should I get a carrier?
  7. are dryer vents ok for piggys?
  8. Cage What exactly is a "Kitchen"?
  9. Cage Piggie flings shavings out of his cage - need help
  10. My C&C Cage
  11. Litter Training What should a use fleece or shavings??
  12. Litter Training Toilet Training Piggies
  13. Toy Question
  14. Cage What do your pigs do "upstairs?"
  15. 2x3
  16. Coroplast Found places that had Coroplast
  17. Cage Cage in Bedroom,is that okay ??
  18. Would my piggies be safe with other animals?
  19. My handmade hut!
  20. C&C Stinky Cage and Guiena Pigs Stink
  21. Chewing things?
  22. Size is cage okay for 4 piggies?
  23. Cozy Question
  24. Question
  25. Litter Training Cool Idea For Litter Pan
  26. Upper Levels Hay loft?
  27. Cage Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Review
  28. how many?
  29. Grids Found very inexpensive grids online.
  30. Cage 12inch sides on a coroplast cage??
  31. Need toy ideas!
  32. Coroplast Alternatives C&C cages
  33. Are aquarium tanks good for piggys?
  34. Coroplast Alternatives Could I use a heavy duty shower curtain instead of Coro ?
  35. Cage Need help with cage
  36. Anyone have any fun floortime ideas?
  37. What do you guys think about guinea pig leashes?
  38. Size Is my cage too small?
  39. water dishes
  40. I am expanding my cage to a 2X4
  41. Cage is too small!
  42. How to
  43. Cage Rebuilding a cage for two!
  44. Cage Will it fit 4?
  45. Do I still need to give them floor time?
  46. Chewing Very Annoying grid chewing
  47. Litter Training Anyone know how to litter train?
  48. Size Placing pigs in storage bin?
  49. Cage Birthday Surprise
  50. bent grids
  51. C&C Need help with cage setup
  52. Size Cage Size
  53. C&C Cage planning queries
  54. Size Cage size for one???
  55. Acrylic Grids?
  56. Grids Mesh grids
  57. My Homemade Piggie Tents!
  58. C&C C&C Cage dividing??
  59. Ouch!
  60. Grids Where to Buy.
  61. Size 2x5 cage
  62. Cage Pigloo Replacement
  63. Litter Training Litter box training: Best type of containment
  64. Size cage on top of a dresser??
  65. Ramps Ramps and upper levels??
  66. Question about Homemade Hidey
  67. Help with Hay Racks
  68. Where do you get them?
  69. Cozie saks/Cozie cup/or pigloo
  70. is plastic clear tape harmful to pigs?
  71. C&C New cage on the way!
  72. Grids Where to find the mesh grids?
  73. Coroplast Would it be fine if my sides were lower
  74. My Cage Came Today!
  75. Can GPs be on grass that other animals MAY have access to?
  76. Size Expanding my cage for 4 boars?
  77. Making progress
  78. Upper Levels How to support upper level
  79. Cage Finally got my cage finished
  80. Cage New to C&C cages, please help!
  81. Would a harness be okay for my piggies?
  82. Coroplast Alternatives Can't find anything!!! Help!!!!
  83. Cage I built a new and very improved cage! Tips and ideas are welcome!
  84. Toys your guinea like
  85. Grids Grids at Costco?
  86. Coroplast What size?
  87. What can i use as a hay rack, the hay is getting all over the fleece?
  88. Coroplast where do i buy coroplast?
  89. Size Size for 2 young male guinea pigs?
  90. Ramps I want to make an L shaped ramp - Help Please!
  91. C&C Got a C&C!!
  92. C&C Help please! C&C cage stinks.
  93. Litter Training so confused?! please help
  94. Ramps my piggies wont go up stairs
  95. Cage Successfully housing 2 pairs of boars - connected or disconnected cages?
  96. Cage Why no exposed wood?
  97. Cage My cage is totally stressing me out!!
  98. Upper Levels Urgent help!
  99. Cage Travel cages - would 1x1 or 1x2 C&C work?
  100. Size Thinking of adopting, need to expand.
  101. Willow balls?
  102. Litter Training toilet training
  103. Perfect Easy bed
  104. Cage Too small??
  105. Litter Training Litter box
  106. Coroplast Alternatives C&C Cages
  107. Good outdoor temperature?
  108. Storage Areas C+C Cage Storage?
  109. Unsafe Veggie Basket?
  110. floor time?
  111. Petco sale on Pigloos - $4.99 (4/14/09)
  112. Cage my guinea pig is acting very wierd again
  113. C&C Question about C&C Cages.
  114. Cage I redid Willows Cage
  115. Water bottle question
  116. Cleaning Can't Decide What to Do (At My Wits End)
  117. Litter Training How on earth do you litter train you piggy? Is 6 months too old???
  118. Connectors Ugh! Cube Connectors?
  119. Cage Is Cement Floor Dangerous?
  120. Upper Levels upper level support
  121. C&C Alternatives Excercise Pen?
  122. Floor Time Question
  123. Would this work for a lid?
  124. Size 12x12 is How big?
  125. Do I reaaly have to throw this away, he had ringworm?
  126. C&C Yay! I'm so excited!
  127. Stuffed Animals for Guinea Pigs...?
  128. Cage Thank you c&c cages!!!
  129. Cage Question About Cage
  130. Cage New anxious piggy owner...help?
  131. C&C Unbelievable!
  132. Pigloo alternative?
  133. Cleaning Tips for reducing smell?
  134. Coroplast Alternatives Can I use something other than coroplast
  135. Upper Levels Building a two story cage, worried about them climbing out
  136. Cage Is this an okay cage size?
  137. Piglett doesn't seem to like floor time
  138. Size Who says guinea pigs can't climb?
  139. Grids Walmart grids
  140. C&C How big is a 2x7 with a 3x4 to a 4x4 kitchen area?
  141. "The Fish"
  142. C&C Got my new C&C cage today!
  143. Hay rack question??
  144. Cute pigger item on Etsy
  145. C&C Not Enough!
  146. C&C Does anyone need a 2x3?
  147. Size How big is a 2x5
  148. Ramps Added 2nd level. and now I can't figure out what to make a ramp/steps out of=( HELP.
  149. Harnesses
  150. Good hidey houses??????
  151. Do you think I could Make a Hammock like this?
  152. Sharing some pics of stuff I made today
  153. New guinea pig panic!!!
  154. Size cage too big?
  155. C&C Where can I find the best deal on cubes and coroplast?
  156. Where can I find the best deal on cubes and coroplast?
  157. How do I make cozies, tents, bags?
  158. Cage Divider & Medical Safety Of A New Guinea Pig
  159. Would putting my cavy's run next to anothers be good for him?
  160. Making a cute hammock
  161. Size Thinking of adopting. Worried about the cage taking up an entire wall in my bedroom.
  162. Found my linoleum but...
  163. Cage wont play!
  164. Ramps Ideas for Ramps
  165. Upper Levels Question on two level cages......please answer if you have a two level cage!!!!
  166. Cleaning Ewwww, cage smells bad
  167. Cardboard used to baby proof?
  168. Upper Levels Won't go to upper level?
  169. Coroplast Buying Coroplast
  170. Size 1x5?
  171. New C&C cage arrival pictures
  172. C&C not active
  173. Cage Spicing it up?
  174. Coroplast Online sources for coroplast
  175. Play area/Floortime
  176. Does this look like a good idea?
  177. Does anybody have any suggestions for toys in the cage? Any guinea pig projects?
  178. Cage Please I need help providing my Guinea with comfortable space
  179. C&C C+C Cage Size Questions!!! PLEASE HELP!
  180. Size Four Piggies in a Two Story C&C Cage?
  181. Hay bag
  182. Cage cage
  183. C&C A Quick C&C Question.
  184. Laptime- How often?
  185. C&C Alternatives Need Some Ideas For a Quick Cage
  186. how to keep hay from cage floor
  187. Cleaning How to get that tough suck stuff off coroplast
  188. Is the glue part of toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls safe for guinea pigs?
  189. What size outdoor run is recommended?
  190. C&C To House Two Boars
  191. Grids Target Discontinuing their grids?
  192. Grids Would these work?
  193. best toys for guinea pig
  194. C&C Alternatives Cages built into storage shelf?
  195. Lid Can I make a top piece from grids?
  196. Granite VS Marble Slabs
  197. Coroplast Alternatives Would large foam cubes work?
  198. Cage Do I have room for another GP?
  199. Size Would this be too big for two females?
  200. Shipping to Australia?
  201. anyone have any videos of floortime?
  202. Upper Levels Which setup is better?
  203. Are they safe to use?
  204. I'm new to this...
  205. Cute Barn igloo!
  206. Will they pee?!
  207. Zip Ties Easy way to remove zip ties?
  208. Litter Training Lay out of the flooring
  209. Cage Built a Cage Using Mini Grid
  210. Upper Levels Sturdy Upper Level?
  211. Coroplast 3 inch coroplast sides ok?
  212. Cage What to do with a store-bought cage?
  213. Eating Toilet Paper Rolls
  214. Pop Bottle Tunnel?
  215. Cage Stacking cages.
  216. Cost Of Shipping To Canada?
  217. Cage Found Cubes At Home Depot! - Safety and Flooring?
  218. Cage Lots of questions!
  219. Coroplast Joining Coroplast
  220. What do you use for a safe hay rack for young pigs?
  221. C&C Alternatives Coroplast substitutes?
  222. 2 boars - how many homes?
  223. Coroplast Alternatives Is linoleum Okay Instead of Coroplast?
  224. Size Is it okay if it is crowed in order to fit the cage?
  225. Coroplast Painting?
  226. C&C I had to down-size my cages.
  227. Guinea pig carrier?
  228. C&C Alternatives Please help!
  229. Grids Bed Bath & Beyond 4 cube set $9.99
  230. Cage Rearranging there cages!
  231. Size Starter Size?
  232. How to keep the hay in the cage
  233. Looking for a pattern for a hanging corner cozy
  234. Cage Uses for petstore cages?
  235. Cage Possible cavy cage
  236. Upper Levels Cleaning large upper levels?
  237. Heights of sides of Coroplast on C&C
  238. Cage How do I build a closed cage?
  239. Treating wood
  240. Coroplast Is one sheet enough??
  241. Lid Does it really need a lid?
  242. piggy hut?
  243. Cage Just some design questions
  244. Coroplast Where to buy?
  245. Cage Would this be Okay?
  246. Cage Is this good enough?
  247. water bottle
  248. C&C What are the cons and pros of a C&C cage?
  249. C&C Got my C&C
  250. Questions about Cage Materials