Our girls and their home =)
  1. Pandora (Student Photography exam)
  2. Pandora (Student Photography exam)
  3. Pandora (Student Photography exam)
  4. Pandora (Student Photography exam)
  5. In the sun =)
  6. Cuuuuuuuuuute!!!
  7. Eating grass like there is no tomorrow!
  8. Fresh grass washed then put on the floor. Now when they are out in the room and they hear me leaving then coming back in a few minutes later they...
  9. Pandora posing!
  10. The "crazy Hippie" as my friend calls her!
  11. In the garden eating the fresh grass... a summer treat!
  12. Kalypso and Thadeus... we tried a soft towel first to see if they liked it.. they did so we got the fleece and they love that. Used it ever since.....
  13. The final version of the C&C cage i built...
  14. Arthemis
  15. Thadeus & Arthemis
  16. Kalypso & Thadeus
  17. Thadeus
  18. Kalypso
  19. Thadeus in her favourite place
  20. Kalypso in the tunnel...
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