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  1. Pig likes to chew on towel...
  2. Question on Temporary Setup, and Changes
  3. Deodorizer?
  4. Guinee PIgs temperature tolerance..
  5. Difference between floor-time,lap time, free range
  6. Do your GPs move a lot during floor time?
  7. Problem drinking from the bottle
  8. Question Regarding Water Bottles
  9. A question about the "bedding" tray
  10. Piggie biting Coroplast!
  11. Water Bottle Needed!
  12. Cardboard and Wood
  13. Using a litterbox as a food dish..
  14. Potty Training
  15. Cage help
  16. Baby-proofing c&c cages---I'm probably adopting a 4-month old boar, so...............
  17. New 2x3 cage issues
  18. Grid question, are these safe?
  19. Recycling!
  20. Is 14 1/2 okay?
  21. Thinking about adding
  22. Your thoughts on this cage.
  23. Hay Racks Outside the Cage?
  24. Can you make this...
  25. I just built a new C&C cage for my pigs..they don't like it??
  26. hey yall im a newbie!
  27. C&C cage and daycare
  28. Home Construction--can't allow floor time
  29. I want to get a C & C cage but...
  30. PVC foam board instead of coroplast?
  31. Cleaning Methods of a Multilevel, Closed Cage
  32. Loft guniea pigs?
  33. FerretNation Cages
  34. cleaning wood hideys.
  35. Will these things work?
  36. Floor time area.
  37. How waterproof is the Coroplast?
  38. wanting to make a cozie but worried about chewing?
  39. Wire bottom cage
  40. She hates her hay rack
  41. Cage flooring & litter traying question....
  42. Stand Dilema, Floor or Table?
  43. A stand out of grids
  44. Non-availability of Grids & Colorplast.
  45. Thinking about expanding.
  46. I want one! For hay basket
  47. Cage Is my cage structure ok? (Pictures)
  48. My c&c cage, round 1.
  49. Hay racks..
  50. New cage
  51. Split Cage for 2 Boars - Good Idea??
  52. Dietary Cardboard
  53. Wood Cage
  54. Will this work?
  55. I want to add to my 2 x 4 cage. Suggestions Please!
  56. Matress pad/Underbedding question!
  57. How often?
  58. Hay loft?
  59. Not satisfied
  60. fleece, cage, bedding
  61. Problem with store + cube size?
  62. Linoleum Problem
  63. I accidentally bought those new unsafe grids...
  64. Ramps Scared of ramp?
  65. Cleaning tips needed!
  66. Exercise wheels
  67. Litter Training Litter Training
  68. Cage C&C vs. Pet store cages
  69. Safe Guinea Pig toys?
  70. Thinking about a C&C cage
  71. Maybe two floor level C&C cage but have an escape artist
  72. I need help!
  73. Cleaning Best cleaning tip ever!
  74. Need suggestions please for floortime
  75. Other Ideas for Coroplast
  76. New cage help! Hurry!
  77. How long is too long to have them outside?
  78. Adding a kitchen, need advice
  79. My cavy's living space.
  80. Ramp Help
  81. Bird toys?
  82. Ideas for food dishes
  83. litter training
  84. Plastic igloo danger?!
  85. Safe hideys?
  86. C&C 2x2 Mini-cage?
  87. Can I carry my piggy in this?
  88. Pet store cage?
  89. Need Solution for constant bowl tipping
  90. Good water bottle? (non-leaky)
  91. Piggy and Cardboard
  92. Cage Want To Build A Coroplast Cage For A Rabbit
  93. Is glue dangerous to my Cavie?
  94. Is kid, non-toxic paint safe for piggies?
  95. Hay racks?
  96. Cage Is a 5 level multi level cage good for 4 Guinea Pigs?
  97. Im super exited
  98. Its good to be a crafty piggie mom
  99. What does C&C stand for, and what is it?
  100. Litter Training Digging in the litterbox
  101. Floor Time?
  102. Dental Care and Chew Toys
  103. Grids Are these cubes ok?
  104. What could I carry my Guinea Pig in to take her to the vet?
  105. pooping in food dish
  106. Size C&C sizing question
  107. C&C Living space for 4 piggies...
  108. Coroplast Coroplast Found for $22.00
  109. Coroplast Alternatives Foam board instead of Coroplast???
  110. Cage Need new cage desing or I will have to adopt my pigs out
  111. C&C My First C&C Cage it's 2x3 with 2nd story 1x2.
  112. Coroplast Can you use hot glue on coroplast?
  113. Carrying two piggies who hate to be put into small boxes!
  114. Cage Extreme Home Makeover - Cage Edition
  115. Cage Delivering
  116. What kind of carrier?
  117. potty training the piggys???
  118. Hanging lettuce from string?
  119. What Size Plastic Pipe is good for caves?
  120. Making a cozie myself?? Has anyone?
  121. Super Pet come along carrier?
  122. Is this toy safe?
  123. I have ideas...are they safe?
  124. C&C Adopted 2 piggies
  125. Cage Hutch or cage home for guinea pig idea?
  126. About Grids sizes
  127. Where can I buy fiddle sticks?
  128. How much floor time should I give them?
  129. Ideas for playtime?
  130. C&C two questions
  131. Lid Closet Shelveing for Lid
  132. Cage wanting to re-do some things in my girls cage.
  133. Ideas, need advice
  134. Guarding those piggies!
  135. Coroplast Has your guinea pig ever chewed the coroplast in a C&C cage?
  136. Ideas for toys. My ideas, are these okay?
  137. How to make a hay rack?
  138. Baby Proofing
  139. Will she jump?
  140. Hammocks?
  141. C&C C&C cage, been thinking.
  142. Does Glass Water Bottle Work the Best?
  143. Cleaning Fly Problem and Parents Are Angry. Help!
  144. Size I have a question in regards to size of a cage!
  145. Grids with holes
  146. I made a tunnel last night too!
  147. C&C 2x3 C&C cage - ok for two pigs?
  148. Cage To build, or not to build??
  149. How could I try to stop my piggy being so skittish?
  150. Found different C&C cages on Ebay..Is this big enough?
  151. Cage Cage Questions
  152. C&C C & C cages
  153. Mirror
  154. Cage Wood frame?
  155. Making a tunnel?
  156. C&C Do they ever jump out?
  157. Size Have one piggy, possibly getting another in the future, what size C&C cage?
  158. Have one piggy, possibly getting another in the future, what size C&C cage?
  159. Chewing?
  160. bricks?
  161. Cage Help with cage purchase
  162. C&C Sleeping area too congested?
  163. Bird toys with ropes
  164. Upper Levels Loft with Locker Shelves?
  165. Making the sacs?
  166. Coroplast Which color to get?
  167. Tents
  168. I can finally make my own cozies!
  169. Size Downgrading size on cage, a problem?
  170. C&C Alternatives I need help with a cage.
  171. Using Glue? Hot? Wood? Silicone? And on Treating Wood?
  172. Legos?
  173. Coroplast Grassy Coroplast
  174. Size Travel
  175. Bricks?
  176. Storage Areas Storage ideas
  177. stainless steel dog bowl okay for pellets?
  178. A commercial cage that is big enough?
  179. C&C Finally Built Piggy Dream Condo
  180. Good hidey houses or ideas on making hidey house?
  181. Hay bins!
  182. 1x1 grid hay storage box?
  183. Litter Training Can I litter train my piggie?
  184. Lid How do you make a lid?
  185. Pepsi Box Hay Rack
  186. sleep sacks for summer
  187. Cage Any tips on cage building would be wonderful.
  188. C&C Dividing cage options
  189. C&C Need ideas badly!
  190. Foam for Floor Time
  191. Coroplast Ideas for Getting Coroplast
  192. Stand Elevating Cage
  193. C&C 2 questions on C&C cages
  194. My Guinea Pigs are Shy and Seem to Hate Floortime
  195. C&C Just built my C&C cage!
  196. Litter Training potty training?
  197. C&C Question about coroplast and grids
  198. C&C Need to divide boys for diet variation
  199. Upper Levels How high is too high?
  200. Grids Update on target grid about half of them are good
  201. Grids Grids at Canadian Tire!
  202. What do you keep your pellets in?
  203. Size advice for dividing
  204. Water bottle problems
  205. Cage Help
  206. Do they not get it?
  207. new piggie owner
  208. Size Room for 4?
  209. How old?
  210. Which ones are the best?
  211. Size Is 3x2 enought for two piggies?
  212. Crinkle Tunnels.!
  213. Cage newbie advice on if my cage sounds ok
  214. Applewood chew toy
  215. Litter Training Litter box options?
  216. Size Trying to determind making my own
  217. Ramps Tip for pigs new to ramp
  218. Ramps Can guinea pigs grip a hardwood ramp?
  219. Cheap Little Bed
  220. Homemade Pigloos/Hideys?
  221. C&C Finally Done The Cage!!
  222. Litter Training They won't leave the litterbox alone...
  223. Coroplast Alternatives to Coroplast
  224. Connectors Not staying together?
  225. Attenion! Log Cabin is UNSAFE for Guinea Pigs
  226. Size I'm keeping the babies! I need a new cage!
  227. C&C I am making it myself. Help! 3.5' x 3.5'
  228. Lid Anyone out there with a 41"x41" or a 41"x56" who can help me find a lid?
  229. Coroplast How long will it last
  230. Grids Polypropylene Cubes
  231. C&C Alternatives Worried...Ebay Purchase
  232. Very frustrated!
  233. Anyone Else Have This Tunnel?
  234. Cage Cage building questions.
  235. PVC Pipe?
  236. Lid Worried about cats. Making closed cage.
  237. Cage Opinions on building a wood cage?
  238. Lid Securing the top?
  239. Are pinecones dangerous to pigs?
  240. Drinking bottle
  241. Ramps How To Make Ramp From Pipe
  242. Upper Levels Stand out of grids and 2-level cage?
  243. C&C Alternatives Cheaper alternative solution?
  244. Wire cubes that I found
  245. Grids Building my first C&C Cage....I have questions
  246. Guinea pig toys!
  247. Coroplast Connecting more than one piece of coroplast
  248. Coroplast How much coroplast do I need?
  249. Hate my water bottles, part deux!
  250. Coroplast Coroplast only cage - temporary housing