Larger Cage

This is my expanded cage. I went from a 2 by 4 grid, to a 3 by 5 grid cage for my two girls, Bella and Mya.
  1. Hay bag that I made hanging above the litter pan.
  2. Bella now in the other pigaloo.  Bella is now 18 months old and weighs 2.4 pds.
  3. Little Mya in the the pigaloo.  She is now 14 months old and weighs 2.2 pds.  Under the with foot stool is a white tile that helps keep them cool in...
  4. Top view of cage with both lids closed.
  5. Other end of cage view with Mya hiding in the pigaloo.
  6. Bella hiding in the logs.  Litter pan in front right side.
  7. Top view of cage with one side open.
  8. Side view of the cage.
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