Piggies - general

  1. Kiddo with Ziggy - 1st day of 3rd grade
  2. Kiddo with Cuddles - 1st day of 3rd Grade
  3. The Zig Master
  4. Cuddles hiding with tomatoes
  5. Ziggy eating off their gourmet salad plate.
  6. Chatting about the ramp
  7. Hiding
  8. Cuddles loves to do zoomies up and down the ramp
  9. New Cavy Cafe
  10. New fleece and Cavy Cafe. Pigaloo has fleecy pieces in it for digging in.
  11. Cuddles
  12. Ziggy and Cuddles
  13. C&C 2X5 with fleece and uhaul bedding
  14. C&C 2X5 with fleece and uhaul bedding
  15. Cuddles and Mama B
  16. Ziggy Stardust up close and personal on day 1
  17. New C&C 2X5 right after i first put fleece over carefresh
  18. Mama B and Ziggy Piggy
  19. Cuddles and the kiddo
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