Cage part 2

  1. There is a long story behind this cabana style bed that I made in a hurry, which thankfully Buttercup ended up loving !  I had spent A LOT of time...
  2. Snuggling with Mama !
  3. This is a close-up of one of the tunnels I made for them ! (The lower blue aqua one with the cut out tulips)
  4. Uh-oh !  Nose off ! ( Heehee)
  5. Eating a yummy dinner !
  6. IMG 9477
  7. My 21 yr. old son Issak is holding Buttercup and she is looking at me with that sweet,  almost woeful expression !
  8. Sometimes I put two tunnels in for fun !  They will zoom in one tunnel and zoom through the other tunnel--so much fun to watch them !
  9. Their Winnie the Pooh and Piglet themed cage !  They absolutely LOVED the new tunnel I made them, their new wooden princess castle, and their new...
  10. Buttercup and Cuddles checking out their new "Princess wooden castle" and lovin it !
  11. Some good cozy snuggling with my Lap Time Queen, Buttercup !
  12. IMG 9452
  13. Oh look at Buttercup's sweet pink piggy nose and lips !
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