cutest piggie family!

snickers, salami, safari, and the newest addition smurffey. rescued and getting medical attention along with tlc!
  1. just goes to show it doesn't matter what they need to do theyll both fit.. yes safari is in there. best friends
  2. poor little smurffey not used to having water and has sore teeth so only can really drink out of the bowl for now
  3. shes got some talent. balancing act
  4. obviously she only likes beds without any type of top or not being out fully in the open. one of a kind
  5. cuddle bug
  6. salami always playing tarzan
  7. never had a piggie stay completely still and enjoy getting his nails cut; he felt much better and could walk after his overgrown curled up nails were...
  8. sharing;)
  9. little black mushy face.. was getting a haircut
  10. best friends!!!
  11. haha you eat that lettuce snick
  12. sharing a peach with my girl salami
  13. of course cuddling and sleeping with me
  14. first time you can kinda tell which end this is haha ! you can see her eye
  15. love being together.. and with me!
  16. our road trip to ky... they loved traveling.. who knew! i was so worried they would be stressed
  17. rescued this little cutie pie in ky and brought her to her forever home; was not planned i just couldnt say no
  18. hahahah
  19. HELLO!
  20. sleeps early and sleeps till late morning.. every single day.. my little salmi sleeping beauty
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