Piggy Love

Piggy Love showcases my love of all my piggies! I love taking pigtures of them! Enjoy!
  1. Jasmine, enjoying some cuddles!
  2. This is Madea, chilling in her new favorite spot...the kitchen!
  3. Dutches and Jasmine love their cilantro.
  4. Wee man, Splinter.
  5. Splinter, enjoying his breakfast.
  6. Minerva has a slight head tilt, but it's more pronounced here because she's grooming in this shot.
  7. Put some cilantro in front of Madea, and it's gone in T -5 seconds!
  8. Dutchess is NOT camera shy!
  9. Madea [left] and Dutchess [right].
  10. This is my favorite pigture of of Dutchess!
  11. Minerva
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