Bella and Mya

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We adopted Bella (mommy pig) and Mya (her baby) on June 28th, 2012.
  1. I redid the cage today and made it a 2 by 7 cage.  The two level cage was too hard to clean.
  2. Side view with the side down.
  3. The sides are 2 grids high to keep out my cats, but one side folds down.
  4. The play and sleep area.
  5. The new kitchen: 2 grids by 2.5 grids.
  6. Bella hiding under the logs.
  7. View from the other end.
  8. View from above.
  9. Bella enjoying the new kitchen.
  10. View from one end of the cage.  The kitchen is at the far end.
  11. Piggys in the paper bag.
  12. New level added.
  13. New level added.
  14. The girls love the new level.
  15. Second level has been added.
  16. We've added a second level to the cage.
  17. Newly cleaned cage with red pepper treats.
  18. Newly cleaned cage
  19. I've started covering the ends  with towels.  The girls really enjoy it.
  20. 2 by 5 grid enclosed cage with new stand
  21. Getting ready to eat a big helping of grass, dandelions leaves and clover. Yummy!
  22. Yummy grass!
  23. Bella
  24. Bella & Mya
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